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Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number Classification
'Rock on' : women ageing and popular music ML82 .R636 2012 Music & Fine Arts
"Buried in the sands of the Ogaden" : the United States the Horn of Africa and the demise of deten Woodroofe, Louise. DT387.952 .W66 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
"Det står ett rum här och väntar på dig ..." : berättelsen om Raoul Wallenberg Carlberg, Ingrid. D809.S8 W3233 2012 History of Europe
"Don't be so gay!" : queers bullying and making schools safe Short, Donn, author. LB3013.34.C2 S56 2013 Education
"Portuguese" style and Luso-African identity : precolonial Senegambia sixteenth-nineteenth centurie Mark, Peter, 1948- NA7467.6.S4 M37 2002 Music & Fine Arts
"Those who labor for my happiness" : slavery at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Stanton, Lucia C. E332.2 .S74 2012 History of America
1--2 Corinthians Keener, Craig S., 1960- BS2675.53 .K44 2005 Philosophy & Religion
1000 artists' books : exploring the book as art Salamony, Sandra, author N7433.3 .S35 2012 Music & Fine Arts
1820 : disorder and stability in the United Kingdom Chase, Malcolm. DA535 .C49 2013 History of Europe
1888 Frederick Layton and his world. N582.M5 M58 1988 Music & Fine Arts
2013 FERPA quick guide KF4156.5.A3281974 A2 2013 General
3.11 : disaster and change in Japan Samuels, Richard J. HV555.J3 S26 2013 General
4000 miles ; After the revolution : two plays Herzog, Amy. PS3608.E79 A6 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
500 cups : ceramic explorations of utility & grace NK4695.C8 A145 2004 Music & Fine Arts
500 figures in clay : ceramic artists celebrate the human form NB1930 .A15 2004 Music & Fine Arts
500 pitchers : contemporary expressions of a classic form NK4695.P5 A15 2006 Music & Fine Arts
500 raku : bold explorations of a dynamic ceramics technique. NK4340.R3 A15 2011 Music & Fine Arts
55 teaching dilemmas : ten powerful solutions to almost any classroom challenge Paterson, Kathy, 1943- LB1569 .P37 2005 Education
81 austerities Riviere, Sam. PR6118.I88 A618 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
9 circles Cain, Bill. PS3553.A387 N56 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A beginner's guide to structural equation modeling Schumacker, Randall E. QA278 .S36 2010 General Science
A buggy priest : one of the Sagas of the prairies Janson, Kristofer, 1841-1917. PT8902 .P713 1973 Language, Literature, & Film
A call to arms : mobilizing America for World War II Klein, Maury, 1939- D769.2 .K54 2013 History of Europe
A Cold War turning point : Nixon and China 1969-1972 Tudda, Chris, 1965- E183.8.C6 T84 2012 History of America
A companion to American Indian history E77 .C74 2004 History of America
A companion to art theory N61 .C58 2002 Music & Fine Arts
A companion to Buddhist philosophy B162 .C66 2013 Philosophy & Religion
A companion to Francois Truffaut PN1998.3.T78 C75 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A companion to Pedro Almodóvar PN1998.3.A46 C585 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A companion to Sophocles PA4417 .C65 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
A companion to the philosophy of time BD638 .C655 2013 Philosophy & Religion
A company of planters : confessions of a colonial rubber planter in 1950s Malaya Dodd, John. DS597.38.D64 A3 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A complex analysis problem book Alpay, Daniel. QA255 .A47 2011 General Science
A comprehensive course in number theory Baker, Alan, 1939- QA241 .B237 2012 General Science
A cultural history of the avant-garde in the Nordic countries 1900-1925 NX557 .C85 2012 Music & Fine Arts
A darker shade of Sweden : original stories by Sweden's greatest crime writers PT9630.E5 D37 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
A desert named peace : the violence of France's empire in the Algerian Sahara 1844-1902 Brower, Benjamin Claude. DT294 .B76 2011 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A disability history of the United States Nielsen, Kim E. HV1553 .N54 2012 General
A dreadful deceit : the myth of race from the colonial era to Obama's America Jones, Jacqueline, 1948- E185.625 .J658 2013 History of America
A Durkheimian quest : solidarity and the sacred Watts Miller, William, 1944- HM479.D87 W37 2012 General
A guide to being born Ausubel, Ramona. PS3601.U868 G85 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A handbook of global freshwater invasive species QH96.8.I57 H36 2012 General Science
A hidden childhood 1942-1945 Weinstein, Frida Scheps. DS135.F9 W4513 1985 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A Hindu critique of Buddhist epistemology : Kumārila on perception : the "Determination of percept Taber, John A., 1948- B132.M5 T32 2012 Philosophy & Religion
A history of Ethiopia Marcus, Harold G. DT381 .M33 2002 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of Malawi 1859-1966 McCracken, John, 1938- DT3201 .M33 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of mining in Latin America : from the colonial era to the present Brown, Kendall W., 1949- HD9537.B53 B76 2012 General
A history of modern Africa : 1800 to the present Reid, Richard J. (Richard James) DT20 .R45 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of modern Israel Shindler, Colin, 1946- DS126.5 .S45194 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of modern Morocco Miller, Susan Gilson. DT324 .M545 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of police and masculinities 1700-2010 HV7903 .H57 2012 General
A history of psycholinguistics : the pre-Chomskyan era Levelt, W. J. M. (Willem J. M.), 1938- P37 .L435 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A history of Russia and its empire : from Mikhail Romanov to Vladimir Putin Boterbloem, Kees, 1962- author. DK40 .B596 2014 History of Europe
A history of Spanish film : cinema and society 1910-2010 Faulkner, Sally, 1974-, author. PN1993.5.S7 F339 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A history of Sub-Saharan Africa Collins, Robert O., 1933- DT351 .C68 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of the Arctic : nature exploration and exploitation McCannon, John, 1967- G606 .M33 2012 Geography
A history of the Cuban Revolution Chomsky, Aviva, 1957- F1788 .C465 2011 History of America
A history of the Vietnamese Taylor, Keith Weller. DS556.5 .T38 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A history of the world in 12 maps Brotton, Jerry. G1030 .B7 2013 Geography
A history of theatre in Spain PN2781 .H58 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
A history of women's menstruation from ancient Greece to the twenty-first century : psychological s Hufnagel, Glenda Lewin. QP263 .H84 2012 General Science
A house in the sky : a memoir Lindhout, Amanda. PN4913.L495 A3 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
A la santidad del jugador de juegos de azar Libertella, Héctor, 1945-2006. PQ7798.22.I2 A79 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
A labyrinth of kingdoms : 10000 miles through Islamic Africa Kemper, Steve, author. DT351.B277 K46 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A legacy of liberation : Thabo Mbeki and the future of the South African dream Gevisser, Mark. DT1975 .G47 2010 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A level playing field : African American athletes and the republic of sports Early, Gerald Lyn. GV583 .E26 2011 Physical Education & Recreation
A logical introduction to proof Cunningham, Daniel W. QA9 .C86 2012 General Science
A Malaysian journey Rehman Rashid, 1955- DS592.6 .R44 1993 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A man without words Schaller, Susan, author. HV2534.I53 A3 2012 General
A map of Trengganu Goneng, Awang DS597.15 .G58 M37 2011 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A marker to measure drift Maksik, Alexander, 1972- PS3613.A37 M37 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A mathematical orchard : problems and solutions Krusemeyer, Mark. QA43 .K78 2012 General Science
A military history of the Cold War 1944-1962 House, Jonathan M. (Jonathan Mallory), 1950- D842.2 .H68 2012 History of Europe
A most dangerous book : Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich Krebs, Christopher B. PA6706.G4 K736 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
A new American family : a love story Likins, Peter W. HV874.82.L55 A3 2011 General
A night at the dogs Charman, Matt. PR6103.H38 N54 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
A night in Kurdistan Bloch, Jean-Richard, 1884-1947. PQ2603.L35 N813 1996 Language, Literature, & Film
A not-so natural disaster : Niger 2005 Niger 2005, une catastrophe si naturelle. English HC1020.Z9 F36 2009 General
A palette of particles Bernstein, Jeremy, 1929- QC793.26 .B47 2013 General Science
A people's history of environmentalism in the United States Montrie, Chad. GE230 .M66 2011 Environmental Studies, Geology, & Space Studies
A people's history of London German, Lindsey. DA677.1 .G47 2012 History of Europe
A piece of the sun : the quest for fusion energy Clery, Daniel. QC791.735 .C25 2013 General Science
A place to remember : using history to build community Archibald, Robert, 1948- E180.5 .A73 1999 History of America
A primer in game theory Gibbons, Robert, 1958- HB144 .G49 1992 General
A private history of awe Sanders, Scott R. (Scott Russell), 1945- PS3569.A5137 Z47 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
A race to splendor Ware, Ciji. PS3573.A7435 R33 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
A Rich inheritance : oriental rugs of the 19th and early 20th centuries November 17 1974-January 1 NK2808 .R54 1974 Music & Fine Arts
A right to offend Winston, Brian. JC591 .W567 2012 Political Science
A Sand County almanac & other writings on ecology and conservation Leopold, Aldo, 1886-1948, author. QH81 .L56 2013 General Science
A short history of film Dixon, Wheeler W., 1950- PN1993.5.A1 D53 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
A short history of South-East Asia DS525 .F63 2006 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A short history of the Italian Renaissance Kenneth R. Bartlett Bartlett, Kenneth R. DG445 .B37 2013 History of Europe
A short history of the Jewish people : from legendary times to modern statehood Scheindlin, Raymond P. DS117 .S45 2000 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
A short history of the Wars of the Roses Grummitt, David, 1971- DA250 .G78 2013 History of Europe
A storm over this court : law politics and Supreme Court decision making in Brown v. Board of Educ Hockett, Jeffrey D. KF228.B76 H63 2013 General
A story of six rivers : history culture and ecology Coates, Peter A., 1957- GB1205 .C63 2013 Geography
A sustainable economy for the 21st century Schor, Juliet. HC79.E5 S2915 1998 General
A treasury of North American folktales GR101 .Q63 1998 Anthropology & Folklore
A wicked war : Polk Clay Lincoln and the 1846 U.S. invasion of Mexico Greenberg, Amy S., 1968- E404 .G79 2013 History of America
A working people : a history of African American workers since emancipation Reich, Steven A. (Steven Andrew), 1965- HD8081.A65 R45 2013 General
A world undone : the story of the Great War 1914-1918 Meyer, G. J., 1940- D521 .M56 2007 History of Europe
A. Philip Randolph : a life in the vanguard Kersten, Andrew Edmund, 1969- E185.97.R27 K47 2007 History of America
ABC of physics : a very brief guide Okunʹ, L. B. (Lev Borisovich) QC21.3 .O55 2012 General Science
Abraham Lincoln McPherson, James M. E457 .M46 2009 History of America
Abrogate. Gelbart, Larry. PS3557.E368 A27 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Accented America : the cultural politics of multilingual modernism Miller, Joshua (Joshua L.) PS228.N38 M55 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
Achieving development success : strategies and lessons from the developing world HC59.72.E44 A25 2013 General
ACT made simple : an easy-to-read primer on acceptance and commitment therapy Harris, Russ, 1938- RC489.A32 H37 2009 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Acting in documentary theatre Cantrell, Tom, 1982- PN2058 .C36 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Acting white? : rethinking race in "post-racial" America Carbado, Devon W. KF384 .C37 2013 General
Actions mightier than boastings Kasik, Dot Radius. BX8074.W65 K38 2009 Philosophy & Religion
Active bodies : a history of women's physical education in twentieth-century America Verbrugge, Martha H. GV362 .V47 2012 Physical Education & Recreation
Actor's choice : monologues for women. PN2080 .A2873 2008 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Acts and apparitions : discourses on the real in performance practice and theory 1990-2010 Tomlin, Liz. PN2039 .T66 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Acts of activism : human rights as radical performance Madison, D. Soyini. PN1590.S6 M344 2011 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Adaptable autocrats : regime power in Egypt and Syria Stacher, Joshua, 1975- author. DT107.87 .S73 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Adiós niño : the gangs of Guatemala City and the politics of death Levenson-Estrada, Deborah. HV6439.G92 G9199 2013 General
Adolescent literacies in a multicultural context LB1631 .A34379 2012 Education
Advanced and multivariate statistical methods for social science research with a complete SPSS guide Abu-Bader, Soleman H., 1965- HA29 .A29 2011 General
Advancing the ball : race reformation and the quest for equal coaching opportunity in the NFL Duru, N. Jeremi. GV706.32 .D87 2011 Physical Education & Recreation
Aeschylus Aeschylus. PA3827 .A236 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Affairs of state : the untold history of presidential love sex and scandal 1789-1900 Watson, Robert P., 1962- E176.4 .W38 2012 History of America
Affluence and influence : economic inequality and political power in America Gilens, Martin. JK468.P64 G55 2012 Political Science
Africa : altered states ordinary miracles Dowden, Richard. DT14 .D69 2010 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Africa : continent self-destructs Schwab, Peter, 1940- HC800 .S389 2001 General
Africa and France : postcolonial cultures migration and racism Thomas, Dominic Richard David. DC34.5.A37 T48 2013 History of Europe
Africa and the academy : challenging hegemonic discourses on Africa DT14 .A3424 2006 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Africa as a living laboratory : empire development and the problem of scientific knowledge 1870-1 Tilley, Helen, 1968- Q180.A5 T55 2011 General Science
Africa emerges : consummate challenges abundant opportunities Rotberg, Robert I., author. HC800 .R675 2013 General
Africa in the American imagination : popular culture racialized identities and African visual cult Magee, Carol L. E169.Z83 M33 2012 History of America
Africa in the twentieth century : the Adu Boahen reader Boahen, A. Adu. DT510.5 .B63 2004 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Africa tropical timber turfs and trade : geographic perspectives on Ghana's timber industry and de Owusu, J. Henry (John Henry), 1953- HD9767.G42 O98 2012 General
Africa's 'agitators' : militant anti-colonialism in africa and the west 1918-1939 Derrick, Jonathan. DT29 .D47 2008 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Africa's discovery of Europe 1450-1850 Northrup, David, 1941- DT353.5.E9 N67 2014 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
African American faces of the Civil War : an album Coddington, Ronald S., 1963- E540.N3 C64 2012 History of America
African American folksong and American cultural politics : the Lawrence Gellert story Conforth, Bruce M., 1950- ML3556 .C664 2013 Music & Fine Arts
African Americans in the Jazz Age : a decade of struggle and promise Schneider, Mark R. (Mark Robert), 1948- E185.6 .S36 2006 History of America
African art from the Rita and John Grunwald collection Pelrine, Diane. N7398 .P44 1988 Music & Fine Arts
African art interviews narratives : bodies of knowledge at work NX587 .A475 2013 Music & Fine Arts
African communities in Asia and the Mediterranean : identities between integration and conflict Toledano, Ehud R. DS339.3.A34 A338 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
African democracy and development : challenges for post-conflict African nations Development and Democracy in Post-Conflict African Nations (2009 : Chicago) DT352.8 .D48 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
African development : making sense of the issues and actors Moss, Todd J., 1970- HC800 .M6775 2011 General
African drama and performance PN2969 .A34 2004 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
African experiences of cinema PN1993.5.A35 A36 1996 Language, Literature, & Film
African history : a very short introduction Parker, John, 1960- DT20 .P37 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
African leadership : challenges and other issues JQ1875 .A367 2012 Political Science
African lives : an anthology of memoirs and autobiographies DT18 .A644 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
African mathematics : from bones to computers Bangura, Abdul Karim, 1953- GN476.15 .B36 2012 Anthropology & Folklore
African spirituality : forms meanings and expressions BL2462.5 .A375 2000 Philosophy & Religion
African spirituality in Black women's fiction : threaded visions of memory community nature and b West, Elizabeth J., 1957-, author. PS153.N5 W39 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
African video movies and global desires : a Ghanaian history Garritano, Carmela, 1968- PN1992.934.G48 G37 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
African voices of the global past : 1500 to the present DT26 .A47 2014 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
African women : a reader HQ1787 .A3713 2010 General
African-Brazilian culture and regional identity in Bahia Brazil Ickes, Scott. F2551 .I25 2013 History of America
Africans in global migration : searching for promised lands DT16.5 .A36 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
After Beckim, Chad, 1973- PS3602.E327 A38 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
After Jonathan Edwards : the courses of the New England theology BX7260.E3 A58 2012 Philosophy & Religion
After physicalism B812 .A38 2012 Philosophy & Religion
After pornified : how women are transforming pornography & why it really matters Sabo, Anne G. HQ471 .S236 2012 General
After the civil war : making memory and re-making Spain since 1936 Richards, Michael, 1961- DP269.8.S65 R53 2013 History of Europe
After Thermopylae : the oath of Plataea and the end of the Graeco-Persian Wars Cartledge, Paul. DF225.7 .C37 2013 History of Europe
Afterlife : a ghost story Yockey, Steve. PS3625.O285 A47 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Age discrimination and diversity : multiple discrimination from an age perspective HQ1061 .A415 2011 General
Age of fracture Rodgers, Daniel T. E169.12 .R587 2011 History of America
Agency of the enslaved : Jamaica and the culture of freedom in the Atlantic world Dunkley, Daive A., 1973- HT1096 .D86 2013 General
Aging in America HQ1064.U5 A63399 2014 General
Agnes under the big top : a tall tale Kapil, Aditi Brennan. PS3611.A765 A35 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Aid on the edge of chaos : rethinking international cooperation in a complex world Ramalingam, Ben, author. HC60 .R36 2013 General
Aimless love : new and selected poems Collins, Billy, author. PS3553.O47478 A73 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Ain't no trust : how bosses boyfriends and bureaucrats fail low-income mothers and why it matters Levine, Judith Adrienne, 1965- HQ759 .L4744 2013 General
Airbrushed nation : the lure and loathing of women's magazines Nelson, Jennifer, 1965- PN4879 .N47 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Albert Pinkham Ryder Broun, Elizabeth. ND237.R8 A4 1989 Music & Fine Arts
Alec Wilder Lambert, Philip, 1958- ML410.W6975 L36 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Alfred C. Kinsey : a publicprivate life Jones, James H. (James Howard), 1943- HQ18.32.K56 J65 1997 General
Algae : ecology economic uses and environmental impact QK568.E26 A427 2012 General Science
Algeria : anger of the dispossessed Evans, Martin, 1964- DT295.5 .E92 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Algerian chronicles Camus, Albert, 1913-1960. DT295 .C293 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Alien phenomenology or What it's like to be a thing Bogost, Ian. BD331 .B5927 2012 Philosophy & Religion
All the birds of North America : American bird conservancy's field guide Griggs, Jack L. QL681 .G77 1997 General Science
All you that labor : religion and ethics in the living wage movement Snarr, C. Melissa. HD4918 .S55 2011 General
Alone in America : the stories that matter Ferguson, Robert A., 1942- PS374.L56 F47 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Always looking : essays on art Updike, John. N71 .U63 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Amber Road Anderson, Boyd. PR9619.3 .A53 A43 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
America's first adventure in China : trade treaties opium and salvation Haddad, John Rogers. E183.8.C5 H174 2013 History of America
America's lighthouses : an illustrated history Holland, F. Ross (Francis Ross), 1927-2005. VK1023 .H65 1988 General Works
America's unwritten constitution : the precedents and principles we live by Amar, Akhil Reed. KF4541 .A875 2012 General
American Catholics in transition D'Antonio, William V., author. BX1406.3 .A44 2013 Philosophy & Religion
American children in chronic poverty : complex risks benefit-cost analyses and untangling the knot Lamy, Cynthia E. (Cynthia Esposito), 1960- HV741 .L37 2013 General
American drama in the age of film Brietzke, Zander, 1960- PS350 .B75 2007 Language, Literature, & Film
American environmental policy : beyond gridlock Klyza, Christopher McGrory. GE180 .K593 2013 Environmental Studies, Geology, & Space Studies
American evangelicals today Smidt, Corwin E., 1946- BR1642.U5 S58 2013 Philosophy & Religion
American history : a very short introduction Boyer, Paul S. E178 .B782 2012 History of America
American history through Hollywood film : from the Revolution to the 1960s Stokes, Melvyn, author. PN1995.9.U64 S76 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
American holocaust : the conquest of the New World Stannard, David E. E112 .S82 1993 History of America
American immigration : a very short introduction Gerber, David A., 1944- JV6465 .G47 2011 Political Science
American Indians and the mass media P94.5.I53 A64 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
American movie critics : an anthology from the silents until now PN1995 .A448 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
American neoconservatism : the politics and culture of a reactionary idealism Drolet, Jean-François. JC573.2.U6 D75 2013 Political Science
American painting at the Tweed Museum of Art and Glensheen the University of Minnesota Duluth Tweed Museum of Art. ND210 .T825 1982 Music & Fine Arts
American pandemic : the lost worlds of the 1918 influenza epidemic Bristow, Nancy K., 1958- RA644.I6 B75 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
American phoenix : John Quincy and Louisa Adams the War of 1812 and the exile that saved American Cook, Jane Hampton. E377 .C67 2013 History of America
American politics in the age of ignorance : why lawmakers choose belief over research Schultz, David A. (David Andrew), 1958- JK275 .S37 2013 Political Science
American psychosis : how the Federal government destroyed the mental illness treatment system Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller), 1937- RC443 .T66 2014 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
American tempest : how the Boston Tea Party sparked a revolution Unger, Harlow G., 1931- E215.7 .U64 2011 History of America
American traditions in watercolor : the Worcester Art Museum collection Worcester Art Museum. ND1807 .W67 1987 Music & Fine Arts
Americana and other poems Updike, John. PS3571.P4 A78 2001 Language, Literature, & Film
Americanah : a novel Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977- PR9387.9.A34354 A44 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Amerika : drömmarnas land Bergman, Klas. E183 .B47 2012 History of America
Amulet : a collection of poetry Bayani, Jason. PS3602.A93 A68 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
An age of infidels : the politics of religious controversy in the early United States Schlereth, Eric R. BR115.P7 S2735 2013 Philosophy & Religion
An American sampler : folk art from the Shelburne Museum. NK805 .A687 1987 Music & Fine Arts
An American stand : Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the communist menace 1948-1972 Crouse, Eric Robert, 1960- E748.S667 C76 2010 History of America
An annotated bibliography of John Updike criticism 1967-1973 and a checklist of his works Olivas, Michael A. PS3571.P4 Z997 1975 Language, Literature, & Film
An appetite for wonder : the making of a scientist : a memoir Dawkins, Richard, 1941- QH31.D425 A3 2013 General Science
An economic history of Ghana : reflections on a half-century of challenges & progress HC1060 .E26 2008 General
An educational transformation : the integration and application of innovation Comstock, Dawn. RA440 .C65 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
An Iliad Peterson, Lisa. PS3616.E746 I54 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
An incurable past : Nasser's Egypt then and now Belli, Mériam N. DT107.83 .B46 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
An integrated boyhood : coming of age in white Cleveland Richards, Phillip M., 1950- E185.93.O2 R53 2012 History of America
An introduction to global citizenship Dower, Nigel, 1942- JZ1320.4 .D68 2003 Political Science
An introduction to pseudo-differential operators Wong, Man Wah, 1951- QA329.7 .W658 1999 General Science
An introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics Swendsen, Robert H. QC174.8 .S84 2012 General Science
An unquenchable thirst : a memoir Johnson, Mary, 1958?- BX4705.J6723 A3 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Ancient alterity in the Andes : a recognition of others Lau, George F., 1969- F2230.1.P53 L38 2013 History of America
Ancient Egypt : a very short introduction Shaw, Ian, 1961- DT61 .S57 2004 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Ancient gold jewelry at the Dallas Museum of Art Deppert-Lippitz, Barbara. NK7307 .D45 1996 Music & Fine Arts
Ancient Greece : a very short introduction Cartledge, Paul. DF77 .C345 2011 History of Europe
Ancient Inca Kolata, Alan L. F3429 .K63 2013 History of America
Ancient philosophy : a very short introduction Annas, Julia. B111 .A56 2000 Philosophy & Religion
And a bottle of rum : a history of the New World in ten cocktails Curtis, Wayne, 1957- E46 .C87 2007 History of America
And the rain my drink Han, Suyin, 1917-2012. PR6015.A4674 A83 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Andrei Sakharov : quarks and the structure of matter Lipkin, Harry J. QC793.5.Q252 L57 2013 General Science
Angels and urchins : images of children at the Joslyn Sturges, Hollister. ND1329.3.C45 S8 1980 Music & Fine Arts
Animal eyes Land, Michael F. QL949 .L26 2012 General Science
Animal personalities : behavior physiology and evolution QL751 .A667 2013 General Science
Anna Cora Mowatt's classic Fashion Harris, Aurand. PS3515.A7213 F3 1981 Language, Literature, & Film
Annual review of gerontology & geriatrics. RC952.A1 A56 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Another America : the story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it Ciment, James. DT631 .C56 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Another time another life : the story of a crime Persson, Leif G. W. PT9876.26.E7225 E513 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Antarctica : a biography Day, David, 1949- G870 .D296 2013 Geography
Anthropological practice : fieldwork and the ethnographic method Okely, Judith, 1941- author. GN346 .O275 2012 Anthropology & Folklore
Anthropology and the cognitive challenge Bloch, Maurice. GN502 .B538 2012 Anthropology & Folklore
Anti-Judaism : the Western tradition Nirenberg, David, 1964- DS146.E85 N57 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Anxiety : a short history Horwitz, Allan V. RC531 .H67 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Any psalm you want : a collection of poetry Jackson, Khary. PS3610.A36 A59 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Anyone the cosmopolitan subject of anthropology Rapport, Nigel, 1956- GN33 .R35 2012 Anthropology & Folklore
APA handbook of multicultural psychology HM1271 .A63 2014 General
Apocalyptic fever : end-time prophecies in modern America Kyle, Richard G. BL503 .K94 2012 Philosophy & Religion
Apostle Islands : a novel Zurhellen, Tommy. PS3626.U75 A85 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Applied drama : a facilitator's handbook for working in community Prendergast, Monica, author. PN2075 .P74 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Applying performance : live art socially engaged theatre and affective practice Shaughnessy, Nicola, author. PN2049 .S53 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Approaches to peace : a reader in peace studies JZ5538 .A67 2014 Political Science
Aprilhäxan Axelsson, Majgull, 1947- PT9876.1.X44 A57 1997 Language, Literature, & Film
Aquatic chemistry : chemical equilibria and rates in natural waters Stumm, Werner, 1924- GB855 .S78 1995 Geography
Aquatic entomology Lancaster, Jill. QL472 .L36 2013 General Science
Arab America : gender cultural politics and activism Naber, Nadine Christine. E184.A65 N335 2012 History of America
Arab spring in Egypt : revolution and beyond JQ1850.A91 A795 2012 Political Science
Arc hydro groundwater : GIS for hydrogeology Strassberg, Gil, 1972- GB1001.72.E45 S77 2011 Geography
Arc of empire : America's wars in Asia from the Philippines to Vietnam Hunt, Michael H. DS35 .H96 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Archaeology of Minnesota : the prehistory of the upper Mississippi river region Gibbon, Guy E., 1939- E78.M7 G48 2012 History of America
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Close up at a distance : mapping technology and politics Kurgan, Laura. G70.4 .K87 2013 Geography
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Clybourne Park : [a play] Norris, Bruce. PS3614.O768 C59 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
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Colliding continents : a geological exploration of the Himalaya Karakoram & Tibet Searle, M. P. QE634.H5 S43 2013 General Science
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Colville Burnett, David G. N6549.C64 A4 1983 Music & Fine Arts
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Coming home to New Orleans : neighborhood rebuilding after Katrina Seidman, Karl F. HN80.N45 S35 2013 General
Command and control : nuclear weapons the Damascus Accident and the illusion of safety Schlosser, Eric. U264.3 .S45 2013 General Works
Commemorating and forgetting : challenges for the new South Africa Murray, Martin J. DT1971 .M87 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Communicating in geography and the environmental sciences Hay, Iain. G70 .H35 2012 Geography
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Comparatively queer : interrogating identities across time and cultures HQ76.25 .C664 2010 General
Competing with the Soviets : science technology and the state in Cold War America Wolfe, Audra J. Q127.U6 W65 2013 General Science
Complicity in the Holocaust : churches and universities in Nazi Germany Ericksen, Robert P. BR856 .E736 2012 Philosophy & Religion
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Computational structural biology : methods and applications QP551 .C714 2008 General Science
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Conflict and peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region JZ5584.G74 C66 2013 Political Science
Confronting catastrophe : a GIS handbook Greene, R. W. HV551.2 .G74 2002 General
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Conservation Hambler, Clive, 1960- QH75 .H3626 2013 General Science
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Conservative Islam : a cultural anthropology Kolig, Erich. BP166.14.F85 K65 2014 Philosophy & Religion
Constructing democratic governance in Latin America JL966 .C677 2013 Political Science
Constructing history : a requiem to mark the moment Weems, Carrie Mae, 1953- TR647 .W44 2008 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Constructing the holistic actor : Fitzmaurice Voicework Morgan, Michael (Michael Keith) PN2071.S65 M67 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Contagious representation : women's political representation in democracies around the world Thames, Frank. HQ1236 .T484 2013 General
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Contemporary Korean Art : Tansaekhwa and the Urgency of Method Kee, Joan. ND1065.5.M65 K44 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Contemporary state terrorism : theory and practice HV6431 .C6536 2011 General
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Cooperation and its evolution QH366.2 .C657 2013 General Science
Core maths for the biosciences Reed, Martin B. QH323.5 R443 2011 General Science
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Cracking the particle code of the universe : the hunt for the Higgs boson Moffat, John W. QC793.5.B62 M64 2014 General Science
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Creating innovators : the making of young people who will change the world Wagner, Tony. LB1607.5 .W33 2012 Education
Creating the witness : documenting genocide on film video and the Internet Torchin, Leshu. PN1995.9.D6 T63 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Cries of crisis : rethinking the health care debate Hackey, Robert B. RA395.A3 H33 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Crime law and society in the later Middle Ages K5032 .C75 2009 General
Crisis of the state : war and social upheaval JC328.6 .C75 2012 Political Science
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Critical issues in peace and conflict studies : theory practice and pedagogy JZ5534 .C745 2012 Political Science
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Crossing boundaries : ethnicity race and national belonging in a transnational world JC312 .C76 2013 Political Science
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Crossroads : how the blues shaped rock 'n' roll (and rock saved the blues) Milward, John. ML3521 .M56 2013 Music & Fine Arts
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Cruising utopia : the then and there of queer futurity Muñoz, José Esteban. HQ76.25 .M86 2009 General
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Cultivating national identity through performance : American pleasure gardens and entertainment Stubbs, Naomi J., 1981- SB451.3 .S88 2013 Agriculture & Animal
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Dagur Kári's Nói the albino Nordfjörd, Björn. PN1997.N5255 N67 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
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Dance GV1588.3 .D33 2012 Physical Education & Recreation
Dance hall of the dead Hillerman, Tony. PS3558.I45 D26 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
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De-westernizing film studies PN1995 .D49 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
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Death tax Hnath, Lucas PS3608.N38 D43 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
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Defending American religious neutrality Koppelman, Andrew. KF4865 .K67 2013 General
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Denmark in the world Kaspersen, Lars Bo. HC355 .D46 2013 General
Design with knowledge : new research in sustainable building NA2542.36 .D67 2012 Music & Fine Arts
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Developmental psychology : revisiting the classic studies BF713 .D48 2012 Psychology
Devil in the grove : Thurgood Marshall the Groveland Boys and the dawn of a new America King, Gilbert. KF224.G76 K56 2013 General
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Diaries of an unfinished revolution : voices from Tunis to Damascus JQ1850.A91 W75 2013 Political Science
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Die schwarze Wunde : ein kurdisches Theaterstück Anter, Musa. PK6908.9.A62 B5715 1994 Language, Literature, & Film
Different horrors same hell : gender and the Holocaust D804.47 .D54 2013 History of Europe
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Differentiation : from planning to practice grades 6-12 Wormeli, Rick. LB1031 .W67 2007 Education
Digital dead end : fighting for social justice in the Information Age Eubanks, Virginia, 1972- HM846 .E93 2012 General
Digital religion : understanding religious practice in new media worlds BL638 .D54 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Digital visual effects in cinema : the seduction of reality Prince, Stephen, 1955- PN1995.9.T43 P75 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Dignity rights : courts constitutions and the worth of the human person Daly, Erin. K3249 .D35 2013 General
Dimensions of crime as a social problem HV6025 .D55 2012 General
Diplomatic pounds & other stories Aidoo, Ama Ata, 1942- PR9379.9.A35 D57 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Dirty sacred rivers : confronting South Asia's water crisis Colopy, Cheryl Gene. GB1340.G36 C65 2012 Geography
Dirty wars : the world is a battlefield Scahill, Jeremy. E897 .S33 2013 History of America
Disability and identity : negotiating self in a changing society Darling, Rosalyn Benjamin. HV1568 .D367 2013 General
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Dispatches from the Arab spring : understanding the new Middle East JQ1850.A91 D58 2013 Political Science
Dispersal ecology and evolution QH543.3 .D57 2012 General Science
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Dit-il Gailly, Christian, 1943- PQ2667.A3535 D5 1987 Language, Literature, & Film
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Divine love : Islamic literature and the path to god Chittick, William C. BP189 .C527 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Do we worship the same God? : Jews Christians and Muslims in dialogue BL473 .D6 2012 Philosophy & Religion
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Doctoring freedom : the politics of African American medical care in slavery and emancipation Long, Margaret Geneva. RA448.5.N4 L66 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
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Doing capitalism in the innovation economy : markets speculation and the state Janeway, William H. HG4751 .J37 2012 General
Doing the best I can : fatherhood in the inner city Edin, Kathryn, 1962- HV700.7 .E35 2013 General
Doing time for peace : resistance family and community JZ5584.U6 D65 2012 Political Science
Domestic politics and drought relief in Africa : explaining choices Munemo, Ngonidzashe, 1976- HC800 .M836 2012 General
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Domingos Álvares African healing and the intellectual history of the Atlantic world Sweet, James H. (James Hoke) HT869.A58 S84 2011 General
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Dotter of her father's eyes Talbot, Mary M., 1954- PR6019.O9 Z8265 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Double entry : how the merchants of Venice created modern finance Gleeson-White, Jane. HF5605 .G54 2012 General
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Drag queens at the 801 Cabaret Rupp, Leila J., 1950- HQ77.2.U6 R86 2003 General
Dragons serpents and slayers in the classical and early Christian worlds : a sourcebook Ogden, Daniel. BL795.D7 O44 2013 Philosophy & Religion
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Drawings by Lesák and Rainer : Walker Art Center 4 May thorugh 29 June 1980 Friedman, Martin, 1925- NC245.L46 A4 1980 Music & Fine Arts
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Drink : a cultural history of alcohol Gately, Iain, 1965- TP573.A1 G38 2008 Chemistry
Drugs and democracy in Latin America : the impact of U.S. policy HV5840.L3 D777 2005 General
Drunk tank pink : and other unexpected forces that shape how we think feel and behave Alter, Adam L., 1980- BF636 .A48 2013 Psychology
Du är alltså svensk? : roman Andersson, Lena, 1970- PT9876.1.N35342 D8 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Due considerations : essays and criticism Updike, John. PS3571.P4 D84 2007 Language, Literature, & Film
Duke Ellington as pianist : a study of styles Cooper, Matthew J., author. ML410.E44 C65 2013 Music & Fine Arts
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Early modern Jewry : a new cultural history Ruderman, David B. DS113 .R79 2010 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Early music : a very short introduction Kelly, Thomas Forrest. ML457 .K45 2011 Music & Fine Arts
Earogenous zones : sound sexuality and cinema ML2075 .E37 2010 Music & Fine Arts
Earth dynamics : deformations and oscillations of the rotating Earth Smylie, D. E. QE517.5 .S678 2013 General Science
Earth in 100 groundbreaking discoveries Palmer, Douglas. QE501 .P265 2011 General Science
Earthly visions : theology and the challenges of art Gorringe, Timothy. BR115.A8 G665 2011 Philosophy & Religion
Eat your heart out Baron, Courtney. PS3602.A8346 E37 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Ecological restoration : principles values and structure of an emerging profession Clewell, Andre F. QH541.15.R45 C54 2013 General Science
Ecologies of urbanism in India : metropolitan civility and sustainability HT243.I44 E368 2013 General
Ecology of North American freshwater fishes Ross, Stephen T. QL625 .R67 2013 General Science
Economic development & GIS Pogodzinski, J. M. HD58 .P63 2013 General
Economics the environment and our common wealth Boyce, James K. HC79.E5 B69 2013 General
Ecopoetics : the language of nature the nature of language Knickerbocker, Scott. PS310.N3 K65 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Ecosystem paleobiology and geobiology : presented as a Paleontological Society short course at the a QE719.8 .E26 2013 General Science
Ecstatic nation : confidence crisis and compromise 1848-1877 Wineapple, Brenda. E415.7 .W75 2013 History of America
Education justice and democracy LC213.2 .E39 2013 Education
Edvard Munch : close-up of a genius Stenersen, Rolf E., 1899-1978, author. N7073.M8 S75 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Edward Wilmot Blyden and the racial nationalist imagination Teshale Tibebu. DT634.3.B58 T47 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Efterskalv Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 E37 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
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Egypt on the brink : from Nasser to the Muslim Brotherhood Osman, Tarek. DT107.825 .O76 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Egypt's Tahrir revolution DT107.87 .E39 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Eighteenth-century Britain : a very short introduction Langford, Paul. DA480 .L25 2000 History of Europe
Eileen Chang : romancing languages cultures and genres PL2837.E35 Z64435 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
El Cinco de Mayo : an American tradition Hayes-Bautista, David E., 1945- F870.S75 H384 2012 History of America
Eleanor the secret queen : the woman who put Richard III on the throne Ashdown-Hill, John. DA258 .A84 2010 History of Europe
Elena Garro and Mexico's modern dreams Biron, Rebecca E., 1964- PQ7297.G3585 Z59 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Eleventh-century Germany : the Swabian chronicles BR854 .E448 2008 Philosophy & Religion
Elliptic problems in nonsmooth domains Grisvard, P. (Pierre) QA379 .G74 2011 General Science
Ellis Island nation : immigration policy and American identity in the twentieth century Fleegler, Robert L. JV6455 .F59 2013 Political Science
Éloge du mode de vie à la française : the French way of life Roucaute, Yves. DC34 .R72 2012 History of Europe
Embers of war : the fall of an empire and the making of America's Vietnam Logevall, Fredrik, 1963- DS553.1 .L64 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Embracing the social and the creative : new scenarios for teacher education LB1707 .E62 2013 Education
Emerging Africa : how 17 countries are leading the way Radelet, Steven C., 1957- HC800 .R33 2010 General
Emerging traditions : towards a postcolonial stylistics of black South African fiction in English Briault Manus, Vicki, 1952- P40.45.S6 B75 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
Émile Durkheim : a biography Fournier, Marcel, 1945- HM479.D87 F6813 2013 General
Emma and the lost unicorn : a fable Sugarek, Trisha. PS3619.U37 E55 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Empire and Power in the Reign of Süleyman : Narrating the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman World Şahin, Kaya, 1974- author. DR509.M87 S34 2013 History of Europe
Empire of language : toward a critique of (post)colonial expression Dubreuil, Laurent, author. PQ3897 .D8313 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Empress Dowager Cixi : the concubine who launched modern China Chang, Jung, 1952- DS763.63.C58 C43 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
En civilisation utan båtar = a civilization without boats Anyuru, Johannes, 1979- PT9877.1.N98 C59 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
En Midsommarnattsdröm : kriminalroman Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 M52 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Enabling creative chaos : the organization behind the Burning Man event Chen, Katherine Kang-Ning. NX510.N32 B6335 2009 Music & Fine Arts
Enclosed : conservation cattle and commerce among the Q'eqchi' Maya lowlanders Grandia, Liza. F1465.2.K5 G7 2012 History of America
Encountering Morocco : fieldwork and cultural understanding GN649.M65 E54 2013 Anthropology & Folklore
Enduring injustice Spinner-Halev, Jeff. JC578 .S685 2012 Political Science
Enduring violence : Ladina women's lives in Guatemala Menjívar, Cecilia. HQ1477 .M46 2011 General
Energy justice in a changing climate : social equity and low-carbon energy Bickerstaff, Karen, editor. HD9502 .E54 2013 General
Engaging adolescent learners : a guide for content-area teachers Lent, ReLeah Cossett. LB1027.23 .L46 2006 Education
Engaging ancient Maya sculpture at Piedras Negras Guatemala O'Neil, Megan Eileen. F1435.1.P52 O54 2012 History of America
Engaging bodies : the politics and poetics of corporeality Albright, Ann Cooper, author. GV1600 .A45 2013 Physical Education & Recreation
Engaging students with poverty in mind : practical strategies for raising achievement Jensen, Eric, 1950- LC4091 .J46 2013 Education
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Engineering : a very short introduction Blockley, D. I. TA145 .B66 2012 Technological Studies
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Essential readings in wildlife management & conservation SK355 .E78 2013 Agriculture & Animal
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Female masculinity Halberstam, Judith, 1961- HQ75.5 .H33 1998 General
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Feminist and queer information studies reader HQ1180 .F428 2013 General
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First sight : ESP and parapsychology in everyday life Carpenter, James C. BF1321 .C28 2012 Psychology
Five voices five faiths : an interfaith primer BL80.3 .F58 2005 Philosophy & Religion
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Flowers in the desert : the search for Chile's disappeared = Flores en el desierto : la bâusqueda Allen, Paula. HV6322.3.C5 A45 2013 General
Flux : what marketing managers need to navigate the new environment HF5415.13 .F598 2012 General
Focus inon : collaborative essays exploring works from the Hillstrom Museum of Art N346.M5 F63 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Folk music : a very short introduction Slobin, Mark. ML3545 .S63 2011 Music & Fine Arts
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Fresh fruit broken bodies : migrant farmworkers in the United States Holmes, Seth M., 1975- HD1525 .H685 2013 General
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Friars' tales : thirteenth-century exempla from the British Isles Jones, David. BV4224 .J66 2011 Philosophy & Religion
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Friendship and social networks in Scandinavia c.1000-1800 HM1161 .F754 2013 General
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From slave trade to legitimate commerce : the commercial transition in nineteenth-century West Afric HF3920 .F76 2002 General
From the closet to the altar : courts backlash and the struggle for same-sex marriage Klarman, Michael J. KF539 .K58 2013 General
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Function spaces differential operators and nonlinear analysis : the Hans Triebel anniversary volum QA323 .F863 2003 General Science
Functional analytic methods for evolution equations QA3 .L28 no. 1855 General Science
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Fundamentals of light microscopy and electronic imaging Murphy, Douglas B. QH205.2 .M87 2013 General Science
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Gallipoli Hart, Peter, 1955- D568.3 .H37 2011 History of Europe
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Gender Bradley, Harriet. HQ1075 .B73 2013 General
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Gender on campus : issues for college women Gmelch, Sharon. LC1757 .G65 1998 Education
Gendering the African diaspora : women culture and historical change in the Caribbean and Nigerian HQ1501 .G464 2010 General
Genesis Arnold, Bill T. BS1235.53 .A76 2009 Philosophy & Religion
Genetic explanations : sense and nonsense QH426.5 .G46 2013 General Science
Genetic variation : methods and protocols QH401 .G47 2010 General Science
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Geographical psychology : exploring the interaction of environment and behavior BF353 .G47 2014 Psychology
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Geometry and its applications in arts nature and technology Glaeser, Georg. QA447 .G5713 2012 General Science
George Caleb Bingham ND237.B59 A4 1990 Music & Fine Arts
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German colonialism : a short history Conrad, Sebastian. JV2017 .C6613 2012 Political Science
German philosophy : a very short introduction Bowie, Andrew, 1952- B2521 .B68 2010 Philosophy & Religion
Get graphic! : using storyboards to write and draw picture books graphic novels or comic strips Thurman, Mark. LB1576 .T534 2010 Education
Get real : documentary theatre past and present PN2051 .G48 2011 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Get writing! : creative book-making projects for children Johnson, Paul, 1943- LB1528 .J64 2006 Education
Getting culture : incorporating diversity across the curriculum LC1099.3 .G48 2009 Education
Getting it right in Afghanistan JZ5584.A33 G47 2013 Political Science
Getting your head around the brain Ellison, Amanda. QP376 .E553 2012 General Science
Gettysburg : the last invasion Guelzo, Allen C. E475.53 .G875 2013 History of America
Ghosts of Jim Crow : ending racism in post-racial America Higginbotham, F. Michael. E185.61 .H58 2013 History of America
Ginkgo : the tree that time forgot Crane, Peter R. QK494.5.G48 C73 2013 General Science
Girls and their comics : finding a female voice in comic book narrative Danziger-Russell, Jacqueline, 1979- PN6725 .D196 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
GIS tutorial for crime analysis Gorr, Wilpen L. HV7936.C88 G675 2012 General
GIS tutorial for health Kurland, Kristen Seamens, 1966- RA792 .G67 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
GIS tutorial for homeland security Radke, Susan Lindell, 1957- G70.212 .R33 2008 Geography
GIS tutorial for humanitarian assistance Verjee, Firoz. G70.212 .V49 2011 Geography
Glitter in the blood : a poet's manifesto to better braver writing Nettifee, Mindy. PS3614.E535 G56 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Global climate change. QC981.8.G56 G548 2013 General Science
Global energy dilemmas Bradshaw, Michael J., author. HD9502.A2 B73 2014 General
Global public health : ecological foundations White, Franklin, 1946- RA565 .W55 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Global tourism : cultural heritage and economic encounters G156.5.H47 G56 2012 Geography
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Globalization and Contemporary Art N72.G55 G59 2011 Music & Fine Arts
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Globalizing the postcolony : contesting discourses of gender and development in francophone Africa Griffiths, Claire. HQ1810 .G75 2011 General
Glorious war : the Civil War adventures of George Armstrong Custer Hatch, Thom, 1946- E467.1.C99 H39 2013 History of America
Go back to where you are Greenspan, David, 1956- PS3557.R39642 G62 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
God & morality : four views BJ1251 .G57 2012 Philosophy & Religion
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Good and evil two interpretations: I. right and wrong ; II. images of good and evil Buber, Martin, 1878-1965. BJ1406 .B7713 2011 Philosophy & Religion
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Good food : grounded practical theology Ayres, Jennifer R. BR115.N87 A97 2013 Philosophy & Religion
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Good works! : marketing and corporate initiatives that build a better world-- and the bottom line Kotler, Philip. HF5415 .K6246 2012 General
Govan Mbeki Bundy, Colin. DT1972.M34 A3 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Governing Africa's changing societies : dynamics of reform Lust, Ellen. JQ1879.A15 L87 2012 Political Science
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Governing the world : the history of an idea 1815 to the present Mazower, Mark. JZ1318 .M3867 2013 Political Science
Graduate admissions essays : write your way into the graduate school of your choice Asher, Donald. LB2351.52.U6 A74 2008 Education
Grammar to enrich & enhance writing Weaver, Constance. LB1631 .W347 2008 Education
Granny and the gorilla Paterson, Stuart. PR6066.A834 G73 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
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Graphic witness : four wordless graphic novels NE1096 .G73 2007 Music & Fine Arts
Graphs maps trees : abstract models for literary history Moretti, Franco, 1950- PN3331 .M67 2007 Language, Literature, & Film
Grasping the nettle : analyzing cases of intractable conflict Crocker, Chester A. JZ6385 .C76 2005 Political Science
Grateful Dead and the art of rock improvisation Malvinni, David. ML421.G72 M25 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Great American city : Chicago and the enduring neighborhood effect Sampson, Robert J. F548.3 .S26 2013 History of America
Great Lakes fisheries policy & management : a binational perspective SH219.6 .G725 2013 Agriculture & Animal
Greek to Latin : frameworks and contexts for intertextuality Hutchinson, G. O. PN98.I58 H88 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
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Monodialog : Erzählung Kartal, Hüseyin, 1958- PT2671.A69 M66 1998 Language, Literature, & Film
More than guided reading : finding the right instructional mix K-3 Mere, Cathy, 1966- LB1050.377 .M47 2005 Education
More than meets the eye : the history and collections of Cooper-Hewitt Museum the Smithsonian Insti Lynes, Russell, 1910-1991. NK460.N4 C665 1981 Music & Fine Arts
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Morgan Park : Duluth U.S. Steel and the forging of a company town Alanen, Arnold R. (Arnold Robert) HN80.D88 A53 2007 General
Mörkertal Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 M67 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Mörkriket Popović, Zvonimir, 1934- PT9876.26.O66 M67 1998 Language, Literature, & Film
Mother of him Placey, Evan. PR6116.L33 M68 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Motherhood Out Loud PN2272 .M67 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Mothers and children : Jewish family life in medieval Europe Baumgarten, Elisheva. BM726 .B3813 2004 Philosophy & Religion
Mountains of the mind : adventures in reaching the summit Macfarlane, Robert, 1976- GV199.89 .M33 2004 Physical Education & Recreation
Moving innovation : a history of computer animation Sito, Tom, 1956- TR897.7 .S48 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Moving into pictures : more on film history style and analysis Salt, Barry. PN1993.5.A1 S35 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Mr. Fox Oyeyemi, Helen. PR6115.Y49 M7 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
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Mr. Tompkins in paperback Gamow, George, 1904-1968. QC71 .G25 1993 General Science
Mugabe and the politics of security in Zimbabwe Alao, Abiodun. DT2996 .A52 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Mule & pear Griffiths, Rachel Eliza. PS3607.R5494 M85 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
Multiculturalism : a very short introduction Rattansi, Ali. HM1271 .R38 2011 General
Multiple integrals in the calculus of variations Morrey, Charles Bradfield, 1907-1984. QA316 .M56 2008 General Science
Mummenschanz Bührer, Michel, 1951- PN1985 .B78 1986 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Munch by others N7073.M8 A4 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Mundane objects : materiality and non-verbal communication Lemonnier, Pierre, 1948- T14.5 .L46 2012 Technological Studies
Murder city : Ciudad Juárez and the global economy's new killing fields Bowden, Charles, 1945- HV5840.M42 C5826 2011 General
Murder on the verandah : love and betrayal in British Malaya Lawlor, Eric. HV6535.M43 K835 2000 General
Museveni's Uganda : paradoxes of power in a hybrid regime Tripp, Aili Mari. JQ2951.A58 T75 2010 Political Science
Music and identity politics ML3916 .M863 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Music and ideology ML3916 .M864 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Music and patronage ML3916 .M866 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Music and protest ML3916 .M865 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Musical theatre : a workbook Henson, David, author. ML1700 .H45 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Muslim American women on campus : undergraduate social life and identity Mir, Shabana. HQ1170 .M567 2014 General
Muslim minorities and citizenship : authority communities and Islamic law Oliver-Dee, Sean, 1970- KBP69.5 .O45 2012 General
Muslim nationalism and the new Turks White, Jenny B. (Jenny Barbara), 1953- DR432 .W55 2013 History of Europe
Muslim worldviews and everyday lives El-Aswad, el-Sayed, 1949- BP173.25 .E42 2012 Philosophy & Religion
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My father's tears and other stories Updike, John. PS3571.P4 M92 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
My first coup d'etat : and other true stories from the lost decades of Africa Mahama, John Dramani, 1958- DT512.3.M35 A3 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
My life as a fake : a novel Carey, Peter. PR9619.3.C36 M9 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
My struggle. Knausgård, Karl Ove, 1968- PT8951.21.N38 M5613 2013 Bk.1 Language, Literature, & Film
Mycoheterotrophy : the biology of plants living on fungi QK604 .M88 2013 General Science
Myth of individualism : how social forces shape our lives Callero, Peter L. HM1276 .C35 2013 General
Myth truth and narrative in Herodotus PA4004 .M98 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Nara : ancient echoes DS894.69.N362 N248 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Nashville in the new millennium : immigrant settlement urban transformation and social belonging Winders, Jamie. F444.N29 S758 2013 History of America
National insecurities : immigrants and U.S. deportation policy since 1882 Moloney, Deirdre M. JV6483 .M645 2012 Political Science
National pastime : how Americans play baseball and the rest of the world plays soccer Szymanski, Stefan, 1960- GV716 .S99 2006 Physical Education & Recreation
Nationalist in the Viet Nam wars : memoirs of a victim turned soldier Nguyễn, Công Luận, 1937- DS556.93.N5215 A3 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Nations : the long history and deep roots of political ethnicity and nationalism Gat, Azar. JC311 .G44 2013 Political Science
Native American communities on health and disability : a borderland dialogue Lovern, Lavonna, 1962- RA448.5.I5 L68 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Native Americans on film : conversations teaching and theory PN1995.9.I48 N38 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Native and national in Brazil : indigeneity after independence Devine Guzmán, Tracy, 1970- F2519.3.E83 D48 2013 History of America
Nature for sale : the commons versus commodities Ricoveri, Giovanna, author. HD1286 .R5313 2013 General
Nature Theater of Oklahoma's Life and Times. PN2193.E86 N37 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Nature's compass : the mystery of animal navigation Gould, James L., 1945- QL782 .G68 2012 General Science
Nausea Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980. PQ2637.A82 N313 1964 Language, Literature, & Film
Navigating the academic career : common issues and uncommon strategies Shaw, Victor N. LB2331.7 .S53 2013 Education
Nazi soundscapes : sound technology and urban space in Germany 1933-1945 Birdsall, Carolyn. HM1231 .B575 2012 General
Nazis in the Holy Land 1933-1948 Wawrzyn, Heidemarie. DD255.P35 W39 2013 History of Europe
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Negro with a hat : the rise and fall of Marcus Garvey Grant, Colin, 1961- E185.97.G3 G73 2008 History of America
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Neogene deformation between central Utah and the Mojave Desert QE1 .G43S no. 499 General Science
Neoliberalism interrupted : social change and contested governance in contemporary Latin America F1414.3 .N46 2013 History of America
Networked : the new social operating system Rainie, Harrison. HM741 .R35 2012 General
Networks : an introduction Newman, M. E. J. (Mark E. J.) T57.85 .N523 2010 Technological Studies
Networks of outrage and hope : social movements in the Internet age Castells, Manuel, 1942- HM851 .C369 2012 General
Never forget national humiliation : historical memory in Chinese politics and foreign relations Wang, Zheng, 1968- JZ1734 .W38 2012 Political Science
Never fuck up Lapidus, Jens, 1974- PT9877.22.A65 A7913 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
New choices new families : how lesbians decide about motherhood Mezey, Nancy J., 1965- HQ75.53 .M49 2008 General
New directions for clarinet Rehfeldt, Phillip, 1939- ML945 .R43 2003 Music & Fine Arts
New essays on Rabbit run PS3571.P4 R335 1993 Language, Literature, & Film
New horizons in geometry Apostol, Tom M., author. QA445 .A66 2012 General Science
New meanings for ancient texts : recent approaches to biblical criticisms and their applications BS511.3 .N49 2013 Philosophy & Religion
New media old regimes : case studies in comparative communication law and policy Eko, Lyombe. K4240 .E38 2012 General
New news out of Africa : uncovering Africa's renaissance Hunter-Gault, Charlayne. DT352.8 .H86 2008 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
New queer cinema : the director's cut Rich, B. Ruby. PN1995.9.H55 R53 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
News from a radiant future : Soviet porcelain from the collection of Craig H. and Kay A. Tuber NK4210.L36 A4 1992 Music & Fine Arts
Next year's man of steel Belke, David. PR9199.3.B3772 N49 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Nigeria : dancing on the brink Campbell, John, 1944- JQ3090 .C36 2013 Political Science
Nigeria at fifty : contributions to peace democracy and development Jega, Attahiru. DT515.8 .J44 2010 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Nightmare alley : film noir and the American dream Osteen, Mark. PN1995.9.F54 O88 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Nineteenth-century Britain : a very short introduction Harvie, Christopher, 1944- DA530 .H4465 2000 History of Europe
Nixon and Mao : the week that changed the world MacMillan, Margaret, 1943- E183.8.C5 M313 2007 History of America
No establishment of religion : America's original contribution to religious liberty BL2525 .N6 2012 Philosophy & Religion
No future without forgiveness Tutu, Desmond. BR1450 .T88 2000 Philosophy & Religion
No more invisible man : race and gender in men's work Wingfield, Adia Harvey, 1977- HD8038.U5 W564 2013 General
No more summer reading loss Cahill, Carrie. LB1050.58 .C35 2013 Education
No one's world : the West the rising rest and the coming global turn Kupchan, Charles. JA71 .K837 2013 Political Science
No undocumented child left behind : Plyler v. Doe and the education of undocumented schoolchildren Olivas, Michael A. KF4217.I46 O43 2012 General
No way around but through Caan, Scott, 1976- PS3553.A25 N62 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Non-stop : a turbulent history of Northwest Airlines El-Hai, Jack. HE9769.U5 E4 2013 General
Nonlinear analysis : a collection of papers in honor of Erich H. Rothe QA300.5 .N66 1978 General Science
Nonlinear analysis and applications QA321.5 .N64 1987 General Science
North American Indians : a very short introduction Perdue, Theda, 1949- E77 .P425 2010 History of America
North Korea in transition : politics economy and society JQ1729.5.A58 N66 2013 Political Science
Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. PR4034 .N7 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Northern Ireland : the reluctant peace Cochrane, Feargal. DA990.U46 C628 2013 History of Europe
Northern slave black Dakota : the life and times of Joseph Godfrey Bachman, Walt, author. E99.D1 G633 2013 History of America
Not the marrying kind : a feminist critique of same-sex marriage Barker, Nicola, 1966- HQ1033 .B37 2012 General
Notable men and women of our time Giovio, Paolo, 1483-1552. CT93 .G513 2013 Auxiliary Sciences of History
Nothing : a very short introduction Close, F. E. QC6 .C588 2009 General Science
Novel craft : Victorian domestic handicraft and nineteenth-century fiction Schaffer, Talia, 1968- PR871.W6 S33 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Novel ecosystems : intervening in the new ecological world order QH75 .N68 2013 General Science
Noveller för världens barn 2008. PT9628 .N68 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
November's fury : the deadly Great Lakes hurricane of 1913 Schumacher, Michael, 1950- F551 .S38 2013 History of America
Nuclear forces : the making of the physicist Hans Bethe Schweber, S. S. (Silvan S.) QC774.B4 S39 2012 General Science
Number sense routines : building numerical literacy every day in grades K-3 Shumway, Jessica F. QA135.53 .S57 2011 General Science
Nurses in war : voices from Iraq and Afghanistan Scannell-Desch, Elizabeth. UH495.U6 S33 2012 General Works
Nurturing dads : social initiatives for contemporary fatherhood Marsiglio, William. HQ756 .M3447 2012 General
Objects of bright pride : Northwest Coast Indian art from the American Museum of Natural History American Museum of Natural History. E78.N78 W28 1988 History of America
Obscenity rules : Roth v. United States and the long struggle over sexual expression Strub, Whitney. KF224.R68 S77 2013 General
Occupied : Denmark's adaption and resistance to German occupation 1940-45 Hong, Nathaniel. D802.D4 H637 2012 History of Europe
Occupy religion : theology of the multitude Rieger, Joerg, author. BL65.J87 R54 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Occupying power : sex workers and servicemen in postwar Japan Kovner, Sarah (Sarah C.), 1973- author. HQ247.A5 K68 2012 General
Och nu börjar historien : Hjalmar Söderbergs novellkonst Landen, Miranda. PT9875.S6 O35 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Of Africa Soyinka, Wole. DT20 .S58 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Of virgins and martyrs : women and sexuality in global conflict Jacobson, David, 1959- HQ1075 .J34 2013 General
Ogden Nash's The tales of Custard the Dragon Ross, Brad, 1957- ML50.R79627 O44 2009 Music & Fine Arts
Oil and wilderness in Alaska : natural resources environmental protection and national policy dyna Busenberg, George J. TD195.P4 B89 2013 Technological Studies
Oil wars HD9560.6 .O395 2007 General
Old Man River : the Mississippi River in North American history Schneider, Paul, 1962- author. F351 .S345 2013 History of America
Old vs new politics in Malaysia : state and society in transition Loh, Francis Kok-Wah, 1951- DS596.3 .L64 2009 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Olinger stories : a selection Updike, John. PS3571.P4 O56 1964 Language, Literature, & Film
Olympics : history geography sports Bennett, Amanda. GV721.5 .B46 1996 Physical Education & Recreation
On America PN1561 .P434 1998 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
On doing local history : reflections on what local historians do why and what it means Kammen, Carol, 1937- E180 .K28 1986 History of America
On exile Filelfo, Francesco, 1398-1481. PA8520.F5 C6613 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
On extinction : how we became estranged from nature Challenger, Melanie. GE195.7 .C43 2012 Environmental Studies, Geology, & Space Studies
On literary biography Updike, John. PS3571.P4 O52 1999 Language, Literature, & Film
On modern poetry : from theory to total criticism Smith, Robert Rowland. PN1271 .O5 2012 NOMATCH
On moral medicine : theological perspectives in medical ethics. R724 .O58 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
On the eve : the Jews of Europe before the Second World War Wasserstein, Bernard. DS135.E83 W36 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
On the Five Obstructions PN1997.2.F46 O52 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
On the road again : Montana's changing landscape Wyckoff, William. F731.8 .W93 2006 History of America
One arm Kaufman, Moisés. PR9333.9.K38 O54 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
One day in December : Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution Stout, Nancy. F1788.22.S26 S76 2013 History of America
One last thing before I go Tropper, Jonathan. PS3570.R5885 O54 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
One marriage under God : the campaign to promote marriage in America Heath, Melanie. HQ536 .H427 2012 General
One out of three : immigrants in New York in the twenty-first century New immigrants in New York. F128.9.A1 N38 2013 History of America
One woman's Jihad : Nana Asma'u scholar and scribe Mack, Beverly B. (Beverly Blow), 1952- PL8234.A85 Z77 2000 Language, Literature, & Film
One world : a global anthology of short stories PN6120.2 .O54 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
One-party dominance in African democracies JQ1879.A795 O64 2013 Political Science
Ont blod : kriminalroman Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 O58 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Open heart Wiesel, Elie, 1928- PQ2683.I32 Z4612 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Operation Barbarossa : Nazi Germany's war in the East 1941-1945 Hartmann, Christian, 1959- author. D764 .H35613 2013 History of Europe
Operation Typhoon : Hitler's march on Moscow October 1941 Stahel, David, 1975- D764.3.M6 S82 2013 History of Europe
Opportunity Montana : Big Copper Bad Water and the Burial of an American Landscape. Tyer, Brad. TD899.C59 T94 2013 Technological Studies
Oral arguments and coalition formation on the U.S. Supreme Court : a deliberate dialogue Black, Ryan C., 1982- KF8742 .B57 2012 General
Ordinary and delay differential equations QA370 .O7 1992 General Science
Ordinary differential equations : an introduction to nonlinear analysis Amann, H. (Herbert), 1938- QA372 .A4313 1990 General Science
Ordinary ethics in China GN635.C5 O85 2013 Anthropology & Folklore
Organizational communication : a critical approach Mumby, Dennis K. HD30.3 .M863 2013 General
Oriental renaissance : Europe's rediscovery of India and the East 1680-1880 Schwab, Raymond. CB253 .S3813 1984 Auxiliary Sciences of History
Original local : indigenous foods stories and recipes from the Upper Midwest Erdrich, Heid E. (Heid Ellen) E98.F7 E735 2013 History of America
Orogenesis : the making of mountains Johnson, M. R. W. (Michael Raymond Walter) QE621 .J64 2012 General Science
Orpheus : the myth of the poet Segal, Charles, 1936-2002. PA3015.R5 O827 1989 Language, Literature, & Film
Ottonian Germany : the chronicon of Thietmar of Merseburg Thietmar, von Merseburg, Bishop of Merseburg, 975-1018. DD136 .T4813 2008 History of Europe
Our Andromeda Shaughnessy, Brenda, 1970- PS3569.H353 O97 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Our genes our choices : how genotype and gene interactions affect behavior Goldman, David, M.D. QH457 .G65 2012 General Science
Our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor : the forging of American independence 1774-1776 Beeman, Richard R. E210 .B43 2013 History of America
Our mathematical universe : my quest for the ultimate nature of reality Tegmark, Max, author. QB981 .T44 2014 General Science
Our racist heart? : an exploration of unconscious prejudice in everyday life Beattie, Geoffrey. BF575.P9 B34 2013 Psychology
Out in Africa : LGBT organizing in Namibia and South Africa Currier, Ashley. HQ76.3.S5 C87 2012 General
Out in the midday sun : the British in Malaya 1880-1960 Shennan, Margaret. DS595.2.B74 S54 2004 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Out of chaos : hidden children remember the Holocaust D804.48 .O98 2013 History of Europe
Outcasts and angels : the new anthology of deaf characters in literature PN56.5.H35 O98 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Outlawed : between security and rights in a Bolivian city Goldstein, Daniel M., 1965- HN280.Z9 V545 2012 General
Pacific : a novel Drury, Tom. PS3554.R84 P33 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Pacific blitzkrieg : World War II in the central Pacific Lacey, Sharon Tosi, 1968- author. D767.9 .L225 2013 History of Europe
Paganism : a very short introduction Davies, Owen, 1969- BL432 .D38 2011 Philosophy & Religion
Paint the White House black : Barack Obama and the meaning of race in America Jeffries, Michael P., author. E907 .J44 2013 History of America
Painting Indians and building empires in North America 1710-1840 Truettner, William H. N8217.I5 T78 2010 Music & Fine Arts
Paintings by Fitz Hugh Lane Wilmerding, John. ND237.L27 A4 1988 Music & Fine Arts
Palace sculptures of Abomey : history told on walls Piqué, Francesca, 1962- NB1099.D32 P57 1999 Music & Fine Arts
Paleofantasy : what evolution really tells us about sex diet and how we live Zuk, M. (Marlene) GN281 .Z85 2013 Anthropology & Folklore
Pandora's lunchbox : how processed food took over the American meal Warner, Melanie. HD9000.5 .W339 2013 General
Paper cutting : contemporary artists timeless craft TT870 .P26 2011 Music & Fine Arts
Paradise lost Milton, John, 1608-1674. PR3560.A2 O7 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Paradox : the nine greatest enigmas in physics Al-Khalili, Jim, 1962- Q173 .A395 2012 General Science
Participatory visual and digital methods Gubrium, Aline. GN347 .G84 2013 Anthropology & Folklore
Pastoral and anti-pastoral patterns in John Updike's fiction Taylor, Larry E. PS3571.P4 Z9 Language, Literature, & Film
Patient A and other plays : five plays Blessing, Lee. PS3552.L43 P38 1995 Language, Literature, & Film
Patrick Leigh Fermor : an adventure Cooper, Artemis, 1953- G154.F47 C66 2013 Geography
Paul Klee life and work Geelhaar, Christian. ND588.K5 G44 1982 Music & Fine Arts
Paul Manship : changing taste in America : 19 May to 18 August 1985 Minnesota Museum of Art Landma Manship, Paul, 1885-1966. NB237.M3 A4 1985 Music & Fine Arts
Paul Tillich : journey to Japan in 1960 Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965, author. BX4827.T53 T5613 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Peace and conflict studies Barash, David P. JZ5538 .B37 2014 Political Science
Peace and security : implications for women Porter, Elisabeth, 1955- JZ5578 .P67 2012 Political Science
Peace education Harris, Ian M., 1943- JZ1237 .H37 2012 Political Science
Peace through tourism Blanchard, Lynda-ann. G155.A1 B544 2013 Geography
Penang & Langkawi. DS598 .P5 P45 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Penguins : natural history and conservation QL696.S473 P4527 2013 General Science
Pensamiento colonial crítico : textos y actos de Polo Ondegardo F3444.P6 P46 2012 History of America
Penumbra : the premier stage for African American drama Mahala, Macelle. PN2277.S25 P46 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
People get ready : the future of jazz is now! ML3506 .P46 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Perceiving reality : consciousness intentionality and cognition in Buddhist philosophy Coseru, Christian. BQ4440 .C68 2012 Philosophy & Religion
Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish rescue : how a French priest together with Jewish friends saved tho Zuccotti, Susan, 1940- D804.66.M337 Z82 2013 History of Europe
Performance and culture : narrative image and enactment in India Verma, Archana. PN2881 .V47 2011 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Performance and the global city PN2041.G56 P47 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Performance as political act : the embodied self Martin, Randy, 1957- PN1590.P64 M37 1990 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Permanent present tense : the unforgettable life of the amnesic patient H.M. Corkin, Suzanne. RC394.A5 C58 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Persuasion Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. PR4034 .P4 2003 Language, Literature, & Film
Peter Milton : complete prints 1960-1996 Johnson, Robert Flynn. NE2012.M54 A4 1996 Music & Fine Arts
Peterson field guide to freshwater fishes of North America north of Mexico Page, Lawrence M. QL627 .P34 2011 General Science
Pets people and pragmatism McKenna, Erin, 1965- B105.A55 M38 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Phantom Nesbø, Jo, 1960- PT8951.24.E83 G6413 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Philida : a novel Brink, André P. (André Philippus), 1935- PR9369.3.B7 P55 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Philip Roth PS3568.O855 Z833 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Philogelos Hierocles (Grammarian) PA4013 .H35 2000 Language, Literature, & Film
Philosophizing rock performance : Dylan Hendrix Bowie Hollingshaus, Wade J. ML3534 .H64 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Philosophy in an African place Janz, Bruce B., 1960- B5305 .J36 2012 Philosophy & Religion
Philosophy of art : aesthetic theory and practice Boersema, David. BH39 .B616 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Philosophy of mathematics and natural science Weyl, Hermann, 1885-1955. QA9 .W412 2009 General Science
Philosophy of stem cell biology : knowledge in flesh and blood Fagan, Melinda Bonnie, author. QH588.S83 F35 2013 General Science
Photography and Africa Haney, Erin. TR115 .H36 2010 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Physical mathematics Cahill, Kevin, 1941-, author. QC20 .C24 2013 General Science
Physics in mind : a quantum view of the brain Loewenstein, Werner R. QP355.2 .L64 2013 General Science
Physics of sustainable energy II : using energy efficiently and producing it renewably : Berkeley C TJ807.2 .P49 2011 Technological Studies
Picasso and truth : from Cubism to Guernica Clark, T. J. (Timothy J.) N6853.P5 C595 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Picturing Algeria Bourdieu, Pierre, 1930-2002. DT282 .B68513 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Piety and public funding : evangelicals and the state in modern America Schäfer, Axel R. HV530 .S29 2012 General
Pilgrims of the night : development challenges and opportunities in Africa HC800 .P55 2010 General
Pillaging the empire : piracy in the Americas 1500-1750 Lane, Kris E., 1967- E18.75 .L36 1998 History of America
Pink ribbon blues : how breast cancer culture undermines women's health Sulik, Gayle A. RC280.B8 S845 2011 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Pirate novels : fictions of nation-building in Spanish America Gerassi-Navarro, Nina. PQ7082.N7 G36 1999 Language, Literature, & Film
Pizarro Felker, Benjamin. PS3606.E56 P59 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Place Graham, Jorie, 1951-, author. PS3557.R214 P58 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Plagiarism in Latin literature McGill, Scott, 1968- PA6141.Z5 M34 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Plague : a very short introduction Slack, Paul. RA644.P7 S653 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Plan B : further thoughts on faith Lamott, Anne. PS3562.A4645 Z467 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Plan B 4.0 : mobilizing to save civilization Brown, Lester R. (Lester Russell), 1934- GE140HC79.E5 .B76 2009 B7595 2009 Environmental Studies, Geology, & Space Studies
Planet without apes Stanford, Craig B. (Craig Britton), 1956- QL737.P96 S733 2012 General Science
Plant-thinking : a philosophy of vegetal life Marder, Michael, 1980- QK46 .M37 2013 General Science
Plants : a very short introduction Walker, Timothy, 1958- QK45.2 .W25 2012 General Science
Playing for time Fénelon, Fania. D810.J4 F39613 1997 History of Europe
Plays 3 Ravenhill, Mark, author. PR6068.A915 P63 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Plays for Two PN2080 .P6 2014 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Pleasure in ancient Greek philosophy Wolfsdorf, David, 1969- B171 .W65 2013 Philosophy & Religion
Poetic form : an introduction Hurley, Michael D. (Michael Dominic), 1976- PR508.L58 H87 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Poetic horizons : the landscape tradition in Britain 1750-1850 : prints drawings watercolors Jon, Dennis Michael. N8214.5.G7 J66 1996 Music & Fine Arts
Polarization and transformation in Zimbabwe : social movements strategy dilemmas and change McCandless, Erin. HN802.Z9 P57 2011 General
Polarized radiation of circumstellar origin QB837.5 .P65 1988 General Science
Polemical Austria : the rhetorics of national identity : from empire to the second republic Bushell, Anthony, 1951-, author. DB91 .B87 2013 History of Europe
Policy planning and people : promoting justice in urban development HT167 .P643 2013 General
Political emotions : why love matters for justice Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947- author. JA71 .N88 2013 Political Science
Political essay on the island of Cuba Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859. F1763 .H913 2011 History of America
Political women : language and leadership HQ1236.5.U6 P653 2013 General
Political writings Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986. PQ2603.E362 A2 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Politics and power in the Maghreb : Algeria Tunisia and Morocco from independence to the Arab sprin Willis, Michael J. DT295.5 .W57 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Politics and the housing crisis since 1930. Keith, Nathaniel Schnieder, 1906-1973. HD7293 .K45 General
Politics in southern Africa : transition and transformation Bauer, Gretchen, 1959- JQ2720.A58 B38 2011 Political Science
Politics of the Maya court : hierarchy and change in the late classic period Jackson, Sarah E., 1976- F1435.3.K55 J33 2013 History of America
Politics religion and society in Latin America Levine, Daniel H. BL2540 .L48 2012 Philosophy & Religion
Polynesian outliers : the state of the art DU510 .P65 2012 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
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Research & resources in support of This we believe LB1623.5 .R46 2010 Education
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Saturday is for funerals Dow, Unity. RA643.86.B55 D69 2011 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
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Saving Italy : the race to rescue a nation's treasures from the Nazis Edsel, Robert M. D810.A7 E234 2013 History of Europe
Scandinavian colonialism and the rise of modernity : small time agents in a global arena DL30 .S33 2013 History of Europe
Scarcity : why having too little means so much Mullainathan, Sendhil. HB801 .M83 2013 General
Scarecrows of Chivalry : English Masculinities after Empire Gopinath, Praseeda, 1975- PR478.M34 G67 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
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