Social Sciences: Psychology

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A natural history of human thinking Tomasello, Michael, author. BF311 .T6473 2014
A talent for friendship : rediscovery of a remarkable trait Terrell, John, author. BF575.F66 T47 2014
Adulthood : essays BF724.5 .A35 1978
Aspects of psychologism Crane, Tim. BF41 .C73 2014
Beside ourselves : our hidden personality in everyday life Quenk, Naomi L., 1936- BF698.3 .Q46 1993
Beyond versus : the struggle to understand the interaction of nature and nurture Tabery, James, 1978- BF341 .T33 2014
Blind to sameness : sexpectations and the social construction of male and female bodies Friedman, Asia. BF692.2 .F75 2013
Change : what really leads to lasting personal transformation Kottler, Jeffrey A. BF637.C4 K677 2014
Character and moral psychology Miller, Christian B., author. BF818 .M43 2014
Confessional crises and cultural politics in twentieth-century America Tell, Dave, 1976- BF634 .T45 2012
Confrontation with the unconscious : Jungian depth psychology and psychedelic experience Hill, Scott J., author. BF173.J85 H52 2013
Consciousness and the social brain Graziano, Michael S. A., 1967- BF311 .G692 2013
Coping with bullying Guillain, Charlotte. BF637.B85 G85 2011
Don't look don't touch don't eat : the science behind revulsion Curtis, Valerie, author. BF575.A886 C87 2013
Dream therapy BF1091 .D74 2009
Evolution and human sexual behavior Gray, Peter B., 1972- BF692 .G687 2013
Female alliances : gender identity and friendship in early modern Britain Herbert, Amanda E. BF575.F66 H47 2014
Finding Augusta : habits of mobility and governance in the digital era Cooley, Heidi Rae. BF637.C45 C686 2014
Genius unmasked Ness, Roberta B. BF412 .N46 2013
Gestures Flusser, Vilém, 1920-1991. BF637.N66 F5813 2014
Grief and bereavement in the adult palliative care setting Strada, E. Alessandra. BF575.G7 S764 2013
Hallucination : philosophy and psychology BF491 .H35 2013
Handbook of positive emotions BF204.6 .H356 2014
Holding and letting go : the social practice of personal identities Lindemann, Hilde. BF697 .L53555 2014
Homesickness : an American history Matt, Susan J. BF575.N6 M295 2014
How literature plays with the brain : the neuroscience of reading and art Armstrong, Paul B., 1949- BF456.R2 A86 2014
How remarkable women lead : the breakthrough model for work and life Barsh, Joanna. BF637.L4 B36 2009
How we learn : the surprising truth about when where and why it happens Carey, Benedict, author. BF318 .C366 2014
Jealousy Toohey, Peter, 1951- author. BF575.J4 T66 2014
Juvenescence : a cultural history of our age Harrison, Robert Pogue, author. BF724.2 .H373 2014
Knowing and not knowing in intimate relationships Rosenblatt, Paul C. BF575.I5 R646 2013
Laughter in ancient Rome : on joking tickling and cracking up Beard, Mary, 1955- BF575.L3 B38 2014
Learning the Alexander technique BF172 .L432 1998
Love and war : how militarism shapes sexuality and romance Digby, Tom, 1945- author. BF692 .D54 2014
Making minds : how theory of mind develops Wellman, Henry M. BF723.C5 W453 2014
Male subjectivity at the margins Silverman, Kaja. BF175.5.M37 S55 1992
Matter and consciousness Churchland, Paul M., 1942- BF431 .C47 2013
Mortal rituals : what the story of the Andes survivors tells us about human evolution Rossano, Matthew J. BF698.95 .R67 2013
Narcissism and politics : dreams of glory Post, Jerrold M., author. BF698.9.P6 P67 2015
Narrative imagination and everyday life Andrews, Molly. BF408 .A54 2014
Nature heals = Natura sanat non medicus : the psychological essays of Paul Goodman Goodman, Paul, 1911-1972. BF149 .G66 1977
One nation under stress : the trouble with stress as an idea Becker, Dana. BF575.S75 B343 2013
Play playfulness creativity and innovation Bateson, P. P. G. (Paul Patrick Gordon), 1938- author. BF717 .B28 2013
Playing to win : raising children in a competitive culture Friedman, Hilary Levey, 1980- BF723.C6 F75 2013
Positive emotion : integrating the light sides and dark sides BF511 .P67 2014
Positive psychology of love BF575.L8 P675 2013
Psychology and Catholicism : contested boundaries Kugelmann, Robert, 1948- BF51 .K84 2012
Psychology of touch and blindness Heller, Morton A. BF275 .H45 2014
Risk and rationality Buchak, Lara Marie, 1981- author. BF448 .B83 2013
Self-regulation and autonomy : social and developmental dimensions of human conduct BF575.A88 S45 2013
Snakes sunrises and Shakespeare : how evolution shapes our loves and fears Orians, Gordon H., author. BF531 .O73 2014
Social emotions in nature and artifact BF39.5 .S63 2014
Striving towards wholeness Hannah, Barbara. BF202 .H26 1988
Surfaces : a history Amato, Joseph Anthony. BF353 .A43 2013
The age of stress : science and the search for stability Jackson, Mark, 1959- BF575.S75 J266 2013
The altruistic brain : how we are naturally good Pfaff, Donald W., 1939- author. BF637.H4 P49 2015
The Americanization of narcissism Lunbeck, Elizabeth. BF575.N35 L86 2014
The complexity of greatness : beyond talent or practice BF431 .C596 2013
The conscious mind Torey, Zoltan, author. BF311 .T6548 2014
The dream book : symbols for self-understanding Bethards, Betty. BF1078 .B47 1995
The feeling body : affective science meets the enactive mind Colombetti, Giovanna. BF531 .C58 2014
The first sense : a philosophical study of human touch Fulkerson, Matthew, 1977- BF275 .F79 2014
The Holy Grail Goodrich, Norma Lorre. BF1999 .G629 1993
The joy of pain : schadenfreude and the dark side of human nature Smith, Richard H. BF575.E65 S65 2013
The Lancashire Witches : a chronicle of sorcery and death on Pendle Hill Almond, Philip C. BF1581 .A466 2012
The marshmallow test : mastering self-control Mischel, Walter, author. BF632 .M57 2014
The mind within the brain : how we make decisions and how those decisions go wrong Redish, A. David. BF448 .R43 2013
The nature and nurture of love : from imprinting to attachment in Cold War America Vicedo, Marga, author. BF723.A75 V53 2013
The Nostalgia factory : memory time and ageing Draaisma, D. BF724.85.R45 D7313 2013
The open mind : Cold War politics and the sciences of human nature Cohen-Cole, Jamie Nace, 1972- author. BF39.3 .C645 2014
The origin of ideas : blending creativity and the human spark Turner, Mark, 1954- BF408 .T845 2014
The Oxford handbook of attention BF321 .O94 2014
The Oxford handbook of the psychology of working BF481 .O946 2013
The Oxford handbook of witchcraft in early modern Europe and colonial America BF1571 .O94 2013
The positive side of negative emotions BF531 .P67 2014
The possible human : a course in extending your physical mental and creative abilities Houston, Jean. BF161 .H78 1982
The priority of the other : thinking and living beyond the self Freeman, Mark Philip, 1955- BF321 .F817 2014
The psychological construction of emotion BF531 .P776 2015
The realities of witchcraft and popular magic in early modern Europe : culture cognition and every Bever, Edward Watts Morton. BF1584.E9 B48 2013
The recursive mind : the origins of human language thought and civilization Corballis, Michael C., author. BF701 .C665 2014
The redemptive self : stories Americans live by McAdams, Dan P. BF697.5.S43 M33 2013
The story of pain : from prayer to painkillers Bourke, Joanna, author. BF515 .B68 2014
The triple package : how three unlikely traits explain the rise and fall of cultural groups in Ameri Chua, Amy. BF798 .C48 2014
Theories of adolescence Muuss, Rolf Eduard Helmut, 1924- BF724 .M8 1974
Think like a freak : the authors of Freakonomics offer to retrain your brain Levitt, Steven D., author. BF449 .L48 2014
Touch Field, Tiffany. BF275 .F54 2014
Trauma and forgiveness : consequences and communities Alford, C. Fred. BF175.5.P75 A44 2014
Warriors and worriers : the survival of the sexes Benenson, Joyce F. BF692.2 .B456 2014
What is adaptive about adaptive memory? BF371 .W46 2014
Witchcraft intimacy and trust : Africa in comparison Geschiere, Peter, author. BF1584.A35 G47 2013