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This list includes guides created for courses over several years. Some of them may not be up to date with the newest library resources. Not finding what you need? Ask a librarian.

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Art & Art History ART239:Christian, Islamic & Jewish Art of the Middle Ages
ART239:Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Art
ART245:Renaissance and Baroque Art
ART250:Gender and Art
ART265:Maya and Mexican Art
ART392:Art History: Theory and Methods
Biology BIO202:Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
BIO241:Invertebrate Zoology
BIO245:Conservation Biology
BIO378:Plant Physiology
Chemistry CHE102:Chemistry in Context
CHE109:Common Chemistry Myths
Children's Literature
Classics CLA106:A Taste of Roman Food
CLA211:Greek Art & Archaeology
CLA212:Art and Archaeology of Rome
CLA399:Classics Capstone
Communication Studies COM117:Interpersonal Communication
COM120:Public Discourse
COM235:Media and Society
COM243:Forensics and Speech Institute Resources
COM243:Forensics Resources
COM260:Argumentation and Debate
COM371:Researching Lived Experience
Criminal Justice
Curriculum II CUR100:Historical Perspectives I
CUR140:Biblical Tradition
CUR260:The Natural World
Economics/Management E/M105:Economics of Crime
E/M261:Organizational Behavior - Careers & Internships
E/M261:Organizational Behavior - Research Projects
E/M280:Public Finance
E/M283:International Trade and Finance
E/M284:Economic Development and World Resources
E/M350:Human Resource Management
E/M351:International Management
E/M355:Marketing Research
E/M365:Strategic Management
Education EDU210:Children's Literature
EDU246:Science for Elementary Educators
EDU330:Educational Psychology
EDU351/368:Secondary Methods and Interdisciplinary Models and Practicum
English ENG101:Crime and Punishment
ENG128:American Pastoralism
ENG201:Art of Interpretation
ENG273:American Novel
ENG273:American Novel
ENG281:Postcolonial Literatures
ENG334:Victorian Age
ENG336:American Renaissance
Environmental Studies
Ethnic & Area Studies
First Term Seminar FTS100:(Dis)Playing Bodies: Arts, Politics, Censorship
FTS100:Are We Consumers or Citizens?
FTS100:Backing Hitler, Defying Hitler
FTS100:Chaos and Culture
FTS100:Communication in the Material World
FTS100:Copy of: Railroads and the American Adventure
FTS100:Cultivating Practice: Unleashing the Creative
FTS100:Cultural Evolution Coming Full Circle
FTS100:Cultural Identity
FTS100:Desire, Aesthetic, and Architecture
FTS100:Energy: Where Are We and What's Next
FTS100:Epidemics and Public Health
FTS100:Exceptional Human Experience
FTS100:Exercise is Medicine
FTS100:Exploring Buddhist Traditions
FTS100:Forecasting via Mathematical Models
FTS100:Humor and Humanity
FTS100:Immigration: Past, Present and Future
FTS100:In the Face of Evil - The Life & Death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Hitler's Germany
FTS100:Leisure Quest
FTS100:Mediated Reality and the (re)Construction of the American Family
FTS100:Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes
FTS100:Mysterious World
FTS100:On the Road: Mobility in American Literature & Culture
FTS100:Other Lives, Other Perspectives
FTS100:Our Genome
FTS100:Performing Culture and Cultural Performance
FTS100:Politics of Homelessness
FTS100:Pop Music U.S.A.
FTS100:Power of Music
FTS100:Railroads and the American Adventure
FTS100:Sport, Leisure and Society
FTS100:Tell Me a Story
FTS100:The Gospel of John
FTS100:The Jane Austen Phenomenon
FTS100:The Manhattan Project
FTS100:The Problem of Genocide
FTS100:The Psychology of Gender
FTS100:The Times They Are A Changin': Popular Songs that Chronicle the 20th Century
FTS100:Through the Looking Glass: Story-Telling through Animation
FTS100:Toy Design
FTS100:Understanding Health and Healing
FTS100:Women in Modern East Asia
FTS100:Women Writing in the World
FTS100-076:Moral Enchantment
FTS100-146:Forecasting Via Mathematical Modeling
FTS100-303:Stories, Selves and Communities
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies GWS380:Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Colloquium
Geography GEG342:Geography Research Methods
GEG345:Remote Sensing of the Environment
Geology GEO246:Geomorphology
Global Insight Program GLO2008-09:Year of China
GLO2009-10:Year of Mexico
GLO2010-11:Year of Food
GLO2011-12:Circumpolar Year
Gustavus History
Health and Exercise Science HES203:Introduction to Athletic Training
HES214:Medical Terminology
HES220:Research in Health and Exercise Science
HES245:Olympic Quest
HES313:Health Fitness Methods
History HIS200:Thinking Historically
HIS2009-10:History Day for Teachers and Students
HIS217:Digital History
HIS321:19th Century Europe
HIS332:America in the Age of the Civil War
HIS344: / JPN 391: Asia Research Seminar / Senior Japanese Thesis
Interdisciplinary Studies IDS243+:SJPD (Social Justice, Peace, and Development) Gustavus in India Program
Leadership Studies
Mathematics and Computer Science MCS303:Geometry
Music MUS102:Music of World Cultures
MUS374:History of Western Music I
MUS374:Western Music
Non-Departmental NDL109:Fact and Fiction
NDL110:Road Movies
NDL119:Parenting in the 21st Century
NDL204:HIV and Human Rights
NDL210:Community Action
NDL210:Community Action and Social Change
NDL301:Information Fluency - Finding Statistics
Nursing NUR210:Parenting
NUR239:Nutrition & Wellness
NUR304:Nursing Concepts
NUR388:Community Health
NUR397:Nursing Concepts
Peace Studies PCS211:Introduction to Peace Studies
Philosophy PHI233:American Philosophy
PHI370:Seminar: William James
PHI371:Seminar: Philosophy of Food
PHI399:Philosophy Colloquium
Physics PHY120:General Physics I
Political Science POL110:U.S. Government and Politics
POL150:Comparative Politics
POL200:Analyzing Politics
POL244:Media and Politics
POL250:Politics of Developing Nations
POL318:The American Presidency
POL330:International Relations Theory
POL340:US Foreign Policy
POL344:Critical Presidential Elections
POL344:Democratic Principles and Practices
POL344:International Migration and Transnational Politics
POL344:Politics of Reconciliation
POL344:U.S.Interest Groups
POL350:Seminar in Comparative Politics
POL395:Constitutional Law: Civil Rights & Liberties
Primary Sources
Psychology PSY100:General Psychology
PSY225:Research Methods
PSY234:Developmental Psychology
PSY241:Abnormal Psychology
PSY242:Forensic Psychology
Reading in Common
Religion REL110:Introduction to the Bible
REL112:Studies in Religion
REL113:Religion in America
REL119:Building Models of the Ancient World
REL122:Introduction to Christian Thought
REL123:Faith, Religion and Culture
REL162:How Much is Enough?
REL162:How Much is Enough?
REL243:Ethics & Medicine
REL244:Christians and Nazis
REL252:Studies in the Book of Esther
REL262:God & Gender
REL265:World Religions in America
REL273:Religion and Politics in Latin America
REL283:Insiders and Outsiders in American Religion
REL290:Jesus in Tradition and History
REL293:God and Globalization
REL299:Sources and Methods in the Study of Religion
REL344:Missionary Impulse
REL360:Topics in New Testament Studies
REL373:Holocaust and Theology
REL383:Liberation Struggles in the Two-Thirds World
REL399:Religion Senior Seminar
Scandinavian Studies
Sociology & Anthropology S/A247:Methods of Social Research
S/A262:Medical Sociology
Spanish SPA280:Introduction to Literature in Spanish
SPA320:Spanish-American Culture
SPA320:Spanish-American Culture
SPA321:Spanish Culture
SPA322:Spanish American Literature
SPA375:Spanish Women Writers
SPA390:Film in Spanish
Statistical Sources
Summer Speech Institute
Theatre & Dance T/D225:Costume Craft and Design