Audio Visual - Lower Level

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number Classification
(Dis)Honesty : the truth about lies BJ1533.H7 D57 2015 Philosophy & Religion
A coffee in Berlin PN1995.9.F4 C634 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
A esmorga PN1997 .E86 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A secret un secret Secret (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .S43748 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Amy ML420.W57 A49 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Anthropocene GF75 .A58 2015 Geography
Ban zhang ding hun zhao = The half of engaged photo PN1995.9.F4 B3594 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Barbara PN1995.9.F4 B3655 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Beat the drum PN1995.9.F4 B434 2007 Language, Literature, & Film
Beijing = Welcome to Beijing. DS795.A5 B4 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Berlin symphony of a great city DD860 .B47 1999 History of Europe
Born to fly : Elizabeth Streb vs. gravity GV1785.S825 B67 2015 Physical Education & Recreation
Bridge of spies PN1995.9.F4 B7534 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Brooklyn PN1997.2 .B766 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Cha guan Cha guan (Motion picture) PN1995.9.F4 C43 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
Chinese garden = Yuan lin ; Chinese sculpture = Diao su SB457.55 .C45 2005 Agriculture & Animal
Chinese pottery and porcelain = Tao ci ; Chinese figures = Ni ren NK1068 .C45 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Chong yang jie = Double ninth festival GT4883.A2 C46 2009 Anthropology & Folklore
Clouds of Sils Maria PN1995.9.F4 C56847 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Cutie and the boxer NX512.S55 C88 2014 Music & Fine Arts
Das Wunder von Bern Wortmann, Sönke, author, film producer, film director. PN1995.9.F4 D37 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Der Grosse König The Great King DD411 .G76 2006 History of Europe
Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum The lost honor of Katharina Blum PN1995.9.F4 V477 2003 Language, Literature, & Film
Dikt 1593-1939 : svensk och finlandssvensk lyrik i uppläsning av svenska och finlandssvenska skå PT9580 .D53 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
Dirty wars Dirty wars (Motion picture) UB251.U5 D57 2013 General Works
Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey (Television program). Season 6. PN1992.77 .D696 2016 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Dysfunctional societies : why inequality matters HM821 .D974 2015 General
Einayim petukhoth Eyes wide open PN1995.9.F4 E947 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Engaging students with poverty in mind. LC4091 .E543 2014 Education
Engaging students with poverty in mind. LC4091 .E54 2014 Education
Everybody's fine Everybody's fine (Motion picture : 2009). PN1995.9.F4 E9479 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Fanaa Fanā : (destroyed in love) PN1995.9.F4 F36 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Fear and trembling PN1997.2 .F437 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Five broken cameras DS119.76 .F56 2013 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Flatland QA699 .F53 2007 General Science
Flatland² : Sphereland QA699 .F538 2012 General Science
Following the ninth : in the footsteps of Beethoven's final symphony ML410.B4 F55 2014 Music & Fine Arts
Gates of heaven SF414.5 .G38 2005 Agriculture & Animal
Generation war PN1995.9.W3 G464 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Global warming? or global governance? QC981.8.G56 G576 2007 General Science
Goethe! PN1995.9.F4 Y68 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Gu du dian zhi feng su : Typical customs in ancient capital DS779.23 .G838 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Guo hua ; Jing ju = Chinese traditional painting ; Chinese Peking opera ND1040 .G86 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Happy BF575.H27 H37 2012 Psychology
Hercules Hercules (Motion picture : 1997). PN1997.5 .H47 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Hidden away PN1995.9.H55 H53 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Hors la loi = Outside the law PN1995.9.W3 H677 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
How smart are animals? QL785 .H725 2011 General Science
How to survive a plague RA643.8 .H697 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Howl's moving castle Hauru no ugoku shiro (Motion picture) PN1997.5 .H6957 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
I am a girl HQ798 .I2 2014 General
Inside animal minds QL785 .I575 2014 General Science
Into the Woods Into the woods (Motion picture). PN1995.9.M86 I58 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Jian zhi = Chinese paper-cuts ; Feng zheng = Chinese kites TT870 .J53 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Joven & alocada Joven y alocada (Motion picture) PN1995.9.F4 J684 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Kapò PN1995.9.W3 K37 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Khuda kay liye In the name of God PN1995.9.F4 K4833 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Kolberg PN1995.9.W3 K65 2004 Language, Literature, & Film
Mad Max. PN1995.9.F4 M33 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Marina Abramović : the artist is present N6811.5.A27 M38 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Maskeblomstfamilien PN1995.9.F4 M368 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Matilda Matilda (Motion picture). PN1995.9.C55 M385 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Medianeras PN1995.9.F4 S5349 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Miffo PN1995.9.F4 M5446 2004 Language, Literature, & Film
Mu ou = Chinese puppet ; Pi ying xi = Chinese leather silhouette show PN1992.8.D6 C456 2006 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
My country my country DS79.76 .M9 2007 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Mysterious skin PN1997.2 .M98 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Nånting måste gå sönder PN1995.9.F4 N368 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Never stand still GV1624.M4 N48 2012 Physical Education & Recreation
Nirgendwo in Afrika Nowhere in Africa PN1995.9.F4 N5713 2003 Language, Literature, & Film
Of gods and men Des hommes et des dieux (Motion picture : 2010). PN1995.9.F4 O34 2011 Language, Literature, & Film
Paco de Lucia : la búsqueda ML419.L8 P33 2014 Music & Fine Arts
Physics and our universe : how it all works. QC21.3.W65 P49 2011 General Science
Play PN1995.9.F4 P539 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Pojktanten = She male snails HQ76.3.S9 P65 2013 General
Pride denied : homonationalism & the future of queer politics HQ76.5 .P75 2016 General
Race power & American sports GV706.32 .R334 2013 Physical Education & Recreation
Real humans. Real humans (Television program) PN1992.77 .R43 2012 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Restrepo [one platoon one valley one year] DS371.4123.K67 R47 2010 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Roger & me HC108.F55 R63 2003 General
Room PN1995.9.F4 R66 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Rosenstrasse Rosenstrasse (Motion picture). PN1995.9.H5 R67 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Shao shu min zu fu shi ; Gong ting fu shi ; Qi pao = Costumes of ethnic minority groups in China ; C GT1555 .S43 2006 Anthropology & Folklore
Smarter assessment in the secondary classroom LB3060.57 .S63 2016 Education
Speak up! improving the lives of gay lesbian bi-sexual transgender youth LC192.6 .S63 2002 Education
Spotlight PN1995.9.F4 S668 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Spring summer fall winter-- and spring Pom yǒrǔm kaǔl kyǒul kǔrigo pom (Motion picture) PN1995.9.F4 P655 2004 Language, Literature, & Film
Straight outta Compton PN1995.9.F4 S77 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Sweeney Todd : the demon barber of Fleet Street PN1997 .S943 2004 Language, Literature, & Film
Sweeney Todd the demon barber of Fleet Street : in concert Sweeney Todd (Television program : 2001). M1527 .S94 2002 Music & Fine Arts
Taking root : the vision of Wangari Maathai SB63.M22 T35 2009 Agriculture & Animal
Taxi to the dark side HV6432.7 .T39 2008 General
The Baader Meinhof complex Baader Meinhof Komplex (Motion picture) PN1995.9.F4 B325 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
The big short PN1997.2 .B544 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
The blue angel Der blaue Engel PN1995.9.F67 B58 2001 Language, Literature, & Film
The breakfast club Breakfast club (Motion picture). PN1995.9.F4 B7435 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
The circle PN1995.9.F4 C57 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
The cove QL737.C432 C68 2009 General Science
The Danish girl PN1995.9.F4 D36 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
The Divide HM821 .D58 2016 General
The Dust Bowl F595 .D87 2012 History of America
The empathy gap : masculinity and the courage to change BF575.E55 E47 2015 Psychology
The Harmonists PN1995.9.F4 H276 2002 Language, Literature, & Film
The hunting ground LB2345.3.R37 H86 2015 Education
The illusionists HM636 .I45 2015 General
The invisible war UB418.W65 I58 2012 General Works
The last interview : Stuart Hall on the politics of cultural studies HM479.H35 A5 2016 General
The life of birds Life of birds (Television program). QL698.3 .L49 2002 General Science
The life of mammals Life of mammals (Television program) QL706 .L54 2007 General Science
The man who knew infinity PN1997.2 .M3694 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
The Martian PN1997.2 .M3785 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
The Maysles Brothers' Salesman Salesman (Motion picture : 1968). HF5446 .S25 2001 General
The Mechanical universe -- and beyond Mechanical universe (Television program). QC128 .M433 1989 General Science
The normal heart PN1997.2 .N676 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
The pervert's guide to cinema PN1995.9.P42 Z59 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
The revenant PN1997.2 .R48 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
The scramble for Africa DT31 .S373 1995 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
The search for exoplanets : what astronomers know Winn, Joshua N., author, speaker. QB820 .W56 2015 General Science
The secret life of birds [the complete 5-part series] QL698.3 .S437 2012 General Science
The sun behind the clouds : Tibet's struggle for freedom DS786 .S89 2010 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
The Wall a world divided DD881 .W457 2010 History of Europe
Tomboy PN1995.9.F4 T66 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Top secret Rosies : the female computers of World War II QA28 .T66 2010 General Science
Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar = Don't ever wipe tears without gloves PN1992.77 .T67 2013 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Trapped KF3771 .T73 2016 General
TV Family HQ520 .T94 2015 General
Un año sin amor PN1997.2 .Y437 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Undefeated Undefeated (Motion picture : 2011) GV959.5 .U53 2013 Physical Education & Recreation
Village at the end of the world E99.E7 V55 2013 History of America
Vision aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen = from the life of Hildegard von Bingen PN1995.9.F4 V5756 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Vita bussar Svart makter White buses dark forces DS126.92 .V58 2014 History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
We want the light ML275.5 .W419 2004 Music & Fine Arts
What our fathers did : a Nazi legacy DD256.5 .W43 2016 History of Europe
What you aren't being told about astronomy QB503 .W42 2009 General Science
White Like Me E185.615 .W56 2013 History of America
Widerbergboxen = Widerberg box PN1995.9.F4 W534 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Wu dao ; Nuo wu ; Yang ge = Chinese dance ; Chinese nuo dance ; Chinese yangge dance GV1691 .W8 2006 Physical Education & Recreation
Yin shi ; Cha = Chinese cuisine ; Chinese tea TX724.5.C5 Y56 2006 General Works
Young Lakota E99.O3 Y68 2013 History of America
Zhong yi xue ; Wu shu= Traditional Chinese medicine ; Chinese wushu R601 .Z46 2006 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Zhongguo jie ri : Chun jie = Chinese festival : Spring festival. GT4995.V4 Z4 2008 Anthropology & Folklore
Zhongguo za ji = Chinese acrobatics ; Zhongguo wu shi = Chinese lion dance GV552 .Z3 2006 Physical Education & Recreation