Staff Enhancement

Access LibraryShare on Fargate
Library employees have access to fargate, a server used to store documents.

  • Connect to LibraryShare from on campus (to connect from stations that do not automatically map to it, such as AV1, Room 211, student stations):

    Click Start
    Right-click My Computer
    Select Map Network Drive
    Enter Drive: Q
    Enter Folder: \\fargate\libraryshare
    Go to "Connect using a different user name" and click "different user name" link
    User name: gustie\yourusername
    Password: yourpassword
    Click OK
    Click Finish
    Remember to logout when you're finished.

  • Connect to LibraryShare from off campus:

    Fargate is firewalled from off campus for security so it is not accessible directly.  You can, however, connect to the terminal server and access Fargate that way.  Below are instructions on how to do this.  This can be done on any Windows XP computer or above.

    To connect to the Terminal server:

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection
    Click Connect
    Username:         gustie\youremailusername
    Password:           youremailpassword

    This will open your connection with the terminal server.  Now on the terminal server you can map q: to fargate as follows:

    Click Start
    Right click on My Computer and Select Map Network Drive
    Change the drive letter to Q:
    Under folder enter: \\fargate\libraryshare\
    Click Finish.

    Note: If you connect to the Aleph GUI from home, remember that module settings are computer specific.  You'll need to take the time to set up the Aleph modules to reflect your workstation in the library.  However, once you do that, each time you log in (no matter where you are logging in from) the settings remain on the server.

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