History: History of America

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
"Those who labor for my happiness" : slavery at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Stanton, Lucia C. E332.2 .S74 2012
1492 Christophe Colomb = 1492 : Conquest of Paradise. E111 .F68 2002
4 little girls F334.B69 N3 2010
A Cold War turning point : Nixon and China 1969-1972 Tudda, Chris, 1965- E183.8.C6 T84 2012
A companion to American Indian history E77 .C74 2004
A dreadful deceit : the myth of race from the colonial era to Obama's America Jones, Jacqueline, 1948- E185.625 .J658 2013
A history of the Cuban Revolution Chomsky, Aviva, 1957- F1788 .C465 2011
A place to remember : using history to build community Archibald, Robert, 1948- E180.5 .A73 1999
A wicked war : Polk Clay Lincoln and the 1846 U.S. invasion of Mexico Greenberg, Amy S., 1968- E404 .G79 2013
A. Philip Randolph : a life in the vanguard Kersten, Andrew Edmund, 1969- E185.97.R27 K47 2007
Abraham Lincoln McPherson, James M. E457 .M46 2009
Advances in Titicaca basin archaeology-III F3319.1.T57 A38 2012
Affairs of state : the untold history of presidential love sex and scandal 1789-1900 Watson, Robert P., 1962- E176.4 .W38 2012
Africa in the American imagination : popular culture racialized identities and African visual cult Magee, Carol L. E169.Z83 M33 2012
African American faces of the Civil War : an album Coddington, Ronald S., 1963- E540.N3 C64 2012
African Americans in the Jazz Age : a decade of struggle and promise Schneider, Mark R. (Mark Robert), 1948- E185.6 .S36 2006
African-Brazilian culture and regional identity in Bahia Brazil Ickes, Scott. F2551 .I25 2013
Age of fracture Rodgers, Daniel T. E169.12 .R587 2011
America's first adventure in China : trade treaties opium and salvation Haddad, John Rogers. E183.8.C5 H174 2013
American history : a very short introduction Boyer, Paul S. E178 .B782 2012
American holocaust : the conquest of the New World Stannard, David E. E112 .S82 1993
American phoenix : John Quincy and Louisa Adams the War of 1812 and the exile that saved American Cook, Jane Hampton. E377 .C67 2013
American tempest : how the Boston Tea Party sparked a revolution Unger, Harlow G., 1931- E215.7 .U64 2011
Amerika : drömmarnas land Bergman, Klas. E183 .B47 2012
An American stand : Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the communist menace 1948-1972 Crouse, Eric Robert, 1960- E748.S667 C76 2010
An integrated boyhood : coming of age in white Cleveland Richards, Phillip M., 1950- E185.93.O2 R53 2012
Ancient alterity in the Andes : a recognition of others Lau, George F., 1969- F2230.1.P53 L38 2013
Ancient Inca Kolata, Alan L. F3429 .K63 2013
And a bottle of rum : a history of the New World in ten cocktails Curtis, Wayne, 1957- E46 .C87 2007
Arab America : gender cultural politics and activism Naber, Nadine Christine. E184.A65 N335 2012
Archaeology of Minnesota : the prehistory of the upper Mississippi river region Gibbon, Guy E., 1939- E78.M7 G48 2012
Asian American racial realities in black and white Hoskins, Bruce Calvin. E184.A75 H67 2011
Asian American women : the Frontiers reader E184.A75 A8425 2004
Atlantic cousins : Benjamin Franklin and his visionary friends Fruchtman, Jack. E302.6.F8 F89 2007
Barrios to burbs : the making of the Mexican American middle class Agius Vallejo, Jody, author. E184.M5 A64 2012
Bayard Rustin : American dreamer Podair, Jerald E., 1953- E185.97.R93 P63 2009
Becoming Mexipino : multiethnic identities and communities in San Diego Guevarra, Rudy. F869.S22 G78 2012
Before the quagmire : American intervention in Laos 1954-1961 Rust, William J. E183.8.L3 R87 2012
Before the Revolution : America's ancient pasts Richter, Daniel K. E169.12 .R497 2011
Behind the dream : the making of the speech that transformed a nation Jones, Clarence B. E185.97.K5 J576 2012
Benjamin Franklin self-revealed : a biographical and critical study based mainly on his own writing Bruce, William Cabell, 1860-1946. E302.6.F8 B88 1917
Beyond displacement : campesinos refugees and collective action in the Salvadoran civil war Todd, Molly. F1488.3 .T63 2010
Beyond stereotypes in black and white : how everyday leaders can build healthier opportunities for A Treadwell, Henrie M. E185.86 .T74 2013
Black against empire : the history and politics of the Black Panther Party Bloom, Joshua. E185.615 .B5574 2013
Black patriots and loyalists : fighting for emancipation in the war for independence Gilbert, Alan. E269.N3 G55 2012
Bolívar : American liberator Arana, Marie. F2235.3 .A876 2013
Book of ages : the life and opinions of Jane Franklin Lepore, Jill, 1966- author. E302.6.F8 L427 2013
Booker T. Washington W.E.B. Du Bois and the struggle for racial uplift Moore, Jacqueline M., 1965- E185.97.W4 M66 2003
Brazil on the rise : the story of a country transformed Rohter, Larry, 1950- F2538.3 .R64 2012
British soldiers American war : voices of the American Revolution Hagist, Don N. E267 .H345 2012
Challenge of the big trees : a resource history of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks Dilsaver, Lary M. F868.S4 D55 1990
Chanhassen : a centennial history Hoisington, Daniel John. F614.C34 H65 1996
Chicana leadership : the Frontiers reader E184.M5 C39 2002
Chicana power! : contested histories of Feminism in the Chicano movement Blackwell, Maylei, 1969- E184.M5 B55 2011
Choosing sides : loyalists in revolutionary America Chopra, Ruma. E277 .C545 2013
Chronicle of a failure foretold : the peace process of Colombian president Andrés Pastrana Kline, Harvey F. F2279 .K53 2007
City of scoundrels : the twelve days of disaster that gave birth to modern Chicago Krist, Gary. F548.5 .K75 2012
Cold War exiles in Mexico : U.S. dissidents and the culture of critical resistance Schreiber, Rebecca Mina. F1392.A5 S37 2008
Colonial America : a very short introduction Taylor, Alan, 1955- E45 .T39 2013
Colored cosmopolitanism : the shared struggle for freedom in the United States and India Slate, Nico. E185.61 .S6185 2012
Coming for to Carry Me Home : Race in America from Abolitionism to Jim Crow Martinez, J. Michael (James Michael) E185.18 .M335 2012
Contrary neighbors : Southern Plains and removed Indians in Indian territory La Vere, David. E78.S65 L3 2000
Contributions to Ojibwe studies : essays 1934-1972 Hallowell, A. Irving (Alfred Irving), 1892-1974. E99.C6 H257 2010
Crow-Omaha : new light on a classic problem of kinship analysis E99.C92 C77 2012
Dancing into dreams : Maya vase painting of the Ik' kingdom Just, Bryan R., author. F1435.3.P34 J87 2012
Dancing the new world : Aztecs Spaniards and the choreography of conquest Scolieri, Paul A. F1219.76.D35 S36 2013
Days of fire : Bush and Cheney in the White House Baker, Peter, 1967- E902 .B353 2013
Dear White America : letter to a new minority Wise, Tim J. E184.A1 W573 2012
Debating the end of history : the marketplace utopia and the fragmentation of intellectual life Noble, David W. E175 .N628 2012
Delivering justice : W.W. Law and the fight for civil rights Haskins, James, 1941-2005. F294.S2 H37 2008
Dirty wars : the world is a battlefield Scahill, Jeremy. E897 .S33 2013
Diversity in diaspora : Hmong Americans in the twenty-first century E184.H55 D58 2013
Dominion of memories : Jefferson Madison and the decline of Virginia Dunn, Susan, 1945- F230 .D86 2007
Duty : memoirs of a Secretary at war Gates, Robert Michael, 1943- E897.4.P48 B76 2014
Easter Island's silent sentinels : the sculpture and architecture of Rapa Nui Treister, Kenneth, author and illustrator. F3169 .T74 2013
Ecstatic nation : confidence crisis and compromise 1848-1877 Wineapple, Brenda. E415.7 .W75 2013
El Cinco de Mayo : an American tradition Hayes-Bautista, David E., 1945- F870.S75 H384 2012
Enclosed : conservation cattle and commerce among the Q'eqchi' Maya lowlanders Grandia, Liza. F1465.2.K5 G7 2012
Engaging ancient Maya sculpture at Piedras Negras Guatemala O'Neil, Megan Eileen. F1435.1.P52 O54 2012
Enjoy the same liberty : Black Americans and the revolutionary era Countryman, Edward. E269.N3 C68 2012
Escaping Hitler : a Jewish haven in Chile Goldschmidt Wyman, Eva. F3285.J4 G65 2013
Every man did his duty : pictures & stories of the men of the First Minnesota Wayne D. Jorgenson. Jorgenson, Wayne D. E515.5 1st .J67 2012
Exploring Maya ritual caves : dark secrets from the Maya underworld Chládek, Stanislav, 1937- F1435.3.R56 C47 2011
Fear of a hip-hop planet : America's new dilemma Jones, D. Marvin. E185.86 .J647 2013
Fierce angels : living with a legacy from the sacred dark feminine to the strong black woman Parks, Sheri, author. E185.86 .P37 2013
Fighting colonialism with hegemonic culture : native American appropriation of Indian stereotypes Schwarz, Maureen Trudelle, 1952- E98.P99 S38 2013
Finding Mecca in America : How Islam is becoming an American religion Bilici, Mucahit, 1973- author. E184.M88 B55 2012
First founders : American Puritans and Puritanism in an Atlantic world Bremer, Francis J. F7 .B758 2012
Forgotten first citizen: John Bigelow Clapp, Margaret Antoinette, 1910-1974. E664.B55 C5 1968
Freedom now! : forgotten photographs of the civil rights struggle Berger, Martin A. E185.61 .B442 2013
Freedom papers : an Atlantic odyssey in the age of emancipation Scott, Rebecca J. (Rebecca Jarvis), 1950- E29.C73 S36 2012
Freedom's children : young civil rights activists tell their own stories Levine, Ellen. E185.615 L47 2000
From coveralls to zoot suits : the lives of Mexican American women on the World War II home front Escobedo, Elizabeth Rachel. F869.L89 M5156 2013
George Washington's secret six : the spy ring that saved the American Revolution Kilmeade, Brian. E279 .K55 2013
Gettysburg : the last invasion Guelzo, Allen C. E475.53 .G875 2013
Ghosts of Jim Crow : ending racism in post-racial America Higginbotham, F. Michael. E185.61 .H58 2013
Glorious war : the Civil War adventures of George Armstrong Custer Hatch, Thom, 1946- E467.1.C99 H39 2013
Great American city : Chicago and the enduring neighborhood effect Sampson, Robert J. F548.3 .S26 2013
Hacks sycophants adventurers & heroes : Madison's commanders in the War of 1812 Fitz-Enz, David G., 1940- E355 .F58 2012
Harlem mecca of the new Negro. F128.9.N3 H35 1980
Harry Truman and the struggle for racial justice Shogan, Robert. E813 .S54 2013
Harvest of empire Harvest of empire (Motion picture) E184.S75 H37 2012
Haunted by atrocity : Civil War prisons in American memory Cloyd, Benjamin G., 1976- E615 .C58 2010
Hawks rest : a season in the remote heart of Yellowstone Ferguson, Gary, 1956- F722 .F475 2003
Heir to the Empire City : New York and the making of Theodore Roosevelt Kohn, Edward P. (Edward Parliament), 1968- E757 .K64 2014
I'm a stranger here myself : notes on returning to America after twenty years away Bryson, Bill. E169.04.B778 2000
Immigration and ethnicity : American society--"melting pot" or "salad bowl"? E184.A1 I436 1992
Immigration ethnicity and national identity in Brazil 1808 to the present Lesser, Jeff. F2510 .L48 2013
In two cultures : the stories of second generation Finnish-Americans E184.F5 I6 1992
Independence in Latin America : Contrasts and Comparisons Graham, Richard, 1934- F1412 .G64 2013
Indian and Eskimo artifacts of North America. Miles, Charles, 1894- E77 .M62 1963
Indians and the political economy of colonial Central America 1670-1810 Patch, Robert. F1434 .P36 2013
Indians in unexpected places Deloria, Philip Joseph. E98.S67 D46 2004
Indigenous agency in the Amazon : the Mojos in liberal and rubber-boom Bolivia 1842-1932 Van Valen, Gary. F3320.2.M55 V36 2013
Indigenous youth in Brazilian Amazonia : changing lived worlds Virtanen, Pirjo Kristiina. F2519.1.A6 V56 2012
Inka human sacrifice and mountain worship : strategies for empire unification Besom, Thomas, 1960- F3429.3.R58 B46 2013
Inside dazzling mountains : Southwest native verbal arts E78.S7 I54 2012
Intimate indigeneities : race sex and history in the small spaces of Andean life Canessa, Andrew, 1965- F2230.2.A9 C275 2012
Inventing the egghead : the battle over brainpower in American culture Lecklider, Aaron. E169.12 .L393 2013
Islands in the rainforest : landscape management in pre-Columbian Amazonia Rostain, Stéphen. F2460.2.A37 R68 2013
It seems like only yesterday : memories from the residents of Hill Top Home of Comfort F641.A2 I72 2007
James Buchanan and the coming of the Civil War E436 .J36 2013
Jefferson and Hamilton : the rivalry that forged a nation Ferling, John E. E332.2 .F47 2013
John Brown's spy : the adventurous life and tragic confession of John E. Cook Lubet, Steven. E451 .L83 2012
Just plain Dick : Richard Nixon's Checkers speech and the "rocking socking" election of 1952 Mattson, Kevin, 1966- E816 .M38 2012
Kings for three days : the play of race and gender in an Afro-Ecuadorian festival Rahier, Jean Muteba, 1959- F3741.E6 R34 2013
Knights of the Golden Circle : secret empire southern secession Civil War Keehn, David C. E458.8 .K44 2013
Kuna art and Shamanism : an ethnographic approach Fortis, Paolo, 1976- F1565.2.C8 F67 2012
Lady Bird Johnson : an oral history Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007, interviewee. E848.J64 A5 2012
Las cucarachas' tails : a storyteller's travel escapades...along the ways of Mexico Hesser, Jerry. F1216.5 .H47 2004
Latin America in the 21st century : nations regionalism globalization Gardini, Gian Luca. F1414.3 .G3713 2012
Latin America in the post-Chávez era : the security threat to the United States Fleischman, Luis, 1959- F1414.3 .F56 2013
Latino Americans : the 500-year legacy that shaped a nation E184.S75 L38 2013
Legacy of disunion : the enduring significance of the American Civil War E468.9 .L44 2003
Light and liberty : Thomas Jefferson and the power of knowledge E332.2 .L54 2012
Lincoln : a very short introduction Guelzo, Allen C. E457.2 .G874 2009
Lincoln's Hundred Days : the emancipation proclamation and the war for the Union Masur, Louis P. E453 .M266 2012
Lincoln's tragic pragmatism : Lincoln Douglas and moral conflict Burt, John, 1955- E457.4 .B97 2013
Long road to antietam : how the civil war became a revolution. Slotkin, Richard E474.65 .S57 2013
Many smokes many moons : a chronology of American Indian history through Indian art Highwater, Jamake. E77.4 .H53
Marching for freedom : walk together children and don't you grow weary Partridge, Elizabeth. E185.93.A3 P37 2009
Memories of conquest : becoming Mexicano in colonial Guatemala Matthew, Laura E. F1465.1.C57 M37 2012
Mexico & the United States : the politics of partnership E183.8.M6 M4655 2013
Mexico's once and future revolution : social upheaval and the challenge of rule since the late ninet Joseph, G. M. (Gilbert Michael), 1947- F1234 .J835 2013
Misalliance : Ngo Dinh Diem the United States and the fate of South Vietnam Miller, Edward Garvey. E183.8.V5 M54 2013
Nashville in the new millennium : immigrant settlement urban transformation and social belonging Winders, Jamie. F444.N29 S758 2013
Nat Turner a troublesome property F232.S7 .N47 2002
Native and national in Brazil : indigeneity after independence Devine Guzmán, Tracy, 1970- F2519.3.E83 D48 2013
Negro with a hat : the rise and fall of Marcus Garvey Grant, Colin, 1961- E185.97.G3 G73 2008
Neoliberalism interrupted : social change and contested governance in contemporary Latin America F1414.3 .N46 2013
Nixon and Mao : the week that changed the world MacMillan, Margaret, 1943- E183.8.C5 M313 2007
North American Indians : a very short introduction Perdue, Theda, 1949- E77 .P425 2010
Northern slave black Dakota : the life and times of Joseph Godfrey Bachman, Walt, author. E99.D1 G633 2013
November's fury : the deadly Great Lakes hurricane of 1913 Schumacher, Michael, 1950- F551 .S38 2013
Objects of bright pride : Northwest Coast Indian art from the American Museum of Natural History American Museum of Natural History. E78.N78 W28 1988
Old Man River : the Mississippi River in North American history Schneider, Paul, 1962- author. F351 .S345 2013
On doing local history : reflections on what local historians do why and what it means Kammen, Carol, 1937- E180 .K28 1986
On the road again : Montana's changing landscape Wyckoff, William. F731.8 .W93 2006
One day in December : Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution Stout, Nancy. F1788.22.S26 S76 2013
One out of three : immigrants in New York in the twenty-first century New immigrants in New York. F128.9.A1 N38 2013
Original local : indigenous foods stories and recipes from the Upper Midwest Erdrich, Heid E. (Heid Ellen) E98.F7 E735 2013
Our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor : the forging of American independence 1774-1776 Beeman, Richard R. E210 .B43 2013
Paint the White House black : Barack Obama and the meaning of race in America Jeffries, Michael P., author. E907 .J44 2013
Paul Robeson Greenfield, Eloise. E185.97.R63 G74 2009
Pensamiento colonial crítico : textos y actos de Polo Ondegardo F3444.P6 P46 2012
Pillaging the empire : piracy in the Americas 1500-1750 Lane, Kris E., 1967- E18.75 .L36 1998
Political essay on the island of Cuba Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859. F1763 .H913 2011
Politics of the Maya court : hierarchy and change in the late classic period Jackson, Sarah E., 1976- F1435.3.K55 J33 2013
Progressivism : a very short introduction Nugent, Walter T. K. E661 .N84 2010
Race and the Chilean miracle : neoliberalism democracy and indigenous rights Richards, Patricia, 1971- F3126 .R53 2013
Race defaced : paradigms of pessimism politics of possibility Kyriakides, Christopher, author. E184.A1 K97 2012
Race social science and the crisis of manhood 1890-1970 : we are the supermen Lindquist, Malinda A. E185.625 .L56 2012
Radical moves : Caribbean migrants and the politics of race in the jazz age Putnam, Lara. F2131 .P88 2013
Raven's journey : the world of Alaska's native people Kaplan, Susan A., 1951- E78.A3 K36 1986
Reform without justice : Latino migrant politics and the homeland security state Gonzales, Alfonso, 1977- E184.S75 G644 2014
Reinventing race reinventing racism E185.615 .R44 2013
Rethinking the Asian American movement Maeda, Daryl J. E184.A75 M343 2012
Rethinking the Great White North : race nature and the historical geographies of whiteness in Cana F1035.A1 R468 2011
Revolution in the Andes : the age of Túpac Amaru Serulnikov, Sergio. F3444 .S47513 2013
Revolutionary social change in Colombia : the origin and direction of the FARC-EP Brittain, James J. (James Jeremiah), 1977- F2279 .B75 2010
Revolutionary summer : the birth of American independence Ellis, Joseph J. E208 .E48 2013
River of dark dreams : slavery and empire in the cotton kingdom Johnson, Walter, 1967- E449 .J695 2013
Salvador Allende : revolutionary democrat Figueroa Clark, Victor. F3101.A4 F548 2013
Shaping the motherhood of indigenous Mexico Smith-Oka, Vania, 1975- F1219.3.W6 S65 2013
Showing teeth to the dragons : state-building by Colombian president Álvaro Uribe Vélez 2002-20 Kline, Harvey F. F2279 .K538 2009
Skin deep E185.625 .S56 2005
Slave narratives after slavery E444 .S567 2011
Slavery in colonial America 1619-1776 Wood, Betty. E446 .W88 2005
Sojourning for freedom : black women American communism and the making of black left feminism McDuffie, Erik S., 1970- E185.86 .M3125 2011
Some of my best friends are black : the strange story of integration in america. Colby, Tanner. E184.A1 C537 2013
Sootface : an Ojibwa Cinderella story San Souci, Robert D. E99.C6 S32 1994
Sound the trumpet : the United States and human rights promotion Haas, Lawrence J. E744 .H24 2012
Spaniards in the colonial empire : creoles vs. peninsulars? Burkholder, Mark A., 1943- F1419.C74 B85 2013
St. Paul's historic Summit Avenue Sandeen, Ernest Robert, 1931- F614.S4 S26 1978
Story of a death foretold : the coup against Salvador Allende September 11 1973 Guardiola-Rivera, Oscar, author. F3101.A4 G82 2013
Story of the Negro Bontemps, Arna, 1902-1973. E29.N3 B65 1969
Student activism and civil rights in Mississippi : protest politics and the struggle for racial just Marshall, James P., 1942- E185.93.M6 M27 2013
Survival schools : the American Indian Movement and community education in the Twin Cities Davis, Julie L. E97.65.M6 D38 2013
Sustaining southern identity : Douglas Southall Freeman and memory in the modern South Dickson, Keith D. E175.5.F78 D53 2011
Terras Lands F2230.1.S68 T47 2009
Terrible justice : Sioux chiefs and U.S. soldiers on the upper Missouri 1854-1868 Chaky, Doreen, 1944- E83.854 .C43 2012
The African Americans : many rivers to cross African Americans (Television program) E185 .A476 2014
The American non-dilemma : racial inequality without racism DiTomaso, Nancy. E185.61 .D58 2013
The Aztecs : a very short introduction Carrasco, David. F1219.73 .C354 2012
The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6 1864 Rhea, Gordon C. E476.52 .R47 2004
The Black power mixtape : 1967-1975 Olsson, Göran Hugo. E185.615 .O47 2013
The Blood telegram : Nixon Kissinger and a forgotten genocide Bass, Gary Jonathan, 1969- E855 .B34 2013
The Bolivian revolution and the United States 1952 to the present Siekmeier, James F. E183.8.B6 S54 2011
The brothers : John Foster Dulles Allen Dulles and their secret world war Kinzer, Stephen. E748.D868 K56 2013
The bully pulpit : Theodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of journalism Goodwin, Doris Kearns. E757 .G66 2013
The children of the revolución : how the Mexican Revolution changed America F1234 .C485 2012
The Chile reader : history culture politics F3081 .C485 2014
The Civil War : a treasury of art and literature E468 .C615 1992
The Cosby cohort : blessings and burdens of growing up Black middle class Harris, Cherise A., 1976- E185.86 .H357 2013
The cost of liberty : the life of John Dickinson Murchison, William P. E302.6.D5 M87 2013
The Cuban missile crisis : the threshold of nuclear war George, Alice L., 1952- E841 .G395 2013
The Dakota prisoner of war letters = Dakota Kaŝkapi Okicize Wowapi Canku, Clifford. E83.86 .C36 2013
The eighteen-day running mate : McGovern Eagleton and a campaign in crisis Glasser, Joshua M., 1987- E859 .G55 2012
The failure of popular sovereignty : slavery manifest destiny and the radicalization of southern p Childers, Christopher. E302.1 .C47 2012
The faith of remembrance : Marrano labyrinths Wachtel, Nathan. F1419.J4 W33 2013
The Fillmore F869.S36 F544 1999
The first American : the life and times of Benjamin Franklin Brands, H. W. E302.6.F8 B83 2000
The idea of Haiti : rethinking crisis and development F1928.2 .I44 2013
The inconvenient Indian : a curious account of native people in North America King, Thomas, 1943- E77 .K566 2013
The killing zone : the United States wages Cold War in Latin America Rabe, Stephen G. F1418 .R235 2012
The land looks after us : a history of Native American religion Martin, Joel W., 1956- E98.R3 M333 2001
The longest romance : the mainstream media and Fidel Castro Fontova, Humberto. F1788.22.C3 F664 2013
The man who saved the union : Ulysses Grant in war and peace Brands, H. W., author. E672 .B8 2013
The Mankato Reconcilliation Powwow Boutin, Loren Dean. E98.P86 B69 2012
The March on Washington : jobs freedom and the forgotten history of civil rights Jones, William Powell, 1970- F200 .J66 2013
The men who lost America : British leadership the American Revolution and the fate of the empire O'Shaughnessy, Andrew Jackson. E267 .O75 2013
The men who made the Constitution : lives of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention Vile, John R. E302.5 .V55 2013
The modern African American political thought reader : from David Walker to Barack Obama Jones, Angela, 1978- E185 .J648 2013
The new face of America : how the emerging multiracial multiethnic majority is changing the United Bailey, Eric J., 1958- E184.A1 B233 2013
The new New Deal : the hidden story of change in the Obama era Grunwald, Michael, 1970- E907 .G78 2012
The new Pearl Harbor : disturbing questions about the Bush administration and 911 Griffin, David Ray, 1939- E902 .G75 2004
The patriarch : the remarkable life and turbulent times of Joseph P. Kennedy Nasaw, David. E748.K376 N37 2012
The Pentagon Papers; the Defense Department history of United States decisionmaking on Vietnam. E183.8.V5 P42
The perilous West : seven amazing explorers and the founding of the Oregon Trail Morris, Larry E. F880 .M67 2013
The political life of Bella Abzug 1920-1976 : political passions women's rights and congressional Levy, Alan Howard. E840.8.A2 L487 2013
The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation Davis, David Brion. E449 .D24 2014
The purchase of the Danish West Indies Tansill, Charles Callan, 1890-1964. F2136 .T18 1968
The pursuit of local history : readings on theory and practice E160 .P87 1996
The real American Joe McCarthy ; with Henry Kissinger Carl Bernstein and Ann Coulter. E748.M43 R43 2011
The rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks Theoharis, Jeanne. F334.M753 P3883 2013
The Revolt of the Whip Love, Joseph LeRoy, Jr. author. F2537 .L83 2012
The riddle of racism Hirsch, S. Carl. E184.A1 H56 1972
The rise and fall of North American Indians : from prehistory through Geronimo Brandon, William, 1914-2002. E58 .B83 2013
The scramble for the Amazon and the "Lost paradise" of Euclides da Cunha Hecht, Susanna B. F2537.C97554 H33 2013
The sod house Barns, Cass G. (Cass Grove), 1848-1932. F666 .B25 1970
The spectacle of the late Maya court : reflections on the murals of Bonampak Miller, Mary Ellen. F1435.1.B6 M55 2013
The success of the left in Latin America : untainted parties market reforms and voting behavior Queirolo, María del Rosario, author. F1414.3 .Q45 2013
The third coast : when Chicago built the American dream Dyja, Tom. F548.52 .D95 2013
The training of an American; the earlier life and letters of Walter H. Page 1855-1913. Hendrick, Burton Jesse, 1870-1949. E664.P15 H3 1970
The Treaty of Traverse des Sioux Lass, William E. E99.D1 L29 2011
The twilight war : the secret history of America's thirty-year conflict with Iran Crist, David, author. E183.8.I55 C75 2013
The United States and China : a history from the eighteenth century to the present Wang, Dong, 1967- E183.8.C5 W3416 2013
The United States and the Caribbean : transforming hegemony and sovereignty Maingot, Anthony P. F2178.U6 M332 2005
The unwinding : an inner history of the new America Packer, George, 1960- E839 .P28 2013
The War of 1812 : writings from America's second war of independence E354 .W374 2013
The wooden-shoe people : an illustrated history of the first Swedish settlement in Minnesota : the s Hackl, Lloyd C. F612.C59 C353 1986
Their way of writing : scripts signs and pictographies in Pre-Columbian America F1435.3.W75 T74 2011
They left great marks on me : African American testimonies of racial violence from emancipation to W Williams, Kidada E. E185.2 .W67 2012
This is the day : the March on Washington Freed, Leonard. F200 .F74 2013
This land is my land Littlechild, George. E99.C88 L575 1993
This mighty scourge : perspectives on the Civil War McPherson, James M. E468 .M24 2007
Thomas E. Dewey and his times Smith, Richard Norton, 1953- E748.D48 S65 1984
Trade land power : the struggle for eastern North America Richter, Daniel K. E98.F39 R54 2013
Travels in the Greater Yellowstone Turner, Jack, 1942- F722 .T875 2008
Truman's triumphs : the 1948 election and the making of postwar America Busch, Andrew. E815 .B87 2012
Two hundred years of North American Indian art Feder, Norman. E98.A7 F43 1971
University Avenue one street a thousand dreams F614.M6 U55 2012
Views of the Cordilleras and monuments of the indigenous peoples of the Americas : a critical editio Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859, author. F1219 .H913 2012
Vikings across the Atlantic : emigration and the building of a greater Norway 1860-1945 Olson, Daron. E184.S2 O44 2013
Villains of all nations : Atlantic pirates in the golden age Rediker, Marcus. F106 .R42 2004
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