General: Philosophy & Religion

Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God" : Theodore Parker's proverbial fight for the ideal Ameri Kraller, Anna-Lisa, author. BX9869.P3 K73 2016
(Dis)Honesty : the truth about lies BJ1533.H7 D57 2015
[Hagadah shel Pesaḥ] = The family participation Haggadah : a different night Haggadah. English BM674.643 .Z56 2015
[Lel she'elot : Hagadah shel Pesah] = A night of questions : a Passover Haggadah Haggadah (Reconstructionist, Levitt). English & Hebrew BM674.73 .L48 1999
A cabinet of philosophical curiosities : a collection of puzzles oddities riddles and dilemmas Sorensen, Roy A. BC108 .S75 2016
A critical history of Greek philosophy Stace, W. T. (Walter Terence), 1886-1967, author. B171.S83 C75 2015
A hedonist manifesto : the power to exist Onfray, Michel, 1959- author. BJ1491 .O54413 2015
A history of Christian-Muslim relations Goddard, Hugh. BP172 .G6 2000
A Korean Confucian way of life and thought : the Chasŏngnok (Record of self-reflection) Yi, Hwang, 1501-1570, author. B5254.Y484 A4 2016
A night to remember : the Haggadah of contemporary voices Haggadah. English & Hebrew. BM674.643 .Z55 2007
A political history of the Bible in America Hanson, Paul D., author. BR515 .H36 2015
A translator's defense Manetti, Giannozzo, 1396-1459, author. BS449 .M3613 2016
Abnormal : lectures at the Collège de France 1974-1975 Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984. B2430.F723 A613 2004
Abraham Joshua Heschel : essential writings Heschel, Abraham Joshua, 1907-1972. B5800 .H47 2011
African personality and spirituality : the role of abosom and human essence Ephirim-Donkor, Anthony, author. BL2480.A4 E639 2016
African traditional religion in the modern world Thomas, Douglas E. BL2400 .T47 2015
After Hegel : German philosophy 1840-1900 Beiser, Frederick C., 1949- B3181 .B45 2014
After the prophet : the epic story of the Shia-Sunni split in Islam Hazleton, Lesley, 1945- BP55 .H42 2010
After the wrath of God : AIDS sexuality and American religion Petro, Anthony Michael, 1981- author. BX2347.8.A52 P48 2015
Against empathy : the case for rational compassion Bloom, Paul, 1963- author. BJ1475 .B56 2016
American possessions : fighting demons in the contemporary United States McCloud, Sean. BL482 .M355 2015
An archaeological history of Indian Buddhism Fogelin, Lars, author. BQ286 .F65 2015
An introduction to metametaphysics Tahko, Tuomas E., 1982- author. BD111 .T28 2015
Approaches to Greek myth BL790 .A66 2014
Aquinas and the Nicomachean ethics B765.T54 A683 2015
Aristotle's ethics Urmson, J. O. B430 .U76 1988
At the existentialist café : freedom being and apricot cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre Simone d Bakewell, Sarah, author. B819 .B313 2016
At the heart of reason Romano, Claude, 1967- author. B2433.R663 A813 2015
Atheism : what everyone needs to know Ruse, Michael. BL2747.3 .R835 2015
Atheist manifesto : the case against Christianity Judaism and Islam Onfray, Michel, 1959- BL2747.3 .O5413 2011
Augustine : conversions to confessions Lane Fox, Robin, 1946- author. BR1720.A9 L36 2015
Beastly morality : animals as ethical agents B105.A55 B43 2016
Beyond matter : why science needs metaphysics Trigg, Roger. B67 .T754 2015
Beyond sectarianism : the realignment of American Orthodox Judaism Ferziger, Adam S., author. BM197.6 .F47 2015
Biocultural creatures : toward a new theory of the human Frost, Samantha, author. BD450 .F767 2016
Buddhist wisdom : daily reflections Crosweller, David. BQ4380 .C769 2003
Catholicism : the story of Catholic Christianity O'Collins, Gerald, author. BX1752 .O26 2015
Causation and free will Sartorio, Carolina, author. BD591 .S27 2016
Christ's first theologian : the shape of Paul's thought Keck, Leander E., author. BS2651 .K416 2015
Christian theology : the basics Rae, Murray. BT77 .R25 2015
ChristianityIslam : perspectives on esoteric ecumenism : a new translation with selected letters Schuon, Frithjof, 1907-1998. BR121.3 .S3713 2008
Classical mythology in context Maurizio, Lisa. BL783 .M385 2016
Confessions Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo author. BR65 .A6 2014
Confessions of a born-again pagan Kronman, Anthony T., author. B805 .K76 2016
Consciousness in Locke Weinberg, Shelley, author. B1297 .W45 2016
Contaminations : beyond dialectics in modern literature science and film Mack, Michael, 1969- author. B809.8 .M223 2016
Contre-histoire de la philosophie Onfray, Michel, 1959- B77 .O54 2006
Conversion and identity in the Viking Age BR974 .C66 2014
Cool characters : irony and American fiction Konstantinou, Lee, author. BH301.I7 K66 2016
Courageous resistance : the power of ordinary people BJ1533.C8 C69 2007
Cultivating virtue : perspectives from philosophy theology and psychology BJ1521 .C87 2015
Deconstruction its force its violence : together with "Have we done with the empire of judgment?" Gasché, Rodolphe, author. B2430.D484 G358 2016
Descartes and the first Cartesians Ariew, Roger, author. B1875 .A64 2014
Dialogue avec Heidegger Beaufret, Jean. B3279.H49 B37
Dialogues of Plato Plato. B358 .J69 2010
Doing philosophy comparatively Connolly, Tim, author. B799 .C647 2015
Dreamland of humanists : Warburg Cassirer Panofsky and the Hamburg school Levine, Emily J., author. B3181 .L49 2013
Early Greek philosophy B171 .E27 2016
Early Islamic mysticism : Sufi Qurʼan Miraj poetic and theological writings BP188.9 .E2 1996
Earth and world : philosophy after the Apollo missions Oliver, Kelly, 1958- B805 .O46 2015
Encyclical on climate change & inequality : on care for our common home Catholic Church. Pope (2013- : Francis), issuing body. BX1795.H82 C38313 2015
Engaging Buddhism : why it matters to philosophy Garfield, Jay L., 1955- author. B162 .G37 2015
Engaging others knowing ourselves : a Lutheran calling in a multi-religious world BR127 .E530 2016
Epicureanism O'Keefe, Tim, 1968- B512 .O34 2010
Ethics and global climate change B21 .M53 v.40
Evidence and agency : norms of belief for promising and resolving Marušić, Berislav, author. BC173 .M37 2015
Existence and consolation : reinventing ontology gnosis and values in African philosophy Agada, Ada. B5320 .A33 2015
Extraordinary responsibility : politics beyond the moral calculus Satkunanandan, Shalini, 1974- author. BJ1451 .S28 2015
Feed-forward : on the future of twenty-first-century media Hansen, Mark B. N. (Mark Boris Nicola), 1965- author. B54 .H36 2015
Finding God in the waves : how I lost my faith and found again it through science McHargue, Mike, author. BR1725.M35657 A3 2016
First Isaiah : a commentary Roberts, J. J. M. (Jimmy Jack McBee), 1939- author. BS1515.53 .R63 2015
Foreigners and their food : constructing otherness in Jewish Christian and Islamic law Freidenreich, David M., 1977- BL65.F65 F74 2011
Formations of the secular : Christianity Islam modernity Asad, Talal. BL2747.8 .A75 2003
Freedom and neurobiology : reflections on free will language and political power Searle, John R. B1649.S264 A5 2007
From Berlin to Jerusalem : memories of my youth Scholem, Gershom, 1897-1982. BM755.S295 A3 1988
From field to fork : food ethics for everyone Thompson, Paul B., 1951- BJ52.5 .T54 2015
Genealogies of religion : discipline and reasons of power in Christianity and Islam Asad, Talal. BL50 .A85 1993
Global salafism : Islam's new religious movement BP195.S18 G46 2013
God in proof : the story of a search from the ancients to the Internet Schneider, Nathan, 1984- BL473 .S36 2013
God is not one : the eight rival religions that run the world--and why their differences matter Prothero, Stephen R., author. BL80.3 .P76 2011
Godless Democrats and pious Republicans? : party activists party capture and the "God gap" Claassen, Ryan L., 1972- author. BL2525 .C59 2015
Hadith : Muhammad's legacy in the medieval and modern world Brown, Jonathan (Jonathan A. C.) BP136 .B76 2009
Heidegger and modernity Ferry, Luc. B3279.H49 F43 1990
Hinduism Kāniṭakara, Hemanta, 1927- BL1202 .K323 1995
Holy terrors : thinking about religion after September 11 Lincoln, Bruce. BL65.T47 L56 2006
Hope without optimism Eagleton, Terry, 1943- author. BD216 .E24 2015
How the French think : an affectionate portrait of an intellectual people Hazareesingh, Sudhir. B1801 .H39 2015
Hume : an intellectual biography Harris, James A. (James Anthony) B1497 .H37 2015
If God were a human rights activist Santos, Boaventura de Sousa, author. BL65.H78 S26 2015
Image science : iconology visual culture and media aesthetics Mitchell, W. J. T. (William John Thomas), 1942- author. B105.I47 M58 2015
Images of history : Kant Benjamin freedom and the human subject Eldridge, Richard Thomas, 1953- author. BD450 .E3935 2016
Images of time : mind science reality Jaroszkiewicz, George, author. BD638 .J37 2016
Inborn knowledge : the mystery within McGinn, Colin, 1950- author. BD181 .M38 2015
Inherit the holy mountain : religion and the rise of American environmentalism Stoll, Mark, 1954- BR115.N3 S76 2015
Ink against the devil : Luther and his opponents Loewen, Harry, author. BR334.3 .L64 2015
Introduction à la philosophie de Husserl Barbaras, Renaud. B3279.H94 B373 2015
Introduction to Islam : beliefs and practices in historical perspective Hillenbrand, Carole. BP161.3 .H553 2015
Inventing American religion : polls surveys and the tenuous quest for a nation's faith Wuthnow, Robert. BL2525 .W866 2015
Islam and politics in the Middle East : explaining the views of ordinary citizens Tessler, Mark A. BP173.7 .T47 2015
Islam in South Asia in practice BP63.A37 I864 2009
Islam's Jesus Sarıtoprak, Zeki. BP134.J37 S27 2015
Islamic schools in modern Turkey : faith politics and education Ozgur, Iren, 1976- author. BP43.T8 O95 2015
Islamic spirituality : foundations BP161.2 .I8827 1987
Islamic spirituality : manifestations BP189 .I85 1991
John Dewey and the philosophy and practice of hope Fishman, Stephen M. B945.D44 F48 2007
John Knox Dawson, Jane E. A., author. BX9223 .D39 2016
JPS commentary on the Haggadah : historical introduction translation and commentary BM674.79 .J69 2008
Judaism and justice : the Jewish passion to repair the world Schwarz, Sid. BM645.J8 S35 2008
Kabbalah : a neurocognitive approach to mystical experiences Arzy, S. (Shahar), author. BM526 .A79 2015
Keeping Passover : everything you need to know to bring the ancient tradition to life and create you Steingroot, Ira. BM695.P35 S73 1995
L'esprit de l'athéisme : introduction à une spiritualité sans Dieu Comte-Sponville, André. BL2747.3 .C62 2006
La sagesse tragique : du bon usage de Nietzsche Onfray, Michel, 1959- author. B3317 .O54 2006
Late philosophical writings Weil, Simone, 1909-1943. B2430.W472 E55 2015
Le care : éthique féministe actuelle BJ1533.H9 C35 2015
Le sexe ni la mort : trois essais sur l'amour et la sexualité Comte-Sponville, André. BD436 .C66 2012
Leaving the Jewish fold : conversion and radical assimilation in modern Jewish history Endelman, Todd M., author. BV2620 .E53 2015
Leibniz : a very short introduction Antognazza, Maria Rosa, 1964- author. B2597 .A68 2016
Leibniz : protestant theologian Backus, Irena, 1950- author. B2598 .B28 2016
Levels of argument : a comparative study of Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics Scott, Dominic, author. B395 .S355 2015
Love and forgiveness for a more just world BD436 .L6835 2015
Love in the dark : philosophy by another name Enns, Diane, author. BD436 .E65 2016
Madness : American Protestant responses to mental illness Vacek, Heather H., 1969- author. BT732.4 .V33 2015
Man and nature : the spiritual crisis in modern man Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. BD450 .N34 1997
Martin Luther : visionary reformer Hendrix, Scott H., author. BR325 .H37 2015
Meaning and mortality in Kierkegaard and Heidegger : origins of the existential philosophy of death Buben, Adam, 1977- author. BD444 .B77 2016
Meta-religion : religion and power in world history Laine, James W., author. BL80.3 .L34 2015
Micah : a commentary Smith-Christopher, Daniel L., author. BS1615.53 .S65 2015
Miseducation : a history of ignorance-making in America and abroad BD221 .M57 2016
Misquoting Muhammad : the challenge and choices of interpreting the Prophet's legacy Brown, Jonathan (Jonathan A. C.), author. BP161.3 .B77 2015
Moral failure : on the impossible demands of morality Tessman, Lisa, 1966- author. BJ1031 .T474 2015
Muslims in the Western imagination Arjana, Sophia Rose. BP52 .S43 2015
My soul is a woman : the feminine in Islam Schimmel, Annemarie, 1922-2003. BP173.4 .S36 1997
New monasticism and the transformation of American evangelicalism Markofski, Wes. BR526 .M343 2015
Nietzsche's naturalism : philosophy and the life sciences in the nineteenth century Emden, Christian, author. B3318.N3 E43 2014
Now playing : Studying Classical Mythology through film Sham, Michael. BL722 .S53 2014
On love : a philosophy for the twenty-first century Ferry, Luc, author. BD436 .F4313 2013
One nation under God : how corporate America invented Christian America Kruse, Kevin Michael, 1972- BR517 .K78 2015
Orthodox Christianity and nationalism in nineteenth-century southeastern Europe BX750.B3 O774 2014
Oxford studies in philosophy of religion. BL51 .O97 2015
Paul and the gift Barclay, John M. G. BS2655.G65 B37 2015
Peirce Atkin, Albert. B945.P44 A85 2016
Phenomenal qualities : sense perception and consciousness B105.C477 P52 2015
Philosophy and science fiction B21 .M53 v.39
Philosophy in the Islamic world : a very short introduction Adamson, Peter, 1972- B741 .A33 2015
Philosophy of action O'Brien, Lilian. B105.A35 O27 2015
Pluralism and democracy in India : debating the Hindu right BL1215.P65 P63 2015
Political theory and the animalhuman relationship B105.A55 P65 2016
Politics of religious freedom BL65.P7 P64235 2015
Power : oppression subservience and resistance Belliotti, Raymond A., 1948- author. BD438 .B44 2016
Rational belief : structure grounds and intellectual virtue Audi, Robert, 1941- author. BD215 .A93 2015
Reality and its dreams Geuss, Raymond, author. B65 .G48 2016
Reason after its eclipse : on late critical theory Jay, Martin, 1944- author. B833 .J39 2016
Reclaiming the "L" word : renewing the church from its Lutheran core Fryer, Kelly A., 1961- BX8065.3 .F79 2003
Refuting ISIS : destroying its religious foundations and proving that it has strayed from Islam and Yaʻqūbī, Muḥammad, Shaykh BP190.5.T47 Y37 2016
Religion and science : the basics Clayton, Philip, 1956- BL240.3 .C54 2012
Religion for atheists : a non-believer's guide to the uses of religion De Botton, Alain. BL2776 .D4 2013
Religions of India in practice BL2001.2 .R384 1995
Religious difference in a secular age : a minority report Mahmood, Saba, 1962- author. BL2460 .M34 2016
Revealed grace : the juristic Sufism of Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624) Aḥmad Sirhindī, 1563-1624. BP80.A5124 A4 2011
Routledge philosophy guidebook to Anscombe's Intention Wiseman, Rachael, author. BC199.I5 A539 2016
Ruth : a new translation with introduction and commentary Bible. Ruth. English. Schipper. 2016 BS192.2.A1 2008 N46 v.7D
Sacred communities shared devotions : gender material culture and monasticism in late medieval Ge Mecham, June L., 1973-2009, author. BX4210 .M343 2014
Sacred origins of profound things Panati, Charles, 1943- BL425 .P36 1996
Saving Buddhism : the impermanence of religion in colonial Burma Turner, Alicia Marie, author. BQ436 .T87 2014
Secular faith : how culture has trumped religion in American politics Smith, Mark A. (Mark Alan), 1970- author. BR115.P7 S57 2015
Seeing things as they are : a theory of perception Searle, John R. B828.45 .S425 2015
Senses of the subject Butler, Judith, 1956- author. B815 .B87 2015
Shared stories rival tellings : early encounters of Jews Christians and Muslims Gregg, Robert C., author. BS521.7 .G74 2015
Shoes outside the door : desire devotion and excess at San Francisco Zen Center Downing, Michael, 1958- BQ6377.S362 S363 2001
Sidur Ḳol Yaʻaḳov : ḥolShabatShalosh regalim = The complete ArtScroll siddur : weekdaySabb Siddur. English & Hebrew BM675.D3 Z5573 2001
Socrates among strangers Lawrence, Joseph P., 1952- author. B317 .L39 2015
South Asian religions : tradition and today BL1055 .S655 2013
Søren Kierkegaard : subjectivity irony and the crisis of modernity Stewart, Jon (Jon Bartley), author. B4378.I76 S74 2015
Spinoza : a very short introduction Scruton, Roger. B3998 .S445 2002
Spirit and salvation Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti, author. BT121.3 .K374 2016
Storming Zion : government raids on religious communities Wright, Stuart A. BL65.S8 W75 2016
Striking beauty : a philosophical look at the Asian martial arts Allen, Barry, 1957- B105.B64 A45 2015
Sufism : the transformation of the heart Vaughan-Lee, Llewellyn. BP189.65.P78 V38 2012
Sur l'histoire de la philosophie : choix de textes Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938, author. B3279.H93 K73214 2014
Talking God : philosophers on belief Gutting, Gary, author. BL80.3 .G88 2017
Tell my horse : voodoo and life in Haiti and Jamaica Hurston, Zora Neale. BL2490 .H88 2009
The annotated Luther Luther, Martin, 1483-1546, author. BR331 .E5 2015
The bezels of wisdom Ibn al-ʻArabī, 1165-1240. BP189.26 .I2513 1980
The brain in a vat BD418.3 .B723 2016
The Cambridge companion to Hume's Treatise B1489 .C36 2015
The Cambridge companion to Sufism BP189 .C36 2015
The Catholic Church and Argentina's Dirty War Morello, Gustavo, 1966- BX1462.3 .M67 2015
The cognitive penetrability of perception : new philosophical perspectives B828.45 .C64 2015
The Confucian philosophy of harmony Li, Chenyang, 1956- B127.C65 L494 2014
The conservative mind Kirk, Russell. B809 .K57 2008
The consolations of philosophy De Botton, Alain. BJ1595.5 .D43 2001
The courtier and the heretic : Leibniz Spinoza and the fate of God in the modern world Stewart, Matthew, 1963- B2599.G63 S74 2006
The crisis of Muslim history : religion and politics in early Islam Ayoub, Mahmoud. BP55 .A96 2005
The distressed body : rethinking illness imprisonment and healing Leder, Drew, author. B105.B64 L433 2016
The edge of reason : a rational skeptic in an irrational world Baggini, Julian, author. BC177 .B18925 2016
The end of progress : decolonizing the normative foundations of critical theory Allen, Amy, author. B809.3 .A45 2016
The everlasting check : Hume on miracles George, Alexander. B1499.M5 G46 2016
The evolution of medieval thought Knowles, David, 1896-1974. B721 .K6 1988
The eyes of the heart : a memoir of the lost and found Buechner, Frederick, 1926- BX9225.B768 A3 1999
The fear of Islam : an introduction to Islamophobia in the West Green, Todd H., author. BP52 .G744 2015
The final pagan generation Watts, Edward Jay, 1975- author. BL432 .W38 2015
The freedom of a Christian Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. BR332.S6 L88 2008
The freedom to become a Christian : a Kierkegaardian account of human transformation in relationship Torrance, Andrew B., author. BV4916.3 .T67 2016
The Gospels and Jesus Stanton, Graham. BS2555.52 .S73 2002
The Holocaust and the Christian world : reflections on the past challenges for the future BM535 .H615 2000
The ideology of religious studies Fitzgerald, Timothy, 1947- BL41 .F56 2000
The invention of God Römer, Thomas, 1955- author. BS680.G57 R6613 2015
The invention of world religions or How European universalism was preserved in the language of plu Masuzawa, Tomoko. BL80.3 .M27 2005
The Jewish approach to repairing the world (tikkun olam) : a brief introduction for Christians Dorff, Elliot N. BJ1285.2 .D668 2008
The middle path of moderation in Islam : the Qurʼānic principle of wasaṭiyyah Kamali, Mohammad Hashim. BP188.16.M59 K358 2015
The much-at-once : music science ecstasy the body Wilshire, Bruce W., 1932- author. BD214 .W55 2016
The Oxford handbook of American Islam BP67.U6 O94 2014
The Oxford handbook of ancient Greek religion BL783 .O94 2015
The Oxford handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls BM487 .O98 2012
The Oxford handbook of theology sexuality and gender BT708 .O94 2015
The Oxford handbook of Wittgenstein B3376.W564 O94 2014
The path of Muhammad : a book on Islamic morals and ethics & the last will and testament (Vasiyyetna Birgivî Mehmet Efendi, approximately 1522-1573. BP188 .B56 2005
The philosopher : a history in six types Smith, Justin E. H., author. BD21 .S57 2016
The philosophy of gesture : completing pragmatists' incomplete revolution Maddalena, Giovanni, 1971- author. B832 .M14 2015
The politics of Jesús : a hispanic political theology De La Torre, Miguel A., author. BT304.918 .D4 2015
The punitive society : lectures at the College de France 1972-1973 Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984, author. B2430.F72113 2015
The remembrance of death and the afterlife = Kitāb D̲h̲ikr al-mawt wa-mā baʻdahu : book XL of Ghazzālī, 1058-1111. BP166.8 .G46513 1989
The return of nature : on the beyond of sense Sallis, John, 1938- author. BD581 .S243 2016
The ringstones of wisdom : Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam Ibn al-ʻArabī, 1165-1240. BP189.26 .I2513 2004
The Routledge companion to Islamic philosophy B741 .R68 2016
The sacred foundations of justice in Islam : the teachings of ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib Lakhani, M. Ali., 1955- BP193.1.A2 L35 2006
The science of Chinese Buddhism : early twentieth-century engagements Hammerstrom, Erik J. BQ4570.S3 H36 2015
The secular state under siege : religion and politics in Europe and America Joppke, Christian, author. BL65.P7 J67 2015
The stone reader : modern philosophy in 133 arguments B805 .S76 2016
The Sufi path of knowledge : Ibn al-ʻArabi's metaphysics of imagination Chittick, William C. BP80.I2 C48 1989
The truth within : a history of inwardness in Christianity Hinduism and Buddhism Flood, Gavin D., 1954- author. BL624 .F58 2015
The unintended Reformation : how a religious revolution secularized society Gregory, Brad S. (Brad Stephan), 1963- BL2747.8 .G74 2012
The university gets religion : religious studies in American higher education Hart, D. G. (Darryl G.) BL41 .H38 1999
The wisdom of the myths : how Greek mythology can change your life Ferry, Luc. BL785 .F3813 2014
The world of St. Francis of Assisi : essays in honor of William R. Cook BX4700.F6 W67 2015
The young Derrida and French philosophy 1945-1968 Baring, Edward, 1980- B2430 .D484 B377 2011
There shall be no needy : pursuing social justice through Jewish law & tradition Jacobs, Jill, 1975- BM645.J8 J33 2010
Thinking about love : essays in contemporary continental philosophy BD436 .T45 2015
Tibetan Buddhism and mystical experience Komarovski, Yaroslav, author. BQ7604 .K76 2015
Time : a philosophical introduction Harrington, James (Instructor in Philosophy) BD638 .H2765 2015
Toppling the melting pot : immigration and multiculturalism in American pragmatism Orosco, José-Antonio, 1971- author. B832 .O755 2016
Torah through time : understanding Bible commentary from the rabbinic period to modern times Cherry, Shai. BS476 .C477 2007
Traité d'athéologie : physique de la métaphysique Onfray, Michel, 1959- BL2747.3 .O54 2005
Twelve infallible men : the imams and the making of Shi'ism Pierce, Matthew, author. BP189.43 .P54 2016
Ultimate questions Magee, Bryan, author. BD450 .M255 2016
Unraveling and reweaving sacred canon in africana womanhood BL458 .U5738 2015
Unveiling traditions : postcolonial Islam in a polycentric world Majid, Anouar, 1960- BP163 .M342 2000
Virgin nation : sexual purity and American adolescence Moslener, Sara, author. BV4647.C5 M68 2015
Wehrmacht priests : Catholicism and the Nazi war of annihilation Faulkner Rossi, Lauren. BX1536 .F38 2015
What is Islam? : the importance of being Islamic Ahmed, Shahab, 1966-2015, author. BP161.3 .A375 2016
When Christians first met Muslims : a sourcebook of the earliest Syriac writings on Islam Penn, Michael Philip, author. BP160 .P46 2015
Who is Allah? Lawrence, Bruce B. BP166.2 .L38 2015
Why religions matter Bowker, John, 1935- BL51 .B69 2015
William James pragmatism and American culture Whitehead, Deborah, author. B945.J24 W455 2015
Women & weasels : mythologies of birth in ancient Greece and Rome Bettini, Maurizio. BL820.A56 B4713 2013
Women in Christian traditions Moore, Rebecca, 1951- BV639.W7 M594 2015