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Selected Resources for: Popular Magazines in Print (Display only the highlighted/core resources).

Newspapers and Periodicals

    Magazine Titles

  American Mercury
This literary magazine contains essays, satires, and short stories from some of America's most prominent writers including William Faulkner. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, and Carl Sandburg.
  Arts Education Policy Review
This magazine contains articles about art and design as well as book reviews and art supply advertisements. This magazine has undergone several name changes. Earlier volumes may be shelved under the titles "Design" or "Design for Arts in Education."
  Atlantic Monthly
This general interest magazine contains literary, political, and cultural commentary.
  Business Week
This magazine contains articles about business news, economics, and personal finance. It also contains editorials and many full page advertisements.
  Christian Century
This magazine contains news articles, book reviews, editorials, and advertisements for Christian books and educational opportunities.
    v.10-11(1890-1891); v.18-27(1894-1899)
This general interest magazine contains serialized fiction, illustrations, poetry, art photographs, and essays on social and cultural issues.
This magazine was founded by W.E.B. Du Bois and was the official publication of the NAACP. It contains articles, poems, reviews, and essays on current affairs and history.
  Current History
This news and opinion magazine contains articles about world events as well as book reviews, political cartoons, timelines, and maps.
  Dial: A Magazine for Literature, Philosophy, and Religion
This literary magazine contains poetry, short fiction, and essays.
  Dial: A Monthly Review and Index of Current Literature
    v.64(1918); v.67-77(1919-1924); v.80(1926); v.84-86(1928-1929)
This literary magazine contains poetry, book reviews and criticism, and essays.
This news magazine of science contains articles about developments in science, technology, and medicine as well as related advertisements.
This geoscience news magazine reports research developments, events, professional meetings, and trends in government policy as related to geology.
This African American orientated magazine contains articles about contemporary topics such as politics, entertainment, personalities, and civil rights. It also includes various advertisements.
  Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature
    v.4-39(1845-1856); v.61-63(1864)
This magazine contains essays about foreign literature, science, and art.
    v.2(1971:Jun) - (with some gaps)
An African American magazine about current issues, which includes fashion, entertainment, health, spirituality, and careers. Also, it has related advertisements.
This business magazine includes articles on corporate leadership as well as industries, marketing, law, taxes, technology, computers, communications, investments, and management performance.
This business magazine includes articles on investing, financial strategies, and other business advice.
  Golden Book Magazine
This literary magazine contains fiction and poetry from writers such as Alexander Dumas, Henry Fielding, Anton Chekhov, and George Meredith. It also contains illustrations and advertisements.
  Good Housekeeping
This magazine contains articles about diet, health, product testing, and some fiction short stories. It also contains recipes and a large number of illustrated advertisements aimed at women.
This general interest periodical contains articles about politics, literature, culture, the arts, and finance.
    v.13(1981:Jul-Dec)- v.23(1991:Feb-Aug)
This magazine includes articles about female health, such as beauty, exercise, food, and fashion.
  House Beautiful
This magazine contains large color photos and home decorating tips as well as full-page advertisements.
This health magazine contains articles about illnesses and cures as well as many advertisements for various medicines and cosmetics.
  Illustrated London News
    v.27(1855); v.42(1863); v.52-53(1868); v.218-253(1951-1968)
This publication contains news articles accompanied by intricate black and white illustrations.
This news and opinions magazine contains articles on current events with photographs, book reviews, and advertisements. This magazine will have issues shelved under "The Independent" and "The Independent and the Weekly Review."
  Kiplinger's Personal Finance
This business magazine includes articles about investments, taxes, insurance, paying for college, and other personal finance topics.
  Ladies' Home Journal
    v.27-38(1910-1921); v.41-45(1924-1928); v.47-58(1930-1941)
This magazine contains short fiction, fashion and home decorating tips, recipes, and full-page color advertisements aimed at women.
    v.1-73(1936-1972); v.1-23(1978-2000)
This news and opinion magazine emphasizes photojournalism and consists predominately of black and white and color photographs with accompanying captions.
  Living Age
    v.11-194(1860-1892); v.232-360(1902-1941)
This news and opinion magazine contains articles on world news and culture, book reviews, and poetry. This periodical was also titled "Littell's Living Age."
This financial magazine contains articles on saving money and managing finances.
This news and opinion magazine contains editorials, book reviews, world news articles, small advertisements, and crossword puzzles.
  National Geographic
This general interest magazine contains articles about world news, culture, politics, social issues, and geography. Articles are usually short with a large number of photographs.
  New Republic
This news and opinion magazine contains many news articles and a few advertisements.
  New Yorker
This general interest magazine contains editorials, articles, cartoons, cultural event announcements, and advertisements.
This news and opinion magazine contains articles with photographs and many full-page and color advertisements.
  North American Review
This literary magazine contains essays, book reviews, poetry, and short stories.
    v.60-160(1898-1932); v.32(1932)
This news and opinion periodical contains editorials and articles about world news, cartoons, book reviews, and small advertisements. This periodical was also titled Outlook and Independent.
  Popular Science
This science magazine contains news articles about the science and automotive industry, tips on do-it-yourself household projects and auto upkeep, buyer's guides, and many advertisements.
    v.156(1919); v.180-187(1931-1934); v.220-265(1951-1973); v.297(1989); v.300-301(1991-1992)
This general interest magazine contains satires on political and social issues, cartoons, book and film reviews, and advertisements.
  Reader's Digest
This general interest magazine contains condensed articles compiled from a number of different publications on various topics. It also contains advertisements and condensed books.
  Rolling Stone
    no.1070(2009: Jan. 22)-
This magazine focuses on entertainment, which includes music, movies, television, celebrities, and social commentary.
  Saturday Review
This literary magazine contains essays about literature, book reviews, literary advertisements, and classifieds.
A general magazine that includes articles about arts, environment, sciences, and popular culture.
This magazine contains essays on world culture, social issues, and politics, as well as some photographs.
This news and opinion magazine contains news articles, many photographs, and full-page advertisements.
This fashion magazine contains many fashion advertisements and photographs as well as fashion, beauty, and health tips.
  World's Work
This magazine contains articles on world political and social issues, portraits, and photographs.
  Yellow Book
This literary periodical contains poetry, fiction, illustrations, essays, and art prints. Many notable authors are represented in this periodical including: H.G. Wells, George Gissing, Henry James, and William Butler Yeats.

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