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Information Resources and Services for:
REL 119: Building Models of the Ancient World

January 2010

Professor: Agnes Choi
Librarian: Michelle Twait

Table of Contents:

Finding Books
  • MnPALS Plus

    The online catalog to the library at Gustavus Adolphus College. Choose "All MnPALS Libraries" under "Library to Search" to search other MnPALS libraries (such as Minnesota State schools) and request books through Interlibrary loan. See our Guide to MnPALS for instructions. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog with browsing shelf areas for your topic.
  • WorldCat

    Includes over 40 million bibliographic records representing cataloged resources in 400 languages owned by libraries around the world. Materials date back to the 11th century. Owning libraries can be identified for books, journals, archival resources and electronic resources. Access to WorldCat is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM); the database can also be searched through its free web interface, at
Reference Works
Reference works are helpful at two points in your research: when starting out (by offering overview articles of, say, a writer and her work) or when nailing down unfamiliar terms, concepts, and topics that turn up during your research. Many reference book articles are written by experts and offer not only information but excellent bibliographies for further research.
  • Anchor Bible Dictionary
    This definitive and current work covers not only names, places, and events of the Bible, but also includes cultural history, social institutions, archeological sites, and other topics of particular interest to Biblical scholars today.
    • Location(s): Ref BS 440 .A54 (6 vol)
  • Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
    A complete listing of archaeological sites in the Holy Land (Israel, Palestine, and Jordan). The text consists of 800 entries with each entry covering the history of the site, the materials found there and the dates.
    • Location(s): Ref DS 111 .A2 A73
  • Baker Encyclopedia of Bible Places
    This work is a major reference and resource book for the topography and archaeology of Bible times, listing the main towns, cities, bodies of water, mountains, valleys, countries, and other places mentioned in the Bible. It is filled with color illustrations, including photographs of ruins, terrain, and cities as well as reproductions of works of art, maps, and drawings and models of cities, palaces, etc.
    • Location(s): Ref BS 635.2 .B34
  • The Biblical World: A Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology
    Included are articles on the life and customs of Biblical times (e.g., Agriculture, Architecture, Funerary Customs, and Marriage). Also included are articles on the ancient cities and excavated sites; major texts and literature uncovered by archaeologists; and comprehensive articles on the major archaeologists/organizations and their work.
    • Location(s): Ref BS 622 .P4
  • The Cambridge Ancient History
    This authoritative history covers the ancient world chronologically.
    • Location(s): Ref D 57 .C252
  • Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
    Essays on the culture and history of Egypt, Syro-Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia. Includes some coverage of the Arabian peninsula, northeast Africa, and Aegean and Anatolian cultures. Provides excellent background papers on culture and society, with extensive bibliographies.
    • Location(s): Ref DS57 C.547 2000
  • The Macmillan Bible Atlas
    The work covers the years 3000 B.C. through A.D. 200. The 269 two-color maps are arranged chronologically. Each map is accompanied by references to biblical sources. Chronological tables, a key to the maps according to books of the Bible, and an index to all geographic names appearing on the maps complete the book.
    • Location(s): Ref BS 630 .A2
  • The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land
    This encyclopedia is a compendium of 365 articles by 205 archaeologists on excavations and explorations in the Holy Land. Site dates range from prehistoric digs to Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, and Ottoman periods. The geographic scope of the work includes both sides of the Jordan River from Sinai and Elath in the south to the sources of the Jordan in the north.
    • Location(s): Ref DS 111 .A2 E 5813
  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East
    Ranging from prehistoric times up to the early centuries of the rise of Islam, the work covers the civilizations of Syria-Palestine, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Iran, Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, and the coastal regions of North and East Africa. It includes 1,125 alphabetically arranged entries on sites, languages, material culture, archaeological methods, organizations and institutions, and major excavators and scholars of the field.
    • Location(s): Ref DS 56 .09
  • Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites
    Offers descriptions of classical sites found in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, with references to relevant classical texts. A good way to tie places to classical literature.
    • Location(s): Ref DE 59 .P7
Finding Images
  • CDRI: Digital Resources for the Study of Religion

    From the American Theological Library Association and Association of Theological Schools, the Cooperative Digital Resource Initiative (CDRI) provides access to a large set of high-quality digital resources for the study of religion. This impressive digital image collection features items as diverse as woodcuts, coins, maps, postcards, sermons, and other ephemera. Search for keywords, or browse the collections thematically.
  • EIKON Images Database

    a faculty-library initiative at Yale Divinity School that provides digital resources for teaching and research in the field of Biblical studies. Search by Biblical Book, Geographical Location, or Object Type.
  • Flickr: Creative Commons

    User-uploaded images in Flickr that are available under a Creative Commons license for general use.
  • Holy Land Photos

    There are 301 sites and nearly 3,000 photos in the database. Click on 'Complete Site List' at the top of the page to get photos organized by site.
Finding Articles
Databases for articles and other materials offer references to publications that may or may not be in this library; some databases offer full text of articles and others simply citations. There are in-depth databases that cover publications in a particular field and others that are interdisciplinary. You can access databases from a drop-down list on the library's main page.
  • Academic Search Premier,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=aph

    The world's largest academic multi-disciplinary database, Academic Search Premier indexes nearly 8,050 publications and provides full text for nearly 4,600, including more than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage also includes many newspapers and popular magazines and spans virtually every area of academic study since 1975. Updated daily. Access is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM). View our Academic Search Premier tutorial.
  • ATLA Religion Database & ATLA Serials,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=rfh

    A comprehensive research database in the fields of religion and theology produced by the American Theological Library Association. Includes bibliographic citations and abstracts to journal articles from over 1,500 titles, citations to essays and book chapters, book reviews, and Doctor of Ministry projects. Many journal articles and book reviews are also available in full text.
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index (Web of Knowledge)

    A multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities. This index fully covers 1,144 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals, and also includes some individually selected, relevant items from over 6,800 major science and social science journals. Some of the disciplines covered include archaeology, linguistics, art, literature, music, philosophy, dance, history, religion and theater.

    Full-text backfiles to over 350 scholarly journals from more than 25 academic disciplines published between the 19th and 21st centuries in the JSTOR Arts & Sciences I, Arts & Sciences II, and Language & Literature collections. JSTOR provides complete journal backruns from the date of initial publication up to a "moving wall" of 3 to 5 years before the present year. To limit your search to full text articles, make sure that the option to "include links to external content" is turned off.
  • Project MUSE

    Project MUSE provides full text electronic access to over 100 scholarly journals in humanities, the social sciences, and mathematics. Topics covered include literary theory; classics; history and cultural studies; philosophy; film, theatre and the performing arts; political science and mathematics.
Finding Journals
  • Journal Locator

    Find out if we subscribe to a particular journal, either online or in print. If the journal is not available in print or full text at Gustavus, you may request copies of articles through Interlibrary Loan.
Relevant Journals
  • American Journal of Ancient History
  • American Journal of Archaeology
  • Archaeological Reports
  • Archaeology
  • The Biblical Archaeologist
    Available online via ATLA.
  • Biblical Archaeology Review
  • Hadashot Arkheologiyot -- Excavations and Surveys in Israel
    Available online as an open access journal.
Web Sites
  • Brill Josephus Project

    This project involves writing the first comprehensive historical and literary commentary to Josephus' thirty Greek volumes. An international team of fourteen scholars is preparing this material, currently expected to occupy twelve Brill volumes.
  • The Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement (PACE)

    An online database which provides tagged Greek text (via Perseus), alternative English translations, extensive commentary, images, archaeological reports, bibliography, scholarly works, dissertations, and Josephus history-of-reception notes and a comparison tool for parallel material.
  • The Shrine of the Book

    Found at the Israel Museum, the Shrine of the Book is the home of several exceptional archaeological finds: the Dead Sea Scrolls and other rare ancient manuscripts.
Additional Resources
  • Interlibrary Loan

    Materials not available at Gustavus may be borrowed from other libraries and sent here for you to use.
    • Location(s): Library - Main Floor
  • Citing Your Sources

    Start here to find information on citing your sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago Style.
  • Using Primary Sources on the Web

    A guide to finding, evaluating, and citing primary sources on the Web, from the Reference and User Services section of the American Library Association.
Contacting Michelle
I am happy to discuss your research questions with you. Contact me at or x7563.

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