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  • SciFinder News

    Increased Access, May 2012! As of May 1, 2012, an unlimited number of users can access SciFinder at the same time. (Up until then, Gustavus shared two concurrent SciFinder "seats" with two other institutions, and so users were sometimes turned away if all "seats" were in use). Please remember to sign out when you are finished searching in order to end your session. Inactive sessions will time out after 20 minutes.

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    Before you access SciFinder from the web for the first time, you must create your own SciFinder username and password from on campus.

    To begin the user registration process, go to the following URL from on campus:

    Download and follow the instructions on the SciFinder User Registration Guide (PDF file)

    After you have gone through the user registration process from on campus, you may access the web version from on campus or remotely:

    Click here to enter the SciFinder Web Version

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  • Technical Notes
  • Attention Internet Explorer 6 users! The IE 6 platform is not supported for the web version of SciFinder.

    Attention Internet Explorer 8 users! Important information on using SciFinder with IE8 is available at the Using Internet Explorer 8 with SciFinder page.

    Note: As of April 10, 2009, only the web version of SciFinder will be available. You will no longer need to access it from the Start menu on library computers or from campus computer labs.

  • About SciFinder Scholar
    SciFinder Scholar retrieves information contained in databases produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS): CAplus (contains over 19.6 million documents from more than 8,000 journals), CAS REGISTRY (provides access to 32 million specific chemical substances), and CASREACT (provides access to reaction information for more than 5 million single- and multiple-step reactions). For many substances, one may also obtain chemical source and regulatory information from the CHEMCATS and CHEMLIST databases. In addition, SciFinder Scholar also includes the over 19.6 million citations from MEDLINE, produced by the National Library of Medicine (see above). See above for details about accessing SciFinder.