Mathematics Major Form

The form given below is intended for students majoring (or considering majoring) in Mathematics, and their advisors. We recommend that you and your advisor print one version of the form and record your choices for the various requirements. For detailed information about the math major requirements, see the the Mathematics Advising Guide.

Following are two versions of the mathematics major form:

Brief explanation

The only real course choices you must make are in the upper level courses you will take. These correspond to items 3 and 4 in the math major requirements, and are summarized below:


If you are a Mathematics Education major, you will need to take MCS-303 (Geometry) and MCS-313 (Modern Algebra). You may substitute the sequence MCS-313 & MCS-303 for the sequence requirement above.

If you are interested in participating in the Honors Program, you should discuss this with your advisor, since it will affect the courses you take.