Sciences: General Science

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A bioinformatics guide for molecular biologists QH506 .B534 2014
A black hole is not a hole DeCristofano, Carolyn Cinami. QB843.B55 D43 2012
A feathered river across the sky : the passenger pigeon's flight to extinction Greenberg, Joel (Joel R.) QL696.C6 G74 2014
A few of our favorite things : teaching ideas for K-12 science methods instructors Q181.3 .F49 2014
A field guide to the larger mammals of Tanzania Foley, Charles A. H. (Charles Andrew Harold), 1968- QL731.T35 F65 2014
A general relativity workbook Moore, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew) QC173.6 .M66 2013
A student's guide to entropy Lemons, Don S. (Don Stephen), 1949- QC318.E57 L46 2013
Ain't nature grand Blacklock, Les. QH81 .B52 1980
Alfred Russel Wallace : letters from the Malay Archipelago Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913. QH31.W2 A4 2013
Amphibian declines : the conservation status of United States species QL644.7 .A48 2005
Amphibians and reptiles in Minnesota Moriarty, John J. QL653.M55 M67 2014
An introduction to biological membranes : from bilayers to rafts Stillwell, William, author. QH601 .S75 2013
An introduction to brain and behavior Kolb, Bryan, 1947- author. QP376 .K635 2011
Animal communication and noise QL776 .A53 2013
Apoptosis Yang, Ning. QH671 .Y252 2013
Applied partial differential equations Logan, J. David (John David) QA377 .L65 2015
Are species real? : an essay on the metaphysics of species Slater, Matthew H., 1977- author. QH83 .S55 2013
Art and architecture of insects Phillips, David M. QL494 .P45 2014
Asia Europe and the emergence of modern science : knowledge crossing boundaries Q127.A65 A85 2012
Astrophysics through computation : with Mathematica support Koberlein, Brian. QB462.2 .K63 2013
At the top of the grand staircase : the late Cretaceous of Southern Utah QE688 .A85 2013
Bacteria : a very short introduction Amyes, Sebastian G. B., author. QR74.8 .A49 2013
Barnum's bones : how Barnum Brown discovered the most famous dinosaur in the world Fern, Tracey E. QE707.B77 F47 2012
Basic concepts in physics : from the cosmos to quarks Chaichian, M. (Masud), 1941- QC21.3 .C49 2014
Bees : a natural history O'Toole, Christopher, author. QL568.A6 O858 2013
Beetles of eastern North America Evans, Arthur V., author. QL581 .E93 2014
Beyond the god particle Lederman, Leon M., author. QC793.5.B62 L425 2013
Beyond the quadratic formula Irving, Ronald S., 1952- QA161.P59 I78 2013
Bioethics and the future of stem cell research Hyun, Insoo, 1970- QH588.S83 H98 2013
Biogeochemical dynamics at major river-coastal interfaces : linkages with global change QH344 .B525 2014
Biology of the prokaryotes QR41.2 .B55 1999
Biomechanics of sport and exercise McGinnis, Peter Merton, 1954- QP303 .M36 2013
Brilliant blunders : from Darwin to Einstein : colossal mistakes by great scientists that changed ou Livio, Mario, 1945- author. Q172.5.E77 L58 2014
Bugs rule! : an introduction to the world of insects Cranshaw, Whitney, author. QL463 .C77 2013
Cambrian ocean world : ancient sea life of North America Foster, John Russell. QE766 .F67 2014
Caring for place : ecology ideology and emotion in traditional landscape management Anderson, E. N. QH541.15.L35 A45 2014
Cell and tissue ultrastructure : a functional perspective Cross, Patricia C. QM551 .C75 1993
Chemical information for chemists : a primer QD8.5 .C44 2014
Classical mechanics with Mathematica® Romano, Antonio, 1941- QA808 .R65 2012
Climate and ecosystems Schimel, David Steven. QC903 .S35 2013
Coastline and dune evolution along the Great Lakes QE1 .G34S no.508
Conservation biology : voices from the tropics QH77.T78 C655 2013
Cosmic numbers : the numbers that define our universe Stein, James D., 1941- QB991.C658 S74 2011
Cosmos : a spacetime odyssey Cosmos (Television program : 2014) QC173.59.S65 C67 2014
Crucibles : the story of chemistry from ancient alchemy to nuclear fission Jaffe, Bernard, 1896-1986. QD21 .J3 1976
Cultural severance and the environment : the ending of traditional and customary practice on commons QH541.15.L35 C85 2013
Dangerous neighbors : volcanoes and cities Heiken, Grant. QE522 .H37 2013
Darwin deleted : imagining a world without Darwin Bowler, Peter J., author. QH361 .B675 2013
Darwin in the genome : molecular strategies in biological evolution Caporale, Lynn Helena. QH366.2 .C367 2003
Digital media ethics Ess, Charles, 1951- author. QA76.9.M65 E79 2014
Dinosaur paleobiology Brusatte, Stephen. QE861.4 .B786 2012
Dispersal ecology and evolution QH543.3 .D57 2012
Dodging extinction : power food money and the future of life on Earth Barnosky, Anthony D., author. QE721.2.E97 B37 2014
Earth : a new wild QL85 .E37 2015
Earth's early atmosphere and surface environment QE1 .G34S no.504
Earthquake storms : the fascinating history and volatile future of the San Andreas Fault Dvorak, John (John J.), author. QE606.5.U6 D96 2014
Ecology of climate change : the importance of biotic interactions Post, Eric S. (Eric Stephen) QH543 .P67 2013
Einstein and the quantum : the quest of the valiant Swabian Stone, A. Douglas, 1954- QC16.E5 S76 2013
Embryos under the microscope : the diverging meanings of life Maienschein, Jane. QM603 .M35 2014
Endemism in vascular plants QK86.A1 E53 2014
Enhancing adolescents' motivation for science : research-based strategies for teaching male and fema Shumow, Lee, author. Q181 .S485 2014
Essential readings in evolutionary biology QH361 .E87 2014
Essentials of igneous and metamorphic petrology Frost, Bryce Ronald, 1947- QE461 .F767 2014
Everyday calculus : discovering the hidden math all around us Fernandez, Oscar E. (Oscar Edward) QA303.2 .F47 2014
Exploring mathematics through play in the early childhood classroom Parks, Amy Noelle, author. QA135.6 .P378 2015
Facts on File stars & planets atlas Ridpath, Ian. QB45 .R53 1997
Farewell to reality : how modern physics has betrayed the search for scientific truth Baggott, J. E. QC6 .B34 2014
Field guide to Wisconsin streams : plants fishes invertebrates amphibians and reptiles Miller, Michael A. (Ecologist) author. QH105.W6 M55 2014
Flying dinosaurs : how fearsome reptiles became birds Pickrell, John, author. QE862.P7 P53 2014
From Aristotle to Schrödinger : the curiosity of physics Modinos, A., 1938- author. QC7 .M56 2014
From the atomic bomb to the Landau Institute : autobiography top non-secret Khalatnikov, I. M. (Isaak Markovich) QC16.K38 A313 2012
Fundamental physics in particle traps QC718.5.C65 F865 2014
Fundamentals of molecular virology Acheson, N. H. QR389 .A24 2007
Galileo : watcher of the skies Wootton, David, 1952- QB36.G2 W66 2010
Garden genetics : teaching with edible plants Rice, Elizabeth. QK981 .R47 2006
Geodynamics of a cordilleran orogenic system : the central Andes of Argentina and northern Chile QE1.G34S no. 212
Great possessions : an Amish farmer's journal Kline, David. QH81 .K66 1990
Hacking the future : privacy identity and anonymity on the Web Stryker, Cole. QA76.9.M65 S87 2012
History and evolution of concepts in physics Varvoglis, Harry, 1949- author. QC7 .V378 2014
How the great scientists reasoned : the scientific method in action Tibbetts, Gary G. Q175 .T547 2013
Human heredity in the twentieth century QH431 .H8373 2013
Intentional talk : how to structure and lead productive mathematical discussions Kazemi, Elham, 1970- author. QA20.F67 K39 2014
Introduction to modern climate change Dessler, Andrew Emory. QC903 .D46 2012
Introduction to protein-DNA interactions : structure thermodynamics and bioinformatics Stormo, Gary. QP624.75.P74 S8 2013
Invasion ecology Lockwood, Julie L. QH353 .L63 2013
Invasive species : what everyone needs to know Simberloff, Daniel. QH353 .S56 2013
Isotope geology Allègre, Claude J. QE501.4.N9 A45 2008
It's all relative : key ideas and common misconceptions about ratio and proportion grades 6-7 Collins, Anne, 1956- author. QA117 .C635 2014
Kinetic anatomy Behnke, Robert S., 1938- QM100 .B445 2012
Ladybugs Gibbons, Gail. QL596.C65 G53 2012
Lectures on elliptic and parabolic equations in Hölder spaces Krylov, N. V. (Nikolaĭ Vladimirovich) QA377 .K758 1996
Lectures on elliptic and parabolic equations in Sobolev spaces Krylov, N. V. (Nikolaĭ Vladimirovich) QA377 .K7582 2008
Life atomic : a history of radioisotopes in science and medicine Creager, Angela N. H. QC798.A1 C743 2013
Life in the ocean : the story of oceanographer Sylvia Earle Nivola, Claire A. QH91.3.E2 N58 2012
Management planning for nature conservation : a theoretical basis & practical guide Alexander, Mike, author. QH75 .A417 2013
Managing the risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation : special re QC903 .M355 2012
Manual of macrophage methodology : collection characterization and function Workshops on Macrophage Function. QR185.8.M3 W67 1981
March's advanced organic chemistry : reactions mechanisms and structure. Smith, Michael, 1946 October 17- QD251.2 .M37 2013
Mathematical carnival : from penny puzzles card shuffles and tricks of lightning calculators to rol Gardner, Martin, 1914-2010. QA95 .G286 1975
Mathematical circus : more games puzzles paradoxes & other mathematical entertainments from Scien Gardner, Martin, 1914-2010. QA95 .G289 1979
Mathematics for equity : a framework for successful practice QA135.6 .M378 2014
Mathematics formative assessment : 75 practical strategies for linking assessment instruction and Keeley, Page. QA11.2 .K44 2011
MATLAB for neuroscientists : an introduction to scientific computing in MATLAB Wallisch, Pascal, 1978- author. QP357.5 .M38 2014
Measurements for terrestrial vegetation Bonham, Charles D., 1937- QK911 .B57 2013
Meet my psychiatrist Blacklock, Les. QH102 .B53 1977
Megafauna : giant beasts of Pleistocene South America QE881 .M475 2013
Mental biology : the new science of how the brain and mind relate Klemm, W. R. (William Robert), 1934- QP376 .K4953 2014
Methods for studying mononuclear phagocytes QP95.7 .M47 1981
Mid-Atlantic freshwater wetlands : advances in wetlands science management policy and practice QH87.3 .M53 2013
Minds behind the brain : a history of the pioneers and their discoveries Finger, Stanley. QP353 .F548 2000
Mira Lloyd Dock and the Progressive Era conservation movement Rimby, Susan. QH31.D59 R56 2012
Molecular biophysics for the life sciences QH506 .M654 2013
Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everything Gray, Theodore W. QC173 .G65897 2014
Molluscs Morton, John Edward. QL403 .M67 1960
My brief history Hawking, Stephen, 1942- author. QC16.H33 A3 2013
Name reactions : a collection of detailed mechanisms and synthetic applications Li, Jie Jack. QD291 .L5 2014
Neuromechanics of human movement Enoka, Roger M., 1949- QP303 .E56 2008
Noah's garden : restoring the ecology of our own back yards Stein, Sara Bonnett. QH541.5.G37 S74 1993
Nobel prizes and nature's surprises Norrby, Erling, author. QH315 .N666 2013
Nonlinear diffusion equations QA372 .N653 2001
Nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations of the second order Krylov, N. V. (Nikolaĭ Vladimirovich) QA377 .K7613 1987
Nonparametric statistical methods Hollander, Myles, author. QA278.8 .H65 2014
On flinching : theatricality and scientific looking from Darwin to shell shock Watt Smith, Tiffany. QP372.6 .W35 2014
On immunity : an inoculation Biss, Eula, author. QR181 .B538 2014
On the frontier of science : an American rhetoric of exploration and exploitation Ceccarelli, Leah, author. Q180.U5 C43 2013
One hundred physics visualizations using MATLAB Green, Dan, 1943- author. QC20 .G74 2014
Organotransition metal chemistry : from bonding to catalysis Hartwig, John F. (John Frederick), 1964- QD411.8.T73 H37 2010
Oxygen : a four billion year history Canfield, Donald E. QD181.O1 C36 2014
Parasitism : the diversity and ecology of animal parasites Goater, Timothy M., 1959- QL757 .P287 2014
Partial differential equations Taylor, Michael Eugene, 1946- QA1 .A647
Past present and future of statistical science QA276 .P276 2014
Peninsular Ranges batholith Baja California and Southern California QE1 .G34 no.211
Penrose tiles to trapdoor ciphers Gardner, Martin, 1914-2010. QA95 .G298 1989
People parasites and plowshares : learning from our body's most terrifying invaders Despommier, Dickson D. QL757 .D47 2013
Perimeter area and volume : a monster book of dimensions Adler, David A. QC90.6 .A35 2012
Philosophy of biology Godfrey-Smith, Peter. QH331 .G615 2014
Philosophy of mathematics in the twentieth century : selected essays Parsons, Charles, 1933- QA9.2 .P372 2014
Placing animals : an introduction to the geography of human-animal relations Urbanik, Julie, 1971- QL101 .U73 2012
Plant conservation : why it matters and how it works Walker, Timothy, 1958- QK86 .W35 2013
Plant litter : decomposition humus formation carbon sequestration Berg, Björn, 1943- author. QH541.5.S6 B47 2014
Plants and the human brain Kennedy, David O. QK861 .K46 2014
Plato and Pythagoreanism Horky, Philip Sidney. QA22 .H67 2013
Primate communication : a multimodal approach Liebal, Katja. QL737.P9 L56 2014
Quagga and zebra mussels : biology impacts and control Zebra mussels. QL430.7.D8 Z45 2014
Quantum chemistry McQuarrie, Donald A. (Donald Allan) QD462 .M4 2008
R graphics cookbook Chang, Winston. QA276.45.R3 C46 2013
Rachel Carson and her sisters : extraordinary women who have shaped America's environment Musil, Robert K., 1943- QH31.C33 M87 2014
Rambunctious garden : saving nature in a post-wild world Marris, Emma. QH75 .M363 2011
Reaching students : what research says about effective instruction in undergraduate science and engi Kober, Nancy, author. Q183.3.A1 K63 2015
Reading and writing of the fossil record : preservational pathways to exceptional fossilization : pr QE721.2.F6 R43 2014
Reconstruction of a late Proterozoic to Devonian continental margin sequence northern Alaska its p QE1 .G34S no.506
Roadside plants and flowers : a traveler's guide to the Midwest and Great Lakes area : with a few fa Edsall, Marian S. QK128 .E37 1985
Saving the world's deciduous forests : ecological perspectives from East Asia North America and Eu Askins, Robert, author. QH541.5.F6 A82 2014
Second order equations of elliptic and parabolic type Landis, E. M. (Evgeniĭ Mikhaĭlovich) QA377 .L3513 1998
Social predation : how group living benefits predators and prey Beauchamp, Guy, author. QL758 .B43 2014
Spark from the deep : how shocking experiments with strongly electric fish powered scientific discov Turkel, William J. (William Joseph), 1967- author. QL639.1 .T87 2013
Spatial analysis : a guide for ecologists Dale, Mark R. T. (Mark Randall Thomas), 1951- author. QH541.15.S72 F66 2014
Statistics : unlocking the power of data QA276.12 .L63 2012
Stem cell research : medical applications and ethical controversy Panno, Joseph. QH588.S83 P36 2005
Stem cells : an insider's guide Knoepfler, Paul, 1967- QH588.S83 K65 2013
Stem cells : scientific progress and future research directions QL963.5 .S73 2005
Strength training anatomy Delavier, Frédéric. QM151 .D454 2010
Student friendly quantum field theory : basic principles and quantum electrodynamics Klauber, Robert D. QC174.45 .K53 2014
The 2011 Mineral Virginia earthquake and its significance for seismic hazards in eastern North Am QE1 .G34S no.509
The amoeba in the room : lives of the microbes Money, Nicholas P., author. QR100 .M647 2014
The Audubon Society field guide to North American trees Little, Elbert L. (Elbert Luther), 1907-2004. QK481 .L49 1980
The beetle book Jenkins, Steve, 1952- QL576.2 .J46 2012
The biology of viruses Voyles, Bruce A. QR360 .V69 2002
The calculus collection : a resource for AP and beyond QA303.2 .C345 2010
The chemistry of superheavy elements QD172.S93 C44 2014
The climate casino : risk uncertainty and economics for a warming world Nordhaus, William D. QC903 .N8545 2013
The day after Trinity QC16.O62 D39 2002
The Earth : its birth and growth Ojima, Minoru. QE501 .O3913 2012
The elements : a visual exploration of every known atom in the universe Gray, Theodore W. QD466 .G73 2009
The evolution of plants Willis, K. J., author. QK980 .W56 2014
The future of the mind : the scientific quest to understand enhance and empower the mind Kaku, Michio. QP360 .K325 2015
The Galapagos : a natural history Nicholls, Henry, 1973- QH198.G3 N53 2014
The global development of policy regimes to combat climate change Stern, N. H. (Nicholas Herbert) QC903 .S832 2014
The hidden mechanics of exercise : molecules that move us Gillen, Christopher M., author. QP303 .G543 2014
The homing instinct : meaning & mystery in animal migration Heinrich, Bernd, 1940- QL754 .H45 2014
The last alchemist in Paris : & other curious tales from chemistry Öhrström, Lars, author. QD37 .O37 2013
The last recreations : hydras eggs and other mathematical mystifications Gardner, Martin, 1914-2010. QA95 .G255 1997
The life and death of stars Lang, Kenneth R. QB806 .L36 2013
The life of David Lack : father of evolutionary ecology Anderson, Ted R. QL31.L27 A53 2013
The life sciences in early modern philosophy QH331 .L538 2014
The long and the short of it : the science of life span and aging Silvertown, Jonathan W., author. QP85 .S495 2013
The making of the mind : the neuroscience of human nature Kellogg, Ronald Thomas. QP360.5 .K45 2013
The neuroscience of human relationships : attachment and the developing social brain Cozolino, Louis J. QP360 .C69 2014
The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals Crabtree, Robert H., 1948- QD411.8.T73 C73 2014
The ornaments of life : coevolution and conservation in the tropics Fleming, Theodore H., author. QH549.5 .F54 2013
The plant hunters : true stories of their daring adventures to the far corners of the Earth Silvey, Anita. QK26 .S57 2012
The porous medium equation : mathematical theory Vazquez, J. L. (Juan Luis) QA379 .V395 2007
The sound book : the science of the sonic wonders of the world Cox, Trevor J., author. QC225.3 .C69 2014
The story of Earth : the first 4.5 billion years from stardust to living planet Hazen, Robert M., 1948- QE501 .H325 2012
The story of the human body : evolution health and disease Lieberman, Daniel, 1964- QP38 .L74 2014
The synapse : structure and function Synapse (Pickel) QP364 .S96 2014
The unexpected hanging and other mathematical diversions. Gardner, Martin, 1914-2010. QA95 .G33 1969
The universe in the rearview mirror : how hidden symmetries shape reality Goldberg, Dave, 1974- author. Q172.5.S95 G64 2014
The warbler guide Stephenson, Tom. QL696.P2438 S73 2013
Three views of logic : mathematics philosophy and computer science Loveland, Donald W., author. QA9.54 .L68 2014
Towards a theory of development QH491 .T68 2014
Transport phenomena Bird, R. Byron (Robert Byron), 1924- QA929 .B5 2007
Trespassing on Einstein's lawn : a father a daughter the meaning of nothing and the beginning of Gefter, Amanda. QC6 .G34 2014
Tundra-taiga biology : human plant and animal survival in the Arctic Crawford, R. M. M. QH541.5.T8 C73 2014
Tyrannosaurid paleobiology QE862.S3 T96 2013
Uncertain science ... : uncertain world Pollack, H. N. Q175 .P835 2003
Using research to improve instruction QA1 .N3 2014
Visible empire : botanical expeditions and visual culture in the Hispanic Enlightenment Bleichmar, Daniela, 1973- QK21.S7 B54 2012
Volcanism impacts and mass extinctions : causes and effects QE1 .G34S no.505
When the invasion of land failed : the legacy of the Devonian extinctions McGhee, George R., author. QE721.2.E97 M393 2013
Who owns America's past? : the Smithsonian and the problem of history Post, Robert C. Q11.S8 P67 2013
Your inner fish QM26 .Y68 2014