General: Philosophy & Religion

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
1--2 Corinthians Keener, Craig S., 1960- BS2675.53 .K44 2005
A companion to Buddhist philosophy B162 .C66 2013
A companion to the philosophy of time BD638 .C655 2013
A Hindu critique of Buddhist epistemology : Kumārila on perception : the "Determination of percept Taber, John A., 1948- B132.M5 T32 2012
Actions mightier than boastings Kasik, Dot Radius. BX8074.W65 K38 2009
African Christianity rising BR1360 .A37 2013
African spirituality : forms meanings and expressions BL2462.5 .A375 2000
After Jonathan Edwards : the courses of the New England theology BX7260.E3 A58 2012
After physicalism B812 .A38 2012
Alien phenomenology or What it's like to be a thing Bogost, Ian. BD331 .B5927 2012
American Catholics in transition D'Antonio, William V., author. BX1406.3 .A44 2013
American evangelicals today Smidt, Corwin E., 1946- BR1642.U5 S58 2013
An age of infidels : the politics of religious controversy in the early United States Schlereth, Eric R. BR115.P7 S2735 2013
An unquenchable thirst : a memoir Johnson, Mary, 1958?- BX4705.J6723 A3 2013
Ancient philosophy : a very short introduction Annas, Julia. B111 .A56 2000
Apocalyptic fever : end-time prophecies in modern America Kyle, Richard G. BL503 .K94 2012
Are Muslims distinctive? : a look at the evidence Fish, M. Steven (Michael Steven), 1962- BP173.25 .F57 2011
Assurance : an Austinian view of knowledge and knowledge claims Lawlor, Krista. B1618.A84 L38 2013
Basic writings of Nietzsche. Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900. B3312.E5 K3
Believing and acting : the pragmatic turn in comparative religion and ethics Davis, G. Scott, 1953- BJ47 .D38 2012
Bernard of Clairvaux Evans, G. R. (Gillian Rosemary) BX4700.B5 E89 2000
Beyond nature and culture Descola, Philippe, author. BD581 .D3813 2013
Blessed : a history of the American prosperity gospel Bowler, Kate. BR1643.5 .B68 2013
Bonhoeffer's theological formation : Berlin Barth and Protestant theology Dejonge, Michael P. BX4827.B57 D398 2012
Bounded thinking : intellectual virtues for limited agents Morton, Adam. BJ1531 .M83 2012
Brigham Young pioneer prophet Turner, John G., author. BX8695.Y7 T87 2012
Buddhist teaching in India Bronkhorst, Johannes, 1946- BQ336 .B76 2009
Caesar and the lamb : early Christian attitudes on war and military service Kalantzis, George. BT736.2 .K35 2012
Called to serve : a history of nuns in America McGuinness, Margaret M. BX4220.U6 M34 2013
Children adults and shared responsibilities : Jewish Christian and Muslim perspectives BJ1631 .C469 2012
Children and childhood in world religions : primary sources and texts BL85 .C45 2009
Christ and reconciliation Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti. BT203 .K36 2013
Christian dualist heresies in the Byzantine world c. 650-c. 1450 : selected sources BT1318 .C48 1998
Christian economic ethics : history and implications Finn, Daniel K., 1947- BR115.E3 F48 2013
Christianities in Asia BR1065 .C45 2011
Christianity politics and public life in Kenya Gifford, Paul, 1944- BR1443.K4 G54 2009
Church resistance to Nazism in Norway 1940-1945 Hassing, Arne, author. BX8037 .H37 2014
Complicity in the Holocaust : churches and universities in Nazi Germany Ericksen, Robert P. BR856 .E736 2012
Conservative Islam : a cultural anthropology Kolig, Erich. BP166.14.F85 K65 2014
Creating Cistercian nuns : the women's religious movement and its reform in thirteenth-century Champ Lester, Anne Elisabeth, 1974- BX4328.Z5 F75 2011
Days of sorrow and pain : Leo Baeck and the Berlin Jews Baker, Leonard. BM755.B32 B34 1978
Death burial and rebirth in the religions of antiquity Davies, Jon, 1939- BL504 .D295 1999
Den kyrksamma hunden och andra märkligheter i ärkestiftet Martling, Carl Henrik. BR1013 .M37 1997
Dialectics of human nature in Marx's philosophy Tabak, Mehmet. B3305.M74 T323 2012
Dialogue against the Jews Petrus Alfonsi, 1062-1110? BM585 .P483513 2006
Digital religion : understanding religious practice in new media worlds BL638 .D54 2013
Disenchanting India : organized rationalism and criticism of religion in India Quack, Johannes. BL2765.I4 Q33 2012
Divine love : Islamic literature and the path to god Chittick, William C. BP189 .C527 2013
Do we worship the same God? : Jews Christians and Muslims in dialogue BL473 .D6 2012
Dragons serpents and slayers in the classical and early Christian worlds : a sourcebook Ogden, Daniel. BL795.D7 O44 2013
Dust bound for heaven : explorations in the theology of Thomas Aquinas Hütter, Reinhard, 1958- B765.T54 H88 2012
Earthly visions : theology and the challenges of art Gorringe, Timothy. BR115.A8 G665 2011
Eleventh-century Germany : the Swabian chronicles BR854 .E448 2008
Enticed by Eden : how Western culture uses confuses (and sometimes abuses) Adam and Eve Schearing, Linda S. BT708 .S295 2013
Epistemological disjunctivism Pritchard, Duncan. BD161 .P75 2012
Ethics and time : ethos of temporal orientation in politics and religion of the Niger Delta Wariboko, Nimi, 1962- BJ1275 .W37 2010
Ethics for Life : a Text with Readings Boss, Judith A., 1942- BJ1012 .B595 2014
Ethnic racial and religious inequalities : the perils of subjectivity Macey, Marie. BL980.E85 M33 2011
Exodus Meyers, Carol L. BS1245.53 .M49 2005
Explorations in ecclesiology and ethnography BV600.3 .E97 2012
Faith in empire : religion politics and colonial rule in French Senegal 1880-1940 Foster, Elizabeth Ann, 1976- author. BL2470.S38 F67 2013
Filosofiska frågor : äventyr i tankens värld B798.S9 F55 1998
Five voices five faiths : an interfaith primer BL80.3 .F58 2005
Friars' tales : thirteenth-century exempla from the British Isles Jones, David. BV4224 .J66 2011
From Africa to America : religion and adaptation among Ghanaian immigrants in New York Biney, Moses O. BX9211.N5 P743 2011
From enlightenment to receptivity : rethinking our values Slote, Michael A. BJ1475 .S595 2013
From Plato to Platonism Gerson, Lloyd P., author. B395 .G47 2013
From Vasubandhu to Caitanya : studies in Indian philosophy and its textual history World Sanskrit Conference (12th : 2003 : Helsinki, Finland) B131 .W67 2010
Gadamer : a philosophical portrait Di Cesare, Donatella. B3248.G34 D513 2013
Genesis Arnold, Bill T. BS1235.53 .A76 2009
German philosophy : a very short introduction Bowie, Andrew, 1952- B2521 .B68 2010
God & morality : four views BJ1251 .G57 2012
God and the scientist : exploring the work of John Polkinghorne BL240.3 .G59 2012
God is alive and well : the future of religion in America Newport, Frank. BR526 .N48 2012
God sexuality and the self : an essay 'on the Trinity' Coakley, Sarah, 1951- BT111.3 .C63 2013
Gods heroes and monsters : a sourcebook of Greek Roman and Near Eastern myths in translation López-Ruiz, Carolina. BL312 .L66 2014
Going clear : Scientology Hollywood and the prison of belief Wright, Lawrence, 1947- BP605.S2 W75 2013
Good and evil two interpretations: I. right and wrong ; II. images of good and evil Buber, Martin, 1878-1965. BJ1406 .B7713 2011
Good food : grounded practical theology Ayres, Jennifer R. BR115.N87 A97 2013
Gustaf Wingren and the Swedish Luther Renaissance Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, 1971- BX8080.W554 A53 2006
Handbook for biblical interpretation : an essential guide to methods terms and concepts Tate, W. Randolph. BS511.3 .T38 2012
Handbook of faith and spirituality in the workplace : emerging research and practice BL65.W67 H35 2013
Happiness for humans Russell, Daniel C. BJ1481 .R87 2012
Harvesting Martin Luther's reflections on theology ethics and the church BR332.5 .H37 2004
Hearing the voice of God : in search of prophecy Schreiber, Mordecai. BM645.P67 S37 2013
Heidegger and language B3279.H49 H3417 2013
Hermeneutics of holiness : ancient Jewish and Christian notions of sexuality and religious community Koltun-Fromm, Naomi, 1964- BS680.S5 K65 2010
Hope in front of me : find purpose in your darkest moments Gokey, Danny, 1980- BV4909 .G66 2013
How God became African : African spirituality and western secular thought Haar, Gerrie ter. BR1360 .H23 2009
Humanism : a very short introduction Law, Stephen. B821 .L39 2011
Interfaith advocacy : the role of religious coalitions in the political process Knutson, Katherine E. BL2527.M56 K58 2013
Interpreting Bonhoeffer : historical perspectives emerging issues BX4827.B57 I57 2013
Introduction to Buddhism : an explanation of the Buddhist way of life Kelsang Gyatso, 1931- BQ4022 .K44 2001
Invisible agents : spirits in a Central African history Gordon, David M., 1970- BR1446.6 .G67 2012
Is God still at the bedside? : the medical ethical and pastoral issues of death and dying Evans, Abigail Rian. BT825 .E93 2011
Islam : a very short introduction Ruthven, Malise. BP161.2 .R86 2012
Islam and Christianity in the Horn of Africa : Somalia Ethiopia Sudan Erlikh, Ḥagai. BP172 .E75 2010
Islamic history : a very short introduction Silverstein, Adam J. BP50 .S55 2010
James and Jude Brosend, William F. (William Frank), 1954- BS2785.53 .B76 2004
Japanese philosophy : a sourcebook B5241 .J37 2011
Jewish interpretation of the Bible : ancient and contemporary Zetterholm, Karin. BS1186 .Z48 2012
Jewish views of the afterlife Raphael, Simcha Paull. BM635 .R37 2009
Jews Christians Muslims : a comparative introduction to monotheistic religions BM562 .J49 2012
John Paul II on science and religion : reflections on the new view from Rome BL245 .J65 1990
Judaism in late antiquity BM176 .J8 1995
Judges and Ruth Matthews, Victor Harold. BS1305.53 .M27 2004
Just and unjust peace : an ethic of political reconciliation Philpott, Daniel, 1967- BL65.P4 P57 2012
Justice : the biblical challenge Houston, Walter. BS680.J8 H68 2010
Key themes for the study of Islam BP161.3 .K49 2010
Kierkegaard : exposition and critique Hampson, Margaret Daphne. B4377 .H346 2013
Kierkegaard's concepts B4377 .K512 2013
Kierkegaard's influence on literature criticism and art B4377 .K547 2013
Kissed by a fox and other stories of friendship in nature Stuckey, Priscilla. BL65.N35 S78 2012
Lady parts : biblical women and The Vagina Monologues BS575 .L339 2012
Less than nothing : Hegel and the shadow of dialectical materialism Žižek, Slavoj. B2948 .Z55 2012
Life in the face of death : the resurrection message of the New Testament BS2545.R47 L54 1998
Loyalty BJ1533.L8 L69 2013
Luther on vocation Wingren, Gustaf, 1910-2000. BR333 .W512 2004
Maitreya's Distinguishing the middle from the extremes (Madhyāntavibhāga) along with Vasubandhu' D'Amato, Mario, 1969- BQ2967 .D36 2012
Making love just : sexual ethics for perplexing times Ellison, Marvin Mahan. BT708 .E46 2012
Making sense of nature Castree, Noel, 1968- BD581 .C298 2013
Market complicity and Christian ethics Barrera, Albino. BJ1251 .B346 2011
Martin Luther : a life Marty, Martin E., 1928- BR325 .M299 2008
Martin Luther : a very short introduction Hendrix, Scott H. BR333.2 .H46 2010
Martin Luther's basic theological writings. Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. BR331 .E5 2012
Martyrdom : a very short introduction Mitchell, Jolyon P. BL626.5 .M58 2012
Matthew Evans, Craig A. BS2575.53 .E93 2012
Meditations of a Buddhist skeptic : a manifesto for the mind sciences and contemplative practice Wallace, B. Alan. BQ4570.N48 W36 2012
Mind and cosmos : why the materialist neo-Darwinian conception of nature is almost certainly false Nagel, Thomas, 1937- BD511 .N34 2012
Monasticism in late medieval England c. 1300-1535 : selected sources BX2592 .M67 2009
Mothers and children : Jewish family life in medieval Europe Baumgarten, Elisheva. BM726 .B3813 2004
Muslim worldviews and everyday lives El-Aswad, el-Sayed, 1949- BP173.25 .E42 2012
New meanings for ancient texts : recent approaches to biblical criticisms and their applications BS511.3 .N49 2013
No establishment of religion : America's original contribution to religious liberty BL2525 .N6 2012
No future without forgiveness Tutu, Desmond. BR1450 .T88 2000
Occupy religion : theology of the multitude Rieger, Joerg, author. BL65.J87 R54 2013
Oxford textbook of spirituality in healthcare BL65.M4 O94 2012
Paganism : a very short introduction Davies, Owen, 1969- BL432 .D38 2011
Paul Tillich : journey to Japan in 1960 Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965, author. BX4827.T53 T5613 2013
Perceiving reality : consciousness intentionality and cognition in Buddhist philosophy Coseru, Christian. BQ4440 .C68 2012
Pets people and pragmatism McKenna, Erin, 1965- B105.A55 M38 2013
Philosophy in an African place Janz, Bruce B., 1960- B5305 .J36 2012
Philosophy of art : aesthetic theory and practice Boersema, David. BH39 .B616 2013
Pleasure in ancient Greek philosophy Wolfsdorf, David, 1969- B171 .W65 2013
Politics religion and society in Latin America Levine, Daniel H. BL2540 .L48 2012
Postcolonial perspectives in African biblical interpretations BS511.3 .P68 2012
Praying and believing in early Christianity : the interplay between Christian worship and doctrine Johnson, Maxwell E., 1952- BV6 .J645 2013
Protestantism : a very short introduction Noll, Mark A., 1946- BX4811.3 .N65 2011
Psalms Brueggemann, Walter. BS1430.53 .B784 2014
Puritanism : a very short introduction Bremer, Francis J. BX9323 .B73 2009
Pursuits of wisdom : six ways of life in ancient philosophy from Socrates to Plotinus Cooper, John M. (John Madison), 1939- B111 .C67 2012
Pythagorean women : their history and writings Pomeroy, Sarah B. B243 .P63 2013
Queer religion BL65.H64 Q38 2012
Rāmopākhyāna : the story of Rāma in the Mahābhārata : an independent-study reader in San Scharf, Peter M. BL1138.27 .S34 2003
Rastafari in the new millennium : a Rastafari reader BL2532.R37 R388 2012
Reading Luke : a literary and theological commentary Talbert, Charles H. BS2595.53 .T35 2002
Reconciliation : our greatest challenge--our only hope DeYoung, Curtiss Paul. BT738 .D48 1997
Reference and existence : the John Locke lectures Kripke, Saul A., 1940- B105.R25 K75 2013
Religion and ritual in ancient Egypt Teeter, Emily. BL2441.3 .T44 2011
Religion in America : a very short introduction Beal, Timothy K. (Timothy Kandler), 1963- BL2525 .B395 2008
Religions of the ancient Near East Snell, Daniel C. BL1060 .S64 2011
Religious rhetoric and American politics : the endurance of civil religion in electoral campaigns Chapp, Christopher B., 1979- BL2525 .C443 2013
Rethinking pragmatism : from William James to contemporary philosophy Schwartz, Robert, 1940- B832 .S445 2012
Retrieving Aristotle in an age of crisis Roochnik, David. B485 .R565 2013
Revelation Witherington, Ben, III, 1951- BS2825.53 .W58 2003
Roger Williams and the creation of the American soul : church state and the birth of liberty Barry, John M., 1947- BX6495.W55 B37 2012
Routledge philosophy guidebook to Kant on Religion within the boundaries of mere reason Pasternack, Lawrence, 1967- B2792 .P37 2014
Ruth Sakenfeld, Katharine Doob, 1940- BS1315.3 .S25 2012
Saints and cities in medieval Italy BX4659.I8 S22 2007
Scripture culture and agriculture : an Agrarian reading of the Bible Davis, Ellen F. BS1199.L28 D39 2009
Secularism and its critics BL2765.I5 S433 1999
Self no self? : perspectives from analytical phenomenological and Indian traditions BD438.5 .S442 2013
Self value and narrative : a Kierkegaardian approach Rudd, Anthony, 1963- B4378.S4 R83 2012
Sermons for Lent and the Easter season Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 1091-1153. BV4277 .B47 2013
Simone de Beauvoir and the politics of ambiguity Kruks, Sonia. B2430.B344 K78 2012
Speaking for Buddhas : scriptural commentary in Indian Buddhism Nance, Richard F. BQ1029.I42 N36 2012
Spirits and slaves in central Sudan : the red wind of Sennar Kenyon, Susan M. BL482 .K46 2012
Spirituality : a brief history Sheldrake, Philip. BV4501.3 .S532 2013
Spirituality and history : questions of interpretation and method Sheldrake, Philip. BX2350.65 .S46 1998
Summoned from the margin : homecoming of an African Sanneh, Lamin O. BV4935.S34 A3 2012
The Africana Bible : reading Israel's Scriptures from Africa and the African diaspora BS1171.3 .A37 2010
The American pragmatists Misak, C. J. (Cheryl J.), author. B832 .M57 2013
The autobiography of a seventeenth-century Venetian rabbi : Leon Modena's Life of Judah Modena, Leone, 1571-1648. BM755.M546 A3 1988
The Blackwell companion to Jesus BT198 .B543 2011
The Bloomsbury companion to Socrates B317 .B56 2013
The book of Hosea Dearman, J. Andrew (John Andrew), 1951- BS1565.53 .D43 2010
The Cambridge companion to Christian mysticism BV5082.3 .C35 2012
The Cambridge companion to Deleuze B2430.D454 C33 2012
The Cambridge companion to virtue ethics BJ1521 .C17 2013
The child in Christian thought BT705 .C45 2001
The child in the Bible BS576 .C45 2008
The city of women Landes, Ruth, 1908-1991. BL2592.C35 L36 1994
The color of Christ : the Son of God & the saga of race in America Blum, Edward J. BR515 .B59 2012
The conscious brain : how attention engenders experience Prinz, Jesse J. B105.C477 P75 2012
The Continuum companion to metaphysics BD111 .C628 2011
The courage of faith : Martin Luther and the Theonomous self Gaebler, Mary (Mary D.) BT701.3 .G34 2013
The credo of being and nothingness : first in the series of Olufosoye annual lectures on religions Soyinka, Wole. BD331 .S68 1991
The Didache : a window on the earliest Christians O'Loughlin, Thomas. BS2940.T5 O46 2010
The equality of believers : Protestant missionaries and the racial politics of South Africa Elphick, Richard. BR1450 .E47 2012
The event Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976. B3279.H48 E7413 2013
The first thousand years : a global history of Christianity Wilken, Robert Louis, 1936- BR162.3 .W55 2012
The global Vatican : an inside look at the Catholic church world politics and the extraordinary re Rooney, Francis. BX1406.3 .R665 2013
The Gnostics : myth ritual and diversity in early Christianity Brakke, David. BT1390 .B69 2010
The golden cord : a short book on the secular and the sacred Taliaferro, Charles. BT103 .T35 2013
The Gospel of John Neyrey, Jerome H., 1940- BS2615.53 .N49 2007
The illustrated golden bough Frazer, James George, 1854-1941. BL310 .F72 1978
The invention of Africa : gnosis philosophy and the order of knowledge Mudimbe, V. Y., 1941- B5310 .M84 1988
The laughing Buddha : Zen and the comic spirit Hyers, M. Conrad. BQ4570.H85 H9 2004
The message of the Qurʼān : the full account of the revealed Arabic text accompanied by parallel Asad, Muhammad, 1900-1992. BP130.4 .A85 2008
The Mormon quest for glory : the religious world of the Latter-day Saints Hammarberg, Melvyn. BX8635.3 .H36 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood : evolution of an Islamist movement Wickham, Carrie Rosefsky, 1962- BP10.I385 W53 2013
The New physics and a new theology Heller, Michał. BL265.P4 H4413 1996
The New Testament on sexuality Loader, William R. G., 1944- BS2545.S36 L625 2012
The non-western Jesus : Jesus as bodhisattva avatara guru prophet ancestor or healer? Brinkman, M. E., 1950- BT304.94 .B7513 2009
The origins of the world's mythologies Witzel, Michael, 1943- BL312 .W58 2012
The Oxford handbook of contemporary phenomenology B829.5 .O894 2012
The Oxford handbook of religion and the American news media BL2525 .O95 2012
The Oxford handbook of the history of ethics BJ71 .O94 2013
The Oxford handbook of the philosophy of death BD444 .O94 2013
The papal reform of the eleventh century : lives of Pope Leo IX and Pope Gregory VII BX1180 .P37 2012
The phenomenological mind Gallagher, Shaun, 1948- B829.5 .G27 2012
The philosopher the priest and the painter : a portrait of Descartes Nadler, Steven M., 1958- B1873 .N34 2013
The philosophy of William James : radical empiricism and radical materialism Crosby, Donald A. B945.J24 C76 2013
The prince of medicine : Galen in the Roman Empire Mattern, Susan P., 1966- B577.G24 M38 2013
The Quakers : a very short introduction Dandelion, Pink. BX7731.3 .D36 2008
The religious beliefs of America's founders : reason revelation and revolution Frazer, Gregg L. BL2525 .F74 2012
The rise and fall of the Bible : the unexpected history of an accidental book Beal, Timothy K. (Timothy Kandler), 1963- BS511.3 .B43 2011
The rise of Western Christendom : triumph and diversity A.D. 200-1000 Brown, Peter, 1935- BR162.3 .B76 2013
The rule of moderation : violence religion and the politics of restraint in early modern England Shagan, Ethan H., 1971- BJ1533.M7 S53 2011
The self : naturalism consciousness and the first-person stance Ganeri, Jonardon. BD438.5 .G36 2012
The trial of the Talmud Paris 1240 BM585 .T75 2012
The twelve prophets Sweeney, Marvin A. (Marvin Alan), 1953- BS1560 .S94 2000
The universal vehicle discourse literature = Mahāyānasūtrālaṁkāra Asaṅga. BQ3002.E5 J36 2004
The universe as we find it Heil, John. BD331 .H455 2012
The war on heresy Moore, R. I. (Robert Ian), 1941- BT1319 .M67 2012
The Wiley-Blackwell companion to African religions BL2400 .W49 2012
The Wiley-Blackwell companion to religion and social justice BL65.J87 W55 2012
The wisdom of the Christian faith BR100 .W57 2012
The world's religions in figures : an introduction to international religious demography Johnson, Todd M. (Todd Michael), 1958- BL80.3 .J65 2013
There is no God : atheists in America Williamson, David, 1955- BL2747.3 .W55 2013
Thomas Aquinas : a very short introduction Kerr, Fergus. B765.T54 K47 2009
Thoughts in solitude Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968. BX2350 .M543 1999
Trent : what happened at the council O'Malley, John W., author. BX830 1545 .O43 2013
Unprotected texts : the Bible's surprising contradictions about sex and desire Knust, Jennifer Wright, 1966- BS680.S5 K58 2012
Virtue ethics and Confucianism BJ1521 .V5655 2013
War of the worldviews : science vs. spirituality Chopra, Deepak. BL240.3 .C46 2011
What really works : blending the seven fs for the life you imagine : faith family finances fitnes Batz, Paul. BJ1589 .B38 2011
What we may be : techniques for psychological and spiritual growth through psychosynthesis Ferrucci, Piero. BL624 .F47 2004
Why does the world exist? : an existential detective story Holt, Jim, 1954- BD511 .H65 2013
Why the Catholic Church must change : a necessary conversation Ralph, Margaret Nutting. BX1746 .R33 2013
Wittgenstein's metaphilosophy Horwich, Paul. B3376.W56 H67 2012
Worlds of power : religious thought and political practice in Africa Ellis, Stephen, 1953- BL2400 .E45 2004
ZEALOT : the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth Aslan, Reza. BT301.3 .A85 2013