MC48 Homework 4 (Fall 1996)

Due: October 22, 1996

  1. This semester I teach classes at the following times: Write a truth table for determining whether I should be teaching or not. There are six inputs. Three of them, D2, D1, and D0, encode the day as a binary numeral (with D0 being the least significant bit). Sunday is day 0, Monday is day 1, etc. The other three inputs, H2, H1, and H0, similarly encode the period as a binary numeral (with 1 being first period, etc.). There is only one output, which should be a 1 if I teach a class at the inputted day and time, a 0 if I don't. However, for any time on Saturday, Sunday, or the non-existent day 7, I don't care about the output. Don't bother writing the rows of the truth-table that have don't care outputs, just rows with an output of 0 or 1. Use input don't cares to write as few rows as you can. You should be able to do it in nine rows.
  2. Do exercise 5.1 on page 404 of the textbook. The reference to page 119 should be to 123. The reference to page 350 is to the correct page, except that figure 5.29 is one of the ones included in the errata; you should use the version in the errata. The reference to page 339 is correct.
  3. Do exercise 5.2 on page 404 of the textbook. The reference to page 340 is correct.

Instructor: Max Hailperin