Social Sciences

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number Classification
"We live in the shadow" : inner-city kids tell their stories through photographs Kaplan, Elaine Bell. HN59.2 .K38 2013 General
13 hours : the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi Zuckoff, Mitchell. HV6433.L75 Z83 2014 General
2015 Affordable Care Act : law regulatory explanation and analysis. KF3605.A3282 A2 2014 General
3.11 : disaster and change in Japan Samuels, Richard J. HV555.J3 S26 2013 General
A century of innovation : the 3M story. 3M Company. HD9729.M5 A13 2002 General
A companion to families in the Greek and Roman worlds HQ511 .C66 2011 General
A deadly wandering : a tale of tragedy and redemption in the age of attention Richtel, Matt, author. HE5620.D59 R53 2014 General
A dictionary of modern revolution Hyams, Edward, 1910-1975. HX17 .H9 1973 General
A history of the Federated Insurance Companies : a century of shared visions. HG8540.F44 H527 2012 General
A Legal Guide to Privacy and Data Security KF1262 .L43 2014 General
A man without words Schaller, Susan, author. HV2534.I53 A3 2012 General
A natural history of human thinking Tomasello, Michael, author. BF311 .T6473 2014 Psychology
A political history of national citizenship and identity in Italy 1861-1950 Donati, Sabina, author. JN5591 .D63 2013 Political Science
A primer in game theory Gibbons, Robert, 1958- HB144 .G49 1992 General
A social history of Europe 1945-2000 : recovery and transformation after two World Wars Kaelble, Hartmut. HN374 .K3413 2013 General
A storm over this court : law politics and Supreme Court decision making in Brown v. Board of Educ Hockett, Jeffrey D. KF228.B76 H63 2013 General
A talent for friendship : rediscovery of a remarkable trait Terrell, John, author. BF575.F66 T47 2014 Psychology
Abolitionism and imperialism in Britain Africa and the Atlantic HT1162 .A26 2010 General
According to our hearts : Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the law of the multiracial family Onwuachi-Willig, Angela, author. KF228.R486 O59 2013 General
Accounting made simple : accounting explained in 100 pages or less Piper, Mike, 1984- HF5636 .P57 2013 General
Acting white? : rethinking race in "post-racial" America Carbado, Devon W. KF384 .C37 2013 General
Adulthood : essays BF724.5 .A35 1978 Psychology
Affective communities : anticolonial thought Fin-De-Siècle radicalism and the politics of friend Gandhi, Leela, 1966- HN400.R3 G36 2006 General
Affluence and influence : economic inequality and political power in America Gilens, Martin. JK468.P64 G55 2012 Political Science
African American felon disenfranchisement : case studies in modern racism and political exclusion Pinkard, John E., 1943- JK1846 .P56 2013 Political Science
Aging in America HQ1064.U5 A63399 2014 General
Aid on the edge of chaos : rethinking international cooperation in a complex world Ramalingam, Ben, author. HC60 .R36 2013 General
Allt på ett brädek : stat ekonomi och bondeoffer : en vänbok till Jan Lindegren HC373 .A55 2013 General
American attitudes : who thinks what about the issues that shape our lives HN90.P8 M58 2014 General
American children in chronic poverty : complex risks benefit-cost analyses and untangling the knot Lamy, Cynthia E. (Cynthia Esposito), 1960- HV741 .L37 2013 General
American epic : reading the US Constitution Epps, Garrett, author. KF4550 .E663 2013 General
American Incomes : Demographics of Who Has Money HC110.I5 R87 2014 General
American lynching Rushdy, Ashraf H. A., 1961- HV6457 .R867 2012 General
American neoconservatism : the politics and culture of a reactionary idealism Drolet, Jean-François. JC573.2.U6 D75 2013 Political Science
American towns : an interpretive history Russo, David J. HT123 .R86 2001 General
Amigas y amantes : sexually nonconforming Latinas negotiate family Acosta, Katie L., 1980- HQ75.53 .A28 2013 General
An evening when alone : four journals of single women in the South 1827-67 HQ800.2 .E94 1993 General
Angry white men : American masculinity at the end of an era Kimmel, Michael S. HQ1090.3 .K55175 2013 General
Anna Howard Shaw : the work of woman suffrage Franzen, Trisha, 1951- JK1899.S6 F73 2014 Political Science
Aspects of psychologism Crane, Tim. BF41 .C73 2014 Psychology
Back to basics : state power in a contemporary world JC330 .B255 2013 Political Science
Bad feminist : essays Gay, Roxane, author. HQ1421 .G39 2014 General
Baltic cities : perspectives on urban and regional change in the Baltic Sea area HT145.B32 B35 1997 General
Banal nationalism Billig, Michael. JC311 .B476 1995 Political Science
Barack Obama and the new America : the 2012 election and the changing face of politics JK526 2012 .B37 2013 Political Science
Becoming national : a reader JC311 .B4125 1996 Political Science
Becoming right : how campuses shape young conservatives Binder, Amy J., 1964- JC573.2.U6 B53 2013 Political Science
Being there : new perspectives on phenomenology and the analysis of culture HM621 .B45 2003 General
Beside ourselves : our hidden personality in everyday life Quenk, Naomi L., 1936- BF698.3 .Q46 1993 Psychology
Between work and leisure : the common ground of two separate worlds Stebbins, Robert A., 1938- HD4904.6 .S7 2014 General
Beyond versus : the struggle to understand the interaction of nature and nurture Tabery, James, 1978- BF341 .T33 2014 Psychology
Billionaires : reflections on the upper crust West, Darrell M., 1954- author. HC79.W4 W465 2014 General
Black women against the land grab : the fight for racial justice in Brazil Perry, Keisha-Khan Y. HQ1236.5.B6 P47 2013 General
Blind to sameness : sexpectations and the social construction of male and female bodies Friedman, Asia. BF692.2 .F75 2013 Psychology
Blog theory : feedback and capture in the circuits of drive Dean, Jodi, 1962- HM851 .D43 2010 General
Born free and equal? : a philosophical inquiry into the nature of discrimination Lippert-Rasmussen, Kasper, 1964- HM821 .L57 2014 General
Bribes bullets and intimidation : drug trafficking and the law in Central America Bunck, Julie Marie, 1960- author. HV5840.L3 B86 2012 General
Building a peace economy? : liberal peacebuilding and the development-security industry Peterson, Jenny H., author. JZ5538 .P48 2014 Political Science
Bulls bears and the ballot box : how the performance of our Presidents has impacted your wallet Deitrick, Bob. HC106 .D45 2012 General
By all means necessary : how China's resource quest is changing the world Economy, Elizabeth, 1962- HC427.5 .E28 2014 General
Called to account : financial frauds that shaped the accounting profession Clikeman, Paul M., 1960- HF5616.U5 C575 2013 General
Can China lead? : reaching the limits of power and growth Abrami, Regina M. HC427.95 .A27 2014 General
Capturing contemporary Japan : differentiation and uncertainty HC462.95 .C365 2014 General
Carnal knowledge and imperial power : race and the intimate in colonial rule Stoler, Ann Laura. JV105 .S79 2010 Political Science
Champions for peace : women winners of the Nobel Peace Prize Stiehm, Judith Hicks, 1935- author. JZ5540 .S74 2014 Political Science
Change : what really leads to lasting personal transformation Kottler, Jeffrey A. BF637.C4 K677 2014 Psychology
Change they can't believe in : the Tea Party and reactionary politics in America Parker, Christopher S., 1963- JK2391.T43 P37 2013 Political Science
Changing men and masculinities in Latin America HQ1090.7.L29 C43 2003 General
Character and moral psychology Miller, Christian B., author. BF818 .M43 2014 Psychology
Child soldier : fighting for my life Keitetsi, China. HQ784.W3 K45 2002 General
Children of the prison boom : mass incarceration and the future of American inequality Wakefield, Sara, author. HV8886.U5 W35 2014 General
China goes global : the partial power. Shambaugh, David. HF1604 .S48 2014 General
China's foreign political and economic relations : an unconventional global power Heilmann, Sebastian. JZ1730 .H45 2014 Political Science
China's new socialist countryside : modernity arrives in the Nu River Valley Harwood, Russell. HN740.N85 H37 2014 General
Choosing the future for American juvenile justice HV9104 .C46 2014 General
Cicero on politics and the limits of reason : the republic and laws Atkins, Jed W. JC81.C7 A75 2013 Political Science
City save thyself! : nuclear terror and the urban ballot Wylie, David A. HV6432 .W95 2009 General
Closer together further apart : the effect of technology and the Internet on parenting work and r Weiss, Robert, 1961- author. HM851 .W42975 2014 General
Cocaine death squads and the war on terror : U.S. imperialism and class struggle in Colombia Villar, Oliver. HV8079.N3 V55 2011 General
Collaborative media : production consumption and design interventions Löwgren, Jonas. HM851 .L69 2013 General
Collision course : endless growth on a finite planet Higgs, Kerryn, 1946- author. HC59 .H523 2014 General
Coming out : the new dynamics Guittar, Nicholas A. HQ76.25 .G85 2014 General
Company man : thirty years of controversy and crisis in the CIA Rizzo, John Anthony, 1947- author. JK468.I6 R59 2014 Political Science
Compromise : a political and philosophical history Fumurescu, Alin, 1967- author. JA71 .F85 2013 Political Science
Computer-mediated communication in personal relationships HM742 .C65 2011 General
Confessional crises and cultural politics in twentieth-century America Tell, Dave, 1976- BF634 .T45 2012 Psychology
Conflict and cohesion in socialist Yugoslavia : political decision making since 1966 Burg, Steven L., 1950- JN9663 1983 Political Science
Confrontation with the unconscious : Jungian depth psychology and psychedelic experience Hill, Scott J., author. BF173.J85 H52 2013 Psychology
Consciousness and the social brain Graziano, Michael S. A., 1967- BF311 .G692 2013 Psychology
Consuming work : youth labor in America Besen-Cassino, Yasemin. HD6273 .B47 2014 General
Contagious representation : women's political representation in democracies around the world Thames, Frank. HQ1236 .T484 2013 General
Contemporary drug policy Brownstein, Henry H. HV5801 .B7196 2013 General
Contemporary Soviet society : sociological perspectives HN527 .C66 1980 General
Coping with bullying Guillain, Charlotte. BF637.B85 G85 2011 Psychology
Corporate discourse Breeze, Ruth. HD30.3 .B74 2013 General
Cotton : the fabric that made the modern world Riello, Giorgio. HD9870.5 .R54 2013 General
Creating effective groups : the art of small group communication Fujishin, Randy. HM736 .F85 2013 General
Crime culture & violence : understanding how masculinity and identity shapes offending Seidler, Katie. HV9960.A8 S45 2010 General
Crimes of globalization Rothe, Dawn, 1961- author. HV6252 .R68 2015 General
Crossings : Africa the Americas and the Atlantic slave trade Walvin, James, author. HT1322 .W33 2013 General
DDR posters : Ostdeutsche Propagandakunst = The art of east German propaganda Heather, David (David Christopher N.), 1962- author. JN3971.A956 H43 2014 Political Science
Death and redemption : the Gulag and the shaping of Soviet society Barnes, Steven Anthony. HV9712 .B27 2011 General
Debating human rights Chong, Daniel P. L., author. JC571 .C5534 2014 Political Science
Debating Turkish modernity : civilization nationalism and the EEC Döşemeci, Mehmet. HC241.25.T9 D67 2013 General
Delicious peace grows in a Ugandan coffee bean HN794.A8 D45 2010 General
Democracy in Latin America : between hope and despair Walker, Ignacio. JL966 .W35 2013 Political Science
Democracy in retreat : the revolt of the middle class and the worldwide decline of representative go Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976- JC423 .K857 2013 Political Science
Demographic gaps in American political behavior Fisher, Patrick (Patrick Ivan), author. JK1764 .F528 2014 Political Science
Diaries of an unfinished revolution : voices from Tunis to Damascus JQ1850.A91 W75 2013 Political Science
Digital media and society : an introduction Athique, Adrian. HM851 .A884 2013 General
Disability studies : an interdisciplinary introduction Goodley, Dan, 1972- HV1568.2 .G665 2011 General
Disciplining terror : how experts invented "terrorism" Stampnitzky, Lisa. HV6431 .S69 2013 General
Dispatches from the Arab spring : understanding the new Middle East JQ1850.A91 D58 2013 Political Science
Divided nations : why global governance is failing and what we can do about it Goldin, Ian, 1955- author. JZ1318 .G6795 2014 Political Science
Do Muslim women need saving? Abu-Lughod, Lila. HQ1170 .A346 2013 General
Documenting Intimate matters : primary sources for a history of sexuality in America HQ18.U5 D63 2013 General
Don't look don't touch don't eat : the science behind revulsion Curtis, Valerie, author. BF575.A886 C87 2013 Psychology
Dual-process theories of the social mind HM1033 .D83 2014 General
Eastern Europe since 1945 Swain, Geoff. HX240.7.A6 S93 1993 General
Econometric analysis Greene, William H., 1951- HB139 .G74 2012 General
Econometric analysis of cross section and panel data Wooldridge, Jeffrey M., 1960- HB139 .W663 2010 General
Economic and political reform in Africa : anthropological perspectives Little, Peter D., author. HN780.Z9 C6473 2014 General
Economic development & GIS Pogodzinski, J. M. HD58 .P63 2013 General
Economics of the oceans : rights rents and resources Hallwood, Paul, author. K3485 .H35 2014 General
Emerging adulthood : the winding road from the late teens through the twenties Arnett, Jeffrey Jensen, author. HQ799.5 .A72 2015 General
Encounters with others : interpersonal relationships and you Hamachek, Don E. HM132.H329 E56 1982 General
Endangered species : how we can avoid mass destruction and build a lasting peace Younger, Stephen Michael, 1951- HM886 .Y68 2008 General
Enforcing order : an ethnography of urban policing Fassin, Didier, author. HV8206.P3 F3713 2013 General
Entertaining politics : satiric television and political engagement Jones, Jeffrey P., 1963- HE8700.76.U6 J663 2010 General
Europe's deadlock : how the euro crisis could be solved and why it won't happen Marsh, David, 1952- HC240 .M36 2013 General
European colonialism since 1700 Lehning, James R., 1947- JV135 .L44 2013 Political Science
European socialism : a concise history with documents Smaldone, William. HX236.5 .S6293 2014 General
Everything in its path : destruction of community in the Buffalo Creek flood Erikson, Kai, 1931- HV610 1972 .E74 1976 General
Everything is wonderful : memories of a collective farm in Estonia Rausing, Sigrid, author. HD1492.E7 R37 2014 General
Evolution and human sexual behavior Gray, Peter B., 1972- BF692 .G687 2013 Psychology
Expulsions : brutality and complexity in the global economy Sassen, Saskia. HM548 .S275 2014 General
External mission : the ANC in exile 1960-1990 Ellis, Stephen, 1953- JQ1998.A4 E45 2013 Political Science
Extranjeras Foreign women = Étrangères HD8588.5.A2 E987 2003 General
Extremism in America HN90.R3 M423 2014 General
Falling inequality in Latin America : policy changes and lessons HC130.I5 F35 2014 General
Family conflict Canary, Heather E. HQ734 .C36 2013 General
Far from the tree : parents children and the search for identity Solomon, Andrew, 1963- HV888.5 .S65 2012 General
Fear of crime : critical voices in an age of anxiety HV6250.25 .F435 2009 General
Federalism and subsidiarity KF4600 .F428 2014 General
Feeling women's liberation Hesford, Victoria, 1968- HQ1421 .H47 2013 General
Female alliances : gender identity and friendship in early modern Britain Herbert, Amanda E. BF575.F66 H47 2014 Psychology
Feminism and power : the need for critical theory Caputi, Mary, 1957- HQ1190 .C367 2013 General
Fields of desire : poverty and policy in Laos High, Holly, author. HC443.Z9 P665 2014 General
Fight or flight : Britain France and their roads from empire Martin, Thomas, 1964- author. JV151 .M37 2014 Political Science
Finding Augusta : habits of mobility and governance in the digital era Cooley, Heidi Rae. BF637.C45 C686 2014 Psychology
Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt Lewis, Michael (Michael M.), author. HG4928.5 .L478 2014 General
Food for change : the politics and values of social movements Pratt, Jeff C., author. HD9000.5 .P738 2014 General
Food systems failure : the global food crisis and the future of agriculture HD9000.5 .F599 2014 General
Forcing the spring : inside the fight for marriage equality Becker, Jo, author. KF228.H645 B43 2014 General
Foreign fighters : transnational identity in civil conflicts Malet, David (David Samuel) JC328.5 .M34 2013 Political Science
Foreign policy begins at home : the case for putting America's house in order Haass, Richard. JZ1480 .H32 2014 Political Science
Foreign relations : American immigration in global perspective Gabaccia, Donna R., 1949- JV6450 .G22 2012 Political Science
Formations of European modernity : a historical and political sociology of Europe Delanty, Gerard. JA76 .D355 2013 Political Science
From chivalry to terrorism : war and the changing nature of masculinity Braudy, Leo. HQ1090 .B7 2005 General
From war to peace : a guide to the next hundred years Shifferd, Kent D., 1940- JZ5574 .S54 2011 Political Science
From Yale to jail : the life story of a moral dissenter Dellinger, David T., 1915-2004. HN90.R3 D46 1993 General
Gang life in two cities : an insider's journey Durán, Robert J. HV6439.U7 D463 2013 General
GDP : a brief but affectionate history Coyle, Diane. HC79.I5 C725 2014 General
Gender and Jewish history HQ1172 .G37 2011 General
Gender and popular culture Milestone, Katie. HQ1075 .M554 2012 General
Gender informal institutions and political recruitment : explaining male dominance in parliamentary Bjarnegård, Elin, author. JF1051 .B554 2013 Political Science
Gender shock : exploding the myths of male and female Burke, Phyllis, 1951- HQ1075 .B85 1996 General
Gender violence and human security : critical feminist perspectives HV6250.4.W65 G4722 2013 General
Gendered lives : communication gender and culture Wood, Julia T. HQ1075 .W69 2013 General
Gendering global conflict : toward a feminist theory of war Sjoberg, Laura, 1979- JZ6405.W66 S56 2013 Political Science
Gendering the recession : media and culture in an age of austerity HQ1075 .G463 2014 General
Genius unmasked Ness, Roberta B. BF412 .N46 2013 Psychology
Genocide : a reader HV6322.7 .G447 2014 General
Gentlemen's prescriptions for women's lives : a thousand years of biographies of Chinese women Mou, Sherry J., 1954- HQ1767 .M68 2004 General
Geographies of peace : new approaches to boundaries diplomacy and conflict resolution JZ5566.4 .G46 2014 Political Science
Gestures Flusser, Vilém, 1920-1991. BF637.N66 F5813 2014 Psychology
Global justice and territory Nine, Cara. KZ3675 .N56 2012 General
Global suburbs : urban sprawl from the Rio Grande to Rio de Janeiro Herzog, Lawrence A. (Lawrence Arthur) HT352.N7 H47 2014 General
Globalization and global justice : shrinking distance expanding obligations Hassoun, Nicole. JZ1318 .H3835 2014 Political Science
God's gangs : barrio ministry masculinity and gang recovery Flores, Edward. HV6439.U7 L725 2014 General
Good jobs America : making work better for everyone Osterman, Paul. HD5724 .O764 2011 General
Good jobs bad jobs : the rise of polarized and precarious employment systems in the United States Kalleberg, Arne L. HD5724 .K35 2013 General
Governing animals : animal welfare and the liberal state Smith, Kimberly K., 1966- HV4708 .S62 2012 General
Greece : from exit to recovery? Pelagidēs, Theodōros K., author. HC295 .P3765 2014 General
Grief and bereavement in the adult palliative care setting Strada, E. Alessandra. BF575.G7 S764 2013 Psychology
Groundswell : grassroots feminist activism in postwar America Gilmore, Stephanie. HQ1426 .G454 2013 General
Guest workers or colonized labor? : Mexican labor migration to the United States Gonzalez, Gilbert G., 1941- HD8081.M6 G6648 2013 General
Hallucination : philosophy and psychology BF491 .H35 2013 Psychology
Hara-kiri; Japanese ritual suicide. Seward, Jack. HV6548.J3 S4 1967 General
Hard times : the divisive toll of the economic slump Clark, Tom, 1976- HC106.84 .C53 2014 General
Hate thy neighbor : move-in violence and the persistence of racial segregation in American housing Bell, Jeannine, 1969- HD7288.76.U5 B45 2013 General
He runs she runs : why gender stereotypes do not harm women candidates Brooks, Deborah Jordan. HQ1236.5.U6 B77 2013 General
Hearts and hands : the influence of women & quilts on American society Ferrero, Pat, 1942- HQ1418 .F47 1987 General
Holding and letting go : the social practice of personal identities Lindemann, Hilde. BF697 .L53555 2014 Psychology
Hollow justice : a history of Indigenous claims in the United States Wilkins, David E. (David Eugene), 1954- author. KF8205 .W528 2013 General
Homesickness : an American history Matt, Susan J. BF575.N6 M295 2014 Psychology
How change happens-- or doesn't : the politics of US public policy Kamarck, Elaine Ciulla. H97 .K343 2013 General
How literature plays with the brain : the neuroscience of reading and art Armstrong, Paul B., 1949- BF456.R2 A86 2014 Psychology
How remarkable women lead : the breakthrough model for work and life Barsh, Joanna. BF637.L4 B36 2009 Psychology
Human rights : the hard questions JC571 .H84 2013 Political Science
Human rights in the shadow of colonial violence : the wars of independence in Kenya and Algeria Klose, Fabian. JC599.K4 K5613 2013 Political Science
Hur barnen tog makten Eberhard, David, 1966- author. HQ755.8 .E24 2013 General
Identity citizenship and political conflict in Africa Keller, Edmond J. (Edmond Joseph), 1942- author. JQ1879.A15 K45 2014 Political Science
Illegal migrations and the Huckleberry Finn problem Park, John S. W., author. KF4755 .P368 2013 General
Images of women in Chinese thought and culture : writings from the pre-Qin period through the Song d Wang, Robin. HQ1767 .W384 2003 General
Immigrant women workers in the neoliberal age HD6300 .I4455 2013 General
Immigration and national identities in Latin America JV7398 .I56 2014 Political Science
Immigration economics Borjas, George J. JV6217 .B673 2014 Political Science
Implosionsexplosions : towards a study of planetary urbanization HT361 .I46 2014 General
In God's land HC437.T57 I52 2012 General
In Idi Amin's shadow : women gender and militarism in Uganda Decker, Alicia C., author. HN794.A8 D32 2014 General
In search of the Amazon : Brazil the United States and the nature of a region Garfield, Seth, 1967- author. HC188.A485 G37 2013 General
In the balance : law and politics on the Roberts Court Tushnet, Mark V., 1945- author. KF8775 .T87 2013 General
In the thick of the fight : the writing of Emily Wilding Davison militant suffragette Collette, Carolyn P. JN979 .C65 2013 Political Science
Indelta inkomster : en studie av det militärä löneindelningsverket 1721-1833 Thisner, Fredrik. HB116.5.A2 T56 2014 General
Inferno : an anatomy of American punishment Ferguson, Robert A., 1942- author. K5103 .F47 2014 General
Institutions count : their role and significance in Latin American development Portes, Alejandro, 1944- HN110.5.A8 P665 2012 General
Integrated peacebuilding : innovative approaches to transforming conflict JZ5538 .I48 2013 Political Science
Intellectual disability : ethics dehumanization and a new moral community Keith, Heather E. HV3004 .K45 2013 General
Intercultural communication : building a global community Patel, Fay. HM1211 .P38 2011 General
Internalized oppression : the psychology of marginalized groups HM1136 .I65 2014 General
International ethics : concepts theories and cases in global politics Amstutz, Mark R. JZ1306 .A67 2013 Political Science
Interpreting international politics Lynch, Cecelia, author. JZ1305 .L95 2014 Political Science
Intimate matters : a history of sexuality in America D'Emilio, John. HQ18.U5 D45 2012 General
Invandring och mörkläggning : en saklig rapport från en förryckt tid Arnstberg, Karl-Olov, 1943- author. JV8223 .A76 2014 Political Science
Invisible men : mass incarceration and the myth of black progress Pettit, Becky, 1970- HV9469 .P46 2012 General
Invisible users : youth in the Internet cafes of urban Ghana Burrell, Jenna, 1978- HQ799.2.I5 B87 2012 General
Islands of slaves = Slavernes øer Hansen, Thorkild, 1927-1989. HT1214.D4 H36 2005 General
It's complicated : the social lives of networked teens boyd, danah (danah michele), 1977- HQ799.2.I5 B68 2014 General
Ivory horn and blood : behind the elephant and rhinoceros poaching crisis Orenstein, Ronald I. (Ronald Isaac), 1946- author. HD9429.I862 O74 2013 General
Jealousy Toohey, Peter, 1951- author. BF575.J4 T66 2014 Psychology
Judging the Boy Scouts of America : gay rights freedom of association and the Dale case Ellis, Richard (Richard J.), author. KF229.D35 E43 2014 General
Judgment and decision making at work HD30.23 .J83 2014 General
Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption Stevenson, Bryan, author. KF373.S7456 A3 2014 General
Justice while black : helping African-American families navigate and survive the criminal justice sy Shipp, Robbin, author. KF4757 .S55 2014 General
Juvenescence : a cultural history of our age Harrison, Robert Pogue, author. BF724.2 .H373 2014 Psychology
Kant's political theory : interpretations and applications JC181.K4 K379 2012 Political Science
Kids gone wild : from rainbow parties to sexting understanding the hype over teen sex Best, Joel. HQ27 .B47 2014 General
Knowing and not knowing in intimate relationships Rosenblatt, Paul C. BF575.I5 R646 2013 Psychology
La Rochela : memorias de un crimen contra la justicia HN310.Z9 V56597 2010 General
La tierra en disputa : memorias del despojo y resistencia campesina en la Costa Caribe (1960-2010) HN310.A85 T54 2010 General
Labor and legality : an ethnography of a Mexican immigrant network Gomberg-Muñoz, Ruth. HD8081.M6 G63 2011 General
Language and communication at work : discourse narrativity and organizing HF5718 .L35 2014 General
Laughter in ancient Rome : on joking tickling and cracking up Beard, Mary, 1955- BF575.L3 B38 2014 Psychology
Leaving prostitution : getting out and staying out of sex work Oselin, Sharon S., author. HQ144 .O84 2014 General
Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process JZ5584.N75 L47 2013 Political Science
Liar's poker : rising through the wreckage on Wall Street Lewis, Michael (Michael M.) HG4928.5 .L48 2010 General
Life reimagined : discovering your new life possibilities Leider, Richard. HQ1059.4 .L45 2013 General
Lifeblood : oil freedom and the forces of capital Huber, Matthew T. HD9565 .H83 2013 General
Living in infamy : felon disfranchisement and the history of American citizenship Holloway, Pippa, author. KF9747 .H65 2014 General
Lobbying America : the politics of business from Nixon to NAFTA Waterhouse, Benjamin C., 1978- JK1118 .W36 2014 Political Science
Los que se quedan el otro lado de la historia JV7401 .L67 2009 Political Science
Lost girls : an unsolved American mystery Kolker, Robert, author. HV6533.N5 K573 2013 General
Love and war : how militarism shapes sexuality and romance Digby, Tom, 1945- author. BF692 .D54 2014 Psychology
M.K. Gandhi attorney at law : the man before the Mahatma DiSalvo, Charles R., 1948- author. KNS110.G36 D57 2013 General
Making minds : how theory of mind develops Wellman, Henry M. BF723.C5 W453 2014 Psychology
Making peace with the earth Shiva, Vandana. HC79.E5 S558 2013 General
Male subjectivity at the margins Silverman, Kaja. BF175.5.M37 S55 1992 Psychology
Manson : the life and times of Charles Manson Guinn, Jeff. HV6248.M2797 G85 2013 General
Mao in the boardroom : marketing genius from the mind of the master guerilla Stricker, Gabriel. HF5415 .S86995 2003 General
Marijuana reform HV5822.M3 M37 2014 General
Marketing to millennials : reach the largest and most influential generation of consumers ever Fromm, Jeff. HF5415.332.Y66 F76 2013 General
Marks of an absolute witch : evidentiary dilemmas in early modern England Darr, Orna Alyagon. KD371.W56 D37 2011 General
Matter and consciousness Churchland, Paul M., 1942- BF431 .C47 2013 Psychology
May you be the mother of a hundred sons : a journey among the women of India Bumiller, Elisabeth. HQ1742 .B86 1991 General
Mechanisms of social connection : from brain to group HM1111 .M43 2014 General
Memes in digital culture Shifman, Limor, 1974- HM626 .S55 2014 General
Men and masculinities in contemporary China Song, Geng. HQ1090.7.C6 S66 2014 General
Men still at work : professionals over sixty and on the job Fideler, Elizabeth F. HD6280 .F53 2014 General
Meth mania : a history of methamphetamine Parsons, Nicholas L. HV5822.A5 P37 2014 General
Mixed fortunes : an economic history of China Russia and the West Popov, Vladimir, 1954- HC51 .P67 2014 General
Mortal rituals : what the story of the Andes survivors tells us about human evolution Rossano, Matthew J. BF698.95 .R67 2013 Psychology
Moving beyond icebreakers : an innovative approach to group facilitation learning and action Pollack, Stanley. HM751 .P65 2005 General
Muslim American women on campus : undergraduate social life and identity Mir, Shabana. HQ1170 .M567 2014 General
Narcissism and politics : dreams of glory Post, Jerrold M., author. BF698.9.P6 P67 2015 Psychology
Narrative imagination and everyday life Andrews, Molly. BF408 .A54 2014 Psychology
National identity Smith, Anthony D. JC311 .S538 1991 Political Science
Nature heals = Natura sanat non medicus : the psychological essays of Paul Goodman Goodman, Paul, 1911-1972. BF149 .G66 1977 Psychology
Nature's fortune : how business and society thrive by investing in nature Tercek, Mark R. HC79.E5 T47155 2013 General
Negotiating normality : everyday lives in socialist institutions HN960 .N44 2012 General
Never forget national humiliation : historical memory in Chinese politics and foreign relations Wang, Zheng, 1968- JZ1734 .W38 2012 Political Science
New rules for women : revolutionizing the way women work together Litwin, Anne H. HD6053 .L58 2014 General
No one's world : the West the rising rest and the coming global turn Kupchan, Charles. JA71 .K837 2013 Political Science
No place to hide : Edward Snowden the NSA and the U.S. surveillance state Greenwald, Glenn. JF1525.W45 G74 2014 Political Science
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