General: Philosophy & Religion

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
A Book of condolences : from the private letters of illustrious people BV4905.2 .B65
A brief history of the philosophy of time Bardon, Adrian. BD638 .B335 2013
A Buddhist crossroads : pioneer western Buddhists and Asian networks 1860-1960 BQ704 .B82 2015
A companion to biblical interpretation in early Judaism BS1186 .C66 2012
A companion to Rawls B945.R284 C66 2014
A Hindu critique of Buddhist epistemology : Kumārila on perception : the "Determination of percept Taber, John A., 1948- B132.M5 T32 2012
A life worth living : Albert Camus and the quest for meaning Zaretsky, Robert, 1955- B2430.C354 Z37 2013
A philosophy of emptiness Watson, Gay, author. BQ4275 .W38 2014
A testament of devotion Kelly, Thomas R. (Thomas Raymond), 1893-1941. BV4832 .K43 1941
Adorno's practical philosophy : living less wrongly Freyenhagen, Fabian. B3199.A34 F74 2013
Africa Asia and the history of philosophy : racism in the formation of the philosophical canon 17 Park, Peter K. J. B802 .P27 2013
African ethics : an anthology of comparative and applied ethics B5305 .A35 2009
American Nietzsche : a history of an icon and his ideas Ratner-Rosenhagen, Jennifer. B3317 .R338 2012
American Reform Judaism: an introduction Kaplan, Dana Evan. BM197 .K37 2003
An introduction to Daoist philosophies Coutinho, Steve, 1963- B162.7 .C68 2014
An introduction to Judaism De Lange, N. R. M. (Nicholas Robert Michael), 1944- BM561 .D378 2010
An introduction to ontology Effingham, Nikk. BD311 .E455 2013
An introduction to the reformed tradition : a way of being the Christian community Leith, John H. BX9422.2 .L45 1981
Ancient and medieval concepts of friendship B187.F75 A53 2014
Anselm's other argument Smith, A. D. (Arthur David) B765.A84 S65 2014
Aristotle Shields, Christopher John. B485 .S44 2014
Aristotle : his life and school Natali, Carlo, 1948- B481 .N3813 2013
Assurance : an Austinian view of knowledge and knowledge claims Lawlor, Krista. B1618.A84 L38 2013
Autobiography of Madame Guyon Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte, 1648-1717. BX4705.G8 .A4 1960
Before religion : a history of a modern concept Nongbri, Brent, 1977- BL430 .N57 2013
Beyond good and evil : On the genealogy of morality Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900, author. B3313.J42 E5 2014
Calvin Gordon, Bruce, 1962- BX9418 .G63 2011
Causation : a user's guide Paul, L. A. (Laurie Ann), 1966- author. BD541 .P38 2013
Celebrate Ramadan Jeffrey, Laura S. BP186.4 .J44 2008
Celebrate Ramadan & Eid al-fitr Heiligman, Deborah. BP186.4 .H45 2006
Celebrating the Jewish year Steinberg, Paul, 1973- BM690 .S72 2007
Centering prayer : renewing an ancient Christian prayer form Pennington, M. Basil. BV5091.C7 P46 1982
Christian beginnings : from Nazareth to Nicaea Vermès, Géza, 1924-2013. BR165 .V47 2013
Christianity and process thought : spirituality for a changing world Bracken, Joseph A. BT55 .B73 2006
Christians Muslims and Jesus Siddiqui, Mona. BP172 .S536 2013
Church resistance to Nazism in Norway 1940-1945 Hassing, Arne, author. BX8037 .H37 2014
Confucian rituals and Chinese villagers : ritual change and social transformation in a southeastern Liu, Yonghua, 1970- BL1840 .L585 2013
Congregation : contemporary writers read the Jewish Bible BS1171.2 .C65 1987
Conscience and its enemies : confronting the dogmas of liberal secularism George, Robert P., author. BL2747.8 .G435 2013
Contemporary Hinduism BL1202 .C64 2013
Contemporary metaethics : an introduction Miller, Alexander, 1965- BJ1012 .M527 2013
Critical affinities : Nietzsche and African American thought B3317 .C685 2006
Daniel Goldingay, John. BS1555.3 .G65 1996
Daniel : a commentary Newsom, Carol A. (Carol Ann), 1950- author. BS1555.53 .N49 2014
David : the divided heart Wolpe, David J., author. BS580.D3 W65 2014
Democratizing Judaism Cohen, Jack, 1919- BM197.7 .C64 2010
Derrida : a very short introduction Glendinning, Simon, 1964- B2430.D484 G58 2011
Derrida's Voice and Phenomenon : an Edinburgh philosophical guide Cisney, Vernon W. B2430.D484 C57 2014
Dewey Fesmire, Steven, 1967- author. B945.D44 F43 2015
Eid al-Adha Walker, Robert, 1980- BP186.6 .W35 2010
Emotional insight : the epistemic role of emotional experience Brady, Michael, 1965- B815 .B733 2013
Empire of religion : imperialism and comparative religion Chidester, David, author. BL2463 .C44 2014
Enlightenment shadows Lloyd, Genevieve. B802 .L56 2013
Ethics in the field : contemporary challenges BJ52 .E725 2013
Everything in its right place : Spinoza and life by the light of nature Almog, Joseph. B3998 .A425 2014
Exodus and liberation : deliverance politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr. Coffey, John, 1969- author. BT810.3 .C64 2014
Ezekiel : a commentary Joyce, Paul M., 1954- BS1545.53 .J69 2009
Faith : five religions and what they share Steckel, Richard. BL92 .S84 2012
Faith in empire : religion politics and colonial rule in French Senegal 1880-1940 Foster, Elizabeth Ann, 1976- author. BL2470.S38 F67 2013
Faitheist : how an atheist found common ground with the religious Stedman, Chris, 1987- BL2776 .S74 2012
Fire and light : how the enlightenment transformed our world Burns, James MacGregor. B802 .B87 2013
Four views on the Apostle Paul BS2651 .F68 2012
Friendship Grayling, A. C. BJ1533.F8 G625 2013
From early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism : Gaudapada Bhartrhari and Abhinavagupta Isaeva, N. V. B132.V3 I73 1995
Gadamer : a philosophical portrait Di Cesare, Donatella. B3248.G34 D513 2013
God science sex gender : an interdisciplinary approach to Christian ethics BT708 .G57 2010
Greek resurrection beliefs and the success of Christianity Endsjø, Dag Øistein, 1968- BL505 .E53 2009
Handbook of philosophical logic BC6 .H36 1983
Heidegger on East-West dialogue : anticipating the event Ma, Lin, 1970- B3279.H49 M23 2008
Heidegger's hidden sources : East Asian influences on his work May, Reinhard. B3279.H49 M3413 1996
Heresy : a history of defending the truth McGrath, Alister E., 1953- BT1315.3 .M35 2010
High expectations : understanding the ELCA's early years 1988-2002 Trexler, Edgar R. BX8048.3 .T745 2003
Holy bones holy dust : how relics shaped the history of Medieval Europe Freeman, Charles, 1947- BX2333 .F74 2011
Honey from stone : a naturalist's search for God Raymo, Chet. BL240.2 .R35 1987
Hope in process : a theology of social pluralism Young, Henry J., 1943- BR517 .Y68 1990
How not to be a dick : an everyday etiquette guide Doherty, Meghan. BJ1843 .D6 2013
How to read the Bible : a guide to Scripture then and now Kugel, James L. BS1171.3 .K84 2008
Humor and the good life in modern philosophy : Shaftesbury Hamann Kierkegaard Amir, Lydia, 1955- BD435 .A58 2014
Hyperobjects : philosophy and ecology after the end of the world Morton, Timothy, 1968- BD336 .M67 2013
I & II Kings : a commentary Sweeney, Marvin A. (Marvin Alan), 1953- BS1335.53 .S94 2013
I & II Samuel : a commentary Auld, A. Graeme. BS1325.53 .A95 2011
Identity : fragments frankness Nancy, Jean-Luc, author. BD236 .N3413 2015
If A then B : how the world discovered logic Shenefelt, Michael, 1953- BC15 .S54 2013
Imagined Hinduism : British Protestant missionary constructions of Hinduism 1793-1900 Oddie, Geoffrey A., 1932- BV2420 .O33 2006
In the land of blue burqas McCord, Kate. BV3225 .M336 2012
Intuitions BD181 .I58 2014
Isaiah 1-39 Tull, Patricia K. BS1515.53 .T85 2010
Isaiah 40-66 : translation and commentary Paul, Shalom M., author. BS1515.53 .P38 2012
Jesus : Miriam's child Sophia's prophet : critical issues in feminist Christology Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth, 1938- BT205 .S324 1994
Jesus : uncovering the life teachings and relevance of a religious revolutionary Borg, Marcus J. BT203 .B67 2008
Jesus the Savior : the meaning of Jesus Christ for Christian faith Placher, William C. (William Carl), 1948-2008. BT203 .P57 2001
Job Balentine, Samuel E. (Samuel Eugene), 1950- BS1415.53 .B35 2006
Johannes Reuchlin and the campaign to destroy Jewish books Price, David, 1957- B785.R64 P75 2011
Joshua Creach, Jerome F. D. (Jerome Frederick Davis), 1962- BS1295.53 .C74 2012
Joyful noise : Psalms in community : Western Christian traditions BS1435 .J69 2006
Just babies : the origins of good and evil Bloom, Paul, 1963- author. BJ45 .B56 2013
Karl Barth's emergency homiletic 1932-1933 : a summons to prophetic witness at the dawn of the thir Hancock, Angela Dienhart, 1965- BV4211.3 .H365 2013
Kierkegaard : exposition and critique Hampson, Margaret Daphne. B4377 .H346 2013
Kierkegaard and the rise of modern psychology Klempe, Sven Hroar. B4377 .K57 2014
Kierkegaard's concepts B4377 .K512 2013
Kierkegaard's literary figures and motifs B4377 .K514 2014
Knowledge reason and taste : Kant's response to Hume Guyer, Paul, 1948- B2798 .G895 2008
Laozi dao de jing = Lao zi dao de jing BL1900 .L36 2008
Leading lives that matter : what we should do and who we should be BT738.5 .L43 2006
Lectures on Logic Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804. B2758 2004
Lectures on metaphysics B2794.L432 E5 2001
Leibniz's Monadology : a new translation and guide Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1646-1716. B2580.E5 S77 2014
Leisurely Islam : negotiating geography and morality in Shi'ite South Beirut Deeb, Lara, 1974- BJ1498 .D324 2013
Let love serve : a memoir celebrating tennis and life Wilkinson, Steve. BJ1531 .W56 2014
Letters to an American lady Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963. BX5199.L53 A42 1971
Liberation and reconciliation : feminist theology's relevance for Korea Chung, Meehyun, 1963- BT83.55 .C49 2014
Life after faith : the case for secular humanism Kitcher, Philip, 1947- author. BL2747.6 .K58 2014
Life drawing : a Deleuzean aesthetics of existence Bearn, Gordon C. F., 1955- B2430.D454 B425 2013
Living alterities : phenomenology embodiment and race B829.5 .L563 2014
Making toleration : the repealers and the Glorious Revolution Sowerby, Scott, 1973- BR757 .S65 2013
Malcolm X at Oxford Union : racial politics in a global era Ambar, Saladin M. BP223.Z8 L57163 2014
Mengzi de gu shi = The life and wisdom of Mencius Cai, Xiqin. B128.M324 C3513 2002
Mind brain and free will Swinburne, Richard. BJ1461 .S95 2013
Misquoting Jesus : the story behind who changed the Bible and why Ehrman, Bart D. BS2325 .E45 2005
Modern Christian thought Livingston, James C., 1930- BT27 .L585 2006
Modern honor : a philosophical defense Cunningham, Anthony, 1958- BJ1533.H8 C86 2013
Mulla Sadra Meisami, Sayeh, author. B753.M84 M45 2013
Muslim festivals throughout the year Ganeri, Anita, 1961- BP186 .G35 2004
N.F.S. Grundtvig : a life recalled : an anthology of biographical source-texts BX8080.G76 N16 2008
Na pule kahiko : ancient Hawaiian prayers Gutmanis, June. BL560 .G87 1983
New essays on Leibniz's Theodicy B2590.Z7 N48 2014
Nicomachean ethics. Aristotle. B430.A5 O7 1983
Nietzsche's justice : naturalism in search of an ethics Sedgwick, Peter R., author. B3318.J87 S43 2013
Nuns behaving badly : tales of music magic art and arson in the convents of Italy Monson, Craig (Craig A.) BX4220.I8 M68 2011
On methods Zabarella, Jacopo, 1533-1589, author. B785.Z23 O613 2013
On teaching religion : essays by Jonathan Z. Smith Smith, Jonathan Z. BL41 .S645 2013
On the world and religious life Salutati, Coluccio, 1331-1406, author. BX2436 .S2513 2014
Papist devils : Catholics in British North America 1574-1783 Curran, Robert Emmett. BX1403.3 .C87 2014
Parerga and paralipomena : short philosophical essays Schopenhauer, Arthur, 1788-1860, author. B3118.E5 R64 2014
Paul : the mind of the Apostle Wilson, A. N., 1950- BS2506 .W54 1997
Philosophical life in Cicero's letters McConnell, Sean. B553 .M38 2014
Philosophical methodology : the armchair or the laboratory? BD241 .P435 2014
Philosophy and India : ancestors outsiders and predecessors Raghuramaraju, A., 1957- B131 .R3335 2013
Plato on the limits of human life Brill, Sara. B398.S7 B75 2013
Platonic dialogue and the education of the reader Cotton, A. K. (Anne K.), author. B398.D5 C67 2014
Pope and Devil : the Vatican's archives and the Third Reich Wolf, Hubert. BX1536 .W6413 2010
Power politics and the Missouri Synod : a conflict that changed American Christianity Burkee, James C. BX8061.M7 B87 2013
Presbyterian creeds : a guide to the Book of Confessions Rogers, Jack Bartlett. BX9183 .R59 1985
Ramadan and Id al-Fitr MacMillan, Dianne M., 1943- BP186.4 .M27 2008
Ramadan and Id-ul-Fitr Kerven, Rosalind. BP186.45 .K475 2010
Reference and existence : the John Locke lectures Kripke, Saul A., 1940- B105.R25 K75 2013
Religion and state formation in postrevolutionary Mexico Fallaw, Ben, 1966- BR610 .F35 2013
Remaking identities : God nation and race in world history Lieberman, Benjamin David, 1962- BL53 .L47 2013
Rethinking Greek religion Kindt, Julia, 1975- BL783 .K565 2012
Rethinking the medieval legacy for contemporary theology BT21.3 .R48 2014
Routledge companion to ancient philosophy B165 .R68 2014
Routledge philosophy guidebook to Wittgenstein and on certainty Hamilton, Andy, 1957- author. B3376.W563 U328 2014
Russia's dissident Old Believers 1650-1950 BX601 .R87 2009
Ruth Sakenfeld, Katharine Doob, 1940- BS1315.3 .S25 2012
Ruth = the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation Bible. Ruth. Hebrew. 2011. BS1312 .E85 2011
Sages and dreamers : biblical talmudic and hasidic portraits and legends Wiesel, Elie, 1928- BS571 .W548 1991
Sartre romantic rationalist. Murdoch, Iris. B2430.S34 M8 1953
Secularism and its critics BL2765.I5 S433 1999
Seeking Allah finding Jesus : a devout Muslim encounters Christianity Qureshi, Nabeel. BV2626.4.Q74 A3 2014
Self no self? : perspectives from analytical phenomenological and Indian traditions BD438.5 .S442 2013
Sex and religion : teachings and taboos in the history of world faiths Endsjø, Dag Øistein, 1968- BL65.S4 E5313 2011
Sex gender and Christianity BT708 .S4743 2012
Shankara and Indian philosophy Isaeva, N. V. B133.S5 I84 1993
Skepticism in the modern age : building on the work of Richard Popkin B837 .S5685 2009
Smoke on the mountain : an interpretation of the Ten commandments Davidman, Joy. BV4655 .D32
Sociopathic society : a people's sociology of the United States Derber, Charles. BJ1535.A8 D47 2013
Speaking Christian : why Christian words have lost their meaning and power--and how they can be rest Borg, Marcus J. BR96.5 .B67 2012
Spirited things : the work of "possession" in Afro-Atlantic religions BL2565 .S757 2014
Strange glory : a life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Marsh, Charles, 1958- author. BX4827.B57 M37 2014
Studying Paul's letters : contemporary perspectives and methods BS2650.52 .S783 2012
Sufism : an introduction to the mystical tradition of Islam Ernst, Carl W., 1950- BP189 .E76 2011
Surrounding free will : philosophy psychology neuroscience BJ1461 .S87 2015
Synaesthesia and the ancient senses BD214 .S96 2013
The 13 original clan mothers : your sacred path to discovering the gifts talents and abilities of Sams, Jamie, 1951- BL625.7 .S36 1993
The Apocrypha BS1700 .A66 2012
The art of mythical composition and narration : Dagara White Bagr Tengan, Alexis B. (Alexis Bekyane) BL2480.D3 T465 2012
The art of spiritual healing BT732.5 .A78 1998
The beginning of wisdom : reading Genesis Kass, Leon. BS1235.53 .K37 2003
The beguine the angel and the inquisitor : the trials of Marguerite Porete and Guiard of Cressones Field, Sean L. (Sean Linscott), 1970- BX1720 .F54 2012
The Beguines of medieval Paris : gender patronage and spiritual authority Miller, Tanya Stabler. BX4272.Z5 F877 2014
The birth of conservative Judaism : Solomon Schechter's disciples and the creation of an American re Cohen, Michael R. BM197.5 .C64 2012
The Bloomsbury companion to analytic philosophy B808.5 .B56 2013
The book of the twelve : Hosea--Jonah Nogalski, James. BS1560 .N64 2011
The book of the twelve : Micah--Malachi Nogalski, James. BS1560 .N635 2011
The call of character : living a life worth living Ruti, Mari. BJ1521 .R88 2014
The Cambridge companion to Descartes' Meditations B1854 .C35 2014
The Cambridge companion to pragmatism B832 .C36 2013
The Cambridge companion to utilitarianism B843 .C36 2014
The Cambridge companion to virtue ethics BJ1521 .C17 2013
The Cistercian Order in medieval Europe 1090-1500 Jamroziak, Emilia. BX3415 .J36 2013
The Devil within : possession & exorcism in the Christian West Levack, Brian P. BV873.E8 L48 2013
The Eucharistic pamphlets of Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt Karlstadt, Andreas Rudolff-Bodenstein von, approximately 1480-1541. BV825.3 .K37213 2011
The evolution of modern metaphysics : making sense of things Moore, A. W., 1956- author. BD111 .M66 2013
The feminist companion to mythology BL325.F4 F45 1992
The first Christians : their beginnings writings and beliefs Lohse, Eduard, 1924- BS2364.2 .L6313 1983
The First Epistle to the Corinthians Fee, Gordon D., author. BS2675.53 .F44 2014
The formation of the Hebrew Bible : a new reconstruction Carr, David McLain, 1961- BS1135 .C37 2011
The gifts of the Jews : how a tribe of desert nomads changed the way everyone thinks and feels Cahill, Thomas. BM165 .C25 1998
The history of hell Turner, Alice K. BL545 .T87 1993
The Huguenots Treasure, G. R. R. (Geoffrey Russell Richards) BX9454 .T74 2013
The Imam & the pastor BP172 .I426 2006
The isolated self : truth and untruth in Søren Kierkegaard's On the concept of irony Söderquist, K. Brian, author. B4378.I76 S63 2013
The lost age of reason : philosophy in early modern India 1450-1700 Ganeri, Jonardon, author. B131 .G274 2014
The nativist prophets of early Islamic Iran : rural revolt and local Zoroastrianism Crone, Patricia, 1945- BP63.I6 C76 2013
The nature and value of happiness Vitrano, Christine, author. B105.H36 V58 2014
The nature of creation : examining the Bible and science Harris, Mark, 1966- author. BS651 .H37 2013
The new atheism and its critics BL2747.3 .N465 2013
The Oxford handbook of British philosophy in the eighteenth century B1301 .O94 2013
The Oxford handbook of British philosophy in the nineteenth century B1561 .O94 2014
The Oxford handbook of British philosophy in the seventeenth century B1131 .O94 2013
The Oxford handbook of Nietzsche B3317 .O94 2013
The Oxford handbook of the history of analytic philosophy B808.5 .O936 2013
The prayers of St. Teresa of Avila Teresa, of Avila, Saint, 1515-1582. BX2179.T3 A7513 1990
The puzzle of existence : why is there something rather than nothing? BD311 .P89 2013
The Qurʼan and Islam Ganeri, Anita, 1961- BP165.5 .G36 2004
The Resurrection Vermès, Géza, 1924-2013. BT482 .V47 2008
The return of ancestral gods : modern Ukrainian paganism as an alternative vision for a nation Lesiv, Mariya, 1978- author. BL432 .L48 2013
The Routledge companion to theism BL200 .R68 2013
The Shaker Holy Land : a community portrait Horgan, Edward R. BX9768.H3 H67 1982
The spirit's tether : family work and religion among American Catholics Konieczny, Mary Ellen. BX2351 .K66 2013
The sublime in modern philosophy : aesthetics ethics and nature Brady, Emily. BH301.S7 B73 2013
The Tosefta : translated from the Hebrew with a new introduction Tosefta. English. BM508.13 .E5 2013
Theology and sexuality : classic and contemporary readings BT708 .T45 2002
Thoughts on death and immortality : from the papers of a thinker along with an appendix of theologi Feuerbach, Ludwig, 1804-1872. B2971.G392 E5 1980
To dance with God : family ritual and community celebration Nelson, Gertrud Mueller. BV43 .N44 1986
Toshihiko Izutsu and the philosophy of word : in search of the spiritual orient Wakamatsu, Eisuke, 1968- B5244.I984 W3513 2014
Trinity and revelation Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti, author. BT111.3 .K36 2014
Understanding moral sentiments : Darwinian perspectives? BJ21 .U53 2014
Violence : thinking without banisters Bernstein, Richard J., author. B844 .B47 2013
Virtue ethics and Confucianism BJ1521 .V5655 2013
Virtues and their vices BJ1521 .V576 2014
Waking dreaming being : self and consciousness in neuroscience meditation and philosophy Thompson, Evan, author. B808.9 .T456 2015
What pragmatism was Burke, F. Thomas, 1950- author. B832 .B87 2013
What you will see inside a mosque Khan, Aisha Karen, 1967- BP186.4 .K44 2003
While God was hidden : a spiritual evolution Boutin, Loren Dean. BL73.B68 A3 2008
Why did Jesus Moses the Buddha and Mohammed cross the road? : Christian identity in a multi-faith McLaren, Brian D., 1956- author. BR127 .M347 2013
William James in focus : willing to believe Gavin, W. J. (William J.), 1943- B945.J24 G385 2013
Would you kill the fat man? : the trolley problem and what your answer tells us about right and wron Edmonds, David, 1964- BJ1012 .E34 2014