Social Sciences: Political Science

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A political history of national citizenship and identity in Italy 1861-1950 Donati, Sabina, author. JN5591 .D63 2013
African American felon disenfranchisement : case studies in modern racism and political exclusion Pinkard, John E., 1943- JK1846 .P56 2013
After Occupy : economic democracy for the 21st century Malleson, Tom. JC423 .M296 2014
American exceptionalism and the remains of race : multicultural exorcisms Fong, Edmund. JK1726 .F65 2015
Anna Howard Shaw : the work of woman suffrage Franzen, Trisha, 1951- JK1899.S6 F73 2014
Back to basics : state power in a contemporary world JC330 .B255 2013
Banal nationalism Billig, Michael. JC311 .B476 1995
Barack Obama and the new America : the 2012 election and the changing face of politics JK526 2012 .B37 2013
Bargaining on nuclear tests : Washington and its Cold War deals Rabinowitz, Or, author. JZ5665 .R33 2014
Becoming national : a reader JC311 .B4125 1996
Becoming right : how campuses shape young conservatives Binder, Amy J., 1964- JC573.2.U6 B53 2013
Building a peace economy? : liberal peacebuilding and the development-security industry Peterson, Jenny H., author. JZ5538 .P48 2014
Buying the vote : a history of campaign finance reform Mutch, Robert E. JK1991 .M88 2014
Carnal knowledge and imperial power : race and the intimate in colonial rule Stoler, Ann Laura. JV105 .S79 2010
Change they can't believe in : the Tea Party and reactionary politics in America Parker, Christopher S., 1963- JK2391.T43 P37 2013
China's foreign political and economic relations : an unconventional global power Heilmann, Sebastian. JZ1730 .H45 2014
Cicero on politics and the limits of reason : the republic and laws Atkins, Jed W. JC81.C7 A75 2013
Civil rights and the making of the modern American state Francis, Megan Ming, 1981- JC599.U5 F73 2014
Conflict and cohesion in socialist Yugoslavia : political decision making since 1966 Burg, Steven L., 1950- JN9663 1983
Creatures of politics : media message and the American presidency Lempert, Michael. JA85.2.U6 L46 2012
Dark money super PACs and the 2012 election Smith, Melissa M., 1963- JK1991 .S57 2013
DDR posters : Ostdeutsche Propagandakunst = The art of east German propaganda Heather, David (David Christopher N.), 1962- author. JN3971.A956 H43 2014
Debating human rights Chong, Daniel P. L., author. JC571 .C5534 2014
Deeply divided : racial politics and social movements in Postwar America McAdam, Doug, author. JK1726 .M397 2014
Democracy in Latin America : between hope and despair Walker, Ignacio. JL966 .W35 2013
Democracy in retreat : the revolt of the middle class and the worldwide decline of representative go Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976- JC423 .K857 2013
Demographic gaps in American political behavior Fisher, Patrick (Patrick Ivan), author. JK1764 .F528 2014
Divided nations : why global governance is failing and what we can do about it Goldin, Ian, 1955- author. JZ1318 .G6795 2014
European colonialism since 1700 Lehning, James R., 1947- JV135 .L44 2013
External mission : the ANC in exile 1960-1990 Ellis, Stephen, 1953- JQ1998.A4 E45 2013
Fight or flight : Britain France and their roads from empire Martin, Thomas, 1964- author. JV151 .M37 2014
Foreign fighters : transnational identity in civil conflicts Malet, David (David Samuel) JC328.5 .M34 2013
Foreign policy begins at home : the case for putting America's house in order Haass, Richard. JZ1480 .H32 2014
Formations of European modernity : a historical and political sociology of Europe Delanty, Gerard. JA76 .D355 2013
Freedom time : Negritude decolonization and the future of the world Wilder, Gary. JV1818 .W553 2015
From war to peace : a guide to the next hundred years Shifferd, Kent D., 1940- JZ5574 .S54 2011
Gender informal institutions and political recruitment : explaining male dominance in parliamentary Bjarnegård, Elin, author. JF1051 .B554 2013
Gendering global conflict : toward a feminist theory of war Sjoberg, Laura, 1979- JZ6405.W66 S56 2013
Geographies of peace : new approaches to boundaries diplomacy and conflict resolution JZ5566.4 .G46 2014
German colonialism revisited : African Asian and Oceanic experiences JV2035 .G37 2014
Globalization and global justice : shrinking distance expanding obligations Hassoun, Nicole. JZ1318 .H3835 2014
Hezbollah : the global footprint of Lebanon's party of god Levitt, Matthew, 1970- author. JQ1828.A98 L48 2013
How many is too many? : the progressive argument for reducing immigration into the United States Cafaro, Philip, 1962- author. JV6465 .C34 2015
Human rights in the shadow of colonial violence : the wars of independence in Kenya and Algeria Klose, Fabian. JC599.K4 K5613 2013
Identity citizenship and political conflict in Africa Keller, Edmond J. (Edmond Joseph), 1942- author. JQ1879.A15 K45 2014
Immigration and national identities in Latin America JV7398 .I56 2014
Immigration economics Borjas, George J. JV6217 .B673 2014
In the thick of the fight : the writing of Emily Wilding Davison militant suffragette Collette, Carolyn P. JN979 .C65 2013
Integrated peacebuilding : innovative approaches to transforming conflict JZ5538 .I48 2013
International ethics : concepts theories and cases in global politics Amstutz, Mark R. JZ1306 .A67 2013
International security and gender Detraz, Nicole. JZ5588 .D48 2012
Interpreting international politics Lynch, Cecelia, author. JZ1305 .L95 2014
Invandring och mörkläggning : en saklig rapport från en förryckt tid Arnstberg, Karl-Olov, 1943- author. JV8223 .A76 2014
Key concepts in political geography JC319 .K425 2009
Lobbying America : the politics of business from Nixon to NAFTA Waterhouse, Benjamin C., 1978- JK1118 .W36 2014
Minnesota's miracle : learning from the government that worked Berg, Tom. JK6141 .B47 2012
National identity Smith, Anthony D. JC311 .S538 1991
No place to hide : Edward Snowden the NSA and the U.S. surveillance state Greenwald, Glenn. JF1525.W45 G74 2014
No votes for women : the New York state anti-suffrage movement Goodier, Susan. JK1911.N7 G66 2013
On the people's terms : a republican theory and model of democracy Pettit, Philip, 1945- JC423 .P432 2012
Our bodies whose property? Phillips, Anne, 1950- JC585 .P444 2013
Peaceland : conflict resolution and the everyday politics of international intervention Autesserre, Séverine, 1976- JZ5538 .A87 2014
Peacemaking in the twenty-first century JZ5538 .P46 2013
Peruvians dispersed : a global ethnography of migration Paerregaard, Karsten. JV7511 .P34 2010
Political campaign communication : principles and practices Trent, Judith S. JF1001 .T73 2011
Political geography : world-economy nation-state and locality Flint, Colin, 1965- JC319 .F57 2014
Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democra Fukuyama, Francis, author. JC11 .F853 2014
Politics to the extreme : American political institutions in the twenty-first century JK275 .P65 2013
Postcolonial studies : the key concepts Ashcroft, Bill, 1946- JV22 .A84 2013
Race and immigration Kibria, Nazli, author. JV6475 .K53 2014
Red nations : the nationalities experience in and after the USSR Smith, Jeremy, 1964- JN6520.S8 S59 2013
Reforming democracies : six facts about politics that demand a new agenda Chalmers, Douglas A. JC423 .C51245 2013
Representing Europeans : a pragmatic approach Rose, Richard, 1933- JN30 .R6724 2013
Representing masculinity : male citizenship in modern Western culture JF801 .R46 2012
Republicans and race : the GOP's frayed relationship with African Americans 1945-1974 Thurber, Timothy Nels. JK2356 .T48 2013
Russian citizenship : from empire to Soviet Union Lohr, Eric. JN6583 .L64 2012
Seizing power : the strategic logic of military coups Singh, Naunihal, author. JC494 .S56 2014
Sociology & empire : the imperial entanglements of a discipline JC359 .S693 2013
State and nation making in Latin America and Spain : republics of the possible JL966 .S727 2013
Super PAC! : money elections and voters after Citizens United Dowling, Conor M. JK1991 .D685 2014
The American political landscape Shafer, Byron E. JK1726 .S53 2014
The Arab uprisings : catalysts dynamics and trajectories JQ1850.A91 A825 2015
The birth of territory Elden, Stuart, 1971- JC319 .E44 2013
The Cambridge companion to Aristotle's Politics JC71.A7 C37 2013
The criminalization of immigration : the post 911 moral panic Hauptman, Samantha. JV6483 .H375 2013
The DREAMers : how the undocumented youth movement transformed the immigrant rights debate Nicholls, Walter, author. JV6477 .N53 2013
The end of greatness : why America can't have (and doesn't want) another great president Miller, Aaron David. JK516 .M477 2014
The hybrid media system : politics and power Chadwick, Andrew, author. JA85 .C435 2013
The legacy of Thatcherism : assessing and exploring Thatcherite social and economic policies JN118 .L44 2014
The logic of connective action : digital media and the personalization of contentious politics Bennett, W. Lance. JA85 .B463 2013
The Nordic voter : myths of exceptionalism Bengtsson, Åsa, 1973- author. JN7011 .B464 2014
The other side of immigration JV7401 .O83 2010
The SAGE handbook of political geography JC319 .S235 2008
The search for reconciliation : Sino-Japanese and German-Polish relations since World War II He, Yinan. JZ5597 .H42 2009
The Soviet state: an aging revolution Wesson, Robert G. JN6515 1972 .W472 1972
The wrongs of the right : language race and the Republican Party in the age of Obama Hughey, Matthew W. (Matthew Windust), author. JK2356 .H84 2014
Theorizing discrimination in an era of contested prejudice : discrimination in the United States Lucas, Samuel Roundfield. JC599.U5 L79 2009
Thermonuclear monarchy : choosing between democracy and doom Scarry, Elaine. JX1974.7 .S2177 2014
Timing and turnout : how off-cycle elections favor organized groups Anzia, Sarah F., author. JK1965 .A69 2014
Tocqueville's nightmare : the administrative state emerges in America 1900-1940 Ernst, Daniel R. JK411 .E76 2014
Transforming India : challenges to the world's largest democracy Bose, Sumantra, 1968- JQ281 .B67 2013
Transitional justice culture and society : beyond outreach JC571 .T69935 2014
Why Europe matters : the case for the European Union McCormick, John, 1954- author. JN30 .M383 2013
Why nudge? : the politics of libertarian paternalism Sunstein, Cass R. JC599.U5 S94 2014
Wikileaks : news in the networked era Beckett, Charlie. JF1525.W45 B43 2012
World order Kissinger, Henry, 1923- JZ1242 .K575 2014