Previous Year's Acquisitions

Title Author Call Number Classification
"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God" : Theodore Parker's proverbial fight for the ideal Ameri Kraller, Anna-Lisa, author. BX9869.P3 K73 2016 Philosophy & Religion
"Stringing proverbs together " : the proverbial language in Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote Mieder, Wolfgang, author. PQ6353 .M534 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
(Dis)Honesty : the truth about lies BJ1533.H7 D57 2015 Philosophy & Religion
[Hagadah shel Pesaḥ] = The family participation Haggadah : a different night Haggadah. English BM674.643 .Z56 2015 Philosophy & Religion
[Lel she'elot : Hagadah shel Pesah] = A night of questions : a Passover Haggadah Haggadah (Reconstructionist, Levitt). English & Hebrew BM674.73 .L48 1999 Philosophy & Religion
#Aiww : the arrest of Ai Weiwei Brenton, Howard, 1942- author. PR6052.R426 A63 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
1000 years of annoying the French Clarke, Stephen, 1958- PR6103.L3748 Y42 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
3C Adjmi, David. PS3601.D5 A13 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
40 sonnets Paterson, Don, 1963- author. PR6116.A84 A6 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
5 guys chillin' Darney, Peter, author. PR6104.A84365 A13 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
55 Days Brenton, Howard, 1942- PR6052.R426 A13 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
A cabinet of philosophical curiosities : a collection of puzzles oddities riddles and dilemmas Sorensen, Roy A. BC108 .S75 2016 Philosophy & Religion
A certain justice James, P. D. PR6060.A467 C45 1997 Language, Literature, & Film
A change of class Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940, author. PS3511.I9 A6 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
A circle of quiet L'Engle, Madeleine. PS3523.E55 Z5 1972 Language, Literature, & Film
A coffee in Berlin PN1995.9.F4 C634 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
A companion to Nordic cinema PN1993.5.S2 C57 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
A Concise History of Western Architecture Jordan, R. Furneaux (Robert Furneaux) NA200 .J68 1969 Music & Fine Arts
A critical history of Greek philosophy Stace, W. T. (Walter Terence), 1886-1967, author. B171.S83 C75 2015 Philosophy & Religion
A critical introduction to the metaphysics of time Curtis, Benjamin L. BD638 .C87 2016 Philosophy & Religion
A dictionary of mutual understanding : a novel Copleton, Jackie, author. PR6103.O694 D53 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A dream Kruszewska, Felicja, 1897-1943. PG7445.E5 K78 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
A esmorga PN1997 .E86 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A fraction of the whole Toltz, Steve, 1972- PR9619.4.T65 F73 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
A general theory of oblivion Agualusa, José Eduardo, 1960- author. PQ9929.A39 T4713 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A geology of media Parikka, Jussi, 1976- author. P90 .P3355 2015 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
A god in ruins : a novel Atkinson, Kate, author. PR6051.T56 G63 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
A good investment? : philanthropy and the marketing of race in an urban public school Brown, Amy, 1979- LA339.N5 B76 2015 Education
A grammar of cinepoiesis : poetic cameras of Italian cinema Carlorosi, Silvia, 1975- author. PN1993.5.I88 C2717 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A guide to teaching elementary science : ten easy steps Greenspan, Yvette F., author LB1585 .G74 2016 Education
A hedonist manifesto : the power to exist Onfray, Michel, 1959- author. BJ1491 .O54413 2015 Philosophy & Religion
A history of Christian-Muslim relations Goddard, Hugh. BP172 .G6 2000 Philosophy & Religion
A history of global health : interventions into the lives of other peoples Packard, Randall M., 1945- author. RA441 .P33 2016 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
A history of Pakistani literature in English 1947-1988 Rahman, Tariq, 1949- author. PR9540 .R34 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A history of western American literature PS271 .H57 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A Hungarian quartet : four contemporary short novels PH3176 .H860 1991 Language, Literature, & Film
A Korean Confucian way of life and thought : the Chasŏngnok (Record of self-reflection) Yi, Hwang, 1501-1570, author. B5254.Y484 A4 2016 Philosophy & Religion
A Latin American music reader : views from the south ML3549 .L38 2016 Music & Fine Arts
A little life Yanagihara, Hanya, author. PS3625.A674 L58 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
A man called Ove : a novel Backman, Fredrik, 1981- PT9877.12.A32 M3613 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
A man's enemies James, Bill, 1929- PR6070.U23 M36 2003 Language, Literature, & Film
A Matter of Justice Todd, Charles. PS3570.O37 M38 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
A mind to Murder James, P. D. PR6060.A467 M3 1963 Language, Literature, & Film
A monologue is an outrageous situation! : how to survive the 60-second audition Parker, Herb, 1954- PN2071.A92 P38 2016 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
A most wanted man : a novel Le Carré, John, 1931- PR6062 .E33 M67 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
A mouthful of glass Woerden, Henk van, 1947-2005. PT5881.33.O314 M6613 2000 Language, Literature, & Film
A night to remember : the Haggadah of contemporary voices Haggadah. English & Hebrew. BM674.643 .Z55 2007 Philosophy & Religion
A noble radiance : a Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery Leon, Donna. PS3562.E534 N63 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
A political history of the Bible in America Hanson, Paul D., author. BR515 .H36 2015 Philosophy & Religion
A practical review of German grammar Dippmann, Gerda. PF3112 .D56 1995 Language, Literature, & Film
A prison called school : creating effective schools for all learners Metzger, Maure Ann, 1957- author. LB2822.8 .M47 2015 Education
A Propertius reader : eleven selected elegies Propertius, Sextus, author. PA6644 .A3 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
A Robert Penn Warren reader. Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989. PS3545.A748 A6 1988 Language, Literature, & Film
A secret un secret Secret (Motion picture). PN1997.2 .S43748 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
A small death in Lisbon Wilson, Robert, 1957- PR6073.I474 S6 2000 Language, Literature, & Film
A sundial in a grave : 1610 Gentle, Mary. PR6057.E525 S96 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
A tale for the time being : a novel Ozeki, Ruth L. PS3565.Z45 T35 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
A translator's defense Manetti, Giannozzo, 1396-1459, author. BS449 .M3613 2016 Philosophy & Religion
A trick to catch the old one Middleton, Thomas, -1627. PR2714 .T7 1968 Language, Literature, & Film
A walk by the river : a long poem Jacobson, Dale. PS3560.A259 W15 2004 Language, Literature, & Film
A way of living : the simple life and extraordinary craft of landscape painter Don Koestner Hakala, William. ND237.K596 H35 2008 Music & Fine Arts
A whole life : a novel Seethaler, Robert, 1966- author. PT2721.E48 G3613 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
AACN essentials of critical care nursing RT120.I5 A165 2014 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Aberrations in black : toward a queer of color critique Ferguson, Roderick A. PS374.N4 F47 2004 Language, Literature, & Film
Abnormal : lectures at the Collège de France 1974-1975 Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984. B2430.F723 A613 2004 Philosophy & Religion
Abraham Joshua Heschel : essential writings Heschel, Abraham Joshua, 1907-1972. B5800 .H47 2011 Philosophy & Religion
Absolution : a novel Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson. PT7511.O439 F9613 1994 Language, Literature, & Film
Acqua alta : A Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery Leon, Donna. PS3562.E534 A63 1996 Language, Literature, & Film
Acting up : staging the subject in Enlightenment France Leichman, Jeffrey M., 1975- author. PN2633 .L35 2016 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Adam Runaway Prince, Peter, 1942- PR6066.R564 A64 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Adaptation studies and learning : new frontiers Raw, Laurence. PN171.A33 R39 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Adieux : a farewell to Sartre Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986. PQ2637.A82 Z56413 1984 Language, Literature, & Film
Adorno and existence Gordon, Peter Eli, author. B3199.A34 G67 2016 Philosophy & Religion
Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription Heyward, Vivian H., author. GV436 .H48 2014 Physical Education & Recreation
Advances in motivation in sport and exercise GV706.4 .A36 2012 Physical Education & Recreation
Adventure tales Jackson, Kathryn, 1907-1985. PZ1.J2357 A38 1967 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Aegean of the Angels : songs of the aegean songs of the sea ML169 .S68 1999 Music & Fine Arts
African personality and spirituality : the role of abosom and human essence Ephirim-Donkor, Anthony, author. BL2480.A4 E639 2016 Philosophy & Religion
African traditional religion in the modern world Thomas, Douglas E. BL2400 .T47 2015 Philosophy & Religion
African-American poetry : an anthology 1773-1927 PS591.N4 A345 1997 Language, Literature, & Film
Africans and Americans : embracing cultural differences Mbele, Joseph. GN397.7.T3 M34 2005 Anthropology & Folklore
After Hegel : German philosophy 1840-1900 Beiser, Frederick C., 1949- B3181 .B45 2014 Philosophy & Religion
After the circus Modiano, Patrick, 1945- author. PQ2673.O3 C5713 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
After the prophet : the epic story of the Shia-Sunni split in Islam Hazleton, Lesley, 1945- BP55 .H42 2010 Philosophy & Religion
After the wrath of God : AIDS sexuality and American religion Petro, Anthony Michael, 1981- author. BX2347.8.A52 P48 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Against empathy : the case for rational compassion Bloom, Paul, 1963- author. BJ1475 .B56 2016 Philosophy & Religion
Akata witch Okorafor, Nnedi. PZ7.O4157 A33 2011 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Alex Katz this is now Katz, Alex, 1927- artist. ND237.K33 A4 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Alien Albion : literature and immigration in early modern England Oldenburg, Scott K., 1969- author. PR120.M55 O43 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
All that man is Szalay, David, author. PR6119.Z35 A79 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Allt jag inte minns : roman Khemiri, Jonas Hassen, 1978- PT9877.21.H46 A79 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
America dancing : from the cakewalk to the moonwalk Pugh, Megan, 1982- author. GV1623 .P843 2015 Physical Education & Recreation
America's bitter pill : money politics backroom deals and the fight to fix our broken healthcare Brill, Steven, 1950- RA395.A3 B755 2015 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
American Indian health and nursing RT86.54 .A44 2016 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
American knees Wong, Shawn, 1949- PS3573.O583 A8 1995 Language, Literature, & Film
American possessions : fighting demons in the contemporary United States McCloud, Sean. BL482 .M355 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Amor y deseo en el calabozo : dominación sumisión y masoquismo en la literatura española de v Pardo de Neyra, Xulio, 1968- author. PQ6073.E76 P37 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Amulet Bolaño, Roberto, 1953-2003. PQ8098.12.O38 A6813 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Amy ML420.W57 A49 2015 Music & Fine Arts
An archaeological history of Indian Buddhism Fogelin, Lars, author. BQ286 .F65 2015 Philosophy & Religion
An Asimov companion : characters places and terms in the RobotEmpireFoundation metaseries Palumbo, Donald, 1949- author. PS3551.S5 Z77 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
An atmospherics of the City : Baudelaire and the poetics of noise Chambers, Ross, author. PQ2191.Z5 C425 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
An introduction to metametaphysics Tahko, Tuomas E., 1982- author. BD111 .T28 2015 Philosophy & Religion
An outcast of the islands Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924, author. PR6005.O4 O82 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
An unquiet mind Jamison, Kay R. RC516 .J363 2011 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Anatomy of research for nurses Hedges, Christine, 1953- author. RT81.5 .H43 2014 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Anatomy of writing for publication for nurses Saver, Cynthia, 1955- author. RT24 .S28 2014 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Ancient medicine Nutton, Vivian. R135 .N88 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Ancient Scandinavia : an archaeological history from the first humans to the Vikings Price, T. Douglas (Theron Douglas) GN825 .P74 2015 Anthropology & Folklore
And I darken White, Kiersten, author. PZ7.W583764 A53 2016 Children's & Young Adult Collections
And Muhammad is his messenger : the veneration of the Prophet in Islamic piety Schimmel, Annemarie, 1922-2003. PJ827 .S3313 1985 Language, Literature, & Film
And only to deceive Alexander, Tasha, 1969- PS3601.L3565 A84 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Andy Warhol : pop art painter Rubin, Susan Goldman. N6537.W28 R83 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Angel Catbird. Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author. PZ7.7.A896 A54 2016 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Angelinetum and other poems Marrasio, Giovanni, approximately 1404-1452, author. PA8547.M5376 A2 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Animism in Southeast Asia GN471 .A54 2016 Anthropology & Folklore
Annihilation VanderMeer, Jeff. PS3572.A4284 A84 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Another Brooklyn : a novel Woodson, Jacqueline, author. PS3573.O64524 A85 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Anthropocene GF75 .A58 2015 Geography
Anthropology of religion : the basics Bielo, James S. GN470 .B488 2015 Anthropology & Folklore
Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in the environment Amábile-Cuevas, Carlos F., author. TD196.D78 A434 2016 Technological Studies
Antología de la narrativa mexicana del siglo XX PQ7276 .A564 1996 Language, Literature, & Film
Anxiety muted : American film music in a suburban age ML2075 .A595 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Anything considered Mayle, Peter. PR6063.A8875 A59 1996 Language, Literature, & Film
Apocalypse bébé : roman Despentes, Virginie, 1969- author. PQ2664.E7895 A88 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Apples apples apples Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. PZ1.W15875 A66 2000 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Applying anthropology to gender-based violence : global responses local practices GN495.2 .A77 2015 Anthropology & Folklore
Approaches to Greek myth BL790 .A66 2014 Philosophy & Religion
Aquinas and the Nicomachean ethics B765.T54 A683 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Architecture : the story of practice Cuff, Dana, 1953- NA1996 .C84 1991 Music & Fine Arts
Aristotle's ethics Urmson, J. O. B430 .U76 1988 Philosophy & Religion
Ars Amatoria. Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D., author. PA6519.A8 B78 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Art as therapy De Botton, Alain, author. N7477 .D43 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Art cars : the cars the artists the obsession the craft Blank, Harrod. TL255.2 .B53 2007 Technological Studies
Art for art's sake : aestheticism in Victorian painting Prettejohn, Elizabeth. ND467.5.A3 P74 2007 Music & Fine Arts
Art incorporated : the story of contemporary art Stallabrass, Julian. N6490 .S728 2004 Music & Fine Arts
Art work : seeing inside the creative process Vartanian, Ivan. N7430.5 .A78 2011 Music & Fine Arts
Artemisia Gentileschi : the language of painting Locker, Jesse, author. ND623.G364 L63 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Artistry in paper : creating beautiful things with origami papier mâché pop-ups and other pap Jackson, Paul, 1956- TT870 .J32 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Arvida : stories Archibald, Samuel, 1978- author. PQ3919.3.A785 A8513 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Ascending peculiarity : Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey : interviews Gorey, Edward, 1925-2000. NX512.G67 A35 2001 Music & Fine Arts
Asian art N7260 .A815 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Ask and tell : self-advocacy and disclosure for people on the autism spectrum RC553.A88 A785 2004 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Aspects of Japanese discourse structure Hinds, John. PL641 .H5 1976 Language, Literature, & Film
Assessing the accuracy of remotely sensed data : principles and practices Congalton, Russell G., 1957- G70.4 .C647 2009 Geography
Assisted reproductive technologies in the global south and north : issues challenges and the future RG133.5 .A86 2016 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Asylums; essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates. Goffman, Erving. RC439 .G58 1961 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
At the existentialist café : freedom being and apricot cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre Simone d Bakewell, Sarah, author. B819 .B313 2016 Philosophy & Religion
At the heart of reason Romano, Claude, 1967- author. B2433.R663 A813 2015 Philosophy & Religion
At the ninth hour : a book of prison poems PS591.P7 L4 1977 Language, Literature, & Film
At the violet hour : Modernism and violence in England and Ireland Cole, Sarah. PR478.V56 C65 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Atheism : what everyone needs to know Ruse, Michael. BL2747.3 .R835 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Atheist manifesto : the case against Christianity Judaism and Islam Onfray, Michel, 1959- BL2747.3 .O5413 2011 Philosophy & Religion
Au revoir là-haut : roman Lemaître, Pierre, 1951- PQ2712.E485 A94 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Audacity Crowder, Melanie, author. PZ7.5.C78 A9 2015 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Augustine : conversions to confessions Lane Fox, Robin, 1946- author. BR1720.A9 L36 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Autism interventions : exploring the spectrum of autism Murray-Slutsky, Carolyn, 1953- RJ506.A9 M87 2014 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Autobiography of a Chinese girl Xie, Bingying, 1906-2000. PL2765.I45 Z46313 1986 Language, Literature, & Film
Bach through the year : the church music of Johann Sebastian Bach and the Revised Common Lectionary Setterlund, John S., author. ML410.B13 S48 2013 Music & Fine Arts
Bad debts Temple, Peter, 1946- PR9619.3.T37 B33 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Ballyturk Walsh, Enda. PR6123.A46 B35 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Ban zhang ding hun zhao = The half of engaged photo PN1995.9.F4 B3594 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Barbara PN1995.9.F4 B3655 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Barbarian days : a surfing life Finnegan, William, author. GV838.F58 A3 2016 Physical Education & Recreation
Baskets : tradition & beyond Leier, Ray. NK3649.5 .L45 2000 Music & Fine Arts
Be the change : reinventing school for student success Darling-Hammond, Linda, 1951- author. LC7501.E1385 D37 2016 Education
Beard on food Beard, James, 1903-1985. TX715 .B368 1974 General Works
Beastly morality : animals as ethical agents B105.A55 B43 2016 Philosophy & Religion
Beat the drum PN1995.9.F4 B434 2007 Language, Literature, & Film
Beatlebone : a novel Barry, Kevin, 1969- author. PR6102.A7833 B43 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Beauty is a wound Kurniawan, Eka, 1975- author. PL5089.K78 C3613 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Beauty of the beast : poems PN6110.A7 B43 1997 Language, Literature, & Film
Becoming a physical education teacher Stidder, Gary, 1962- GV361 .S77 2015 Physical Education & Recreation
Becoming influential : a guide for nurses Sullivan, Eleanor J., 1938- RT86 .S85 2013 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Beethoven : the universal composer Morris, Edmund. ML410.B4 M696 2005 Music & Fine Arts
Before Boas : the genesis of ethnography and ethnology in the German Enlightenment Vermeulen, Han F., 1952- GN308.3.G3 V37 2015 Anthropology & Folklore
Behind closed doors : IRBs and the making of ethical research Stark, Laura Jeanine Morris, 1975- R852.5 .S837 2012 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Beijing de chun jie = Spring in Beijing Lao, She, 1899-1966, author. PZ10.82 .L36 2014 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Bellevue : three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America's most storied hospital Oshinsky, David M., 1944- author. RA982.N5 B522 2016 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Beneath the bleeding : a novel McDermid, Val. PR6063.C37 B46 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
Bent Sherman, Martin. PS3569.H433 B4 1979 Language, Literature, & Film
Berlin Šteger, Aleš, author. PG1919.29.T43 B4713 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Beyond Gatsby : how Fitzgerald Hemingway and writers of the 1920s shaped American culture McParland, Robert, author. PS369 .M37 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Beyond matter : why science needs metaphysics Trigg, Roger. B67 .T754 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Beyond sectarianism : the realignment of American Orthodox Judaism Ferziger, Adam S., author. BM197.6 .F47 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Beyond tourism : a practical guide to meaningful educational travel Cushner, Kenneth. G155.A1 C872 2004 Geography
Biocultural creatures : toward a new theory of the human Frost, Samantha, author. BD450 .F767 2016 Philosophy & Religion
Bitter River Keller, Julia. PS3611.E4245 B58 2013 Language, Literature, & Film
Bitterblue Cashore, Kristin. PZ7.C26823 B58 2012 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Black misery Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967. PS3515.U274 B5 1994 Language, Literature, & Film
Black Panther. Coates, Ta-Nehisi, author. PN6728.B523 C63 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Black River : a novel Hulse, S. M., author. PS3608.U436 B53 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Bleu-blanc-rouge : roman Mabanckou, Alain, 1966- PQ3989.2.M217 B55 2010 Language, Literature, & Film
Bloomsbury's outsider : a life of David Garnett Knights, Sarah, author. PR6013.A66 Z72 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Blue Bossa Schneider, Bart. PS3569.C522374 B58 1998 Language, Literature, & Film
Blue hearts : a novel Lehrer, James. PS3562.E4419 B58 2001 Language, Literature, & Film
Blue lash Armstrong, James, 1957- PS3551.R4676 B58 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Blue-collar Broadway : the craft and industry of American theater White, Timothy R., 1976- PN2277.N7 W48 2015 Communications, Theatre, & Photography
Bob Dylan : all the songs : the story behind every track Margotin, Philippe, author. ML156.7.D97 M37 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Body dress and identity in ancient Greece Lee, Mireille M. GT550 .L44 2015 Anthropology & Folklore
Body of art N7625.5 .B62 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Bombay time Umrigar, Thrity N. PS3621.M75 B66 2001 Language, Literature, & Film
Bombay--London--New York Kumar, Amitava, 1963- PR9492.5 .K86 2002 Language, Literature, & Film
Bone Gap Ruby, Laura, author. PZ7.R83138 B66 2015 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Bone rattler : a mystery of colonial America Pattison, Eliot. PS3566.A82497 B665 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Bone rooms : from scientific racism to human prehistory in museums Redman, Samuel J., author. CC79.5.H85 R43 2016 Archaeology
Book of Hours Young, Kevin, 1970- PS3575.O798 B66 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Born on the wrong planet Hammerschmidt, Erika, 1981- RJ506.A9 H248 2008 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Born to fly : Elizabeth Streb vs. gravity GV1785.S825 B67 2015 Physical Education & Recreation
Born to run Springsteen, Bruce, author. ML420.S77 A3 2016 Music & Fine Arts
Botanical miracles : chemistry of plants that changed the world Cooper, Raymond, 1949- RS164 .C724 2016 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Boussole : roman Énard, Mathias, 1972- author. PQ2705.N273 B68 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Boy Ziegler, Anna, author. PS3626.I478 B69 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Boys love manga and beyond : history culture and community in Japan PN6714 .B69 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Bridge of spies PN1995.9.F4 B7534 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Bright dead things : poems Limón, Ada, author. PS3612.I496 A6 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
British children's fiction in the Second World War Edwards, Owen Dudley. PR478.W67 E39 2007 Language, Literature, & Film
British dance : black routes GV1645 .B75 2017 Physical Education & Recreation
British poetry in the age of modernism Howarth, Peter, 1973- PR605.M63 H69 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Broken ground Keeble, John, 1944- PS3561.E3 B7 1987 Language, Literature, & Film
Brooklyn PN1997.2 .B766 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Buckets Barnard, Adam (Dramatist) author. PR6102.A76 B83 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Buddhist wisdom : daily reflections Crosweller, David. BQ4380 .C769 2003 Philosophy & Religion
Building modern Turkey : state space and ideology in the early republic Kezer, Zeynep, author. NA1368 .K49 2015 Music & Fine Arts
Building the H bomb : a personal history Ford, Kenneth William, 1926- UG1282.A8 F67 2015 General Works
Calvin : a novel Leavitt, Martine, 1953- author. PZ7.B3217 C35 2015 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Camille Saint-Saëns : a life Rees, Brian. ML410.S15 R44 2008 Music & Fine Arts
Campus sexual assault : college women respond Germain, Lauren J., 1983- LB2345.3.R37 G47 2016 Education
Can I teach that? : negotiating taboo language and controversial topics in the language arts classro LB1631 .C365 2016 Education
Captivi Plautus, Titus Maccius. PA6568 .C2 1985 Language, Literature, & Film
Caravaggio : a life sacred and profane Graham-Dixon, Andrew. ND623.C26 G73 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Cards of Chinese characters Duo mei ti han zi ka pian. PL1171 .M85 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Caridad Svich : the Spanish Golden Age plays Svich, Caridad. PQ6218.5.W65 C37 2012 Language, Literature, & Film
Carmen disruption Stephens, Simon, 1971- author. PR6119.T455 C37 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Case histories : a novel Atkinson, Kate. PR6051.T56 C37 2005 Language, Literature, & Film
Case studies for inclusive schools Anderson, Peggy L. LC4031 .A65 2013 Education
Catalog of unabashed gratitude Gay, Ross, 1974- author. PS3607.A9857 C38 2015 Language, Literature, & Film
Cataloging the flow : elegy Rezmerski, John Calvin, author. PS3568.E95 C38 2016 Language, Literature, & Film
Cathedral of the sea Falcones de Sierra, Ildefonso, 1959- PQ6656.A375 C3813 2008 Language, Literature, & Film
Catholicism : the story of Catholic Christianity O'Collins, Gerald, author. BX1752 .O26 2015 Philosophy & Religion
Causation and free will Sartorio, Carolina, author. BD591 .S27 2016 Philosophy & Religion
César Franck : his life and times Stove, R. J. (Robert James), 1961- author. ML410.F82 S76 2012 Music & Fine Arts
Cha guan Cha guan (Motion picture) PN1995.9.F4 C43 2009 Language, Literature, & Film
Challenger deep Shusterman, Neal, author. PZ7.S55987 C43 2015 Children's & Young Adult Collections
Challenger Park Harrigan, Stephen, 1948- PS3558.A626 C47 2006 Language, Literature, & Film
Chapterhouse Dune Herbert, Frank. PS3558.E63 C48 1985 Language, Literature, & Film
Charlotte : David Foenkinos Lissoir, Laurence. PQ2666.O23 L57 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Charlotte : roman Foenkinos, David. PQ2666.O23 C43 2014 Language, Literature, & Film
Chasing the devil's tail Fulmer, David. PS3606.U56 C49 2003 Language, Literature, & Film
Chasing the sun : dictionary makers and the dictionaries they made Green, Jonathon, 1948- P327 .G74 1996 Language, Literature, & Film
Cheap : new poems and ballads Stone, Ruth. PS3537.T6817 C5 1975 Language, Literature, & Film
Chickenizing farms & food : how industrial meat production endangers workers animals and consumers Silbergeld, Ellen K., author. RA601 .S58 2016 Nursing, Medicine, & Health
Children into swans : fairy tales and the pagan imagination Beveridge, Jan, 1945- author. GR135 .B49 2014 Anthropology & Folklore
Chinese architecture Wang, Qijun, 1954- NA1543 .W36 2011 Music & Fine Arts
Chinese pottery and porcelain = Tao ci ; Chinese figures = Ni ren NK1068 .C45 2006 Music & Fine Arts
Chong yang jie = Double ninth festival GT4883.A2 C46 2009 Anthropology & Folklore
Chop suey USA : the story of Chinese food in America Chen, Yong, 1960- TX724.5.C5 C54417 2014 General Works
Chopsticks : a cultural and culinary history Wang, Q. Edward, 1958- GT2949 .W36 2015 Anthropology & Folklore
Choreographies of 21st century wars GV1588.45 .C47 2016 Physical Education & Recreation
Choreographing problems : expressive concepts in European contemporary dance and performance Cvejić, Bojana, author. GV1588 .C84 2015 Physical Education & Recreation
Choreography and corporeality : relay in motion GV1782.5 .C467 2016 Physical Education & Recreation
Christ's first theologian : the shape of Paul's thought Keck, Leander E., author. BS2651 .K416 2015 Philosophy & Religion
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