Social Sciences: General

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
2013 FERPA quick guide KF4156.5.A3281974 A2 2013
3.11 : disaster and change in Japan Samuels, Richard J. HV555.J3 S26 2013
A disability history of the United States Nielsen, Kim E. HV1553 .N54 2012
A Durkheimian quest : solidarity and the sacred Watts Miller, William, 1944- HM479.D87 W37 2012
A history of mining in Latin America : from the colonial era to the present Brown, Kendall W., 1949- HD9537.B53 B76 2012
A history of police and masculinities 1700-2010 HV7903 .H57 2012
A man without words Schaller, Susan, author. HV2534.I53 A3 2012
A new American family : a love story Likins, Peter W. HV874.82.L55 A3 2011
A not-so natural disaster : Niger 2005 Niger 2005, une catastrophe si naturelle. English HC1020.Z9 F36 2009
A primer in game theory Gibbons, Robert, 1958- HB144 .G49 1992
A storm over this court : law politics and Supreme Court decision making in Brown v. Board of Educ Hockett, Jeffrey D. KF228.B76 H63 2013
A sustainable economy for the 21st century Schor, Juliet. HC79.E5 S2915 1998
A working people : a history of African American workers since emancipation Reich, Steven A. (Steven Andrew), 1965- HD8081.A65 R45 2013
Achieving development success : strategies and lessons from the developing world HC59.72.E44 A25 2013
Acting white? : rethinking race in "post-racial" America Carbado, Devon W. KF384 .C37 2013
Adiós niño : the gangs of Guatemala City and the politics of death Levenson-Estrada, Deborah. HV6439.G92 G9199 2013
Advanced and multivariate statistical methods for social science research with a complete SPSS guide Abu-Bader, Soleman H., 1965- HA29 .A29 2011
Africa : continent self-destructs Schwab, Peter, 1940- HC800 .S389 2001
Africa emerges : consummate challenges abundant opportunities Rotberg, Robert I., author. HC800 .R675 2013
Africa tropical timber turfs and trade : geographic perspectives on Ghana's timber industry and de Owusu, J. Henry (John Henry), 1953- HD9767.G42 O98 2012
African development : making sense of the issues and actors Moss, Todd J., 1970- HC800 .M6775 2011
African women : a reader HQ1787 .A3713 2010
After pornified : how women are transforming pornography & why it really matters Sabo, Anne G. HQ471 .S236 2012
After the music stopped : the financial crisis the response and the work ahead Blinder, Alan S. HB3717 2008 .B55 2013
Age discrimination and diversity : multiple discrimination from an age perspective HQ1061 .A415 2011
Agency of the enslaved : Jamaica and the culture of freedom in the Atlantic world Dunkley, Daive A., 1973- HT1096 .D86 2013
Aging in America HQ1064.U5 A63399 2014
Aid on the edge of chaos : rethinking international cooperation in a complex world Ramalingam, Ben, author. HC60 .R36 2013
Ain't no trust : how bosses boyfriends and bureaucrats fail low-income mothers and why it matters Levine, Judith Adrienne, 1965- HQ759 .L4744 2013
Alfred C. Kinsey : a publicprivate life Jones, James H. (James Howard), 1943- HQ18.32.K56 J65 1997
All you that labor : religion and ethics in the living wage movement Snarr, C. Melissa. HD4918 .S55 2011
America's unwritten constitution : the precedents and principles we live by Amar, Akhil Reed. KF4541 .A875 2012
American children in chronic poverty : complex risks benefit-cost analyses and untangling the knot Lamy, Cynthia E. (Cynthia Esposito), 1960- HV741 .L37 2013
American original : the life and constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Biskupic, Joan. KF8745.S33 B57 2010
An economic history of Ghana : reflections on a half-century of challenges & progress HC1060 .E26 2008
APA handbook of multicultural psychology HM1271 .A63 2014
Arming and disarming : a history of gun control in Canada Brown, R. Blake. HV7439.C2 B76 2012
Arrested justice : black women violence and America's prison nation Richie, Beth. HV6626.2 .R57 2012
Art and cultural heritage : law policy and practice K3791 .A97 2006
At liberty to die : the battle for death with dignity in America Ball, Howard, 1937- KF3827.E87 B357 2012
Barrio Libre : criminalizing states and delinquent refusals of the new frontier Rosas, Gilberto, 1968- HV5831.M46 R66 2012
Bastards : politics family and law in early modern France Gerber, Matthew. HQ999.F7 G47 2012
Battling Miss Bolsheviki : the origins of female conservatism in the United States Delegard, Kirsten. HQ1236.5.U6 D45 2012
Beauty pays : why attractive people are more successful Hamermesh, Daniel S. HF5386 .H243 2011
Best customers : demographics of consumer demand HC110.C6 B47 2012
Bet the farm : how food stopped being food Kaufman, Frederick, 1961- HD9000.5 .K3725 2012
Betting on famine : why the world still goes hungry Ziegler, Jean. HV696.F6 Z5413 2013
Beyond citizenship : American identity after globalization Spiro, Peter J. KF4700 .S68 2008
Beyond loving : intimate racework in lesbian gay and straight interracial relationships Steinbugler, Amy C. HQ76.34 .S74 2012
Beyond the 'African tragedy' : discourses on development and the global economy HC800 .B523 2006
Beyond war : reimagining American influence in a new Middle East Rohde, David, 1967- author. HF1456.5.Z4 M6287 2013
Beyond X and Y : inside the science of gender McCredie, Jane. HQ1075 .M4175 2012
Bhopali HD7269.C452 B56 2012
Black code : surveillance privacy and the dark side of the Internet Deibert, Ronald, author. HM851 .D44 2013
Black women against the land grab : the fight for racial justice in Brazil Perry, Keisha-Khan Y. HQ1236.5.B6 P47 2013
Blood sweat and toil : remaking the British working class 1939-1945 Field, Geoffrey G., author. HD8391 .F54 2011
Bodies of evidence : the practice of queer oral history HQ76.3.U5 B63 2012
Bodies of knowledge : sexuality reproduction and women's health in the second wave Kline, Wendy, 1968- HQ29 .K58 2010
Branding the nation : the global business of national identity Aronczyk, Melissa. HF5415.1255 .A76 2013
Brokers of change : Atlantic commerce and cultures in precolonial Western Africa HF3920 .B76 2012
Building bridges crossing boundaries : everyday forms of inter-ethnic peace building in Malaysia HN700.6.A8 B85 2010
Building the dream : a social history of housing in America Wright, Gwendolyn. HD7293 .W74 1983
Cause-marketing for nonprofits : partner for purpose passion and profits Daw, Jocelyne. HF5414 .D39 2006
Children's rights in Ghana : reality or rhetoric? HQ789 .C4643 2011
Chinese migrations : the movement of people goods and ideas over four millennia Lary, Diana. HB2114.A3 L37 2012
Chocolate islands : cocoa slavery and colonial Africa Higgs, Catherine. HD4875.S36 H55 2012
Cities & sovereignty : identity politics in urban spaces HT151 .C5683 2011
Cities without suburbs : a Census 2010 perspective Rusk, David. HT123 .R84 2013
Citizens of fear : urban violence in Latin America HN110.5.Z9 V5248 2002
Citizenship and the origins of women's history in the United States Murphy, Teresa Anne. HQ1418 .M87 2013
City of American dreams : a history of home ownership and housing reform in Chicago 1871-1919 Garb, Margaret. HD7287.82.U62 C64 2011
City of rhetoric : revitalizing the public sphere in metropolitan America Fleming, David, 1961- HT177.C5 F54 2009
Class in archaic Greece Rose, Peter W. (Peter Wires), 1936- HC37 .R67 2012
Class unknown : undercover investigations of American work and poverty from the progressive era to t Pittenger, Mark. HN90.S6 P58 2012
Climbing Mount Laurel : the struggle for affordable housing and social mobility in an American subur Massey, Douglas S. HD7287.96.U62 N552 2013
Cocaine unwrapped the real price of cocaine HV5810 .C63 2011
Collaborative inquiry in practice : action reflection and meaning making H62 .C5657 2000
Coming home to New Orleans : neighborhood rebuilding after Katrina Seidman, Karl F. HN80.N45 S35 2013
Communication and the globalization of culture : beyond tradition and borders Mohammed, S. Nick, 1968- HM621 .M65 2011
Comparatively queer : interrogating identities across time and cultures HQ76.25 .C664 2010
Confronting catastrophe : a GIS handbook Greene, R. W. HV551.2 .G74 2002
Confronting homelessness : poverty politics and the failure of social policy Wagner, David. HV4505 .W233 2012
Consciencism : philosophy and ideology for de-colonization Nkrumah, Kwame, 1909-1972. HX437 .N55 2009
Contagious representation : women's political representation in democracies around the world Thames, Frank. HQ1236 .T484 2013
Contemporary grandparenting : changing family relationships in global contexts HQ759.9 .C65 2012
Contemporary state terrorism : theory and practice HV6431 .C6536 2011
Crime law and society in the later Middle Ages K5032 .C75 2009
Cruising utopia : the then and there of queer futurity Muñoz, José Esteban. HQ76.25 .M86 2009
Cusco : urbanism and archaeology in the Inka world Farrington, Ian S. HT169.P42 C893 2013
Czech society in the 2000s : a report on socio-economic policies and structures Večerník, Jiří. HC270.283 .V428 2009
Deconstructing organized crime : an historical and theoretical study Albini, Joseph L., author. HV6441 .A393 2012
Defending American religious neutrality Koppelman, Andrew. KF4865 .K67 2013
Defending our lives HV6626 .D43 1994
Democracy and the left : social policy and inequality in Latin America Huber, Evelyne, 1950- HN110.5.A8 H83 2012
Denmark in the world Kaspersen, Lars Bo. HC355 .D46 2013
Detroit : an American autopsy LeDuff, Charlie. HC108.D6 L44 2013
Development security and aid : geopolitics and geoeconomics at the U.S. Agency for International D Essex, Jamey, 1977- HC60 .E736 2013
Devil in the grove : Thurgood Marshall the Groveland Boys and the dawn of a new America King, Gilbert. KF224.G76 K56 2013
Digital dead end : fighting for social justice in the Information Age Eubanks, Virginia, 1972- HM846 .E93 2012
Dignity rights : courts constitutions and the worth of the human person Daly, Erin. K3249 .D35 2013
Dimensions of crime as a social problem HV6025 .D55 2012
Disability and identity : negotiating self in a changing society Darling, Rosalyn Benjamin. HV1568 .D367 2013
Disability and social theory : new developments and directions HV1568 .D5638 2012
Doing capitalism in the innovation economy : markets speculation and the state Janeway, William H. HG4751 .J37 2012
Doing the best I can : fatherhood in the inner city Edin, Kathryn, 1962- HV700.7 .E35 2013
Domestic politics and drought relief in Africa : explaining choices Munemo, Ngonidzashe, 1976- HC800 .M836 2012
Domingos Álvares African healing and the intellectual history of the Atlantic world Sweet, James H. (James Hoke) HT869.A58 S84 2011
Double entry : how the merchants of Venice created modern finance Gleeson-White, Jane. HF5605 .G54 2012
Drag queens at the 801 Cabaret Rupp, Leila J., 1950- HQ77.2.U6 R86 2003
Drugs and democracy in Latin America : the impact of U.S. policy HV5840.L3 D777 2005
Eco-Business : A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability Dauvergne, Peter. HC79.E5 D346 2013
Ecologies of urbanism in India : metropolitan civility and sustainability HT243.I44 E368 2013
Economic development & GIS Pogodzinski, J. M. HD58 .P63 2013
Economics the environment and our common wealth Boyce, James K. HC79.E5 B69 2013
Emerging Africa : how 17 countries are leading the way Radelet, Steven C., 1957- HC800 .R33 2010
Émile Durkheim : a biography Fournier, Marcel, 1945- HM479.D87 F6813 2013
Enduring violence : Ladina women's lives in Guatemala Menjívar, Cecilia. HQ1477 .M46 2011
Energy justice in a changing climate : social equity and low-carbon energy Bickerstaff, Karen, editor. HD9502 .E54 2013
Ethics in qualitative research : controversies and contexts Hammersley, Martyn. H62 .H2336 2012
Everything in its path : destruction of community in the Buffalo Creek flood Erikson, Kai, 1931- HV610 1972 .E74 1976
Exploitation conservation preservation : a geographic perspective on natural resource use Cutter, Susan L. HC21 .C96 2004
Exploring the power of nonviolence : peace politics and practice HM1281 .E87 2013
Extremism in America HN90.R3 M423 2014
Facing social class : how societal rank influences interaction HN90.S6 F33 2012
Falling back : incarceration and transitions to adulthood among urban youth Fader, Jamie J. HV9106.P5 F33 2013
Family conflict Canary, Heather E. HQ734 .C36 2013
Family policy and the American safety net Giele, Janet Zollinger. HQ536 .G52 2013
Fathers in cultural context HQ756 .F3847 2013
Fear of crime : critical voices in an age of anxiety HV6250.25 .F435 2009
Female masculinity Halberstam, Judith, 1961- HQ75.5 .H33 1998
Feminism and power : the need for critical theory Caputi, Mary, 1957- HQ1190 .C367 2013
Feminist and queer information studies reader HQ1180 .F428 2013
Financial literacy : introduction to the mathematics of interest annuities and insurance Kaminsky, Kenneth. HF5691 .K27 2010
Financial risk manager handbook plus test bank : FRM Part IPart II Jorion, Philippe, 1955- HD61 .J67 2011
Fire in the ashes : twenty-five years among the poorest children in America Kozol, Jonathan. HV741 .K674 2012
Flowers in the desert : the search for Chile's disappeared = Flores en el desierto : la bâusqueda Allen, Paula. HV6322.3.C5 A45 2013
Flux : what marketing managers need to navigate the new environment HF5415.13 .F598 2012
Food co-ops in America : communities consumption and economic democracy Knupfer, Anne Meis, 1951-, author. HD3444 .K68 2013
For a song and a hundred songs : a poet's journey through a Chinese prison Liao, Yiwu, 1958- HV9817.5 .L5313 2013
Forced to care : coercion and caregiving in America Glenn, Evelyn Nakano. HV1451 .G64 2010
Forgotten genocides : oblivion denial and memory HV6322.7 .F67 2011
Forgotten voices of Mao's great famine 1958-1962 : an oral history Zhou, Xun, 1968- HC430.F3 Z467 2013
Framing Muslims : stereotyping and representation after 911 Morey, Peter. HM1096 .M67 2011
Frederick Weyerhaeuser and the American West Healey, Judith Koll. HD9750.5 .H43 2013
Fresh fruit broken bodies : migrant farmworkers in the United States Holmes, Seth M., 1975- HD1525 .H685 2013
Friendship and social networks in Scandinavia c.1000-1800 HM1161 .F754 2013
From motherhood to mothering : the legacy of Adrienne Rich's Of woman born HQ759 .F748 2004
From slave trade to legitimate commerce : the commercial transition in nineteenth-century West Afric HF3920 .F76 2002
From the closet to the altar : courts backlash and the struggle for same-sex marriage Klarman, Michael J. KF539 .K58 2013
Gaga feminism : sex gender and the end of normal Halberstam, Judith, 1961- HQ1233 .H323 2012
Game theory : an introduction Tadelis, Steve. HB144 .T33 2013
Gang life in two cities : an insider's journey Durán, Robert J. HV6439.U7 D463 2013
Gender Bradley, Harriet. HQ1075 .B73 2013
Gender and parenthood : biological and social scientific perspectives HQ755.8 .G463 2013
Gendering the African diaspora : women culture and historical change in the Caribbean and Nigerian HQ1501 .G464 2010
Geographies of peace and armed conflict HM554 .G46 2012
Girl from Birch Creek Haddad, Emily, author. KFM5912 .H32 2012
GIS tutorial for crime analysis Gorr, Wilpen L. HV7936.C88 G675 2012
Global energy dilemmas Bradshaw, Michael J., author. HD9502.A2 B73 2014
Globalization and austerity politics in Latin America Kaplan, Stephen B., 1973- HC125 .K334 2013
Globalization in Africa : recolonization or renaissance? Carmody, Pádraig Risteard. HC800.Z65 C37 2010
Globalizing the postcolony : contesting discourses of gender and development in francophone Africa Griffiths, Claire. HQ1810 .G75 2011
Golden holocaust : origins of the cigarette catastrophe and the case for abolition Proctor, Robert, 1954- HD9135 .P76 2011
Good works! : marketing and corporate initiatives that build a better world-- and the bottom line Kotler, Philip. HF5415 .K6246 2012
Groundswell : grassroots feminist activism in postwar America Gilmore, Stephanie. HQ1426 .G454 2013
Group dynamics and team interventions : understanding and improving team performance Franz, Timothy M. HM716 .F73 2012
Guest workers or colonized labor? : Mexican labor migration to the United States Gonzalez, Gilbert G., 1941- HD8081.M6 G6648 2013
Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe : a report on the disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands 1980-1988. Breaking the silence, building true peace. HN802.M37 B74 2008
Gunfight : the battle over the right to bear arms in America Winkler, Adam. KF3941 .W56 2011
Guns drugs and development in Colombia Holmes, Jennifer S. HN310.Z9 V5345 2008
Handbook of quantitative finance and risk management HG106 .H3656 2010
Harriman vs. Hill : Wall Street's great railroad war Haeg, Lawrence Peter, 1945- HE2752 .H34 2013
Harvesting hope : the story of Cesar Chavez Krull, Kathleen. HD6509.C48 K78 2003
Haunted nations : the colonial dimensions of multiculturalisms Gunew, Sneja Marina, 1946- HM1271 .G86 2004
Healing secular life : loss and devotion in modern Turkey Dole, Christopher. HN656.5.Z9 D65 2012
Hearts and hands : the influence of women & quilts on American society Ferrero, Pat, 1942- HQ1418 .F47 1987
How difficult it is to be God : Shining Path's politics of war in Peru 1980-1999 Degregori, Carlos Iván. HV6433.P4 D4513 2012
How intimate partner violence affects children : developmental research case studies and evidence- HQ784.V55 H69 2011
How much is enough? : money and the good life Skidelsky, Robert, 1939- HB251 .S64 2012
How sex became a civil liberty Wheeler, Leigh Ann, 1967- HQ18.U5 W49 2013
How to be gay Halperin, David M., 1952- HQ76 .H2795 2012
I could not call her mother : the stepmother in American popular culture 1750-1970 Lindenauer, Leslie J. HQ759.92 .L56 2013
Identity thieves : motives and methods Copes, Heith. HV6679 .C67 2012
Immigrant children : change adaptation and cultural transformation HV4005 .I45 2011
Implicit racial bias across the law KF384 .I48 2012
In the time of trees and sorrows : nature power and memory in Rajasthan Gold, Ann Grodzins, 1946- HN690.R3 G65 2002
Income inequality : economic disparities and the middle class in affluent countries HC79.I5 I486 2013
Indelible inequalities in Latin America : insights from history politics and culture HN110.5.Z9 S6458 2010
India becoming : a portrait of life in modern India Kapur, Akash. HC435.3 .K36 2012
Inequality in America : facts trends and international perspective HC110.I5 I524 2012
Inside job HB3722 .I57 2011
Institutions count : their role and significance in Latin American development Portes, Alejandro, 1944- HN110.5.A8 P665 2012
International handbook of violence research HM886 .I566 2003
International perspectives on organizational behavior and human resource management Punnett, Betty Jane. HD58.7 .P86 2013
International perspectives on racial and ethnic mixedness and mixing HM1271 .I589 2012
Intimate matters : a history of sexuality in America D'Emilio, John. HQ18.U5 D45 2012
Introducing just sustainabilities : policy planning and practice Agyeman, Julian, author. HC79.E5 A34 2013
Introduction to systems theory Luhmann, Niklas, 1927-1998. HM701 .L8413 2013
Invisible families : gay identities relationships and motherhood among Black women Moore, Mignon R. HQ75.6.U5 M66 2011
It's complicated : the social lives of networked teens boyd, danah (danah michele), 1977- HQ799.2.I5 B68 2014
Jammed up : bad cops police misconduct and the New York City Police Department Kane, Robert J. HV8148.N5 K36 2013
Jane Addams pioneer for social justice; a biography Meigs, Cornelia, 1884-1973. HV28.A35 M45
Japan since 1945 : from postwar to post-bubble HN723.5 .J373 2013
Jet sex : airline stewardesses and the making of an american icon Vantoch, Victoria. HD8039.A43 V35 2013
Join the club : how peer pressure can transform the world Rosenberg, Tina. HM831 .R67 2011
Joining the resistance Gilligan, Carol, 1936- HQ1206 .G582 2011
Judicial politics in new democracies : cases from Southern Africa VonDoepp, Peter, 1967- KQC457 .V66 2009
Karl Marx : a nineteenth-century life Sperber, Jonathan, 1952- HX39.5 .S67 2013
Kenya's independence constitution : constitution-making and end of empire Maxon, Robert M. KSK1744.5 1963 .A5 2011
Key concepts in leadership Gosling, Jonathan. HD57.7 .G6668 2012
Keynes : a very short introduction Skidelsky, Robert, 1939- HB103.K47 S5728 2010
Kids cops and confessions : inside the interrogation room Feld, Barry C. HV9104 .F443 2013
Killing McVeigh : the death penalty and the myth of closure Madeira, Jody Lyneé. KF224.M37 M33 2014
Land administration for sustainable development HD111 .L195 2010
Leadership classics HD57.7 .L43 2010
Leadership on the federal bench : the craft and activism of Jack Weinstein Morris, Jeffrey Brandon, 1941- KF373.W3485 M67 2011
Lean in : women work and the will to lead Sandberg, Sheryl. HD6054.3 .S265 2013
Lesbian and gay studies : a critical introduction HQ75.15 .L43 1997
Let me play : the story of Title IX : the law that changed the future of girls in America Blumenthal, Karen. KF4166 .B58 2005
Life behind the lobby : Indian American motel owners and the American dream Dhingra, Pawan, author. HD2358.5.U6 D45 2012
Life in crisis : the ethical journey of Doctors without Borders Redfield, Peter, 1965- HV687 .R42 2013
Life reimagined : discovering your new life possibilities Leider, Richard. HQ1059.4 .L45 2013
Lifeblood : oil freedom and the forces of capital Huber, Matthew T. HD9565 .H83 2013
Like a loaded weapon : the Rehnquist court Indian rights and the legal history of racism in Americ Williams, Robert A., 1955- KF8210.C5 W55 2005
Lincoln's code : the laws of war in american history. Witt, John Fabian. KF7210 .W58 2013
Linked labor histories : New England Colombia and the making of a global working class Chomsky, Aviva, 1957- HD8083.N34 C56 2008
Living in living out : African American domestics in Washington D.C. 1910-1940 Clark-Lewis, Elizabeth. HD6072.2.U52 W183 2010
Looting and rape in wartime : law and change in international relations Inal, Tuba. KZ7162 .I53 2013
Lost girls : an unsolved American mystery Kolker, Robert, author. HV6533.N5 K573 2013
Magna Carta : a very short introduction Vincent, Nicholas. KD3946 .V56 2012
Maintaining financial stability in an open economy : Sweden in the global crisis and beyond Bryant, Ralph C., 1938- HB3800 .B79 2012
Major problems in the history of American sexuality : documents and essays HQ18.U55 M34 2002
Making a killing : femicide free trade and la frontera HV6250.4.W65 M3258 2010
Making peace with the earth Shiva, Vandana. HC79.E5 S558 2013
Making the European monetary union James, Harold, 1956- HG3894 .J36 2012
Manson : the life and times of Charles Manson Guinn, Jeff. HV6248.M2797 G85 2013
Mapping Arab women's movements : a century of transformations from within HQ1784 .M36 2012
Marketing to millennials : reach the largest and most influential generation of consumers ever Fromm, Jeff. HF5415.332.Y66 F76 2013
Marxist theory BlackAfrican specificities and racism Camara, Babacar, 1951- HT1581 .C36 2011
Masculine identities : the history and meanings of manliness Sussman, Herbert L. HQ1090 .S88 2012
Math on trial : how numbers get used and abused in the courtroom Schneps, Leila. K2290.S73 S36 2013
Matriarchy patriarchy and imperial security in Africa : explaining riots in Europe and violence in Robinson, Marsha R., 1964- HF1359 .R584 2012
Max Weber's comparative-historical sociology today : major themes mode of causal analysis and appl Kalberg, Stephen. HM479.W42 K37 2012
Mediasociety : industries images and audiences Croteau, David, author. HN90.M3 C76 2012
Mediating cultures : parenting in intercultural contexts HQ536 .M416 2013
Mercado de futuros Futures market HB3717 2008 .M47 2012
Milking the rhino HC800.Z65 M55 2008
Mind of a rampage killer HV6515 .M56 2013
Minneapolis madams : the lost history of prostitution on the Riverfront Petersen, Penny A. HQ146.M5 P48 2013
Mobile phones : the new talking drums of everyday Africa HE9715.A35 M63 2009
Morgan Park : Duluth U.S. Steel and the forging of a company town Alanen, Arnold R. (Arnold Robert) HN80.D88 A53 2007
Multiculturalism : a very short introduction Rattansi, Ali. HM1271 .R38 2011
Murder city : Ciudad Juárez and the global economy's new killing fields Bowden, Charles, 1945- HV5840.M42 C5826 2011
Murder on the verandah : love and betrayal in British Malaya Lawlor, Eric. HV6535.M43 K835 2000
Muslim American women on campus : undergraduate social life and identity Mir, Shabana. HQ1170 .M567 2014
Muslim minorities and citizenship : authority communities and Islamic law Oliver-Dee, Sean, 1970- KBP69.5 .O45 2012
Myth of individualism : how social forces shape our lives Callero, Peter L. HM1276 .C35 2013
Nature for sale : the commons versus commodities Ricoveri, Giovanna, author. HD1286 .R5313 2013
Nazi soundscapes : sound technology and urban space in Germany 1933-1945 Birdsall, Carolyn. HM1231 .B575 2012
Networked : the new social operating system Rainie, Harrison. HM741 .R35 2012
Networks of outrage and hope : social movements in the Internet age Castells, Manuel, 1942- HM851 .C369 2012
New choices new families : how lesbians decide about motherhood Mezey, Nancy J., 1965- HQ75.53 .M49 2008
New media old regimes : case studies in comparative communication law and policy Eko, Lyombe. K4240 .E38 2012
No more invisible man : race and gender in men's work Wingfield, Adia Harvey, 1977- HD8038.U5 W564 2013
No undocumented child left behind : Plyler v. Doe and the education of undocumented schoolchildren Olivas, Michael A. KF4217.I46 O43 2012
Non-stop : a turbulent history of Northwest Airlines El-Hai, Jack. HE9769.U5 E4 2013
Not the marrying kind : a feminist critique of same-sex marriage Barker, Nicola, 1966- HQ1033 .B37 2012
Nurturing dads : social initiatives for contemporary fatherhood Marsiglio, William. HQ756 .M3447 2012
Obedience HM1251 .O24 2012
Obscenity rules : Roth v. United States and the long struggle over sexual expression Strub, Whitney. KF224.R68 S77 2013
Occupying power : sex workers and servicemen in postwar Japan Kovner, Sarah (Sarah C.), 1973- author. HQ247.A5 K68 2012
Of virgins and martyrs : women and sexuality in global conflict Jacobson, David, 1959- HQ1075 .J34 2013
Oil wars HD9560.6 .O395 2007
One marriage under God : the campaign to promote marriage in America Heath, Melanie. HQ536 .H427 2012
Oral arguments and coalition formation on the U.S. Supreme Court : a deliberate dialogue Black, Ryan C., 1982- KF8742 .B57 2012
Organizational communication : a critical approach Mumby, Dennis K. HD30.3 .M863 2013
Out in Africa : LGBT organizing in Namibia and South Africa Currier, Ashley. HQ76.3.S5 C87 2012
Outlawed : between security and rights in a Bolivian city Goldstein, Daniel M., 1965- HN280.Z9 V545 2012
Pandora's lunchbox : how processed food took over the American meal Warner, Melanie. HD9000.5 .W339 2013
Piety and public funding : evangelicals and the state in modern America Schäfer, Axel R. HV530 .S29 2012
Pilgrims of the night : development challenges and opportunities in Africa HC800 .P55 2010
Polarization and transformation in Zimbabwe : social movements strategy dilemmas and change McCandless, Erin. HN802.Z9 P57 2011
Policy planning and people : promoting justice in urban development HT167 .P643 2013
Political women : language and leadership HQ1236.5.U6 P653 2013
Politics and the housing crisis since 1930. Keith, Nathaniel Schnieder, 1906-1973. HD7293 .K45
Popular protest in late medieval Europe : Italy France and Flanders HN11 .P66 2012
Positioned : strategic workforce planning that gets the right person in the right job Ward, Dan L. HF5549.5.M3 W37 2013
Poverty and development in Latin America : public policies and development pathways HC130.P6 P677 2013
Privatization sustainable economic growth and human development in developing countries : a case s Mushi, Richard. HD4348.5 .M87 2011
Promoting abstinence being faithful and condom use with young Africans : qualitative findings from Plummer, Mary Louisa. HQ18.T34 P58 2012
Properties of violence : law and land grant struggle in northern New Mexico Correia, David, 1968- KFN4055 .C67 2013
Psychological foundations of marketing Kimmel, Allan J. HF5415 .K52196 2013
Queer phenomenology : orientations objects others Ahmed, Sara, 1969- HQ76.25 .A38 2006
Questioning secularism : Islam sovereignty and the rule of law in modern Egypt Agrama, Hussein Ali, author. KRM2020 .A944 2012
Race after the Internet HT1523 .R25123 2012
Race and empire : eugenics in colonial Kenya Campbell, Chloe (Chloe Deborah Margaret) HQ755.5.K4 C36 2012
Race class power and organizing in East Baltimore : rebuilding abandoned communities in America Gomez, Marisela B., 1965- HN80.B3 G66 2013
Race rape and injustice : documenting and challenging death penalty cases in the civil rights era Foerster, Barrett J., 1942-2010. KF4757 .F64 2012
Race trouble : race identity and inequality in post-apartheid South Africa Durrheim, Kevin. HN801.A8 D87 2011
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