Social Sciences

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number Classification
"A share of honour" : Virginia women 1600-1945 Lebsock, Suzanne. HQ1438.V5 L4 1984 General
(Un)making race and ethnicity : a reader HT1521 .U557 2017 General
A century of violence in a red city : popular struggle counterinsurgency and human rights in Colom Gill, Lesley, author. JC599.C7 G55 2016 Political Science
A class by herself : protective laws for women workers 1890s-1990s Woloch, Nancy, 1940- author. KF3555 .W65 2015 General
A concise economic history of the world : from paleolithic times to the present Neal, Larry, 1941- HC21 .N3194 2016 General
A concise handbook of the Indian economy in the 21st century HC435.3 .C66 2015 General
A country called prison : mass incarceration and the making of a new nation Looman, Mary D. HV9466 .L66 2015 General
A formula for eradicating racism : debunking white supremacy McGettigan, Timothy, author. HT1521 .M376 2016 General
A guilted age : apologies for the past Rushdy, Ashraf H. A., 1961- author. BF575.A75 R87 2015 Psychology
A half step behind : Japanese women of the '80s Condon, Jane. HQ1763 .C66 1985 General
A history of the global economy : from 1500 to the present HC51 .H596 2016 General
A mother's cry : a memoir of politics prison and torture under the Brazilian military dictatorship Sattamini, Lina Penna. HV9592.5.A77 S2713 2010 General
A new deal for old age : toward a progressive retirement Alstott, Anne, 1963- author. HQ1063.2.U6 A436 2016 General
A nickel and a prayer : the autobiography of Jane Edna Hunter Hunter, Jane Edna, 1882-1971. HV3181 .H8 2011 General
A pound of flesh : monetary sanctions as punishment for the poor Harris, Alexes, author. KF9745 .H37 2016 General
A queer capital : a history of gay life in Washington D.C. Beemyn, Genny, 1966- HQ76.3.U52 W182 2015 General
A sociology of modern China Rocca, Jean-Louis (Jean-Louis Laurent), author. HN733.5 .R655 2015 General
A storm of witchcraft : the Salem trials and the American experience Baker, Emerson W., author. KFM2478.8.W5 B35 2015 General
Abortion after Roe Schoen, Johanna, author. HQ767.5.U5 S36 2015 General
Achieving human rights Falk, Richard A. JC585 .F34 2009 Political Science
Activating democracy in Brazil : popular participation social justice and interlocking institution Wampler, Brian. JL2481 .W36 2015 Political Science
Adult sibling relationships Greif, Geoffrey L., author. BF723.S43 G74 2016 Psychology
Africa : why economists get it wrong Jerven, Morten, 1978- author. HC800 .J45 2015 General
African institutions : challenges to political social and economic foundations of Africa's develop Mazrui, Ali AlʼAmin, author. JQ1875 .M393 2015 Political Science
After Roe : the lost history of the abortion debate Ziegler, Mary, 1982- HQ767.5.U5 Z54 2015 General
Al Qaeda the Islamic State and the global jihadist movement : what everyone needs to know Byman, Daniel, 1967- author. HV6433.M628 B96 2015 General
America and the politics of insecurity Rojecki, Andrew, 1946- author. HN90.G56 R65 2016 General
America's addiction to terrorism Giroux, Henry A., author. HN59.2 .G5557 2016 General
America's founding and the struggle over economic inequality Fatovic, Clement, 1973- HN90.S6 F38 2015 General
America's public lands : from Yellowstone to Smokey Bear and beyond Wilson, Randall K., 1966- HD216 .W48 2016 General
America's water : federal roles and responsibilities Rogers, Peter P., 1937- HD1694.A5 R64 1996 General
American amnesia : how the war on government led us to forget what made America prosper Hacker, Jacob S., author. HC106.84 .H33 2016 General
American conservatism American conservatism (Levinson, Parker, and Williams) JC573.2.U6 A45 2016 Political Science
American constitutionalism marriage and the family : Obergefell v. Hodges and U.S. v. Windsor in c KF229.W56 A44 2016 General
American ghost : a family's haunted past in the desert southwest Nordhaus, Hannah, author. BF1472.N484 N67 2015 Psychology
American immigration and citizenship : a documentary history Vile, John R., author. JV6450 .V55 2016 Political Science
Amnesties accountability and human rights Jeffery, Renée, author. K5132 .J44 2014 General
An argument open to all : reading The Federalist in the twenty-first century Levinson, Sanford, 1941- author. KF4515 .L48 2015 General
Anarchy unbound : why self-governance works better than you think Leeson, Peter T., 1979- HX833 .L4135 2014 General
Ancient sex : new essays HQ13 .A53 2015 General
Anti-imperialist modernism : race and transnational radical culture from the Great Depression to the Balthaser, Benjamin, author. HN90.R3 B335 2016 General
Antiquity in popular literature and culture HM621 .A57 2016 General
APA handbook of men and masculinities BF692.5 .A63 2016 Psychology
APB : artists against police brutality HV8141 .A63 2015 General
Arendt and America King, Richard H., author. JC251.A74 K56 2015 Political Science
Art aesthetics and the brain BF408 .A78 2015 Psychology
Atlas of Minnesota : social and economic characteristic[s] of the North Star state HA451 .A48 2000 General
Attachment in adulthood : structure dynamics and change Mikulincer, Mario, author. BF575.A86 M55 2016 Psychology
Avenging Lincoln's death : the trial of John Wilkes Booth's accomplices Reed, Thomas J. (Thomas James), 1940- author. KF223.L47 R44 2016 General
Bad moon rising : how the weather underground beat the FBI and lost the revolution Eckstein, Arthur M., author. HN90.R3 E25 2016 General
Ballot battles : the history of disputed elections in the United States Foley, Edward B. JK1994 .F65 2016 Political Science
Bargaining for women's rights : activism in an aspiring Muslim democracy Kang, Alice J., 1978- HQ1236.5.I74 K36 2015 General
Becoming human : the ontogenesis metaphysics and expression of human emotionality Greenwood, Jennifer, 1946- author. BF511 .G74 2015 Psychology
Becoming Nicole : the transformation of an American family Nutt, Amy Ellis, author. HQ77.95.U6 N87 2015 General
Before the oath : how George W. Bush and Barack Obama managed a transfer of power Kumar, Martha Joynt. JK516 .K85 2015 Political Science
Between debt and the devil : money credit and fixing global finance Turner, Adair, author. HG3881 .T88 2016 General
Between women : friendship desire and marriage in Victorian England Marcus, Sharon, 1966- HQ1599.E5 M37 2007 General
Beyond bullying : breaking the cycle of shame bullying and violence Fast, Jonathan, author. BF575.S45 F27 2016 Psychology
Beyond sovereignty : issues for a global agenda JZ1318 .B484 2007 Political Science
Beyond the archive : memory narrative and the autobiographical process Brockmeier, Jens. BF371 .B747 2015 Psychology
Black flags : the rise of ISIS Warrick, Joby. HV6433.I722 I8593 2015 General
Black labor white sugar : Caribbean braceros and their struggle for power in the Cuban sugar indust Howard, Philip A., 1957- HD8039.S86 C853 2015 General
Blood in the water : the Attica prison uprising of 1971 and its legacy Thompson, Heather Ann, 1963- author. HV9475.N716 T46 2016 General
Blue skies over Beijing : economic growth and the environment in China Kahn, Matthew E., 1966- author. HC430.E5 K34 2016 General
Border contraband : a history of smuggling across the Rio Grande Diaz, George T., 1980- HJ6690 .D53 2015 General
Border law : the first Seminole War and American nationhood Rosen, Deborah A., 1955- author. KF639 .R67 2015 General
Border lives : fronterizos transnational migrants and commuters in Tijuana Chávez, Sergio R., author. JV7409.Z6 T5534 2016 Political Science
Borderlands in world history 1700-1914 JC323 .B6664 2014 Political Science
Boys' Bodies : Speaking the Unspoken HQ775 .K44 2010 General
Brand name bullies : the quest to own and control culture Bollier, David. KF2979 .B64 2005 General
Brazil in transition : beliefs leadership and institutional change Alston, Lee J., 1951- author. HC187 .A55875 2016 General
Bridging the distance : common issues of the rural West HN79.A17 B75 2015 General
Building a business of politics : the rise of political consulting and the transformation of America Sheingate, Adam D., 1969- author. JK2281 .S498 2016 Political Science
Building sustainable peace : timing and sequencing of post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding JZ5538 .B86 2016 Political Science
Bullies in the workplace : seeing and stopping adults who abuse their co-workers and employees HF5549.5.E43 B835 2015 General
Bully nation : how the American establishment creates a bullying society Derber, Charles, author. BF637.B85 D47 2016 Psychology
Calvin Coolidge on the founders : reflections on the American Revolution & the founding fathers J82.D4 P5 2012 Political Science
Campaign finance and political polarization : when purists prevail La Raja, Raymond J., 1965- author. JK1991 .L28 2015 Political Science
Campaign trends and election law JK1976 .C36 2016 Political Science
Capitalism : A Short History Kocka, Jürgen, author. HB501 .K6313 2016 General
Caribbean psychology : indigenous contributions to a global discipline BF108.C27 C37 2016 Psychology
Changing Chinese cities : the potentials of field urbanism Chow, Renee Y., 1955- author. HT147.C6 C48 2015 General
Changing minds : the art and science of changing our own and other people's minds Gardner, Howard, 1943- BF637.C4 G37 2004 Psychology
Chasing after street gangs : a forty year journey Klein, Malcolm W., author. HV6439.U5 K582 2016 General
China's economy : what everyone needs to know Kroeber, Arthur R., author. HC427.95 .K76 2016 General
China's next strategic advantage : from imitation to innovation Yip, George S., author. HC430.T4 Y57 2016 General
Choosing in groups : analytical politics revisited Munger, Michael C. HB846.8 .M855 2015 General
Circulation economics : theory and practice Ingebrigtsen, Stig. HB171.5 .I48 2007 General
Cities business and the politics of urban violence in Latin America Moncada, Eduardo, 1977- author. HN310.Z9 V5523 2016 General
Cities for people not for profit : critical urban theory and the right to the city HT151 .C5684 2012 General
City of thorns : nine lives in the world's largest refugee camp Rawlence, Ben, author. HV640.4.K4 R39 2016 General
Civil rights : (1954-2015) JC599.U5 C58 2015 Political Science
Class Atkinson, Will, 1983- HT609 .A8498 2015 General
Class formations and inequality structures in contemporary African migration : evidence from Ghana Arthur, John A., 1958-2016, author. JV9022.3 .A79 2014 Political Science
Coal & empire : the birth of energy security in industrial America Shulman, Peter A., 1979- HD9546 .S55 2015 General
Coming of age in the other America DeLuca, Stefanie, author. HQ796 .D3937 2016 General
Comparing apples oranges and cotton : environmental histories of the plantation HD1471.A3 C66 2014 General
Confederate political economy : creating and managing a Southern corporatist nation Bonner, Michael Brem, 1970- HC105.65 .B66 2016 General
Congressional elections : campaigning at home and in Washington Herrnson, Paul S., 1958- author. JK1976 .H47 2016 Political Science
Contentious politics Tilly, Charles. HM881 .T54 2015 General
Contraband : Louis Mandrin and the making of a global underground Kwass, Michael. HV6248.M278 K93 2014 General
Controlling the message : new media in American political campaigns JK2281 .C66 2015 Political Science
Copy fights : the future of intellectual property in the information age KF2979 .C665 2002 General
Copyright in historical perspective. Patterson, L. Ray (Lyman Ray) K1420.5 .P38 1968 General
Copyright's highway : from Gutenberg to the celestial jukebox Goldstein, Paul, 1943- KF2994 .G654 2003 General
Cosmopolitan sex workers : women and migration in a global city Chin, Christine B. N., 1963- author. HQ242 .C45 2015 General
Courts in conflict : interpreting the layers of justice in post-genocide Rwanda Palmer, Nicola Frances, 1983- author. KTD157.7 .P35 2015 General
CQ press guide to radical politics Burgess, Susan, 1961- author. HN90.R3 B787 2016 General
Crash! : how the economic boom & bust of the 1920s worked Payne, Phillip G., author. HC106.3 .P3517 2015 General
Creating a learning society : a new approach to growth development and social progress Stiglitz, Joseph E. HQ783 .S694 2014 General
Creolizing Rousseau JC179.R9 C686 2015 Political Science
CrimComics : Biology and Criminality Gehring, Krista S. HV6115 .G44 2017 General
CrimComics : Origins of Criminology Gehring, Krista S. HV6024 .G44 2017 General
Crimes of peace : Mediterranean migrations at the world's deadliest border Albahari, Maurizio, author. JV8132 .A5 2015 Political Science
Crip theory : cultural signs of queerness and disability McRuer, Robert, 1966- HV1568 .M37 2006 General
Critical trauma studies : understanding violence conflict and memory in everyday life BF175.5.P75 C75 2016 Psychology
Ctrl + Z : the right to be forgotten Jones, Meg Leta, author. K3264.C65 J66 2016 General
Cybercrime Grabosky, Peter N., 1945- HV6773 .G72193 2016 General
Dark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right Mayer, Jane, author. JC599.U5 M373 2016 Political Science
Data analysis using regression and multilevelhierarchical models Gelman, Andrew. HA31.3 .G45 2007 General
Deadly injustice : Trayvon Martin race and the criminal justice system HV9950 .D425 2015 General
Dealing in desire : Asian ascendancy Western decline and the hidden currencies of global sex work Hoang, Kimberly Kay, author. HQ242.5.A5 H635 2015 General
Debates for the digital age : the good the bad and the ugly of our online world HM851 .D4325 2016 General
Debating the American state : liberal anxieties and the new leviathan 1930-1970 Kornhauser, Anne Mira, 1964- JC574.2.U6 K67 2015 Political Science
Deceit on the road to war : presidents politics and American democracy Schuessler, John M., 1977- author. JK558 .S44 2015 Political Science
Deep violence : military violence war play and the social life of weapons Bourke, Joanna, author. HM554 .B687 2015 General
Defeating ISIS : who they are how they fight what they believe Nance, Malcolm W., author. HV6433.I722 N36 2016 General
Defending women's rights in Europe : gender equality and EU enlargement Avdeyeva, Olga A., 1976- HQ1236.5.E85 A93 2015 General
Deficits debt and democracy : wrestling with tragedy on the fiscal commons Wagner, Richard E. HJ8015 .W34 2012 General
Democracy and the death of shame : political equality and social disturbance Locke, Jill, 1969- author. JC423 .L5933 2016 Political Science
Democracy declassified : the secrecy dilemma in national security Colaresi, Michael P., 1976- JF1525.S4 C64 2014 Political Science
Democracy in Africa : successes failures and the struggle for political reform Cheeseman, Nicholas, 1979- author. JQ1879.A15 C536 2015 Political Science
Democratic beginnings : founding the Western States Bridges, Amy, author. KF4530 .B75 2015 General
Developing nations HC59.7 .D427 2003 General
Development of perception in infancy : the cradle of knowledge revisited Arterberry, Martha E., author. BF720.P47 A78 2016 Psychology
Digital disconnect : how capitalism is turning the Internet against democracy McChesney, Robert Waterman, 1952- author. HM851 .M393 2013 General
Discrediting the Red Scare : the Cold War trials of James Kutcher "the legless veteran" Goldstein, Robert Justin, author. KF228.K88 G65 2016 General
Disposable domestics : immigrant women workers in the global economy Chang, Grace, 1964- author. HD6095 .C48 2016 General
Dispossession : discrimination against African American farmers in the age of civil rights Daniel, Pete. HD8039.F32 U626 2013 General
Diversity equity and inclusion : strategies for facilitating conversations on race Hollins, Caprice D. HM751 .H65 2015 General
Divided cities : governing diversity JS78 .D59 2015 Political Science
Divining slavery and freedom : the story of Domingos Sodré an African priest in nineteenth-centur Reis, João José. HT869.S55 R4513 2015 General
Do-it-yourself democracy : the rise of the public engagement industry Lee, Caroline W. JK1764 .L425 2015 Political Science
Doing development in West Africa : a reader by and for undergraduates HC1015.Z9 E443 2016 General
Dream chasers : immigration and the American backlash Tirman, John, author. JV6465 .T57 2015 Political Science
Drones and the future of armed conflict : ethical legal and strategic implications KZ6687 .D766 2015 General
Dysfunctional societies : why inequality matters HM821 .D974 2015 General
Earl Warren and the struggle for justice Moke, Paul, author. KF8745.W3 M65 2015 General
Edmund Burke and the conservative logic of empire O'Neill, Daniel I., 1967- author. JC176.B83 O34 2016 Political Science
Election fraud : detecting and deterring electoral manipulation JK1994 .E43 2008 Political Science
Ellis Island : an illustrated history of the immigrant experience JV6484 .C46 1991 Political Science
Embodied : the psychology of physical sensation Eccleston, Christopher, author. BF233 .E23 2016 Psychology
Emmanuel's dream : the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah Thompson, Laurie Ann. HV3013.Y43 T56 2015 General
Empire of cotton : a global history Beckert, Sven. HD9870.5 .B43 2015 General
Enabling acts : the hidden story of how the Americans with Disabilities Act gave the largest US mino Davis, Lennard J., 1949- author. KF480 .D38 2015 General
Endangered city : the politics of security and risk in Bogotá Zeiderman, Austin, 1976- author. HV551.5.C7 Z453 2016 General
Ending zero tolerance : the crisis of absolute school discipline Black, Derek W., author. KF4159 .B57 2016 General
Engineers of jihad : the curious connection between violent extremism and education Gambetta, Diego, 1952- author. HN768.Z9 R343 2016 General
Engines of liberty : the power of citizen activists to make constitutional law Cole, David, 1958- author. KF384 .C65 2016 General
Environmental activism and the urban crisis : Baltimore St. Louis Chicago Gioielli, Robert R., 1977- HT243.U6 G56 2014 General
Environmentalism of the rich Dauvergne, Peter, author. HC79.E5 D3463 2016 General
Essentials of development economics Taylor, J. Edward, author. HD75 .T39 2015 General
European identity in the context of national identity : questions of identity in sixteen European co JC311 .E974 2016 Political Science
Everyday illegal : when policies undermine immigrant families Dreby, Joanna, 1976- author. JV6483 .D74 2015 Political Science
Evicted : poverty and profit in the American city Desmond, Matthew, author. HD7287.96.U6 D47 2016 General
Evolving insight Byrne, Richard W., author. BF449.5 .B97 2016 Psychology
Excellent daughters : the secret lives of young women who are transforming the Arab world Zoepf, Katherine, author. HQ1784 .Z64 2016 General
Exposed : desire and disobedience in the digital age Harcourt, Bernard E., 1963- HM851 .H3664 2015 General
Facing climate change : an integrated path to the future Kiehl, J. T. (Jeffrey T.) BF353.5.C55 K54 2016 Psychology
Failure : why science is so successful Firestein, Stuart. BF575.F14 F567 2016 Psychology
Faked in China : nation branding counterfeit culture and globalization Yang, Fan, 1977- author. HN740.Z9 G583 2016 General
Family properties : How the struggle over race and real estate transformed Chicago and urban America Satter, Beryl, 1959- HD7288.76.U52 C434 2009 General
Fantasy islands : Chinese dreams and ecological fears in an age of climate crisis Sze, Julie, author. HT243.C62 S477 2015 General
Felt time : the psychology of how we perceive time Wittmann, Marc, author. BF468 .W5713 2016 Psychology
Feminism unfinished : a short surprising history of American women's movements Cobble, Dorothy Sue. HQ1421 .C625 2014 General
Final passages : the intercolonial slave trade of British America 1619-1807 O'Malley, Gregory E. HT1162 .O58 2014 General
Finding time : the economics of work-life conflict Boushey, Heather, 1970- author. HD4904.25 .B68 2016 General
Fiscal sociology and the theory of public finance : an exploratory essay Wagner, Richard E. HJ131 .W34 2007 General
Food and environment in early and medieval China Anderson, E. N., 1941- HD9016.C62 A43 2014 General
For a proper home : housing rights in the margins of urban Chile 1960-2010 Murphy, Edward, 1971- HD7324.A3 M87 2015 General
Forgotten citizens : deportation children and the making of american exiles and orphans Zayas, Luis H. JV6483 .Z39 2015 Political Science
Forked : a new standard for American dining Jayaraman, Sarumathi, 1975- author. HD8039.F72 U564 2016 General
Foundations of multicultural psychology : research to inform effective practice Smith, Timothy B., author. HM1271 .S6295 2016 General
Free culture : how big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity Lessig, Lawrence. KF2979 .L47 2004 General
Free will and the brain : neuroscientific philosophical and legal perspectives BF621 .F74 2015 Psychology
Freedom beyond sovereignty : reconstructing liberal individualism Krause, Sharon R., author. JC574.2.U6 K74 2015 Political Science
Freedom's mirror : Cuba and Haiti in the age of revolution Ferrer, Ada, author. HT1076 .F47 2014 General
French sociology Heilbron, Johan, author. HM477.F8 H45 2015 General
From big data to big profits : success with data and analytics Walker, Russell, 1972- author. HF5548.2 .W2933 2015 General
From Main Street to mall : the rise and fall of the American department store Howard, Vicki, 1965- author. HF5465.U4 H69 2015 General
From steel to slots : casino capitalism in the postindustrial city Taft, Chloe E., author. HV6711 .T34 2016 General
From the war on poverty to the war on crime : the making of mass incarceration in America Hinton, Elizabeth Kai, 1983- author. HV9950 .H56 2016 General
Gangs of Russia : from the streets to the corridors of power Stephenson, Svetlana, 1962- author. HV6439.R8 S74 2015 General
Gangster warlords : drug dollars killing fields and the new politics of Latin America Grillo, Ioan, 1973- author. HV6491.L38 G75 2016 General
Gay Berlin : birthplace of a modern identity Beachy, Robert. HQ76.2.G42 B47 2015 General
Gay straight and the reason why : the science of sexual orientation LeVay, Simon, author. BF692 .L476 2017 Psychology
Gender in medieval culture Sauer, Michelle M., 1972- HQ1147.E6 S28 2015 General
Gender nonconformity and the law Yuracko, Kimberly A., 1969- author. KF3467 .Y87 2016 General
Gender race and Sudan's exile politics : do we all belong to this country? Ali, Nada Mustafa, author. JQ3981.A91 A45 2015 Political Science
Gendertrolling : how misogyny went viral Mantilla, Karla. HQ1178 .M36 2015 General
Generations of feeling : a history of emotions 600-1700 Rosenwein, Barbara H., author. BF531 .R6825 2016 Psychology
Genocide : a comprehensive introduction Jones, Adam, 1963- HV6322.7 .J64 2006 General
Gentrification Lees, Loretta. HT170 .L44 2008 General
Getting high : marijuana through the ages Chasteen, John Charles, 1955- author. HV5822.M3 C43 2016 General
Ghettoside : a true story of murder in America Leovy, Jill, author. HV6529 .L46 2015 General
Ghosts of organizations past : communities of organizations as settings for change Ryan, Dan (Daniel John), 1959- HN79.C83 C6479 2015 General
Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America Berman, Ari. JK1846 .B47 2015 Political Science
Global capitalism in disarray : inequality debt and austerity Solimano, Andrés, author. HC59.15 .S663 2017 General
Global Cinderellas : migrant domestics and newly rich employers in Taiwan Lan, Pei-Chia, 1970- HD6072.2.T28 L36 2006 General
Global gentrifications : uneven development and displacement HT170 .G56 2015 General
Global inequality : a new approach for the age of globalization Milanović, Branko, author. HM821 .M555 2016 General
Global poverty : deprivation distribution and development since the Cold War Sumner, Andrew, 1973- author. HC79.P6 S86 2016 General
Governed through choice : autonomy technology and the politics of reproduction Denbow, Jennifer M., author. KF3760 .D46 2015 General
Growing each other up : when our children become our teachers Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara, 1944- author. BF723.P25 L397 2016 Psychology
Growing up in America : children in historical perspective HQ792.U5 G75 1985 General
Guantánamo diary Slahi, Mohamedou Ould, author. HV9468.5.S58 A3 2015 General
Handbook of attachment : theory research and clinical applications BF575.A86 H36 2016 Psychology
Handbook of emotions BF561 .H35 2016 Psychology
Handbook of self-regulation : research theory and applications BF632 .H262 2016 Psychology
Handbook of the sociology of emotions HM1033 .H37 2006 General
Happiness across cultures : views of happiness and quality of life in non-Western cultures BF575.H27 H363 2012 Psychology
Happy BF575.H27 H37 2012 Psychology
HBO's Girls and the awkward politics of gender race and privilege HQ777 .H384 2015 General
History and international relations : from the ancient world to the 21st century Malchow, Howard L. JZ1305 .M3315 2016 Political Science
How Chinese are you? : adopted Chinese youth and their families negotiate identity and culture Louie, Andrea, author. HV875.64 .L646 2015 General
How sexual desire works : the enigmatic urge Toates, F. M. (Frederick M.), author. BF692 .T63 2014 Psychology
How the Internet became commercial : innovation privatization and the birth of a new network Greenstein, Shane M. HC79.I55 G744 2015 General
How the other half banks : exclusion exploitation and the threat to democracy Baradaran, Mehrsa, 1978- HG2491 .B269 2015 General
How the police generate false confessions : an inside look at the interrogation room Trainum, James L., author. KF9664 .T73 2016 General
Human programming : brainwashing automatons and American unfreedom Selisker, Scott, author. BF633 .S45 2016 Psychology
Humanitarian economics : war disaster and the global aid market Carbonnier, Gilles. HV553 .C24 2015 General
Humanizing evil : psychoanalytic philosophical and clinical perspectives BF789.E94 H866 2016 Psychology
Humanizing research : decolonizing qualitative inquiry with youth and communities H62 .H742 2014 General
I am a girl HQ798 .I2 2014 General
I am of Ireland : women of the North speak out Shannon, Elizabeth, 1937- HQ1599.N67 S47 1997 General
I don't see color : personal and critical perspectives on white privilege HT1575 .I22 2015 General
If they come in the morning; voices of resistance Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944- HV9471 .D38 1971 General
Imbeciles : the Supreme Court American eugenics and the sterilization of Carrie Buck Cohen, Adam (Adam Seth), author. KF224.B83 C64 2016 General
Immigrant children and youth : psychological challenges JV6475 .I46 2015 Political Science
Immigrant entrepreneurship : the German-American experience since 1700 German Historical Institute (Washington, D.C.). HB615 .I4 2016 General
Immigration JV6465 .I46 2016 Political Science
Immigration and population Bohon, Stephanie. JV6225 .B6487 2015 Political Science
In the middle : the adolescent brain behaviour and learning Nagel, Michael C., author. HQ796 .N34 2014 General
Income inequality : why it matters and why most economists didn't notice Drennan, Matthew P., 1937- author. HC110.I5 D74 2015 General
Industrial forests and mechanical marvels : modernization in nineteenth-century Brazil Cribelli, Teresa, author. HC79.T4 C75 2016 General
Inequality : what everyone needs to know Galbraith, James K., author. HM821 .G35 2016 General
Infirmity in antiquity and the middle ages : social and cultural approaches to health weakness and HV1552 .I54 2015 General
Innovating minds : rethinking creativity to inspire change Koutstaal, Wilma. BF441 .K5863 2015 Psychology
Innovation and its enemies : why people resist new technologies Juma, Calestous, author. HC79.T4 J8178 2016 General
International responses to mass atrocities in Africa : responsibility to protect prosecute and pal Mills, Kurt, author. JZ6369 .M55 2015 Political Science
Interpreting the Constitution Greenawalt, Kent, 1936- author. KF4550 .G737 2015 General
Intersectionality : an intellectual history Hancock, Ange-Marie, author. HM1091 .H357 2016 General
Intersectionality and criminology : disrupting and revolutionizing studies of crime Potter, Hillary, 1969- HV6024 .P68 2015 General
Intimate economies of immigration detention : critical perspectives JV6038 .I66 2017 Political Science
Islamic state : rewriting history Griffin, Michael, 1951- author. HV6433.I722 G75 2016 General
John Paul Stevens : defender of rights in criminal justice Smith, Christopher E., author. KF8745.S78 S65 2015 General
Judging free speech : First Amendment jurisprudence of US Supreme Court Justices KF9345 .J83 2015 General
Justice at a distance : extending freedom globally Lomasky, Loren E., author. HN980 .L64 2015 General
Keeping faith with human rights Hogan, Linda, 1964- author. JC571 .H595 2015 Political Science
Labor of love : gestational surrogacy and the work of making babies Jacobson, Heather. HQ759.5 .J33 2016 General
Latinos and the 2012 election : the new face of the American voter JK1968 2012 .L37 2015 Political Science
Le gaullisme : 1940-1969 Touchard, Jean. JN2594.2 .T68 1978 Political Science
Leadership : essential writings by our greatest thinkers : a Norton anthology HM1261 .L4144 2015 General
Learning activism : the intellectual life of contemporary social movements Choudry, A. A., author. HM881 .C446 2015 General
Learning American sign language in high school : motivation strategies and achievement Rosen, Russell Scott. HV2476.4 .R67 2015 General
Legacies of state violence and transitional justice in Latin America : a Janus-faced paradigm? KG574 .L44 2015 General
Legal aspects of health care administration Pozgar, George D., author. KF3821 .P69 2016 General
Legislating in the dark : information and power in the House of Representatives Curry, James M., author. JK1319 .C89 2015 Political Science
Legislating instability : Adam Smith free banking and the financial crisis of 1772 Goodspeed, Tyler Beck, author. HB3722 .G665 2016 General
Liberated threads : Black women style and the global politics of soul Ford, Tanisha C. HV1421 .F67 2015 General
Life emergent : the social in the afterlives of violence Arif, Yasmeen, 1966- author. HN981.V5 A75 2016 General
Little sister : searching for the shadow world of Chinese women : a memoir Checkoway, Julie. HQ1767 .C437 1996 General
Lives in limbo : undocumented and coming of age in America Gonzales, Roberto G., 1969- author. JV6600 .G66 2016 Political Science
Loren Miller civil rights attorney and journalist Hassan, Amina, 1941- author. KF373.M5315 H37 2015 General
Luksus : forbrug og kolonier i Danmark i det 18. århundrede Pedersen, Mikkel Venborg, author. HC359 .P444 2013 General
Machiavelli goes to the movies : understanding The Prince through television and film Kasper, Eric T., author. JC143.M4 K37 2015 Political Science
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