Sciences: General Science

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A beginner's guide to structural equation modeling Schumacker, Randall E. QA278 .S36 2010
A complex analysis problem book Alpay, Daniel. QA255 .A47 2011
A comprehensive course in number theory Baker, Alan, 1939- QA241 .B237 2012
A handbook of global freshwater invasive species QH96.8.I57 H36 2012
A history of women's menstruation from ancient Greece to the twenty-first century : psychological s Hufnagel, Glenda Lewin. QP263 .H84 2012
A logical introduction to proof Cunningham, Daniel W. QA9 .C86 2012
A mathematical orchard : problems and solutions Krusemeyer, Mark. QA43 .K78 2012
A palette of particles Bernstein, Jeremy, 1929- QC793.26 .B47 2013
A piece of the sun : the quest for fusion energy Clery, Daniel. QC791.735 .C25 2013
A Sand County almanac & other writings on ecology and conservation Leopold, Aldo, 1886-1948, author. QH81 .L56 2013
ABC of physics : a very brief guide Okunʹ, L. B. (Lev Borisovich) QC21.3 .O55 2012
Africa as a living laboratory : empire development and the problem of scientific knowledge 1870-1 Tilley, Helen, 1968- Q180.A5 T55 2011
Algae : ecology economic uses and environmental impact QK568.E26 A427 2012
All the birds of North America : American bird conservancy's field guide Griggs, Jack L. QL681 .G77 1997
An appetite for wonder : the making of a scientist : a memoir Dawkins, Richard, 1941- QH31.D425 A3 2013
An introduction to pseudo-differential operators Wong, Man Wah, 1951- QA329.7 .W658 1999
An introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics Swendsen, Robert H. QC174.8 .S84 2012
Andrei Sakharov : quarks and the structure of matter Lipkin, Harry J. QC793.5.Q252 L57 2013
Animal eyes Land, Michael F. QL949 .L26 2012
Animal personalities : behavior physiology and evolution QL751 .A667 2013
Aquatic entomology Lancaster, Jill. QL472 .L36 2013
Asymptotic expansions Erdélyi, Arthur. QA431 .E7 1956
Atom : a single oxygen atom's odyssey from the big bang to life on earth-- and beyond Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell. QB981 .K77 2001
Australian lizards : a natural history Wilson, Stephen K., 1954- QL666.L2 W55 2012
Bankrupting physics : how today's top scientists are gambling away their credibility Unzicker, Alexander. QC6 .U59 2013
Before Galileo : the birth of modern science in medieval Europe Freely, John. Q124.97 .F738 2012
Beyond the bubble : how to use multiple-choice tests to improve math instruction grades 2-3 Wickett, Maryann. QA135.6 .W53 2011
Beyond the bubble : how to use multiple-choice tests to improve math instruction grades 4-5 Wickett, Maryann. QA135.6 .W532 2011
Biochemical pathways : an atlas of biochemistry and molecular biology QP171 .B685 2012
Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation : exploring the evidence for a link QH75 .B53225 2013
Biogeochemical dynamics at major river-coastal interfaces : linkages with global change QH344 .B525 2014
Bioluminescence : living lights lights for living Wilson, Therese, 1925- QH641 .W55 2013
Biomeasurement : a student's guide to biological statistics Hawkins, Dawn May. QH323.5 .H38 2009
Birds and habitat : relationships in changing landscapes QL698.95 .B579 2012
Breaking into the lab : engineering progress for women in science Rosser, Sue Vilhauer. Q130 .R674 2012
Bridge to abstract mathematics Oberste-Vorth, Ralph W., 1959- QA9 .O24 2012
C++ for everyone Horstmann, Cay S., 1959- QA76.73.C153 H6685 2012
California condors in the Pacific Northwest D'Elia, Jesse. QL696.C53 D45 2013
Classical Banach spaces Lindenstrauss, Joram, 1936- QA322.2 .L56 1973
Climate and catastrophe in Cuba and the Atlantic world in the age of revolution Johnson, Sherry, 1949- QC987.C8 J64 2011
Climate change and threatened communities : vulnerability capacity and action QC903.2.D44 C55 2012
Colliding continents : a geological exploration of the Himalaya Karakoram & Tibet Searle, M. P. QE634.H5 S43 2013
Competing with the Soviets : science technology and the state in Cold War America Wolfe, Audra J. Q127.U6 W65 2013
Computational structural biology : methods and applications QP551 .C714 2008
Concealing coloration in animals Diamond, Judy, author. QL767 .D53 2013
Conservation Hambler, Clive, 1960- QH75 .H3626 2013
Cooperation and its evolution QH366.2 .C657 2013
Core maths for the biosciences Reed, Martin B. QH323.5 R443 2011
Cracking the particle code of the universe : the hunt for the Higgs boson Moffat, John W. QC793.5.B62 M64 2014
Cytochrome P450 : structure mechanism and biochemistry QP671.C83 C98 2010
Data science for business : [what you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking] Provost, Foster, 1964- QA76.9.D343 P76 2013
Decoding reality : the universe as quantum information Vedral, Vlatko. QC6 .V42 2010
Deep things out of darkness : a history of natural history Anderson, John G. T., 1957- QH15 .A72 2013
Defining mathematics education : presidential yearbook selections 1926-2012 : seventy-fifth yearbook QA1 .N3 2013
Dispersal ecology and evolution QH543.3 .D57 2012
Earth dynamics : deformations and oscillations of the rotating Earth Smylie, D. E. QE517.5 .S678 2013
Earth in 100 groundbreaking discoveries Palmer, Douglas. QE501 .P265 2011
Ecological restoration : principles values and structure of an emerging profession Clewell, Andre F. QH541.15.R45 C54 2013
Ecology of North American freshwater fishes Ross, Stephen T. QL625 .R67 2013
Ecosystem paleobiology and geobiology : presented as a Paleontological Society short course at the a QE719.8 .E26 2013
Elliptic problems in nonsmooth domains Grisvard, P. (Pierre) QA379 .G74 2011
Erasmus Darwin : sex science and serendipity Fara, Patricia. QH31.D3 F37 2012
Erwin Schrödinger and the quantum revolution Gribbin, John, 1946- QC16.S265 G75 2013
Evolutionary perspectives on pregnancy Avise, John C. QP251 .A95 2013
Exploring quantum mechanics : a collection of 700+ solved problems for students lecturers and rese Galit͡skiĭ, V. M. (Viktor Mikhaĭlovich), author. QC174.15 .G35 2013
Exploring quantum physics through hands-on projects Prutchi, David. QC174.12 .P785 2012
Fantastic realities : 49 mind journeys and a trip to Stockholm Wilczek, Frank. QC75 .W55 2006
Fatal flaws : how a misfolded protein baffled scientists and changed the way we look at the brain Ingram, Jay. QR502 .I54 2013
Fire in the valley : the making of the personal computer Freiberger, Paul, 1953- QA76.5 .F697 2000
Fossil mammals of Asia : Neogene biostratigraphy and chronology QE881 .F66 2012
Frozen in time : prehistoric life in Antarctica Stilwell, Jeffrey D. QE760 .S75 2011
Function spaces differential operators and nonlinear analysis : the Hans Triebel anniversary volum QA323 .F863 2003
Functional analytic methods for evolution equations QA3 .L28 no. 1855
Functional analytic methods for partial differential equations Tanabe, Hiroki. QA321 .T36 1997
Fundamentals of condensed matter and crystalline physics : an introduction for students of physics a Sidebottom, David L., 1961- QC173.454 .S53 2012
Fundamentals of light microscopy and electronic imaging Murphy, Douglas B. QH205.2 .M87 2013
Fungal biology in the origin and emergence of life Moore, D. (David), 1942- QK604.2.E85 M66 2013
Games and mathematics : subtle connections Wells, D. G. (David G.) QA95 .W438 2012
Genetic explanations : sense and nonsense QH426.5 .G46 2013
Genetic variation : methods and protocols QH401 .G47 2010
Geometry and its applications in arts nature and technology Glaeser, Georg. QA447 .G5713 2012
Getting your head around the brain Ellison, Amanda. QP376 .E553 2012
Ginkgo : the tree that time forgot Crane, Peter R. QK494.5.G48 C73 2013
Global climate change. QC981.8.G56 G548 2013
Green equilibrium : the vital balance of humans & nature Wills, Christopher. QH541.15.B56 W543 2013
Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal Roach, Mary. QP145 .R53 2013
Handbook of time series analysis : recent theoretical developments and applications QA280 .H322 2006
Hiding in the mirror : the quest for alternate realities from Plato to string theory (by way of Ali Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell. QC173.59.S65 K745 2006
Higgs : the invention and discovery of the 'god particle' Baggott, J. E. QC793.5.B62 B34 2012
How Einstein created relativity out of physics and astronomy Topper, David R. QC173.52 .T67 2013
How to observe the sun safely MacDonald, Lee, 1973- QB521 .M23 2012
Human communication and the brain Egolf, Donald B., 1937- QP355.2 .E36 2012
Human vision and neural computation : illusion and reality in the mind's eye Grossberg, Stephen, 1939- QP477.5 .G76 1989
In search of the good : a life in bioethics Callahan, Daniel, 1930- QH332 .C35 2012
Interpolation of linear operators Kreĭn, S. G. (Selim Grigorʹevich), 1917- QA329.2 .K7313 1982
Introduction to mathematical philosophy Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970. QA8.4 .R87 2010
Introduction to the art of programming using Scala Lewis, Mark C., author. QA76.73.S28 L49 2013
Introduction to the Fourier transform & pseudo-differential operators Petersen, Bent E. QA329.7 .P47 1983
Invasive species : what everyone needs to know Simberloff, Daniel. QH353 .S56 2013
Land use and the carbon cycle : advances in integrated science management and policy QH344 .L36 2013
Language music and the brain : a mysterious relationship QP376 .L32 2013
Lectures on quantum mechanics Weinberg, Steven, 1933- QC174.125 .W45 2013
Life everlasting : the animal way of death Heinrich, Bernd, 1940- QH541.13 .H45 2012
Life in the cold : an introduction to winter ecology Marchand, Peter J. QH543.2 .M37 2013
Life's ratchet : how molecular machines extract order from chaos Hoffmann, Peter M. QH506 .H636 2012
Lime-trees and basswoods : a biological monograph of the genus Tilia Pigott, Donald, 1928- QK495.T5 P54 2012
Manual of Montana vascular plants Lesica, Peter. QK171 .L4686 2012
Marie Curie and her daughters : the private lives of science's first family Emling, Shelley. QD22.C8 E46 2013
Marshes : ecology management and conservation QH541.5.M3 M37 2012
Math exchanges : guiding young mathematicians in small-group meetings Wedekind, Kassia Omohundro, 1983- QA20.G76 W43 2011
Math sense : the look sound and feel of effective instruction Moynihan, Christine, 1951- QA11.2 .M69 2012
Math tools in action QA135.6 .M37 2013
Math work stations : independent learning you can count on K-2 Diller, Debbie, 1954- QA135.6 .D55 2011
Mathematics in computing : an accessible guide to historical foundational and application contexts O'Regan, Gerard (Cornelius Gerard) QA76.9.M35 O74 2013
Mathematics of quantization and quantum fields Dereziński, Jan, 1957- QC174.17.G46 D47 2013
Matrix analysis Horn, Roger A. QA188 .H66 2013
Maverick genius : the pioneering odyssey of Freeman Dyson Schewe, Phillip F. QC16.D95 S34 2013
Microbial mats in siliciclastic depositional systems through time QR100.8.M37 M526 2012
Mid-Atlantic freshwater wetlands : advances in wetlands science management policy and practice QH87.3 .M53 2013
Molecular machines QH506 .M66437 2011
Mr. Science and Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution : science and technology in modern China Q175.52 .C6 M72 2013
Mr. Tompkins in paperback Gamow, George, 1904-1968. QC71 .G25 1993
Multiple integrals in the calculus of variations Morrey, Charles Bradfield, 1907-1984. QA316 .M56 2008
Mycoheterotrophy : the biology of plants living on fungi QK604 .M88 2013
Nature. QK45.2 .N38 2013
Nature's compass : the mystery of animal navigation Gould, James L., 1945- QL782 .G68 2012
Neogene deformation between central Utah and the Mojave Desert QE1 .G43S no. 499
New horizons in geometry Apostol, Tom M., author. QA445 .A66 2012
Nonlinear analysis : a collection of papers in honor of Erich H. Rothe QA300.5 .N66 1978
Nonlinear analysis and applications QA321.5 .N64 1987
Nothing : a very short introduction Close, F. E. QC6 .C588 2009
Novel ecosystems : intervening in the new ecological world order QH75 .N68 2013
Nuclear forces : the making of the physicist Hans Bethe Schweber, S. S. (Silvan S.) QC774.B4 S39 2012
Number sense routines : building numerical literacy every day in grades K-3 Shumway, Jessica F. QA135.53 .S57 2011
Ordinary and delay differential equations QA370 .O7 1992
Ordinary differential equations : an introduction to nonlinear analysis Amann, H. (Herbert), 1938- QA372 .A4313 1990
Orogenesis : the making of mountains Johnson, M. R. W. (Michael Raymond Walter) QE621 .J64 2012
Our genes our choices : how genotype and gene interactions affect behavior Goldman, David, M.D. QH457 .G65 2012
Our mathematical universe : my quest for the ultimate nature of reality Tegmark, Max, author. QB981 .T44 2014
Paradox : the nine greatest enigmas in physics Al-Khalili, Jim, 1962- Q173 .A395 2012
Penguins : natural history and conservation QL696.S473 P4527 2013
Peterson field guide to freshwater fishes of North America north of Mexico Page, Lawrence M. QL627 .P34 2011
Philosophy of mathematics and natural science Weyl, Hermann, 1885-1955. QA9 .W412 2009
Philosophy of stem cell biology : knowledge in flesh and blood Fagan, Melinda Bonnie, author. QH588.S83 F35 2013
Physical mathematics Cahill, Kevin, 1941-, author. QC20 .C24 2013
Physics in mind : a quantum view of the brain Loewenstein, Werner R. QP355.2 .L64 2013
Planet without apes Stanford, Craig B. (Craig Britton), 1956- QL737.P96 S733 2012
Plant-thinking : a philosophy of vegetal life Marder, Michael, 1980- QK46 .M37 2013
Plants : a very short introduction Walker, Timothy, 1958- QK45.2 .W25 2012
Polarized radiation of circumstellar origin QB837.5 .P65 1988
Primer on scientific programming with Python Langtangen, Hans Petter, 1962- QA76.73.P98 L35 2012
Principles and practice of structural equation modeling Kline, Rex B. QA278 .K585 2011
Principles of compiler design Aho, Alfred V. QA76.6 .A365 1977
Probability : a very short introduction Haigh, John, 1955- QA273 .H35 2012
Probing the sky with radio waves : from wireless technology to the development of atmospheric scienc Yeang, Chen-Pang. QC676.4 .Y43 2013
Problems and solutions on electromagnetism QC760.52 .P76 1993
Pure and modern milk : an environmental history since 1900 Smith-Howard, Kendra. QP144.M54 S65 2014
Qualitative analysis of delay partial difference equations Zhang, B. G., 1934- QA431 .Z53 2007
Quantum computing since Democritus Aaronson, Scott. QC174.17.M35 A27 2013
Quantum concepts in physics : an alternative approach to the understanding of quantum mechanics Longair, Malcolm. QC173.98 .L66 2013
Quintessence : the mystery of missing mass in the universe Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell. QB791.3 .K74 2000
Radioactivity : a history of a mysterious science Malley, Marjorie Caroline, 1941- QC794.6.R3 M35 2011
Recoding gender : women's changing participation in computing Abbate, Janet. QA76.9.W65 A33 2012
Relationships between active galactic nuclei and starburst galaxies : proceedings of the Taipei Astr Taipei Astrophysics Workshop (1991 : Academia Sinica) QB858.3 .T35 1992
Restoration and reclamation of boreal ecosystems : attaining sustainable development QH541.5.T3 V55 2012
Rethinking the fabric of geology QE1 .G34S no. 502
Roads to infinity : the mathematics of truth and proof Stillwell, John. QA248 .S778 2010
Robert Oppenheimer : a life inside the center Monk, Ray, author. QC16.O62 M66 2013
Robotic telescopes in the 1990s : proceedings of a symposium held as part of the 103rd annual meetin QB88 .R62 1992
Routledge handbook of climate change and society QC903 .R68 2010
Savannas of our birth : people wildlife and change in East Africa Reid, Robin Spencer. QH195.A23 R45 2012
Science and conservation in the Galapagos Islands : frameworks & perspectives QH198.G3 S35 2013
Science as inquiry in the secondary setting Q183.3.A1 S3526 2008
Science before Socrates : Parmenides Anaxagoras and the new astronomy Graham, Daniel W. QB21 .G73 2013
Seasonal to decadal predictions of arctic sea ice : challenges and strategies National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on the Future of Arctic Sea Ice Research in Support of S QC994.8 .N3 2012
Secret history : the story of cryptology Bauer, Craig P. QA76.9.A25 B384 2013
Seismic Japan : the long history and continuing legacy of the Ansei Edo earthquake Smits, Gregory, 1960- author. QE537.2.J3 S54 2013
Sensory ecology behaviour and evolution Stevens, Martin, 1982- QP82 .S83 2013
Singular integrals and differentiability properties of functions Stein, Elias M., 1931- QA331.5 .S75 1970
Sold into extinction : the global trade in endangered species Schneider, Jacqueline L. QH75 .S265 2012
Spectrums : our mind-boggling universe from infinitesimal to infinity Blatner, David. QC39 .B58 2012
Statistics : a very short introduction Hand, D. J. QA276 .H3183 2008
Stem cells : from mechanisms to technologies QH588.S83 S7454 2012
Stem cells : new frontiers in science & ethics QH588.S83 S7476 2012
Structural biomaterials Vincent, Julian F. V. QP801.B69 V56 2012
Superspace or One thousand and one lessons in supersymmetry QC174.17.S9 S97 1983
Superstring theory the DNA of reality Gates, S. James (Sylvester James) QC794.6.S85 G384 2006
Temperature adaptation in a changing climate : nature at risk QH541.15.B56 T457 2012
The abstract wild Turner, Jack, 1942- QH81 .T87 1996
The accidental universe : the world you thought you knew Lightman, Alan P., 1948- QB981 .L55 2013
The analysis of linear partial differential operators Hörmander, Lars. QA377 .H578 2003
The art of Robert Bateman Bateman, Robert, 1930- QH31.B255 A32 1993
The balance of nature and human impact QH352 .B34 2013
The BCS-BEC crossover and the unitary Fermi gas QC175.16.E6 B37 2012
The biology of freshwater wetlands Valk, Arnoud van der. QH87.3 .V35 2012
The bonobo and the atheist : in search of humanism among the primates Waal, F. B. M. de (Frans B. M.), 1948- QL737.P96 W315 2013
The boreal owl : ecology behaviour and conservation of a forest-dwelling predator Korpimäki, Erkki. QL696.S83 K67 2012
The boy who loved math : the improbable life of Paul Erdős Heiligman, Deborah, author. QA29.E68 H45 2013
The Cambrian explosion : the construction of animal biodiversity Erwin, Douglas H., 1958- QE721.2.E85 D68 2013
The Cambridge encyclopedia of meteorites Norton, O. Richard. QB755 .N65 2002
The Cambridge handbook of human affective neuroscience QP360 .C337 2013
The Columbia River flood basalt province QE1 .G34S no.497
The Crossley ID guide. Crossley, Richard, 1964?- QL696.F3 C76 2013
The fifth essence : the search for dark matter in the universe Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell. QB791.3 .K73 1989
The first atomic age : scientists radiations and the American public 1895-1945 Lavine, Matthew. QC773.3.U5 L38 2013
The forest unseen : a year's watch in nature Haskell, David George. QH105.T2 H37 2013
The fractalist : memoir of a scientific maverick Mandelbrot, Benoit B. QA29.M34 A3 2012
The genome generation Finkel, Elizabeth. QH445.2 .F56 2012
The golden ticket : P NP and the search for the impossible Fortnow, Lance, 1963- QA267.7 .F67 2013
The half-life of facts : why everything we know has an expiration date Arbesman, Samuel. Q175.32.E85 A74 2012
The human-computer interaction handbook : fundamentals evolving technologies and emerging applicat QA76.9.H85 H8568 2008
The impact of the geological sciences on society QE1 .G34S no.501
The infinity puzzle : quantum field theory and the hunt for an orderly universe Close, F. E. QC174.45 .C56 2013
The kingdom of fungi Petersen, Jens H., 1956- QK603 .P48 2013
The lightness of being : mass ether and the unification of forces Wilczek, Frank. QC171.2 .W536 2008
The lost history of the New Madrid earthquakes Valenčius, Conevery Bolton, 1969- QE535.2.U6 V354 2013
The Lost World of Fossil Lake : snapshots from deep time Grande, Lance, author, photographer. QE747.G74 G73 2013
The making of the mind : the neuroscience of human nature Kellogg, Ronald Thomas. QP360.5 .K45 2013
The manga guide to linear algebra Takahashi, Shin. QA184.2 .T3513 2012
The mathematical theory of finite element methods Brenner, Susanne C. QA379 .B74 2011
The mathematics of games and gambling Packel, Edward W. QA271 .P3 2006
The moon in the nautilus shell : from climate change to species extinction how life persists in an Botkin, Daniel B. QH75 .B67 2012
The most beautiful flowers Redouté, Pierre Joseph, 1759-1840. QK98.183.R43 R4 1980
The natural history of Canadian mammals Naughton, Donna. QL721 .N38 2012
The New York Public Library science desk reference Barnes-Svarney, Patricia L. Q173 .B25 1995
The Oxford handbook of philosophy of physics QC6 .O925 2013
The particle at the end of the universe : how the hunt for the Higgs boson leads us to the edge of a Carroll, Sean M., 1966- QC793.5.B62 C37 2012
The quantum divide : why Schrödinger's cat is either dead or alive Gerry, C. C. (Christopher C.), author. QC174.12 .G475 2013
The quantum universe : (and why anything that can happen does) Cox, Brian, 1968- QC174.12 .C689 2013
The quest for the golden trout : environmental loss & America's iconic fish Thompson, Douglas M. (Douglas Marshall) QH545.S8 T46 2013
The rise of nuclear fear Weart, Spencer R., 1942- QC773 .W44 2012
The spine of the continent : the most ambitious wildlife conservation project ever undertaken Hannibal, Mary Ellen. QH77.N56 H36 2012
The stardust revolution : the new story of our origin in the stars Berkowitz, Jacob. QH326 .B47 2012
The theoretical minimum : what you need to know to start doing physics Susskind, Leonard. QC24.5 .S87 2013
The turtles of Mexico : land and freshwater forms Legler, John M. QL666.C5 L42 2013
The ultimate book of Saturday science : the very best backyard science experiments you can do yourse Downie, N. A. (Neil A.) Q164 .D689 2012
The universe within : from quantum to cosmos Turok, Neil. QB982 .T87 2012
The universe. Universe (Television program). Season 5. QB981 .U5525 2010
The universe. Universe (Television program). Season 4. QB981 .U5524 2009
The universe. Universe (Television program). Season 3. QB981 .U5523 2009
The universe. Universe (Television program). Season 2. QB981 .U552 2008
The universe. Universe (Television program). Season 6 QB981 .U5526
The vegetation of Antarctica through geological time Cantrill, David J., 1962- QK980 .C35 2012
The violinist's thumb : and other lost tales of love war and genius as written by our genetic cod Kean, Sam. QH431 .K24 2012
The wandering mind : understanding disassociation from daydreams to disorders Biever, John A., 1947- QP411 .B54 2012
The wave function : essays on the metaphysics of quantum mechanics QC174.125 .W38 2013
The web of geological sciences : advances impacts and interactions QE1 .G34S no.500
The whole story of climate : what science reveals about the nature of endless change Peters, E. Kirsten. QC884.2.C5 P48 2012
The Xs and whys of algebra : key ideas and common misconceptions Collins, Anne, 1950- QA159 .C64 2011
Theory of function spaces Triebel, Hans. QA323 .T74 2010
Theory of function spaces II Triebel, Hans. QA323 .T75 2010
Theory of function spaces III Triebel, Hans. QA323 .T754 2006
Thin ice Bowen, Mark (Mark Stander) QC879.59 .B69 2006
Thinking in numbers : on life love meaning and math Tammet, Daniel, 1979- QA93 .T36 2013
Through the end of the Cretaceous in the type locality of the Hell Creek formation in Montana and ad QE1.G34S no.503
Tibet wild : a naturalist's journeys on the roof of the world Schaller, George B. QH181 .S35 2012
To catch a virus Booss, John. QR360 .B66 2013
Topics in nonlinear analysis : the Herbert Amann anniversary volume QA321.5 .T644 1999
Touching a nerve : the self as brain Churchland, Patricia Smith. QP360 .C485 2013
Trash animals : how we live with nature's filthy feral invasive and unwanted species QH353 .T73 2013
Tree thinking : an introduction to phylogenetic biology Baum, David A. QH367.5 .B38 2013
Tropic of chaos : climate change and the new geography of violence Parenti, Christian. QC903 .P37 2012
Turing : pioneer of the information age Copeland, B. Jack, 1950- QA29.T8 C66 2012
Tychomancy : inferring probability from causal structure Strevens, Michael. QC174.85.P76 S74 2013
Under a wild sky : John James Audubon and the making of the Birds of America Souder, William, 1949- QL31.A9 S68 2004
Understanding open-vent volcanism and related hazards QE1 .G34S no.498
Understanding probability Tijms, H. C. QA273 .T48 2012
Understanding the universe : from quarks to the cosmos Lincoln, Don. QC793.26 .L56 2012
Underwater Eden : saving the last coral wilderness on Earth QH77.P45 U53 2013
What is life? : the physical aspect of the living cell ; with Mind and matter ; & Autobiographical s Schrödinger, Erwin, 1887-1961. QH331 .S357 1992
Why cats land on their feet : and 76 other physical paradoxes and puzzles Levi, Mark, 1951- Q173 .L545 2012
Wild cultures : a comparison between chimpanzee and human cultures Boesch, Christophe. QL737.P96 B5955 2012
Wild hope : on the front lines of conservation success Balmford, Andrew, 1963-, author. QH75 .B266 2012
Wild ones : a sometimes dismaying weirdly reassuring story about looking at people looking at anima Mooallem, Jon. QL84.2 .M66 2013
Zeroing in on number and operations : key ideas and common misconceptions grades 1-2 Dacey, Linda Schulman, 1949- QA135.6 .D334 2010
Zeroing in on number and operations : key ideas and common misconceptions grades 3-4 Dacey, Linda Schulman, 1949- QA135.6 .D3342 2010
Zeroing in on number and operations : key ideas and common misconceptions grades 5-6 Collins, Anne, 1950- QA135.6 .C643 2010
Zeroing in on number and operations : key ideas and common misconceptions grades 7-8 Collins, Anne, 1950- QA135.6 .C644 2010
Zeroing in on number and operations : key ideas and common misconceptions pre-K-K Dacey, Linda Schulman, 1949- QA135.6 .D3344 2011