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NUR 210: Parenting

Fall 2010

Professor: Heidi Meyer
Librarian: Anna Hulseberg

Table of Contents:

Finding Books
  • MnPALS Plus

    The online catalog to the library at Gustavus Adolphus College. Choose "All MnPALS Libraries" under "Library to Search" to search other MnPALS libraries (such as Minnesota State schools) and request books through Interlibrary loan. See our Guide to MnPALS for instructions.
    • MnPALS Search Hints
      Brainstorm search words related to your topic. Be sure to consider synonyms for your terms. Use these terms to search for your topic in MnPALS. Once you find a book that works well for your topic, go into the record (click on the title in your results list). Toward the bottom of the record you will see "Subject" lines. By clicking on these subject lines, you will be taken to other books in the catalog that have the same subjects. It's a great way to focus your search.
    • Once I find a book in MnPALS, how do I find it on the shelf?
      Books are shelved according to call numbers that appear in the "Location" field in MnPALS. For the General Collection, books with call numbers beginning A-PQ are shelved on the third floor, and books with call numbers beginning PR-Z are shelved on the second (main) floor. We use the Library of Congress Classification system to place books about similar subjects together on the shelves. For an outline of the call number subjects, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline.
  • WorldCat

    Includes over 40 million bibliographic records representing cataloged resources in 400 languages owned by libraries around the world. Materials date back to the 11th century. Owning libraries can be identified for books, journals, archival resources and electronic resources. Access to WorldCat is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM); the database can also be searched through its free web interface, at
Finding Articles
If you have an article citation and can't find the full text in a database, use the Journal Locator to see if Gustavus owns a print copy of the article OR if it is available through another database. Be sure to search the Journal Locator with the title of the journal in which your article appears, not the article title.
  • Academic Search Premier,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=aph

    The world's largest academic multi-disciplinary database, Academic Search Premier indexes nearly 8,050 publications and provides full text for nearly 4,600, including more than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage also includes many newspapers and popular magazines and spans virtually every area of academic study since 1975. Updated daily. Access is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM). View our Academic Search Premier tutorial.
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text (Nursing),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=rzh

    Provides indexing for over 3,800 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health dating back to 1937; includes full text for more than 750 of those journals. Also includes Evidence-Based Care Sheets.
  • ERIC,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=eric

    ERIC is the major index to literature in education. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, it provides full citations and abstracts for journal articles, books, curricula, government documents, dissertations, and research reports selected by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). ERIC citations date from 1966 to the present, and full text is available for many research reports. You may limit your search to show only results with free full text.
  • Educator's Reference Complete

    This upgrade to the Professional Collection database includes more than 450 full-text academic journals, hundreds of full-text reports, and many premier reference sources. Content focuses on educational principles, child development and psychology, and best practices in education. Majority of the full-text titles included are also found in the ERIC database. Access is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM).
  • Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=hch

    This database provides nearly 550 scholarly full text journals focusing on many medical disciplines. It also features the Lexi-PAL Drug Guide, which covers 1,300 generic drug patient education sheets with more than 4,700 brand names. Access is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM).
  • PsycINFO,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=psyh

    Citations and abstracts to articles from more than 1300 international journals in psychology and related fields, going back to 1840. This database covers all areas of psychology, including experimental, developmental, communications, social processes and issues, personality, physical and psychological disorders, professional issues, applied psychology, educational psychology, and behavioral literature in such related fields as law, business and medicine. Also includes citations for books and book chapters.
  • PubMed

    The primary source for scholarly information in the health sciences. This database is provided by the National Library of Medicine and indexes scholarly literature in medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences. Many links to full text are included for articles older than six months. Most of this database may also be searched in the ProQuest interface as MEDLINE.
  • SAGE Premier

    Search the full text to over 500 scholarly journals published by SAGE in a range of disciplines, including many social sciences titles. Many journals include full backfiles - back to 1960s or earlier. To search articles by discipline, click on the "Browse" tab, then click on the "Articles by Discipline" tab.
Reference Books
Reference books are a useful place to start when you're looking to read a concise overview of your topic, identify search terms, and define unfamiliar concepts. Browsing reference books is also a great way to get topic ideas. Page through a book that looks interesting and see what strikes your fancy!
  • Families and Parenting
    • Adolescence in America: an Encyclopedia
      Provides articles on topics related to adolescence. Topics include academic achievement, depression, gender differences, juvenile crime, peer pressure, self-esteem and television.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ796.A33244 2001
    • American Families: A Research Guide and Historical Handbook REF HQ 535 .A585 1991
      Guide to the literature of the history of the American family. Summary articles are followed by references to various topics.
    • Encyclopedia of Family Life
      Offers articles on various topics concerning family issues. Articles define terms, and cover historical trends and events, health, people, laws, organizations, etc.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ534.E53 1999
    • Encyclopedia of Parenting Theory and Research REF HQ 755.8 .E523 1999
      Covers a variety of issues surrounding the relationship between parents and children.
    • Handbook of Contemporary Families REF HQ 536 .H3185 2004
      Contains in-depth articles about a variety of realities involving modern families, such as same-sex parents, working parents, gender roles within the family, divorce, stepfamilies, and race.
    • Handbook of Parenting HQ 755.8 .H357 2002
      Volume 1: Children and Parenting; Volume 2: Biology and Ecology of Parenting; Volume 3: Being and Becoming a Parent; Volume 4: Social Conditions and Applied Parenting; Volume 5: Practical Issues in Parenting. *Note: This set is found in the General Collection (third floor), not in Reference.
    • International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family
      Surveys patterns in marriage and family life throughout the world, covering topics such as intimacy, intergenerational relations, family policy, gender, and sexuality, as well as coverage of family life in fifty countries.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ 9 .E52 2003
    • Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia
      Based on the view that insights from psychology, sociology, and medicine can enhance our understanding of the history of the family, this two-volume encyclopedia focuses on psychological aspects of the parent-child relationship, parenthood, and child development. Sample topics covered in the encyclopedia are: abandonment, adoption, bilingualism, bullies and victims, circumcision, custody conflicts, dual-career families, stay-at-home fathers, foster parents, gay parents, gifted children, home schooling, incarcerated parents, literacy, night terrors, parenting styles, Jean Piaget, Sesame Street, shyness, spacing of children, Benjamin Spock, step families, television and children, twins and multiples, and domestic violence.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ755.8 .P3783 2000
  • Child Development & Psychology
    • The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion
      This reference work covers children's development from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The alphabetical entries range from "abandonment and infanticide" to "youth movements." Includes index and a short bibliography for each entry.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ 767.84 .C55 2009
    • Child Development
      Covers topics related to child development in terms of their social, physical and mental development.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ 772 .C436 2002
    • Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
      An alphabetical collection of articles on a wide variety of topics, including such specifics as handedness and blushing, as well as broader concepts such as interpersonal communications and intelligence. Each provides an overview of the current knowledge base and provides references to research on the topic.
      • Location(s): Ref BF 31 .E53 2012, 3 vols.
    • Encyclopedia of Psychology
      An authoritative source of articles on topics, methods, findings, advances, and applications in the field. Each article is followed by a current bibliography of the key works on the topic.
      • Location(s): Ref BF 31 .E52 2000
    • Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence
      A thorough and comprehensive encyclopedia containing nearly 700 entries on the primary stages, key theories, and issues in child development, and definitions of terms and concepts related to the health care, education, and developmental psychology of children.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ 772 .G27 1998
    • The Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health: Infancy Through Adolescence
      A guide to basic information about medical and developmental issues and illnesses; intended for non-specialists.
      • Location(s): Ref RJ 26 .G35 2011
    • Growing Up: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia
      Offers articles on a wide variety of topics relating to childhood, examining the different ways cultures raise children. Topics addressed include adoption, competition and cooperation, developmental stages, fatherhood, language acquisition, parenting styles, sex (gender) identity, and parents' preference for boy or girl children.
      • Location(s): Ref HQ767.84 .B76 1995
    • Handbook of Child Psychology
      A comprehensive source that presents the current state of developmental psychology and also provides ideas and information about the future of this field. Author and subject indexes are included.
      • Location(s): Ref BF 721 .H242 2006
  • Health and Medicine
    • Encyclopedia of Obesity
      Contains nearly 500 entries on obesity and related topics. Includes index and bibliographies.
      • Location(s): Ref RC628 .E53 2008 (v. 1-2)
    • Encyclopedia of Public Health
      This four-volume reference contains entries relevant to public health, promotion of health and prevention of disease, injuries and premature death. Topics covered include common ailments, environmental factors affecting health, organizations, etc.
      • Location(s): Ref RA 423 .E53 2002
    • The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
      Provides an overview of the field of medicine and includes entries on disorders, diseases, treatments, procedures, tests, therapies and common drugs.
      • Location(s): Ref RC 41 .G35 2011
    • New A to Z of Women's Health
      • Location(s): Ref RA 778 .A494 2009
    • New Harvard Guide to Women's Health
      Aims to answer typical health questions in an accessible form, incorporating recent research findings. Covers over 300 topics, with illustrations.
      • Location(s): Ref RA 778 .C2164 2004
  • Education
    • Encyclopedia of American Education
      Offers short articles on various topics related to K-12 education as well as higher education and adult learning.
      • Location(s): Ref LB 17 .U54 2007
    • Encyclopedia of Education
      Covers education theory, history of education, education and social forces, and education reform effortsin over 850 articles, emphasizing the U.S. experience, but with some international perspectives. Volume 8 includes primary sources and a thematic outline.
      • Location(s): Ref LB 15 .E47 2003
    • Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
      • Location(s): Ref LB 17 .E53 2009 (v. 1-3)
Statistical Sources
In addition to the sources listed below, the library has many Government Documents that include recent statistics on children and families. These sources will appear when you do a search in MnPALS for something like "marriage statistics" or "adolescent statistics." All Government Documents are located on the first (bottom) floor. They can be tricky to locate; a reference librarian would be happy to help you find them.

    Provides U.S. federal and state reports and statistics on children and families.
  • FedStats

    A portal for all sorts of statistical data from federal Web sites. To search for Minnesota data: Select Minnesota from the menu under "MapStats" for state statistics; you may also limit by Minnesota county or city.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States

    This is perhaps the single most useful small package of statistical information available. It includes hundreds of tables of figures on population, economics, social factors, etc., with references to the original sources. An index to the tables provide essay access. A web version can be found at
    • Location(s): Ready Reference HA 202 .A2
  • Statistical Handbook on Adolescents in America REF HQ 796 .S8237 1996
    Compilation of statistical data on adolescents. Topics covered include demographics of adolescents and children, parent-adolescent relationships, education, economic conditions, and sex, childbearing and marriage. Published in 1996.
  • Statistical Handbook on the American Family REF HQ 536 .S727 1999
    This book contains statistical charts and graphs relating to family issues. Published in 1999.
  • Statistical Record of Children REF HQ 792 .U5 S73 1994
    This is a compilation of statistical data of children's issues. Topics include adoption, racial background, education, and health needs. Published in 1994.
  • ProQuest Statistical Insight

    Includes summaries of statistical publications and searches and displays tables of statistical data. Statistical Universe includes links to the full-text of selected publications and government web sites, including the information contained in the Statistical Abstract of the United States. A great source for current statistics.
  • Statistical Resources on the Web

    Sponsored and maintained by the University of Michigan Library Documents Center, this website categorizes statistical sources into 24 major topical areas. It includes comprehensive coverage of government sites and is also fully searchable.
Web Sites
  • Administration for Children and Families

    A division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Administration for Children and Families is responsible for federal programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities.
  • Early Childhood and Parenting Collaboration

    The Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative at the University of Illinois hosts research, technical assistance, and research projects that focus on educating and raising young children.
Other Library Resources
Consult these pages to learn more about other library resources that can help you with your research.
  • Annotated Bibliographies

    This page provides links to resources on creating an annotated bibliography.
  • Documenting Your Sources

    Check out this guide to learn about citing sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago Style.
  • Evaluating Web Sites

    Use our guide to help determine if a web site would be an appropriate and reliable source for your research.
  • Scholarly vs. Popular vs. Trade

    Provides criteria for distinguishing between scholarly journals, popular magazine, and trade publications. From the North Carolina State University Libraries.
  • Interlibrary Loan

    For information on ordering books and articles that Gustavus does not own, visit our Interlibrary Loan page or talk with a reference librarian.
  • Related Subject Guides

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