Computer Use Policies

Authorized users only.

The computer facilities of the Gustavus Mathematics and Computer Science Department may only be used by members of the Gustavus community specifically authorized to do so by a member of the Gustavus faculty or staff.

One account = one person.

No holder of an account on these machines may loan that account to any other person under any circumstance. No person may use the account of another person on these machines under any circumstance.

Academic purposes only.

These computer facilities may not be used for game playing, outside employment, or other non-academic purposes. Reasonable independent study is permitted, as is the use of the computers for courses in which their use has not been specifically assigned.

Ask first if in doubt.

If you have any question whether a particular computer use is appropriate, ethical, and legal, ask a faculty or staff member first.

Limited privacy.

Although the computer software provides some limited privacy mechanisms, users should not expect the privacy of their files to be inviolate. The faculty and staff can circumvent those mechanisms. They undertake not to do so casually, but will from time to time of necessity do so in the course of maintaining system reliability. Users should not store sensitive information on these computers, as its confidentiality can not be completely ensured.

Responsible and honorable behavior.

The above list of policies is intended to be supplemental to the general standards of responsible and honorable behavior subscribed to by the Gustavus community. For example, destroying the work of others is irresponsible, and plagiarism is dishonorable. Use of these computers in any such way is forbidden.


Computer accounts may be revoked for violation of any of these policies. Additionally, college disciplinary proceedings and/or criminal or civil legal action will be initiated if appropriate.

These policies adopted at the 9/10/91 MCS department meeting. Please address questions to Max Hailperin or the department chair.