History: History of Europe

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
"Det står ett rum här och väntar på dig ..." : berättelsen om Raoul Wallenberg Carlberg, Ingrid. D809.S8 W3233 2012
1820 : disorder and stability in the United Kingdom Chase, Malcolm. DA535 .C49 2013
A call to arms : mobilizing America for World War II Klein, Maury, 1939- D769.2 .K54 2013
A history of Russia and its empire : from Mikhail Romanov to Vladimir Putin Boterbloem, Kees, 1962- author. DK40 .B596 2014
A military history of the Cold War 1944-1962 House, Jonathan M. (Jonathan Mallory), 1950- D842.2 .H68 2012
A people's history of London German, Lindsey. DA677.1 .G47 2012
A short history of the Italian Renaissance Kenneth R. Bartlett Bartlett, Kenneth R. DG445 .B37 2013
A short history of the Wars of the Roses Grummitt, David, 1971- DA250 .G78 2013
Africa and France : postcolonial cultures migration and racism Thomas, Dominic Richard David. DC34.5.A37 T48 2013
After the civil war : making memory and re-making Spain since 1936 Richards, Michael, 1961- DP269.8.S65 R53 2013
After Thermopylae : the oath of Plataea and the end of the Graeco-Persian Wars Cartledge, Paul. DF225.7 .C37 2013
Ancient Greece : a very short introduction Cartledge, Paul. DF77 .C345 2011
Baltic facades : Estonia Latvia and Lithuania since 1945 Purs, Aldis. DK502.7 .P87 2012
Becoming Turkish : nationalist reforms and cultural negotiations in early republican Turkey 1923-19 Yılmaz, Hale. DR590 .Y54 2013
Belgium and the Congo 1885-1980 Vanthemsche, Guy, author. DH569.C7 V26 2012
Between the woods and the water : on foot from Constantinople the Middle Danube to the Iron Gates Fermor, Patrick Leigh. DJK76.4 .F47 2005
Beyond the call of duty : Army flight nursing in World War II Barger, Judith, 1948- D807.U6 B37 2013
Black Germany : the making and unmaking of a diaspora community 1884-1960 Aitken, Robbie John Macvicar. DD78.B55 A48 2013
Bridging divides : ethno-political leadership among the Russian Sámi Øverland, Indra. DK34.S17 O84 2012
Bringing the dark past to light : the reception of the Holocaust in postcommunist Europe D804.348 .B75 2013
Brokering empire : trans-imperial subjects between Venice and Istanbul Rothman, E. Natalie (Ella Natalie), 1976- DG676.97.T9 R69 2012
Can Russia modernise? : sistema power networks and informal governance Ledeneva, Alena V., 1964- DK510.766.P87 L43 2013
Catastrophe 1914 : Europe goes to war Hastings, Max. D511 .H37 2013
Charles I and the aristocracy 1625-1642 Cust, Richard. DA397 .C87 2013
Children during the Holocaust Heberer, Patricia. D804.48 .H43 2011
Chivalry kingship and crusade : the English experience in the fourteenth century Guard, Timothy, 1978- author. DA185 .G76 2013
Choosing terror : virtue friendship and authenticity in the French Revolution Linton, Marisa, 1959-, author. DC146.R6 L65 2013
Churchill : young man in a hurry 1874-1915 Morgan, Ted, 1932- DA566.9.C5 M675 1984
Cine y Guerra Civil Española : del mito a la memoria Sánchez-Biosca, Vicente, 1957- DP269.8.M6 S26 2006
Citizen emperor : Napoleon in power Dwyer, Philip G. DC203 .N20 2013
Cold War : an international history Fink, Carole, 1940- D843 .F456 2014
Crusade and Christendom : annotated documents in translation from Innocent III to the fall of Acre D151 .C765 2013
Crusading and the Ottoman threat 1453-1505 Housley, Norman. D214 .H68 2012
De l'impossibilité de devenir français : nos nouvelles mythologies nationales Benbassa, Esther. DC34 .B39 2012
De sönderrivna bilderna Mahloujian, Azar, 1949- DL641.I7 M34 1999
Different horrors same hell : gender and the Holocaust D804.47 .D54 2013
Eighteenth-century Britain : a very short introduction Langford, Paul. DA480 .L25 2000
El espejo enterrado reflexiones sobre España y el nuevo mundo DP58 .E75 2012
Eleanor the secret queen : the woman who put Richard III on the throne Ashdown-Hill, John. DA258 .A84 2010
Éloge du mode de vie à la française : the French way of life Roucaute, Yves. DC34 .R72 2012
Empire and Power in the Reign of Süleyman : Narrating the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman World Şahin, Kaya, 1974- author. DR509.M87 S34 2013
Europe : the struggle for supremacy from 1453 to the present Simms, Brendan. D208 .S544 2013
European integration and the Atlantic community in the 1980s D1065.U5 E974 2013
European states and their Muslim citizens : the impact of institutions on perceptions and boundaries D1056.2.M87 E977 2014
Evaluating empire and confronting colonialism in eighteenth-century Britain Greene, Jack P. DA480 .G73 2013
Even if a hundred ogres DL42.L36 E93 1996
Excavations in the Black Earth 1990-1995. Ambrosiani, Björn. DL621 .E943 2013
Exposing the Third Reich : Colonel Truman Smith in Hitler's Germany Gole, Henry G., 1933- DD256.5 .G5944 2013
Farewell to Manzanar : a true story of Japanese American experience during and after the World War I Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki. D769.8.A6 H68 2002
Fascist voices : an intimate history of Mussolini's Italy Duggan, Christopher. DG571 .D84 2013
Fire under the ashes : an Atlantic history of the English revolution Donoghue, John (Historian) DA415 .D656 2013
Fremd in einem kalten Land : Ausländer in Deutschland DD74 .F76 1992
From Lenin to Castro 1917 - 1959 : early encounters between Moscow and Havana Bain, Mervyn J., 1973- author. DK69.3.C9 B34 2013
Frozen in time : an epic story of survival and a modern quest for lost heroes of World War II Zuckoff, Mitchell. D810.S45 G74 2013
Gallipoli Hart, Peter, 1955- D568.3 .H37 2011
Genocide and the geographical imagination : life and death in Germany China and Cambodia Tyner, James A., 1966- D804.G3 T96 2012
Greek warfare : from the Battle of Marathon to the conquests of Alexander the Great DF89 .B75 2012
Hammarskjöld : a life Lipsey, Roger, 1942- author. D839.7.H3 L57 2013
Hard diplomacy and soft coercion : Russia's influence abroad Sherr, James, 1951- DK66 .S517 2013
Heim.at.home NYC : displaced and returned to a new home : Jewish life in New York Gregor, Diana, 1982- author. D804.195 .G75 2012
History and politics in late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe : the Chronicle of Regino of Prüm and Regino, Abbot of Prüm, 840-915. DD129 .R548313 2009
Hitler's generals in America : Nazi POWs and allied military intelligence Mallett, Derek R., 1969- D805.U5 M34 2013
Hitlerland : American eyewitnesses to the Nazis rise to power Nagorski, Andrew. DD253 .N225 2012
Imposing maintaining and tearing open the Iron Curtain : the Cold War and East-Central Europe 194 DJK50 .I46 2013
In defense of justice : Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American struggle for equality Tamura, Eileen. D769.8.A6 T37 2013
In our time : the world as seen by Magnum photographers Manchester, William, 1922-2004. D840 .M23 1989
Interventions : a life in war and peace. Annan, Kofi D839.7.A56 A3 2013
Israel and the European Union : a documentary history Pardo, Sharon, 1971- D1065.I75 P27 2012
Jakten på svenskheten Mahmood, Qaisar. DL639 .M35 2012
Japan 1941 : countdown to infamy Hotta, Eri, 1971- D767.2 .H67 2013
Joan of Arc : la Pucelle DC103.A117 J62 2006
Karelia : a Finnish-American couple in Stalin's Russia Hokkanen, Lawrence, 1909- DK511.K18 H65 1991
Khrushchev : the man and his era Taubman, William. DK275.K5 T38 2003
Kith kin and neighbors : communities and confessions in seventeenth-century Wilno Frick, David A. DK505.935 .F75 2013
Late Antiquity : a very short introduction Clark, Gillian (E. Gillian) D57 .C58 2011
Late Merovingian France : history and hagiography 640-720 DC64.7 .L38 2008
Lawrence in Arabia : war deceit imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East Anderson, Scott, 1959- author. D568.4.L45 A66 2013
Looking after Minidoka Nakadate, Neil. D769.8.A6 N334 2013
Louis XIV and absolutism : a brief study with documents Beik, William, 1941- DC124.5 .B45 2000
Marcus Aurelius in the Historia Augusta and beyond Adams, Geoff W. (Geoffrey William) DG297 .A33 2013
Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography Moore, Charles, 1956- DA591.T47 M665 2013
Medieval Britain : a very short introduction Gillingham, John. DA175 .G57 2000
Memoirs of the maelstrom : a Senegalese oral history of the First World War Lunn, Joe. D548.9.S4 L85 1999
Memories and reflections of the dispossessed : a collection of memoirs for the 60th anniversary of t Otthontalan Emlékzet. English DB2742.H8 O8813 2010
Modern France : a very short introduction Schwartz, Vanessa R. DC110 .S34 2011
Modern Ireland : a very short introduction Pašeta, Senia. DA950 .P37 2003
Nazis in the Holy Land 1933-1948 Wawrzyn, Heidemarie. DD255.P35 W39 2013
Nels Anderson's World War I diary Anderson, Nels, 1889-1986. D570.9 .A67 2013
Nineteenth-century Britain : a very short introduction Harvie, Christopher, 1944- DA530 .H4465 2000
Northern Ireland : the reluctant peace Cochrane, Feargal. DA990.U46 C628 2013
Occupied : Denmark's adaption and resistance to German occupation 1940-45 Hong, Nathaniel. D802.D4 H637 2012
Operation Barbarossa : Nazi Germany's war in the East 1941-1945 Hartmann, Christian, 1959- author. D764 .H35613 2013
Operation Typhoon : Hitler's march on Moscow October 1941 Stahel, David, 1975- D764.3.M6 S82 2013
Ottonian Germany : the chronicon of Thietmar of Merseburg Thietmar, von Merseburg, Bishop of Merseburg, 975-1018. DD136 .T4813 2008
Out of chaos : hidden children remember the Holocaust D804.48 .O98 2013
Pacific blitzkrieg : World War II in the central Pacific Lacey, Sharon Tosi, 1968- author. D767.9 .L225 2013
Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish rescue : how a French priest together with Jewish friends saved tho Zuccotti, Susan, 1940- D804.66.M337 Z82 2013
Playing for time Fénelon, Fania. D810.J4 F39613 1997
Polemical Austria : the rhetorics of national identity : from empire to the second republic Bushell, Anthony, 1951-, author. DB91 .B87 2013
Prehistory : a very short introduction Gosden, Chris, 1955- D65 .G67 2003
Protest reform and repression in Khrushchev's Soviet Union Hornsby, Rob. DK277 .H67 2013
Provincializing Europe : postcolonial thought and historical difference Chakrabarty, Dipesh. D13.5.E85 C43 2008
Queens and mistresses of Renaissance France Wellman, Kathleen Anne, 1951- DC112.A1 W45 2013
Reading the world : an African perspective on world history Konadu, Kwasi. D13 .K66 2010
Reassessing 1970s Britain DA589.4 .R435 2013
Resistance : Jews and Christians who defied the Nazi Terror Tec, Nechama, author. D810.J4 T426 2013
Revolution with a human face : politics culture and community in Czechoslovakia 1989-1992 Krapfl, James, 1971- author. DB2238.7 .K735 2013
Roman Britain : a very short introduction Salway, Peter. DA145 .S263 2000
Russian history : a very short introduction Hosking, Geoffrey A. DK40 .H67 2012
Sámi education Keskitalo, Pigga, 1972- DL42.L36 K47 2013
Saving Italy : the race to rescue a nation's treasures from the Nazis Edsel, Robert M. D810.A7 E234 2013
Scandinavian colonialism and the rise of modernity : small time agents in a global arena DL30 .S33 2013
Scotland : a very short introduction Houston, R. A. (Robert Allan), 1954- DA760 .H686 2008
Secret reports on Nazi Germany : the Frankfurt School contribution to the war effort Neumann, Franz, 1904-1974. DD253 .N425 2013
Shooting Victoria : madness mayhem and the rebirth of the British monarchy Murphy, Paul Thomas, 1957- DA550 .M87 2012
Sicily : art and invention between Greece and Rome DG55.S5 S535 2013
Socialist escapes : breaking away from ideology and everyday routine in Eastern Europe 1945-1989 DJK50 .S63 2013
Sources of the Holocaust D804.19 .S68 2004
Srebrenica in the aftermath of genocide Nettelfield, Lara J. DR1313.7.A85 N47 2014
Strangers in the wild place : refugees Americans and a German town 1945-1952 Seipp, Adam R. D809.G3 S47 2013
Surviving the French Revolution : a bridge across time Oliver, Bette Wyn, 1933- DC158.8 .O45 2013
Telling turning moments in the classical political world Blits, Jan H. DE89 .B5 2011
Thatcher and Thatcherism Evans, Eric J., 1945- DA591.T47 E94 2004
The 1989 revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe : from communism to pluralism DJK51 .A18 2013
The afterlife of Austria-Hungary : the image of the Habsburg Monarchy in interwar Europe Kożuchowski, Adam, 1979- DB85 .K68513 2013
The Americanization of France : searching for happiness after the Algerian War Singer, Barnett. DC33.7 .S59 2013
The Anglo-Saxon world Higham, N. J. DA152 .H528 2013
The Annals of Fulda Annales Fuldenses. English. DD126 .A56313 2011
The annals of St-Bertin Annales Bertiniani. English. DC70.A2 A713 2008
The Arabs of the Ottoman Empire 1516-1918 : a social and cultural history Masters, Bruce Alan, 1950- DR435.A66 M37 2013
The assassination of the Archduke : Sarajevo 1914 and the romance that changed the world King, Greg, 1964- DB89.F7 K48 2013
The Atlantic world : Europeans Africans Indians and their shared history 1400-1900 Benjamin, Thomas, 1952- D210 .B46 2009
The birth of the West : Rome Germany France and the creation of Europe in the tenth century Collins, Paul, 1940- D123 .C65 2013
The Black Count : glory revolution betrayal and the real Count of Monte Cristo Reiss, Tom. DC146.D83 R46 2012
The British Empire : a very short introduction Jackson, Ashley. DA16 .J33 2013
The classical tradition DE60 .C55 2013
The Cold War Harper, John Lamberton. D843 .H297 2011
The Cold War in the Third World D883 .C65 2013
The colonisation of time : ritual routine and resistance in the British Empire Nanni, Giordano. DA16 .N36 2012
The coming of the Holocaust : from antisemitism to genocide Kenez, Peter, author. D804.3 .K46 2013
The course of Irish history DA910 .C86 2012
The crisis of the absolute monarchy : France from Old Regime to revolution DC131 .C75 2013
The Crusades : a very short introduction Tyerman, Christopher. D157 .T88 2005
The cult of the Duce : Mussolini and the Italians DG575.M8 C85 2013
The eagle unbowed : Poland and the Poles in the Second World War Kochanski, Halik. D765 .K5755 2012
The fall of Tsarism: untold stories of the February 1917 Revolution Lyandres, Semion, 1959- DK265.69 .L93 2013
The First World War : a very short introduction Howard, Michael, 1922- D521 .H645 2007
The French Revolution in global perspective DC157 .F74 2013
The gods left first : the captivity and repatriation of Japanese POWs in northeast Asia 1945-56 Barshay, Andrew E. DK759.J37 B27 2013
The Great Game 1856-1907 : Russo-British relations in Central and East Asia Sergeev, E. I͡U. (Evgeniĭ I͡Urʹevich), 1959- DK67.5.G7 S4413 2013
The Great War : July 1 1916 : the first day of the Battle of the Somme : an illustrated panorama Sacco, Joe. D545.S7 S23 2013
The guns at last light : the war in Western Europe 1944-1945 Atkinson, Rick. D756 .A78 2013
The heart and stomach of a king : Elizabeth I and the politics of sex and power Levin, Carole, 1948- author. DA355 .L458 2013
The heir apparent : a life of Edward VII the playboy prince Ridley, Jane, author. DA567 .R53 2013
The history of the tyrants of Sicily by "Hugo Falcandus" 1154-69 Falcando, Ugo, -approximately 1200. DG867.26 .F3513 1998
The Hopkins touch : Harry Hopkins and the forging of the alliance to defeat Hitler Roll, David L., 1940- D753 .R64 2013
The Hundred Day Winter War : Finland's gallant stand against the Soviet Army Sander, Gordon F., author. DL1097 .S26 2013
The jungle is neutral : a soldier's two-year jungle escape from the Japanese army Chapman, F. Spencer (Frederick Spencer), 1907-1971. D767.5 .C5 2003
The Kurdish nationalist movement in the 1990s : its impact on Turkey and the Middle East DR603 .K87 1996
The Kurdish question and Turkey : an example of a trans-state ethnic conflict Kirişci, Kemal, 1954- DR435.K87 K57 1997
The last battle : when U.S. and German soldiers joined forces in the waning hours of World War II in Harding, Stephen, 1952- D765.45.T9 H37 2013
The Levellers : Radical political thought in the English Revolution Foxley, Rachel. DA405 .F6 2013
The making of the Middle Sea : a history of the Mediterranean from the beginning to the emergence of Broodbank, Cyprian. DE86 .B76 2013
The mark of Cain : guilt and denial in the post-war lives of Nazi perpetrators Kellenbach, Katharina von, 1960- D804.7.M67 K45 2013
The mirador : dreamed memories of Irène Nømirovsky by her daughter Gille, Élisabeth, 1937-1996. DC718.R8 G5513 2011
The Napoleonic Wars : a very short introduction Rapport, Michael. DC226.3 .R377 2013
The Normans in Europe D148 .N676 2008
The origins of the First World War : diplomatic and military documents D511 .O675 2013
The Polish experience through World War II : a better day has not come Ziolkowska-Boehm, Aleksandra, 1949- D811.5 .Z48 2013
The pursuit of the Nazi mind : Hitler Hess and the analysts Pick, Daniel. DD256.5 .P495 2012
The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 Alpert, Michael, 1936- author. DP269.23 .A47 2013
The rise of female kings in Europe 1300-1800 Monter, E. William. D217 .M57 2012
The Roman Republic : a very short introduction Gwynn, David M. (David Morton), 1975- DG231 .G89 2012
The Romans who shaped Britain Moorhead, Sam. DA145 .M555 2012
The Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre : the mysteries of a crime of state (24 August 1572) Jouanna, Arlette. DC118 .J6813 2013
The short life of Sophie Scholl Vinke, Hermann. DD256.3.S337 V5613 1984
The singing revolution DK503.75 .S564 2008
The sleepwalkers : how Europe went to war in 1914 Clark, Christopher M. D511 .C54 2013
The Soviet Union : a very short introduction Lovell, Stephen, 1972- DK266 .L676 2009
The Spanish Civil War : exhuming a buried past DP269 .R39 2013
The Stalingrad cauldron : inside the encirclement and destruction of the 6th Army Ellis, Frank, 1953- D764.3.S7 E55 2013
The state of freedom : a social history of the British state since 1800 Joyce, Patrick, author. DA44 .J69 2013
The thaw : Soviet society and culture during the 1950s and 1960s DK276 .T53 2013
The transatlantic sixties : Europe and the United States in the counterculture decade D1065.U5 T735 2013
The Trojan War : a very short introduction Cline, Eric H. DF221.T8 C54 2013
The Tudors : a very short introduction Guy, J. A. (John Alexander) DA315 .G888 2000
The war that ended peace : the road to 1914 MacMillan, Margaret, 1943- author. D511 .M257 2013
The Wars of the Roses Weir, Alison, 1951- DA250 .W46 1995
The world of El Cid : chronicles of the Spanish reconquest DP97.4 .W66 2007
Those angry days : Roosevelt Lindbergh and America's fight over World War II 1939-1941 Olson, Lynne. D753 .O47 2013
Times of troubles : Britain's war in Northern Ireland Sanders, Andrew. DA990.U46 S26 2012
Tocqueville : the aristocratic sources of liberty Jaume, Lucien. DC36.98.T63 J3813 2008
Travels in revolutionary France : & A journey across America Morgan, George Cadogan, 1754-1798. DC26 .M87 2012
Twentieth-century Britain : a very short introduction Morgan, Kenneth O. DA566 .M67 2000
Ulster since 1600 : politics economy and society DA990.U46 U377 2013
Underbara dagar framför oss : en biografi över Olof Palme Berggren, Henrik. DL876.P3 B47 2010
Underkastelsen submission D810.C38 U53 2010
Understanding Turkey's Kurdish question DR435.K87 U64 2013
Unforgotten : a memoir of Dachau Thaler, Franz, author. D811 .T42 2013
War and nationalism : the Balkan wars 1912-1913 and their sociopolitical implications DR46 .W27 2013
We only know men : the rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust Henry, Patrick (Patrick Gerard) D810.J4 H424 2007
Weimar Germany : promise and tragedy Weitz, Eric D. DD237 .W47 2013
Wenn die Stummen sprechen ... Aslan, Günay. DR435.K87 A85315 1998
What soldiers do : sex and the American GI in World War II France Roberts, Mary Louise. D769.8.S6 R63 2013
Who killed Hammarskjöld? : the UN the Cold War and white supremacy in Africa Williams, A. Susan. D839.7.H3 W55 2011
Why we fight : Congress and the politics of World War II Young, Nancy Beck. D742.U5 Y68 2013
With the Lapps in the high mountains : a woman among the Sami 1907-1908 Hatt, Emilie Demant, 1873-1958. DL641.L35 H3818 2013
World War II film and history D743.23 .W67 1996
Writing history at the Ottoman court : editing the past fashioning the future DR438.8 .W75 2013
Writing the Revolution : a French woman's history in letters Parker, Lindsay A. H. DC146.J77 P37 2013
Writing war : soldiers record the Japanese Empire Moore, Aaron William, 1977- D767 .M5755 2013
Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe Taras, Ray, 1946- D1056.2.M87 T37 2012
Year zero : a history of 1945 Buruma, Ian, author. D840 .B88 2013
Years of plenty years of want : France and the legacy of the Great War Martin, Benjamin F., 1947- DC389 .M274 2013