Social Sciences: Political Science

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A century of violence in a red city : popular struggle counterinsurgency and human rights in Colom Gill, Lesley, author. JC599.C7 G55 2016
Achieving human rights Falk, Richard A. JC585 .F34 2009
Activating democracy in Brazil : popular participation social justice and interlocking institution Wampler, Brian. JL2481 .W36 2015
African institutions : challenges to political social and economic foundations of Africa's develop Mazrui, Ali AlʼAmin, author. JQ1875 .M393 2015
American conservatism American conservatism (Levinson, Parker, and Williams) JC573.2.U6 A45 2016
American immigration and citizenship : a documentary history Vile, John R., author. JV6450 .V55 2016
Arendt and America King, Richard H., author. JC251.A74 K56 2015
Ballot battles : the history of disputed elections in the United States Foley, Edward B. JK1994 .F65 2016
Before the oath : how George W. Bush and Barack Obama managed a transfer of power Kumar, Martha Joynt. JK516 .K85 2015
Beyond sovereignty : issues for a global agenda JZ1318 .B484 2007
Border lives : fronterizos transnational migrants and commuters in Tijuana Chávez, Sergio R., author. JV7409.Z6 T5534 2016
Borderlands in world history 1700-1914 JC323 .B6664 2014
Building a business of politics : the rise of political consulting and the transformation of America Sheingate, Adam D., 1969- author. JK2281 .S498 2016
Building sustainable peace : timing and sequencing of post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding JZ5538 .B86 2016
Calvin Coolidge on the founders : reflections on the American Revolution & the founding fathers J82.D4 P5 2012
Campaign finance and political polarization : when purists prevail La Raja, Raymond J., 1965- author. JK1991 .L28 2015
Campaign trends and election law JK1976 .C36 2016
Civil rights : (1954-2015) JC599.U5 C58 2015
Class formations and inequality structures in contemporary African migration : evidence from Ghana Arthur, John A., 1958-2016, author. JV9022.3 .A79 2014
Congressional elections : campaigning at home and in Washington Herrnson, Paul S., 1958- author. JK1976 .H47 2016
Controlling the message : new media in American political campaigns JK2281 .C66 2015
Creolizing Rousseau JC179.R9 C686 2015
Crimes of peace : Mediterranean migrations at the world's deadliest border Albahari, Maurizio, author. JV8132 .A5 2015
Dark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right Mayer, Jane, author. JC599.U5 M373 2016
Debating the American state : liberal anxieties and the new leviathan 1930-1970 Kornhauser, Anne Mira, 1964- JC574.2.U6 K67 2015
Deceit on the road to war : presidents politics and American democracy Schuessler, John M., 1977- author. JK558 .S44 2015
Democracy and the death of shame : political equality and social disturbance Locke, Jill, 1969- author. JC423 .L5933 2016
Democracy declassified : the secrecy dilemma in national security Colaresi, Michael P., 1976- JF1525.S4 C64 2014
Democracy in Africa : successes failures and the struggle for political reform Cheeseman, Nicholas, 1979- author. JQ1879.A15 C536 2015
Divided cities : governing diversity JS78 .D59 2015
Do-it-yourself democracy : the rise of the public engagement industry Lee, Caroline W. JK1764 .L425 2015
Dream chasers : immigration and the American backlash Tirman, John, author. JV6465 .T57 2015
Edmund Burke and the conservative logic of empire O'Neill, Daniel I., 1967- author. JC176.B83 O34 2016
Election fraud : detecting and deterring electoral manipulation JK1994 .E43 2008
Ellis Island : an illustrated history of the immigrant experience JV6484 .C46 1991
European identity in the context of national identity : questions of identity in sixteen European co JC311 .E974 2016
Everyday illegal : when policies undermine immigrant families Dreby, Joanna, 1976- author. JV6483 .D74 2015
Forgotten citizens : deportation children and the making of american exiles and orphans Zayas, Luis H. JV6483 .Z39 2015
Freedom beyond sovereignty : reconstructing liberal individualism Krause, Sharon R., author. JC574.2.U6 K74 2015
Gender race and Sudan's exile politics : do we all belong to this country? Ali, Nada Mustafa, author. JQ3981.A91 A45 2015
Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America Berman, Ari. JK1846 .B47 2015
History and international relations : from the ancient world to the 21st century Malchow, Howard L. JZ1305 .M3315 2016
Immigrant children and youth : psychological challenges JV6475 .I46 2015
Immigration JV6465 .I46 2016
Immigration and population Bohon, Stephanie. JV6225 .B6487 2015
International responses to mass atrocities in Africa : responsibility to protect prosecute and pal Mills, Kurt, author. JZ6369 .M55 2015
Intimate economies of immigration detention : critical perspectives JV6038 .I66 2017
Keeping faith with human rights Hogan, Linda, 1964- author. JC571 .H595 2015
Latinos and the 2012 election : the new face of the American voter JK1968 2012 .L37 2015
Le gaullisme : 1940-1969 Touchard, Jean. JN2594.2 .T68 1978
Legislating in the dark : information and power in the House of Representatives Curry, James M., author. JK1319 .C89 2015
Lives in limbo : undocumented and coming of age in America Gonzales, Roberto G., 1969- author. JV6600 .G66 2016
Machiavelli goes to the movies : understanding The Prince through television and film Kasper, Eric T., author. JC143.M4 K37 2015
Masculinity media and the American presidency Conroy, Meredith. JK528 .C727 2015
Nation on the take : how big money corrupts our democracy and what we can do about it Potter, Wendell, 1951- author. JK2249 .P69 2016
National elections in Turkey : people politics and the party system Wuthrich, F. Michael. JQ1809.A5 W88 2015
Necropolitics : mass graves and exhumations in the age of human rights Necropolitics (2015). JZ6405 .N43 2015
Northern men with Southern loyalties : the Democratic party and the sectional crisis Landis, Michael Todd, author. JK2316 .L36 2014
Peace in the ancient world : concepts and theories JZ5544 .P43 2016
Perspectives on international relations : power institutions ideas Nau, Henry R., 1941- JZ1305 .N34 2009
Political campaign communication : principles and practices Trent, Judith S., author. JF1001 .T73 2016
Political life in Japan : democracy in a reversible world Kishima, Takako, 1952- JQ1681 .K54 1991
Political order and inequality : their foundations and their consequences for human welfare Boix, Carles, author. JC131 .B65 2015
Political vices Button, Mark E. JA79 .B87 2016
Populism's power : radical grassroots democracy in America Grattan, Laura, author. JK1726 .G72 2016
Post-liberal peace transitions : between peace formation and state formation JZ5538 .P765 2016
Principle over party : the Farmers' Alliance and Populism in South Dakota 1880-1900 Lee, R. Alton. JK2374.S8 L44 2011
Privacy big data and the public good : frameworks for engagement JC596 .P747 2014
Rawls's political liberalism JC574 .R39 2015
Red state blue state rich state poor state : why Americans vote the way they do JK1976 .R43 2010
Religious responses to violence : human rights in Latin America past and present Iglesias ante la violencia en América Latina. English. JC599.L3 I4513 2016
Revolutionary moments : reading revolutionary texts JC491 .R489 2016
Right moves : the conservative think tank in American political culture since 1945 Stahl, Jason M., author. JC573.2.U6 S73 2016
Rights deportation and detention in the age of immigration control Wong, Tom K., author. JV6271 .W66 2015
Ripples of hope : how ordinary people resist repression without violence Press, Robert M., author. JC599.A35 P75 2015
Settlers in contested lands : territorial disputes and ethnic conflicts JV185 .S47 2015
South African politics : an introduction JQ1981 .S69 2015
Stealing elections : how voter fraud threatens our democracy Fund, John H., 1957- JK1994 .F86 2008
Strangers in our midst : the political philosophy of immigration Miller, David, 1946- author. JV6255 .M55 2016
Strangers in their own land : anger and mourning on the American right Hochschild, Arlie Russell, 1940- author. JC573.2.U6 H624 2016
Strategic influence in legislative lobbying : context targets and tactics Gordon Fisher, Stacy B., 1965- author. JK1118 .G637 2015
Taking sides : clashing views on global issues JZ1318 .T347 2009
Terrorizing Latinao immigrants : race gender and immigration politics in the age of security Sampaio, Anna, 1969- author. JV7398 .S36 2015
The birth of biopolitics : lectures at the Collège de France 1978-1979 Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984. JC574 .F6713 2010
The China model : political meritocracy and the limits of democracy Bell, Daniel (Daniel A.), 1964- author. JQ1516 .B45 2015
The democracy advantage : how democracies promote prosperity and peace Halperin, Morton H. JC423 .H3734 2005
The electronic privacy papers : documents on the battle for privacy in the age of surveillance JC596.2.U5 E44 1997
The first primary : New Hampshire's outsize role in presidential nominations Moore, David W. (David William), 1940- JK2075.N42 M66 2015
The guardians : the League of Nations and the crisis of empire Pedersen, Susan, 1959- JZ4871 .P33 2015
The human rights state : justice within and beyond sovereign nations Gregg, Benjamin Greenwood, 1954- author. JC571 .G7826 2016
The imperfect primary : oddities biases and strengths of u.s. presidential nomination politics Norrander, Barbara, 1954- JK522 .N67 2015
The land of open graves : living and dying on the migrant trail De León, Jason, 1977- author. JV6475 .D4 2015
The myth of Seneca Falls : memory and the women's suffrage movement 1848-1898 Tetrault, Lisa. JK1896 .T48 2014
The myth of voter fraud Minnite, Lorraine Carol. JK1994 .M66 2010
The Nordic welfare state in three eras : from emancipation to discipline Kananen, Johannes. JC479 .K363 2014
The politics of common sense : how social movements use public discourse to change politics and win Woodly, Deva R. JA85.2.U6 W65 2015
The politics of voter suppression : defending and expanding Americans' right to vote Wang, Tova Andrea. JK1976 .W36 2012
The psychology of democracy Moghaddam, Fathali M., author. JC423 .M6443 2016
The rhetorics of US immigration : identity community otherness JV6465 .R44 2015
The rise of political Islam in Turkey : urban poverty grassroots activism and Islamic fundamentalis Delibas, Kayhan, author. JQ1809.A8 A4353 2015
The Routledge handbook of political ecology JA75.8 .R69 2015
The social origins of human rights : protesting political violence in Colombia's oil capital 1919-2 Van Isschot, Luis, 1970- author. JC599.C72 B37 2015
The UN Security Council in the twenty-first century JZ5006.7 .U52 2016
This is an uprising : how nonviolent revolt is shaping the twenty-first century Engler, Mark, author. JC328.3 .E54 2016
Tides of consent : how public opinion shapes American politics Stimson, James A. JK1764 .S845 2015
Track two diplomacy in theory and practice Jones, Peter L. (Peter Leslie), 1961- author. JZ1323.7 .J66 2015
Undemocratic : how unelected unaccountable bureaucrats are stealing your liberty and freedom Sekulow, Jay, author. JK421 .S4495 2015
Undemocratic : rogue reckless and renegade : how the government is stealing democracy one agency at Sekulow, Jay, author. JK421 .S4495 2016
Unmaking the bomb : a fissile material approach to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation Feiveson, Harold A. JZ5675 .F45 2014
Violent borders : refugees and the right to move Jones, Reece, author. JV6225 .J66 2016
Voting technology : the not-so-simple act of casting a ballot JK1985 .V68 2008
War and democratic constraint : how the public influences foreign policy Baum, Matthew, 1965- JZ1305 .B384 2015
White backlash : immigration race and American politics Abrajano, Marisa, 1977- JK1967 .A57 2015
Who governs? : presidents public opinion and manipulation Druckman, James N., 1971- author. JK516 .D793 2015
Who's counting? : how fraudsters and bureaucrats put your vote at risk Fund, John H., 1957- JK1994 .F87 2012
Whose child am I? : unaccompanied undocumented children in U.S. immigration custody Terrio, Susan J. (Susan Jane), 1950- author. JV6600 .T47 2015
Winding up the British Empire in the Pacific Islands McIntyre, W. David (William David), 1932- author. JV241 .M35 2014
Windows of opportunity : how women seize peace negotiations for political change Anderson, Miriam J., author. JZ5578 .A67 2016