Social Sciences: Political Science

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A right to offend Winston, Brian. JC591 .W567 2012
Affluence and influence : economic inequality and political power in America Gilens, Martin. JK468.P64 G55 2012
African leadership : challenges and other issues JQ1875 .A367 2012
American immigration : a very short introduction Gerber, David A., 1944- JV6465 .G47 2011
American neoconservatism : the politics and culture of a reactionary idealism Drolet, Jean-François. JC573.2.U6 D75 2013
American politics in the age of ignorance : why lawmakers choose belief over research Schultz, David A. (David Andrew), 1958- JK275 .S37 2013
An introduction to global citizenship Dower, Nigel, 1942- JZ1320.4 .D68 2003
Approaches to peace : a reader in peace studies JZ5538 .A67 2014
Arab spring in Egypt : revolution and beyond JQ1850.A91 A795 2012
Basic facts about the United Nations. Basic facts about the United Nations (2011) JX1977.A37 B3
Beyond the veneer Gatsiounis, Ioannis, 1973- JQ1062.A58 G38 2008
British politics : a very short introduction Wright, Anthony, 1948-, author. JN238 .W75 2013
Capital of the world : the race to host the United Nations Mires, Charlene, author. JZ4986 .M57 2013
Champions for peace : women winners of the Nobel Peace Prize Stiehm, Judith Hicks, 1935- author. JZ5540 .S74 2014
Climate of fear : the quest for dignity in a dehumanized world Soyinka, Wole. JC328.6 .S69 2005
Company man : thirty years of controversy and crisis in the CIA Rizzo, John Anthony, 1947- author. JK468.I6 R59 2014
Compromise : a political and philosophical history Fumurescu, Alin, 1967- author. JA71 .F85 2013
Conflict and peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region JZ5584.G74 C66 2013
Constructing democratic governance in Latin America JL966 .C677 2013
Corruption in Africa : causes consequences and cleanups Mbaku, John Mukum, 1950- JQ1875.A55 C6373 2010
Cosmopolitanism and the Arab spring : foundations for the decline of terrorism Underwood, Lori J., 1971- JZ1308 .U535 2013
Crisis of the state : war and social upheaval JC328.6 .C75 2012
Critical issues in peace and conflict studies : theory practice and pedagogy JZ5534 .C745 2012
Crossing borders : migration and citizenship in the twentieth-century United States Schneider, Dorothee, 1952- JV6450 .S345 2011
Crossing boundaries : ethnicity race and national belonging in a transnational world JC312 .C76 2013
Decentralization in Uganda : explaining successes and failures in local governance Lambright, Gina M. S., 1972- JS7649.3.A3 L36 2011
Democracy's fourth wave? : digital media and the Arab Spring Howard, Philip N. JQ1850.A91 H68 2013
Diaries of an unfinished revolution : voices from Tunis to Damascus JQ1850.A91 W75 2013
Dispatches from the Arab spring : understanding the new Middle East JQ1850.A91 D58 2013
Ellis Island nation : immigration policy and American identity in the twentieth century Fleegler, Robert L. JV6455 .F59 2013
Enduring injustice Spinner-Halev, Jeff. JC578 .S685 2012
Foreign relations : American immigration in global perspective Gabaccia, Donna R., 1949- JV6450 .G22 2012
Fragile states : violence and the failure of intervention Brock, Lothar, author. JC330.2 .B74 2012
France's lost empires : fragmentation nostalgia and la fracture coloniale JV1811 .F73 2011
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche : the philosopher of the Second Reich Altman, William H. F., 1955- JC233.N52 A48 2013
German colonialism : a short history Conrad, Sebastian. JV2017 .C6613 2012
Getting it right in Afghanistan JZ5584.A33 G47 2013
Globalization and borders : death at the global frontier Weber, Leanne. JV6225 .W43 2011
Globalization social movements and peacebuilding JZ5538 .G586 2013
Governing Africa's changing societies : dynamics of reform Lust, Ellen. JQ1879.A15 L87 2012
Governing the world : the history of an idea 1815 to the present Mazower, Mark. JZ1318 .M3867 2013
Grasping the nettle : analyzing cases of intractable conflict Crocker, Chester A. JZ6385 .C76 2005
Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt (Motion picture). JC251.A74 H35 2013
Hard work hard times : global volatility and African subjectivities JQ1875 .H37 2010
Hezbollah : a history of the "party of god" Avon, Dominique. JQ1828.A98 H6219513 2012
Human rights : the hard questions JC571 .H84 2013
Human rights and transnational solidarity in Cold War Latin America JC599.L3 H815 2013
Identity in Algerian politics : the legacy of colonial rule Hill, J. N. C. (Jonathan N. C.), 1978- JQ3231 .H55 2009
In the wake of war : democratization and internal armed conflict in Latin America JL966 .I5 2012
International migration and human rights : the global repercussions of U.S. policy JV6038 .I616 2009
International migration and social theory O'Reilly, Karen. JV6035 .O73 2012
Kinship across borders : a Christian ethic of immigration Heyer, Kristin E., 1974- JV6483 .H47 2012
Legislative power in emerging African democracies JQ1877 .L44 2009
Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process JZ5584.N75 L47 2013
Los que se quedan el otro lado de la historia JV7401 .L67 2009
Managing conflicts in Africa's democratic transitions JQ1879.A15 M26 2012
Mauritania : the struggle for democracy Foster, Noel, 1985- JQ3391.A91 F67 2011
Mexico's left : the paradox of the PRD Mossige, Dag Drange, 1976- JL1298.R42 M67 2013
Minority issues in Europe : rights concepts policy JC312 .M54 2013
Museveni's Uganda : paradoxes of power in a hybrid regime Tripp, Aili Mari. JQ2951.A58 T75 2010
National insecurities : immigrants and U.S. deportation policy since 1882 Moloney, Deirdre M. JV6483 .M645 2012
Nations : the long history and deep roots of political ethnicity and nationalism Gat, Azar. JC311 .G44 2013
Never forget national humiliation : historical memory in Chinese politics and foreign relations Wang, Zheng, 1968- JZ1734 .W38 2012
Nigeria : dancing on the brink Campbell, John, 1944- JQ3090 .C36 2013
No one's world : the West the rising rest and the coming global turn Kupchan, Charles. JA71 .K837 2013
North Korea in transition : politics economy and society JQ1729.5.A58 N66 2013
One-party dominance in African democracies JQ1879.A795 O64 2013
Peace and conflict studies Barash, David P. JZ5538 .B37 2014
Peace and security : implications for women Porter, Elisabeth, 1955- JZ5578 .P67 2012
Peace education Harris, Ian M., 1943- JZ1237 .H37 2012
Political emotions : why love matters for justice Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947- author. JA71 .N88 2013
Politics in southern Africa : transition and transformation Bauer, Gretchen, 1959- JQ2720.A58 B38 2011
Post-conflict reconstruction and development in Africa : concepts role-players policy and practice JZ5584.A35 P67 2013
Precarious democracies : understanding regime stability and change in Colombia and Venezuela Bejarano, Ana María. JL3881 .B45 2011
Privacy : a very short introduction Wacks, Raymond. JC596 .W33 2010
Reaching a state of hope : refugees immigrants and the Swedish welfare state 1930-2000 JV8222 .R43 2013
Refugees and forced displacement : international security human vulnerability and the state JV6346.R4 R45 2003
Reintegrating armed groups after conflict : politics violence and transition JZ5538 .R45 2009
Religion politics and polarization : how religiopolitical conflict is changing Congress and Americ D'Antonio, William V. JK1021 .D35 2013
Reshaping the international order : a report to the Club of Rome JX1395 .R42 1976
Right-wing politics in the new Latin America : reaction and revolt JL969.A45 R54 2011
Rome : an empire's story Woolf, Greg. JC89 .W66 2014
Security cooperation in Africa : a reappraisal Franke, Benedikt, 1981- JZ5584.A35 F73 2009
Stateless citizenship : the Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel Molavi, Shourideh C. JQ1830.A92 M85 2013
Steep : the precipitous rise of the Tea Party JK2391.T43 S74 2012
Strategic vision : America and the crisis of global power Brzezinski, Zbigniew, 1928- JZ1313 .B79 2013
Terror insurgency and the state : ending protracted conflicts JC328.5 .T47 2007
The 2012 presidential campaign : a communication perspective JK526 2012 .A18 2014
The Asia-Pacific century : challenges and opportunities JZ6009.A75 A76 2013
The challenge of the threshold : border closures and migration movements in Africa JV8790 .C47 2012
The changing face of world cities : the second generation in Western Europe and the United States JV6475 .C42 2012
The crisis of the European Union : a response Habermas, Jürgen. JN40 .H33 2012
The EU and Africa : from Eurafrique to Afro-Europa JZ1570.A56 E78 2012
The European Union : a very short introduction Pinder, John. JN30 .P57 2007
The Federalist papers Federalist. JK154 1961c
The first woman in Congress : Jeannette Rankin Block, Judy Rachel, 1948- JK1030.R3 B56 1981
The great debate : Edmund Burke Thomas Paine and the birth of right and left Levin, Yuval. JK275 .L5 2014
The myth of digital democracy Hindman, Matthew Scott, 1976- JK1764 .H56 2009
The not-so-special interests : interest groups public representation and American governance Grossmann, Matthew, author. JK1118 .G76 2012
The other side of immigration JV7401 .O83 2010
The power and the people : paths of resistance in the Middle East Tripp, Charles. JQ1758.A91 T75 2013
The practices of global citizenship Schattle, Hans. JZ1320.4 .S33 2008
The President's czars : undermining Congress and the Constitution Sollenberger, Mitchel A. JK585 .S64 2012
The rise and fall of the Spanish Empire Maltby, William S., 1940- JV4011 .M356 2009
The second Arab awakening : and the battle for pluralism Muasher, Marwan, author. JQ1850.A91 M827 2014
The soldier and the changing state : building democratic armies in Africa Asia Europe and the Ame Barany, Zoltan D. JF195 .B37 2012
The U.S. Congress : a very short introduction Ritchie, Donald A., 1945- JK1041 .R58 2010
The United Nations : a very short introduction Hanhimäki, Jussi M., 1965- JZ4984.5 .H364 2008
The Violence within : cultural and political opposition in divided nations JA75.7 .V56 1993
Think tanks in America Medvetz, Thomas. JK468.C7 M43 2012
This town : two parties and a funeral--plus plenty of valet parking!--in America's gilded capital Leibovich, Mark. JK1726 .L45 2013
Tocqueville : a very short introduction Mansfield, Harvey Claflin, 1932- JC229.T8 M33 2010
Transitional justice : global mechanisms and local realities after genocide and mass violence JC571 .T6994 2010
Transnational migration Faist, Thomas, 1959-, author. JV6091 .F35 2013
U.S.-Venezuela relations since the 1990s : coping with mid-level security threats Corrales, Javier, 1966- JZ1480.A57 V45 2013
UN peacekeeping in Africa : from the Suez crisis to the Sudan conflicts Adebajo, Adekeye, 1966- JZ4997.5.A35 A34 2011
Violent democratization : social movements elites and politics in Colombia's rural war zones 1984 Carroll, Leah Anne. JL2881 .C37 2011
Voting and democratic citizenship in Africa JQ1879.A5 V686 2013
Waging war on corruption : inside the movement fighting the abuse of power Vogl, Frank, 1945- JF1525.C66 V64 2012
Waiting for José : the Minutemen's pursuit of America Shapira, Harel, 1979- JV6565 .S53 2013
When the state speaks what should it say? : how democracies can protect expression and promote equa Brettschneider, Corey Lang. JC591 .B75 2012
Why we left : untold stories and songs of America's first immigrants Brooks, Joanna, 1971- JV6451 .B76 2013
With courage and cloth : winning the fight for a woman's right to vote Bausum, Ann. JK1896 .B38 2004
Women & executive office : pathways & performance JK721 .W36 2013
Women in the club : gender and policy making in the Senate Swers, Michele L., author. JK1161 .S94 2013
Worldviews of aspiring powers : domestic foreign policy debates in China India Iran Japan and Ru JZ1310 .W68 2012
Youth peacebuilding : music gender and change Pruitt, Lesley J. JZ5579 .P78 2013