History: History of America

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
"Dear unforgettable brother" : the Stavig letters from Norway and America 1881-1937 Stavig, Lars A., 1844-1933. F657.D3 S73 2013
41 : a portrait of my father Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- author. E882 .B86 2014
A Benjamin Franklin reader Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. E302 .F82 2003
A companion to American Indian history E77 .C74 2004
A concise history of Brazil Fausto, Boris, 1930- author. F2521 .F33213 2014
A decisive decade : an insider's view of the Chicago civil rights movement during the 1960s McKersie, Robert B. F548.9.N4 M34 2013
A dreadful deceit : the myth of race from the colonial era to Obama's America Jones, Jacqueline, 1948- E185.625 .J658 2013
A field guide to getting lost Solnit, Rebecca. E169.Z83 S628 2006
A fighting chance Warren, Elizabeth, author. E901.1.W37 A3 2014
A future for Amazonia : Randy Borman and Cofán environmental politics Cepek, Michael. F3722.1.C67 C437 2012
A history of Argentina in the twentieth century Romero, Luis Alberto, author. F2848 .R6613 2013
A massacre in Memphis : the race riot that shook the nation one year after the Civil War Ash, Stephen V., author. F444.M557 A75 2014
A new history of Asian America Lee, Shelley Sang-Hee, 1975- E184.A75 L45 2014
A place to remember : using history to build community Archibald, Robert, 1948- E180.5 .A73 1999
A W.E.B. Du Bois reader Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963. E185.97.D73 A25 1993
Abigail Adams : a biography Levin, Phyllis Lee. E322.1.A38 L48 2001
After slavery : race labor and citizenship in the reconstruction South E185.2 .A34 2013
All for the Union : the Civil War diary and letters of Elisha Hunt Rhodes Rhodes, Elisha Hunt, 1842-1917. E528.5 2nd .R46 1991
All our yesterdays : a century of family life in an American small town Robertson, James Oliver. F104.H24 R63 1993
America's first adventure in China : trade treaties opium and salvation Haddad, John Rogers. E183.8.C5 H174 2013
American revolutionary : the evolution of Grace Lee Boggs F574.D49 C53 2013
An indigenous peoples' history of the United States Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939- author. E76.8 .D86 2014
Ansel Adams : our national parks Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. E160 .A295 1992
Âs Nutayuneân We still live here E99.W2 W42 2010
Asian Americans in Dixie : race and migration in the South F216.2 .A85 2013
Backroads pragmatists : Mexico's melting pot and civil rights in the United States Flores, Ruben, 1967- F1234 .F685 2014
Between slavery and capitalism : the legacy of emancipation in the American south Ruef, Martin, author. E453 .R84 2014
Between slavery and freedom : free people of color in America from settlement to the Civil War Winch, Julie, 1953- E185.18 .W57 2014
Beyond the eagle's shadow : new histories of Latin America's cold war F1414.2 .B46 2013
Blacks in and out of the left Dawson, Michael C., 1951- E185.615 .D395 2013
Blood done sign my name : a true story Tyson, Timothy B. F264.O95 T97 2004
Booker's place a Mississippi story E185.93.M6 B66 2012
Braiding sweetgrass Kimmerer, Robin Wall. E98.P5 K56 2013
Brazil : the troubled rise of a global power Reid, Michael, author. F2521 .R44 2014
Buenos Aires Wilson, Jason, 1944- author. F3001.3 .W55 2014
By the waters of Minnetonka Dregni, Eric, 1968- author. F612.H5 D74 2014
Chanhassen : a centennial history Hoisington, Daniel John. F614.C34 H65 1996
Chinese Cubans : a transnational history López, Kathleen. F1789.C53 L67 2013
Chinese in San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley Gong-Guy, Lillian. F869.S394 G66 2007
Choosing sides : loyalists in revolutionary America Chopra, Ruma. E277 .C545 2013
Citizenship excess : Latinasos media and the nation Amaya, Hector. E184.S75 A43 2013
Comandante : Hugo Chavez's Venezuela Carroll, Rory. F2329.22.C54 C27 2014
Commemorating Brown : the social psychology of racism and discrimination E185.61 .C723 2008
Community and difference : change in late classic Maya villages of the Petexbatún region Eberl, Markus. F1435.1.N34 E24 2013
Conflicted mission : faith disputes and deception on the Dakota frontier Clemmons, Linda M., 1969- author. E99.D1 C56 2014
Death blow to Jim Crow : the National Negro Congress and the rise of militant civil rights Gellman, Erik S. E185.61 .G278 2012
Debating American exceptionalism : empire and democracy in the wake of the Spanish-American War Hilfrich, Fabian. E713 .H55 2012
Dictatorship in South America Dávila, Jerry, 1970- F2237 .D38 2013
Dirty wars : the world is a battlefield Scahill, Jeremy. E897 .S33 2013
Discovering the Olmecs : an unconventional history Grove, David C., author. F1219.8.O56 G76 2014
Double down : game change 2012 Halperin, Mark, author. E910 .H35 2013
Easter Island's silent sentinels : the sculpture and architecture of Rapa Nui Treister, Kenneth, author and illustrator. F3169 .T74 2013
El Cinco de Mayo : an American tradition Hayes-Bautista, David E., 1945- F870.S75 H384 2012
Embattled rebel : Jefferson Davis as commander in chief McPherson, James M. E467.1.D26 M26 2014
Empire and underworld : captivity in French Guiana Spieler, Miranda Frances, 1971- F2462 .S69 2012
Empire of sin : a story of sex jazz murder and the battle for modern New Orleans Krist, Gary, author. F379.N557 K75 2014
Engaging ancient Maya sculpture at Piedras Negras Guatemala O'Neil, Megan Eileen. F1435.1.P52 O54 2012
Ethnic cleansing and the Indian : the crime that should haunt America Anderson, Gary Clayton, 1948- E98.C87 A63 2014
Evangelicals and American foreign policy Amstutz, Mark R. E183.7 .A64 2014
Exhibiting patriotism : creating and contesting interpretations of American historic sites Bergman, Teresa. E159 .B45 2013
Eyewitness to America : 500 years of America in the words of those who saw it happen E173 .E9 1997
FDR's funeral train : a betrayed widow a Soviet spy and a presidency in the balance Klara, Robert. E807 .K56 2010
Forgotten dead : mob violence against Mexicans in the United States 1848-1928 Carrigan, William D., 1970- E184.M5 C3675 2013
Freedom now! : forgotten photographs of the civil rights struggle Berger, Martin A. E185.61 .B442 2013
Freedom's child : the life of a Confederate general's Black daughter McCray, Carrie Allen, 1913- E185.97.A36 M38 1998
From Black to biracial : transforming racial identity among Americans Korgen, Kathleen Odell, 1967- E184.A1 K733 1999
From coveralls to zoot suits : the lives of Mexican American women on the World War II home front Escobedo, Elizabeth Rachel. F869.L89 M5156 2013
From development to dictatorship : Bolivia and the alliance for progress in the Kennedy era Field, Thomas C., Jr. author. F3326 .F48 2014
From Manassas to Appomattox : memoirs of the Civil War in America Longstreet, James, 1821-1904. E470 .L85 1991
George Marshall : a biography Unger, Debi, author. E745.M37 U54 2014
Gettysburg : a testing of courage Trudeau, Noah Andre, 1949- E475.53 .T78 2002
Globalization and American popular culture Crothers, Lane. E169.12 .C74 2013
Glorious war : the Civil War adventures of George Armstrong Custer Hatch, Thom, 1946- E467.1.C99 H39 2013
Golden Gate Swedes : the Bay Area and Sveadal Beroza, Muriel Nelson. F870.S23 B47 2000
Greenlanders whales and whaling : sustainability and self-determination in the Arctic Caulfield, Richard A. E99.E7 C38 1997
Hand in hand : ten Black men who changed America Pinkney, Andrea Davis, author. E185.86 .P56 2012
Harlem mecca of the new Negro. F128.9.N3 H35 1980
Heir to the Empire City : New York and the making of Theodore Roosevelt Kohn, Edward P. (Edward Parliament), 1968- E757 .K64 2014
Heritage or heresy : archaeology and culture on the Maya Riviera Walker, Cameron Jean. F1435.1.Q78 W35 2009
Hillary Clinton in the news : gender and authenticity in American politics Parry-Giles, Shawn J., 1960- E887.C55 P37 2014
His Excellency : George Washington Ellis, Joseph J., author. E312 .E245 2004
Historia general de América Latina. F1410 .H536 1999
How it feels to be free : black women entertainers and the civil rights movement Feldstein, Ruth, 1965- E185.86 .F4342 2013
How race is made in America : immigration citizenship and the historical power of racial scripts Molina, Natalia. E184.M5 M587 2014
I fought a good fight : a history of the Lipan Apaches Robinson, Sherry. E99.L5 R64 2013
I speak of the city : Mexico City at the turn of the twentieth century Tenorio-Trillo, Mauricio, 1962- F1386.3 .T465 2012
I'm a stranger here myself : notes on returning to America after twenty years away Bryson, Bill. E169.04.B778 2000
Immigration and ethnicity : American society--"melting pot" or "salad bowl"? E184.A1 I436 1992
Indian and Eskimo artifacts of North America. Miles, Charles, 1894- E77 .M62 1963
Inside dazzling mountains : Southwest native verbal arts E78.S7 I54 2012
Is lighter better? : skin-tone discrimination among Asian Americans Rondilla, Joanne L. E184.A75 R66 2007
JFK and his enemies : a portrait of power Whalen, Thomas J., 1964- author. E842 .W43 2014
Jim Crow Wisdom : Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940 Holloway, Jonathan Scott. E185.625 .H64 2013
Juan Gregorio Palechor : the story of my life Jimeno, Myriam. F3429.3.Y3 P35513 2014
Junipero serra : california's founding father. Hackel, Steven W. F864.S44 H33 2014
Justice at war : civil liberties and civil rights during times of crisis Delgado, Richard. E184.A1 D328 2003
Lady at the O.K. Corral : the true story of Josephine Marcus Earp. Kirschner, Ann. F786.E18 K57 2014
Latin America in the 21st century : nations regionalism globalization Gardini, Gian Luca. F1414.3 .G3713 2012
Latinos facing racism : discrimination resistance and endurance Feagin, Joe R., author. E184.S75 F43 2014
Latinos in the Midwest F358.2.S75 L37 2011
Lenape country : Delaware Valley society before William Penn Soderlund, Jean R., 1947- F157.D4 S68 2015
Looking like the enemy : Japanese Mexicans the Mexican state and US hegemony 1897-1945 García, Jerry, 1963- F1392.J3 G37 2014
Making a life in multiethnic Miami : immigration and the rise of a global city Aranda, Elizabeth M., 1973- author. F319.M6 A69 2014
Mark one or more : civil rights in multiracial America Williams, Kim M., 1968- E184.A1 W456 2008
Masculindians : conversations about indigenous manhood E98.P95 M37 2014
Maya shamanism today : connecting with the cosmos in rural Yucatan Love, Bruce, 1945- F1435.1.Y89 L68 2012
Memory in black and white : race commemoration and the post-bellum landscape Shackel, Paul A. E468.9 .S53 2003
Mexico & the United States : the politics of partnership E183.8.M6 M4655 2013
Mississippi currents : journeys through time and a valley Malcolm, Andrew H., 1943- F351 .M24 1996
Mixing it up : taking on the media bullies and other reflections Reed, Ishmael, 1938- E184.A1 R4265 2008
Mobilizing ethnic identity in the Andes : a study of Ecuador and Peru Glidden, Lisa. F2230.1.E84 G57 2013
My dear parents : the Civil War seen by an English Union soldier Horrocks, James, 1843- E601 .H79 1982
My grandfather's knocking sticks : Ojibwe family life and labor on the reservation Child, Brenda J., 1959- author. E99.C6 C495 2014
Mysteries of the jaguar shamans of the northwest Amazon Wright, Robin, 1950- F2520.1.B35 D3 2013
Nashville in the new millennium : immigrant settlement urban transformation and social belonging Winders, Jamie. F444.N29 S758 2013
National colors : racial classification and the state in Latin America Loveman, Mara, 1972- author. F1419.A1 L69 2014
Native Brazil : beyond the convert and the cannibal 1500-1900 F2519 .N37 2014
Navajo wildlands; "as long as the rivers shall run." Jett, Stephen C., 1938- E99.N3 J4 1967
Negotiating tradition becoming American : family gender and autonomy for second generation South Salam, Rifat Anjum, 1970- E184.S69 S25 2014
Objects of bright pride : Northwest Coast Indian art from the American Museum of Natural History American Museum of Natural History. E78.N78 W28 1988
On doing local history : reflections on what local historians do why and what it means Kammen, Carol, 1937- E180 .K28 1986
On Mexican time : a new life in San Miguel Cohan, Tony. F1391.S2 C64 2001
One day in December : Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution Stout, Nancy. F1788.22.S26 S76 2013
One foot in Russia the other in Yugoslavia : a memoir MacKenzie, David, 1927-2008. E175.5.M17 A3 2003
Politics of the Maya court : hierarchy and change in the late classic period Jackson, Sarah E., 1976- F1435.3.K55 J33 2013
Power to the poor : Black-Brown coalition and the fight for economic justice 1960-1974 Mantler, Gordon Keith, 1972- E185.8 .M19 2013
Prison of culture : beyond Black like me Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980. E185.615 .G73 2011
Prisoners of the North Berton, Pierre, 1920-2004. F1090.5 .B478 2004
Québec--au-delà de la Révolution tranquille Gagnon, Alain. F1053.2 .G33 1992
Race and Arab Americans before and after 911 : from invisible citizens to visible subjects E184.A65 R33 2008
Racial imperatives : discipline performativity and struggles against subjection Ehlers, Nadine. E184.A1 E37 2012
Racism without racists : color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo, 1962- E184.A1 B597 2014
Radicals on the road : internationalism orientalism and feminism during the Vietnam Era Wu, Judy Tzu-Chun. E839.5 .W8 2013
Raven's journey : the world of Alaska's native people Kaplan, Susan A., 1951- E78.A3 K36 1986
Reform without justice : Latino migrant politics and the homeland security state Gonzales, Alfonso, 1977- E184.S75 G644 2014
Reproducing racism : how everyday choices lock in white advantage Roithmayr, Daria, author. E184.A1 R4467 2014
Rethinking anti-Americanism : the history of an exceptional concept in American foreign relations Friedman, Max Paul. E183.7 .F78 2012
Rethinking the Great White North : race nature and the historical geographies of whiteness in Cana F1035.A1 R468 2011
Rosebud Sioux : ett folk i förvandling Anderson, J. A. (John Alvin), 1869-1948. E99.D1 A485 1995
Seeing race in modern America Guterl, Matthew Pratt, 1970- E184.A1 G963 2013
Shores of knowledge : new world discoveries and the scientific imagination Appleby, Joyce Oldham. E101 .A66 2013
Skin deep E185.625 .S56 2005
Slave breeding : sex violence and memory in African American history Smithers, Gregory D., 1974- E443 .S64 2013
Social crisis and social demoralization : the dynamics of status in American race relations Kuykendall, Ronald A. E185.615 .K89 2005
Space and society in central Brazil : a Panará ethnography Ewart, Elizabeth. F2520.1.K7 E83 2013
Speaking treason fluently : anti-racist reflections from an angry white male spea[k]ing Wise, Tim J. E184.A1 W57 2008
St. Paul's historic Summit Avenue Sandeen, Ernest Robert, 1931- F614.S4 S26 1978
Surviving the Dust Bowl F595 .S87 2007
The African Americans : many rivers to cross Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. E185 .G26 2013
The Battle of Peach Tree Creek : Hood's first sortie 20 July 1864 Jenkins, Robert D., 1964- E476.7 .J46 2013
The big house : a century in the life of an American summer home Colt, George Howe. F72.C3 C57 2004
The Black power mixtape : 1967-1975 Olsson, Göran Hugo. E185.615 .O47 2013
The Chile reader : history culture politics F3081 .C485 2014
The Civil War : a treasury of art and literature E468 .C615 1992
The construction and rearticulation of race in a post-racial America Metzler, Christopher J. E185.615 .M45 2008
The Costa Rica reader : history culture politics F1546 .C765 2004
The domestication of Martin Luther King Jr. : Clarence B. Jones right-wing conservatism and the ma E185.97.K5 D67 2013
The Dominican Republic reader : history culture politics F1935 .D66 2014
The ethnic project : transforming racial fiction into ethnic factions Bashi Treitler, Vilna, author. E184.A1 B273 2013
The falling sky : words of a Yanomami shaman Kopenawa, Davi. F2520.1.Y3 K6613 2013
The formation of souls : imagery of the Republic in Brazil Carvalho, José Murilo de. F2537 .C3613 2012
The general and the politician : Dwight Eisenhower Richard Nixon and American politics Malsberger, John W. (John William) E836 .M35 2014
The greatest comeback : how Richard Nixon rose from defeat to create the new majority Buchanan, Patrick J. (Patrick Joseph), 1938- E851 .B83 2014
The half has never been told : slavery and the making of American capitalism Baptist, Edward E. E441 .B337 2014
The house on Lemon Street : Japanese pioneers and the American dream Rawitsch, Mark Howland, 1950- F869.R6 R29 2013
The idea of Haiti : rethinking crisis and development F1928.2 .I44 2013
The invaded : how Latin Americans and their allies fought and ended U.S. occupations McPherson, Alan L. F1418 .M3729 2014
The lost region : toward a revival of Midwestern history Lauck, Jon, 1971- F351 .L33 2013
The Nixon defense : what he knew and when he knew it Dean, John W. (John Wesley), 1938- E860 .D385 2014
The Paraguay reader : history culture politics F2668 .P255 2013
The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation Davis, David Brion. E449 .D24 2014
The pursuit of local history : readings on theory and practice E160 .P87 1996
The Reader's companion to American history E174 .R43 1991
The Reagan diaries Reagan, Ronald. E877 .A3 2007
The reconstruction of American liberalism 1865-1914 Cohen, Nancy, 1963- E661 .C65 2002
The republic of pirates : being the true and surprising story of the Caribbean pirates and the man w Woodard, Colin, 1968- author. F2161 .W56 2007
The success of the left in Latin America : untainted parties market reforms and voting behavior Queirolo, María del Rosario, author. F1414.3 .Q45 2013
The third coast : when Chicago built the American dream Dyja, Tom. F548.52 .D95 2013
The Tupac Amaru rebellion Walker, Charles F., 1959- F3444 .W35 2014
The twilight war : the secret history of America's thirty-year conflict with Iran Crist, David, author. E183.8.I55 C75 2013
The United States and Central America : geopolitical realities and regional fragility Rosenberg, Mark, 1949- F1436.8.U6 R67 2007
The United States and the Caribbean : transforming hegemony and sovereignty Maingot, Anthony P. F2178.U6 M332 2005
The unwinding : an inner history of the new America Packer, George, 1960- E839 .P28 2013
The vanguard of the Atlantic world : creating modernity nation and democracy in nineteenth-century Sanders, James E., 1971- F1413 .S26 2014
Their way of writing : scripts signs and pictographies in Pre-Columbian America F1435.3.W75 T74 2011
This light of ours : activist photographers of the civil rights movement E185.615 .T495 2011
Trail sisters : freedwomen in Indian Territory 1850-1890 Reese, Linda Williams, 1946- E98.R28 R44 2013
Transpacific antiracism : Afro-Asian solidarity in Twentieth-century Black America Japan and Okina Onishi, Yuichiro. E185.625 .O55 2013
Truman's triumphs : the 1948 election and the making of postwar America Busch, Andrew. E815 .B87 2012
Upriver : the turbulent life and times of an Amazonian people Brown, Michael F. (Michael Fobes), 1950- author. F3429.1.A3 B76 2014
Vikings in the attic : in search of Nordic America Dregni, Eric, 1968- E184.S18 D74 2011
Visions of power in Cuba : revolution redemption and resistance 1959-1971 Guerra, Lillian. F1788 .G755 2012
Visions of the people : a pictorial history of Plains Indian life Maurer, Evan M. E78.G73 M375 1992
W. E. B. Du Bois and The souls of black folk Shaw, Stephanie J. (Stephanie Jo), 1955- E185.6 .D797328 2013
Waking from the dream : the struggle for civil rights in the shadow of Martin Luther King Jr. Chappell, David L. E185.97.K5 C455 2014
Walk in my shoes : conversations between a civil rights legend and his godson on the journey ahead Young, Andrew, 1932- E840.8.Y64 A32 2011
War and independence in Spanish America McFarlane, Anthony, 1946- F1412 .M44 2014
War by other means : aftermath in post-genocide Guatemala F1466.7 .W37 2013
War stories : accounts of Minnesotans who defended their nation Zdon, Al. F605 .Z46 2002
Wars of Latin America 1948-1982 : the rise of the guerrillas De La Pedraja Tomán, René. F1414.2 .D35 2013
We've got a job : the 1963 Birmingham Children's March Levinson, Cynthia. F334.B69 N4476 2012
Wearing culture : dress and regalia in early Mesoamerica and Central America F1219.3.C75 W43 2014
What is your race? : the census and our flawed efforts to classify Americans Prewitt, Kenneth. E184.A1 P725 2013
White guilt : how blacks and whites together destroyed the promise of the civil rights era Steele, Shelby. E185.615 .S7236 2007
White lies about the Inuit Steckley, John, 1949- E99.E7 S69 2008
White race discourse : preserving racial privilege in a post-racial society Foster, John D., 1976- E184.A1 F624 2013
Why walls won't work : repairing the US-Mexico divide Dear, M. J. (Michael J.) F787 .D43 2013
Woodrow Wilson and World War I : a burden too great to bear Striner, Richard, 1950- E768 .S895 2014
Worthy fights : a memoir of leadership in war and peace Panetta, Leon E., 1938- E840.8.P34 A3 2014