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Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number
'Nagstappie A walk in the night PN1995.9.F4 N36 1998
12 years a slave 12 years a slave (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .T94 2014
3:10 to Yuma PN1997.2 .T572 2013
4000 miles ; After the revolution : two plays Herzog, Amy. PS3608.E79 A6 2013
5 x Roy Andersson PN1995.9.F4 F694 2010
81 austerities Riviere, Sam. PR6118.I88 A618 2012
9 circles Cain, Bill. PS3553.A387 N56 2013
A buggy priest : one of the Sagas of the prairies Janson, Kristofer, 1841-1917. PT8902 .P713 1973
A companion to Francois Truffaut PN1998.3.T78 C75 2013
A companion to Pedro Almodóvar PN1998.3.A46 C585 2013
A companion to Sophocles PA4417 .C65 2012
A darker shade of Sweden : original stories by Sweden's greatest crime writers PT9630.E5 D37 2014
A guide to being born Ausubel, Ramona. PS3601.U868 G85 2013
A helpful alphabet of friendly objects : poems Updike, John. PS3571.P4 H45 1998
A history of psycholinguistics : the pre-Chomskyan era Levelt, W. J. M. (Willem J. M.), 1938- P37 .L435 2013
A history of Spanish film : cinema and society 1910-2010 Faulkner, Sally, 1974-, author. PN1993.5.S7 F339 2013
A la santidad del jugador de juegos de azar Libertella, Héctor, 1945-2006. PQ7798.22.I2 A79 2011
A marker to measure drift Maksik, Alexander, 1972- PS3613.A37 M37 2013
A most dangerous book : Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich Krebs, Christopher B. PA6706.G4 K736 2012
A night at the dogs Charman, Matt. PR6103.H38 N54 2005
A night in Kurdistan Bloch, Jean-Richard, 1884-1947. PQ2603.L35 N813 1996
A private history of awe Sanders, Scott R. (Scott Russell), 1945- PS3569.A5137 Z47 2006
A race to splendor Ware, Ciji. PS3573.A7435 R33 2011
A short history of film Dixon, Wheeler W., 1950- PN1993.5.A1 D53 2008
A soldier of the great war Helprin, Mark. PS3558.E4775 S65 2005
Abaddon's Gate Corey, James S. A., author. PS3601.B677 A64 2013
Abrogate. Gelbart, Larry. PS3557.E368 A27 2013
Accented America : the cultural politics of multilingual modernism Miller, Joshua (Joshua L.) PS228.N38 M55 2011
Aeschylus Aeschylus. PA3827 .A236 2013
African experiences of cinema PN1993.5.A35 A36 1996
African spirituality in Black women's fiction : threaded visions of memory community nature and b West, Elizabeth J., 1957-, author. PS153.N5 W39 2013
After Beckim, Chad, 1973- PS3602.E327 A38 2012
Afterlife : a ghost story Yockey, Steve. PS3625.O285 A47 2013
Aftermath PN1995.9.F4 A47 2011
Agnes under the big top : a tall tale Kapil, Aditi Brennan. PS3611.A765 A35 2012
Aimless love : new and selected poems Collins, Billy, author. PS3553.O47478 A73 2013
Aki Kaurismäki's Leningrad Cowboys PN1995.9.M86 A54 2011
All that is : a novel Salter, James. PS3569.A4622 A79 2013
Alone in America : the stories that matter Ferguson, Robert A., 1942- PS374.L56 F47 2013
Amber Road Anderson, Boyd. PR9619.3 .A53 A43 2013
American drama in the age of film Brietzke, Zander, 1960- PS350 .B75 2007
American flyers PN1995.9.F5 A547 1999
American history through Hollywood film : from the Revolution to the 1960s Stokes, Melvyn, author. PN1995.9.U64 S76 2013
American movie critics : an anthology from the silents until now PN1995 .A448 2008
Americana and other poems Updike, John. PS3571.P4 A78 2001
Americanah : a novel Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977- PR9387.9.A34354 A44 2013
Amores perros PN1995.9.F4 A56 2001
Amulet : a collection of poetry Bayani, Jason. PS3602.A93 A68 2013
An annotated bibliography of John Updike criticism 1967-1973 and a checklist of his works Olivas, Michael A. PS3571.P4 Z997 1975
An Iliad Peterson, Lisa. PS3616.E746 I54 2013
And the rain my drink Han, Suyin, 1917-2012. PR6015.A4674 A83 2010
Andrew Lloyd Webber's The phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall the 25th anniversary celebra Lloyd Webber, Andrew, 1948- cmp PN1997.2 .P525 2012
Angel and the badman PN1995.9.W4 A524 2003
Anklaget Accused PN1995.9.F4 A537 2013
Anna Cora Mowatt's classic Fashion Harris, Aurand. PS3515.A7213 F3 1981
Annika Bengtzon crime reporter. PN1997.2 .A5542 2013
Annika Bengtzon crime reporter. PN1997.2 .A554 2013
Another time another life : the story of a crime Persson, Leif G. W. PT9876.26.E7225 E513 2012
Any psalm you want : a collection of poetry Jackson, Khary. PS3610.A36 A59 2013
Apocalypto Apocalypto (Motion picture). PN1995.9.F4 A76 2007
Apostle Islands : a novel Zurhellen, Tommy. PS3626.U75 A85 2012
Äppelkriget en glad och mystik film om Änglamarks öden och äventyr PN1995.9.C55 A77 1971
Aprilhäxan Axelsson, Majgull, 1947- PT9876.1.X44 A57 1997
Argonautika : the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts Zimmerman, Mary, author. PS3576.I66 A89 2013
Århundradets svenska deckare Lundin, Bo, 1941- PT9487.D4 L95 1993
Arielles första kärlek Fagerholm, Monika, 1961- PT9876.16.A4514 A76 2011
Arne Dahl misteroso. PN1997.2 .A753 2011
Arne Dahl ont blod = bad blood. PN1997.2 .A752 2011
Arne Dahl the complete first season. PN1997.2 .A754 2013
Arne Dahl upp till toppen av berget. PN1997.2 .A75 2011
Artful Smith, Ali, 1962- PN441 .S585 2013
Assistance Headland, Leslye. PS3608.E229 A87 2013
Assisted living O'Connor, Deirdre. PS3615.C68 A87 2013
Assorted prose. Updike, John. PS3571.P4 A16 1965
Asuncion Eisenberg, Jesse, 1983- PS3605.I828 A88 2012
Autumn killing Kallentoft, Mons, 1968- PT9877.21.A48 H6713 2012
Babylon Ceder, Camilla, 1976- PT9877.13.E42 B3413 2012
Bad Blood Dahl, Arne, 1963-, author. PT9876.14.A35 O5813 2013
Bande à part Band of outsiders PN1997.2 .B353 2003
Bar talk and tall tales Wheeler, L. Ray. PS3623.H44 B37 2013
Barn- och ungdomsböcker genom tiderna Kjersén Edman, Lena. PT9544 .E35 2007
Barnlitteraturens värden och värderingar PT9544 .B37 2012
Bat 6 : a novel Wolff, Virginia Euwer. PS3573.O5613 B38 1999
Battleborn Watkins, Claire Vaye. PS3623.A869426 B38 2012
Belfast confetti Carson, Ciaran, 1948- PR6053.A714 B45 1989
Belmont : poems Burt, Stephen, 1971- PS3552.U7695 B45 2013
Benediction Haruf, Kent. PS3558.A716 B46 2013
Best all 'round Sheiness, Marsha. PS3569.H39255 B472 2012
Best Monologues from The Best American Short Plays Volume One PS627.M63 B47 2014
Best of everything Kramer, Julie. PS3611.R355 B48 2013
Bewilderment : new poems and translations Ferry, David, 1924- PS3556.E77 B49 2012
Beyond Katrina : a meditation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Trethewey, Natasha D., 1966-, author. PS3570.R433 B49 2012
Billy Lynn's long halftime walk Fountain, Ben, author. PS3606.O844 B55 2012
Biology of luck Appel, Jacob M. PS3551.P5545 B5 2013
Birdsong speech and language : exploring the evolution of mind and brain P118 .B56 2013
Birthday boy Newbound, Christopher Slade. PS3614.E93 B57 2013
Black Harlem and the Jewish Lower East Side : narratives out of time PS153.M56 R67 2013
Black skies Arnaldur Indriðason, 1961- author. PT7511.A67 S8613 2013
Blame it on Beckett Morogiello, John. PS3613.O75524 B53 2012
Bleeding edge Pynchon, Thomas. PS3566.Y55 B54 2013
Blessed are those who thirst : a Hanne Wilhelmsen novel Holt, Anne, 1958- PT8952.18.O386 S2513 2012
Blindness Saramago, José. PQ9281.A66 E6813 1999
Blinkende lygter PN1995.9.F4 F563 2008
Blue is the warmest color Maroh, Julie, 1985- PN6747.M36 B5413 2013
Blueprints for building better girls : fiction Schappell, Elissa. PS3569.C474 B58 2011
Bob : a life in five acts Nachtrieb, Peter Sinn. PS3614.A26 B63 2012
Body shots : Hollywood and the culture of eating disorders Fox-Kales, Emily, 1944- PN1995.9.B62 F69 2011
Borges between history and eternity Díaz, Hernán, 1973- PQ7797.B635 Z6735 2012
Boxers & saints : boxed set Yang, Gene Luen. PN6727.Y36 B68 2013
Boys over flowers. Hana yori dango. English. PN1997.5 .H3513 2003
Breakdown PN1995.9.F4 B743 1998
Bright dusky bright Manner, Eeva-Liisa. PH355.M25 B75 2009
Bright star PN1995.9.F4 B764 2010
Bring up the bodies : a novel Mantel, Hilary, 1952- PR6063.A438 B75 2012
British film Leach, Jim. PN1993.5.G7 L38 2004
Britton on film : the complete film criticism of Andrew Britton Britton, Andrew, 1952-1994. PN1994 .B68 2009
Broken arrow PN1995.9.W4 B76 2007
Brown Dog : novellas Harrison, Jim, 1937- PS3558.A67 B76 2013
Buchanan dying : a play Updike, John. PS3571.P4 B8 2000
Budbringeren junk mail PN1995.9.F4 B932 2008
Buffalo West Wing Hyzy, Julie A. PS3608.Y98 B84 2011
C. S. Lewis and the Middle Ages Boenig, Robert, 1948- PR6023.E926 Z5864 2012
Caliban's war Corey, James S. A. PS3601.B677 C35 2012
Call me Waldo : a transcendental romance Ackerman, Rob. PS3601.C55 C35 2012
Camus dans le narguilé Grine, Hamid. PQ3989.2.G725 C36 2011
Canada Ford, Richard. PS3556.O713 C36 2013
Capital fictions : the literature of Latin America's export age Beckman, Ericka, 1951- PQ7082.N7 B355 2013
Captain Phillips PN1997.2 .C372 2014
Carapace Robinson, David Mitchell. PS3618.O3243 C37 2012
Cat Ballou PN1995.9.W4 C37 2006
Catastrophic bliss Hardy, Myronn. PS3608.A7285 C38 2012
Cave culture in Maghrebi literature : imagining self and nation Jones, Christa. PQ3988.5.N6 J66 2012
Centering Anishinaabeg studies : understanding the world through stories PS508.I5 C46 2013
Chaim Potok : confronting modernity through the lens of tradition PS3566.O69 Z63 2013
Chasing Utopia : a hybrid Giovanni, Nikki, author. PS3557.I55 C47 2013
Chekhov's Three Sisters and Woolf's Orlando : two renderings for the stage Ruhl, Sarah, 1974- PS3618.U48 C48 2013
Chi to hone PN1997.2 .B566 2008
Chinese literature : a very short introduction Knight, Sabina, 1966- PL2265 .K65 2012
Chinese women writers and the feminist imagination 1905-1948 Yan, Haiping. PL2278 .Y36 2006
Choruses ancient and modern PA3203 .C49 2013
Cicero's Pro L. Murena oratio Fantham, Elaine, author. PA6279.M8 F36 2013
Cinema Badiou, Alain, author. PN1995 .B23213 2013
Cinema and development in West Africa Genova, James Eskridge. PN1993.5.A35 G46 2013
Cinematic appeals : the experience of new movie technologies Rogers, Ariel. PN1995.9.A8 R64 2013
Claire of the sea light Danticat, Edwidge, 1969- PS3554.A5815 C57 2013
Clandestine marriage : botany and Romantic culture Kelley, Theresa M. PN56.B73 K45 2012
Classical rhetoric for the modern student Corbett, Edward P. J. PN175 .C57 1999
Classics in the modern world : a 'democratic turn'? PA3001 .C56 2013
Clybourne Park : [a play] Norris, Bruce. PS3614.O768 C59 2011
Cold Sassy tree Burns, Olive Ann. PS3552.U73248 C6 2007
Cold trail : Helsinki homicide Sipilä, Jarkko. PH355.S553 K95613 2013
Collected poems Gilbert, Jack, 1925-2012. PS3557.I34217 A6 2012
Colonial Latin American literature : a very short introduction Adorno, Rolena. PQ7081 .A36 2011
Conrad's 'Heart of darkness' and contemporary thought : revisiting the horror with Lacoue-Labarthe PR6005.O4 H4755 2012
Continental strangers : German exile cinema 1933-1951 Gemünden, Gerd, 1959- author. PN1993.5.U6 G457 2014
Conversations with John Updike Updike, John. PS3571.P4 Z474 1994
Copper Heart : A Maria Kallio Mystery Lehtolainen, Leena, 1964- author. PH355.L376 K9713 2013
Couch tag Reklaw, Jesse, 1971- author, artist. PN6727.R45 C68 2013
Could be worse! PN1995.9.M86 C68 2008
Country girl : a memoir O'Brien, Edna. PR6065.B7 Z46 2013
Creating the witness : documenting genocide on film video and the Internet Torchin, Leshu. PN1995.9.D6 T63 2012
Critical conditions : illness and disability in Francophone African and Caribbean women's writing Ngue, Julie Nack, 1975- PQ3980.5 .N48 2012
Cronos PN1995.9.F4 C764 2010
Crowd scenes : movies and mass politics Tratner, Michael. PN1995.9.C67 T73 2008
Curiosity Cat Grabenstein, Chris. PS3607.R27 C87 2010
Curious subjects : women and the trials of realism Schor, Hilary Margo. PR868.W6 S36 2013
Curse of the Jade Lily : a McKenzie novel Housewright, David, 1955- PS3558.O8668 C87 2012
Dagur Kári's Nói the albino Nordfjörd, Björn. PN1997.N5255 N67 2010
Dallas buyers club PN1995.9.F4 D355 2014
Dance hall of the dead Hillerman, Tony. PS3558.I45 D26 2009
Danny the champion of the world Wood, David, 1944- PR6073.O578 D36 2006
Daresalam PN1995.9.F4 D374 2004
Dating the sagas : reviews and revisions PT7181 .D38 2013
Days of wine and roses Days of wine and roses (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .D397 2010
De behövande : roman Küchen, Maria, 1961- PT9876.17.U56 B45 2002
De uvaerdige Arvottomat = The worthless PN1995.9.F4 U83 2010
De-westernizing film studies PN1995 .D49 2012
Dear life : stories Munro, Alice, 1931- PR9199.3.M8 D43 2013
Dear sister : letters from survivors of sexual violence PS508.S48 D33 2014
Death by design : a comedy with murder Urbinati, Rob. PS3621.R36 D43 2013
Death of the demon Holt, Anne, 1958- PT8952.18.O386 D4613 2013
Death tax Hnath, Lucas PS3608.N38 D43 2013
Demosthenes and Cicero Plutarch, author. PA4369.D53 L56 2013
Denise Levertov : a poet's life Greene, Dana. PS3562.E8876 Z67 2012
Desperate faith; a study of Bellow Salinger Mailer Baldwin and Updike Harper, Howard M. PS379 .H27 1967
Det stora äventyret Great adventure. PN1995.9.F4 D472 2009
Dexikon : mer än 500 detektiver thrillerhjältar äventyrare medhjälpare - samt en och anna Lundin, Bo, 1941- PN3377.5.D4 L95 2004
Die schwarze Wunde : ein kurdisches Theaterstück Anter, Musa. PK6908.9.A62 B5715 1994
Digital visual effects in cinema : the seduction of reality Prince, Stephen, 1955- PN1995.9.T43 P75 2012
Diplomatic pounds & other stories Aidoo, Ama Ata, 1942- PR9379.9.A35 D57 2012
Distant reading Moretti, Franco, 1950- PN81 .M666 2013
Dit-il Gailly, Christian, 1943- PQ2667.A3535 D5 1987
Doctor Cerberus Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto. PS3601.G85 D63 2013
Doctor Sleep : a novel King, Stephen, 1947- PS3561.I483 D63 2013
Dödsmässa : kriminalroman Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 D63 2013
Dogme uncut : Lars von Trier Thomas Vinterburg and the gang that took on Hollywood Stevenson, Jack, 1955- PN1995.9.E96 S73 2003
Domestic subjects : gender citizenship and law in Native American literature Piatote, Beth H., 1966- PS153.I52 P53 2013
Dotter of her father's eyes Talbot, Mary M., 1954- PR6019.O9 Z8265 2012
Dracula's daughters : the female vampire on film PN1995.9.V3 D73 2014
Dreyer in double reflection: Translation of Carl Th. Dreyer's writings about the film (Om filmen) Dreyer, Carl Theodor, 1889-1968. PN1994 .D713 1973
Drive Drive (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .D758 2012
Du är alltså svensk? : roman Andersson, Lena, 1970- PT9876.1.N35342 D8 2005
Due considerations : essays and criticism Updike, John. PS3571.P4 D84 2007
Duplex : a novel Davis, Kathryn, 1946- author. PS3554.A934923 D87 2013
Eat your heart out Baron, Courtney. PS3602.A8346 E37 2012
Ecopoetics : the language of nature the nature of language Knickerbocker, Scott. PS310.N3 K65 2012
Efterskalv Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 E37 2012
Elena Garro and Mexico's modern dreams Biron, Rebecca E., 1964- PQ7297.G3585 Z59 2013
Emerging traditions : towards a postcolonial stylistics of black South African fiction in English Briault Manus, Vicki, 1952- P40.45.S6 B75 2011
Emma and the lost unicorn : a fable Sugarek, Trisha. PS3619.U37 E55 2005
Emma's poem : the voice of the Statue of Liberty Glaser, Linda. PS2234 .G55 2010
Empire of language : toward a critique of (post)colonial expression Dubreuil, Laurent, author. PQ3897 .D8313 2013
En civilisation utan båtar = a civilization without boats Anyuru, Johannes, 1979- PT9877.1.N98 C59 2011
En Midsommarnattsdröm : kriminalroman Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 M52 2013
Enchanted Enchanted (Motion picture : 2007). PN1997.5 .E53 2008
Englegård Änglagård PN1995.9.F4 A519 2003
Es ist so einsam im Sattel seit das Pferd tot ist : Roman Özdogan, Selim, 1971- PT2675.Z35 E8 2004
Et rigtigt menneske PN1995.9.F4 R657 2001
Ethics identity and community in later Roman declamation Bernstein, Neil W., 1973- PA6083 .B47 2013
Ett nytt land utanför mitt fönster. Kallifatides, Theodor, 1938- PT9876.21.A45 Z469 2001
Euripides. Euripides, author. PA3975 .A1 2013
Euripides' Medea : a new translation Euripides. PA3975.M4 R39 2013
Evening is the whole day Samarasan, Preeta. PR9530.9.S26 E94 2008
Ever after a Cinderella story PN1995.9.F4 E94 2002
Every love story is a ghost story : a life of David Foster Wallace Max, D. T. (Daniel T.) PS3573.A425635 Z83 2012
Everyday reading : poetry and popular culture in modern America Chasar, Mike, 1970- PS325 .C49 2012
Ezra Ezra (Motion picture). PN1995.9.F4 E973 2007
Falling Jent, Deanna PS3610.E59 F35 2011
Family life : a novel Sharma, Akhil, 1971- PS3569.H34287 F36 2014
Family matters : Puerto Rican women authors on the island and the mainland Moreno, Marisel C., 1973- PS153.P83 M67 2012
Family of fallen leaves : stories of Agent Orange by Vietnamese writers PL4378.82.E5 F35 2010
Farewell to Manzanar PN1997.2 .F374 2011
Fatal attraction Fatal attraction (Motion picture). PN1995.9.F4 F373 2007
Fathers preachers rebels men : black masculinity in U.S. history and literature 1820-1945 PS374.M37 F38 2011
Fathers three short films from Africa examining the relationship between fathers and sons. PN1995.9.F4 F374 2000
Fictions of autonomy : modernism from Wilde to de Man Goldstone, Andrew, 1982- PN771 .G65 2013
Fictions of dignity : embodying human rights in world literature Anker, Elizabeth S. (Elizabeth Susan), 1973- PN56.H79 A55 2012
Film and stereotype : a challenge for cinema and theory Schweinitz, Jörg. PN1995.9.S6956 S3413 2011
Film genre : Hollywood and beyond Langford, Barry, 1964- PN1995 .L33 2005
Film genre reader IV PN1995 .F457933 2012
Film noir Luhr, William. PN1995.9.F54 L84 2012
Film studies : an introduction Sikov, Ed. PN1994 .S535 2010
Film style and story : a tribute to Torben Grodal PN1993.5.A1 F518 2003
Fintar o destino Dribbling fate PN1995.9.F4 F566 2009
First person; conversations on writers & writing with Glenway Wescott John Dos Passos Robert Penn Gado, Frank, comp. PS129 .G3
Folter : Roman Konuk, A. Kadir, 1947- PL248.K66 C6615 1990
For this moment alone Kash, Marcia. PR9199.3.K385 F67 2013
Ford Madox Ford and the misfit moderns : Edwardian fiction and the First World War Hawkes, Rob. PR6011.O53 Z653 2012
Form and faith in Victorian poetry and religion Blair, Kirstie. PR595.R4 B57 2012
Foundation Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992. PS3551.S5 F59 2008
Four screenplays of Ingmar Bergman Bergman, Ingmar, 1918-2007. PT9875.B533 A25 1960
Framing the ass : literary texture in Apuleius' Metamorphoses Harrison, S. J. PA6217 .H365 2013
Francophone women writers : feminisms postcolonialisms cross-cultures Touya de Marenne, Eric. PQ149 .T68 2013
Franny and Zooey Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David), 1919-2010. PS3537.A426 F7 2001
French women authors : the significance of the spiritual (1400-2000) PQ149 .F726 2013
Freshly awoken people drinking milk : contemporary nordic drama = samtida nordisk dramatik PT7082 .F74 2010
From Dalsland to Minnesota Johnson, J. W. G. PS2136.J65 F76 1999
From francophonie to world literature in French : ethics poetics & politics Migraine-George, Thérèse. PQ3809 .M53 2013
From oral tradition to rap : literatures of the polar north PM63.5 .F76 2011
Frygtelig Iykkelig PN1997.2 .T477 2010
Full gallop Hampton, Mark. PS3558.A4579 F8 1997
Full metal jacket Full metal jacket (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .F85 2007
Gaslight Gaslight (Motion picture : 1944) PN1997.2 .G37 2011
Gatsby : the cultural history of the great American novel Batchelor, Bob. PS3511.I9 G8228 2014
George Eliot in society : travels abroad and Sundays at the Priory McCormack, Kathleen, 1944- PR4681 .M34 2013
Giliap PN1995.9.F4 G564 2007
Girl interrupted Girl, interrupted (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .G67 2004
Girls and their comics : finding a female voice in comic book narrative Danziger-Russell, Jacqueline, 1979- PN6725 .D196 2013
Glitter in the blood : a poet's manifesto to better braver writing Nettifee, Mindy. PS3614.E535 G56 2012
Globalization utopia and postcolonial science fiction : new maps of hope Smith, Eric D. PN3433.5 .S58 2012
Go back to where you are Greenspan, David, 1956- PS3557.R39642 G62 2013
Good prose : the art of nonfiction Kidder, Tracy. PN145 .K466 2013
Granny and the gorilla Paterson, Stuart. PR6066.A834 G73 2009
Graphs maps trees : abstract models for literary history Moretti, Franco, 1950- PN3331 .M67 2007
Gravity PN1995.9.F4 G73 2014
Greek to Latin : frameworks and contexts for intertextuality Hutchinson, G. O. PN98.I58 H88 2013
Half the kingdom Segal, Lore Groszmann, author. PS3569.E425 S44 2013
Han tänkte på dem som färger Thydell, Johanna. PT9877.3.H9 H35 2011
Hasta cierto punto Up to a point PN1995.9.C55 H37 2000
Hela havet stormar : kriminalroman Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 H45 2013
Helen of Troy : beauty myth devastation Blondell, Ruby, 1954- PA3015.R5 H3725 2013
Hellenistic oratory : continuity and change PA663 .H45 2013
Here and now : letters (2008-2011) Auster, Paul, 1947- PS3551.U77 Z48 2013
Here be dragons : exploring fantasy maps and settings Ekman, Stefan, 1961- PN3435 .E38 2013
Herodotus PA4004 .H46 2013
Herodotus reader : annotated passages from books I-IX of the Histories Herodotus. PA4002 .A4 2011b
Hidden prey Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- PS3569.A516 H54 2004
High definition : unforgettable vocabulary-building strategies across genres and subjects Holbrook, Sara. PE1449 .H55 2010
Himmelsöga : kriminalroman Dahl, Arne, 1963- PT9876.14.A35 H57 2012
Historias mínimas PN1995.9.F4 H575 2003
Hollywood and Hitler 1933-1939 Doherty, Thomas Patrick. PN1995.9.N36 D65 2013
Hollywood cinema and the real Los Angeles Shiel, Mark. PN1993.5.U65 S49 2012
Hollywood in the new millennium Balio, Tino. PN1993.5.U65 B29 2013
Holocaust literature : a history and guide Roskies, David G., 1948- PN56.H55 R67 2012
Homer in print : a catalogue of the Bibliotheca Homerica Langiana at the University of Chicago Libra PA4037 .H654 2013
Homographesis : essays in gay literary and cultural theory Edelman, Lee, 1953- PS153.G38 E34 1994
Housebreaking Holder, Jakob. PS3608.O4843 H68 2012
How authors' minds make stories Hogan, Patrick Colm. PN171.P83 H64 2013
How literature changes the way we think Mack, Michael, 1969- PN45 .M319 2012
How to be a successful teenager : the story of what happened when Dick and Jane grew up Haug, Karin Evelyn. PS3608.A95 H68 1998
How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Hamid, Mohsin, 1971- PS3558.A42169 H69 2013
How to Not Write Bad : the most common writing problems and the best ways to avoid them Yagoda, Ben. PE1408 .Y34 2013
How to read a film : movies media and beyond : art technology language history theory Monaco, James, 1942- PN1994 .M59 2009
Hurt Village Hall, Katori, author. PS3608.A54727 H87 2013
Hyperbole and a half : unfortunate situations flawed coping mechanisms mayhem and other things th Brosh, Allie. PN6727.B7568 H96 2013
I want to show you more : stories Quatro, Jamie. PS3617.U38 I23 2013
Ibadan : the Penkelemes years ; a memoir 1946-1965 Soyinka, Wole. PR9387.9.S6 Z89 2007
Illégal PN1995.9.F4 I55 2011
Im Morgengrauen eines heissen Tages : Roman Konuk, A. Kadir, 1947- PL248.K66 I415 1993
Im Schatten der verlorenen Liebe Uzun, Mehmed, 1953-2007. PK6908.9.U98 S5915 1998
Images out of Africa : the Virginia Garner diaries of the Africa motion picture project Garner, Virginia, 1915-2007. PN1998.3.G3686 A3 2011
Imagining mass dictatorships : the individual and the masses in literature and cinema PN56.D49 I53 2013
In the house of the interpreter : a memoir Ngũgĩ wa Thiongʼo, 1938- PR9381.9.N45 Z46 2012
In the red and brown water McCraney, Tarell Alvin. PS3613.C38625 I5 2013
In the wilderness : coming of age in unknown country Barnes, Kim. PS3552.A6815 Z467 1997
In time : poets poems and the rest Williams, C. K. (Charles Kenneth), 1936- PS3573.I4483 A6 2012
In your hands PN1995.9.F4 I52 2004
Indie : an American film culture Newman, Michael Z. PN1993.5.U6 N49 2011
Interiors and narrative : the spatial poetics of Machado De Assis Eça de Queirós and Leopoldo Vieira, Estela, 1975- PQ7082.N7 V53 2013
Interpreting the republic : marginalization and belonging in contemporary French novels and films Swamy, Vinay. PQ307.I54 S93 2013
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