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Resources for Statistical Sources

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Table of Contents:

Reference Works

  • Agricultural Statistics
    Washington, D.C. : The Department of Agriculture 1965-present
    Offers data on agricultural production, consumption, supplies, facilities, costs and returns in the United States.
    • Location(s): Ref HD 1751 .A27
Business and Economy
  • American Cost of Living Survey
    Detroit: Gale Research 1994-present
    Provides prices of a variety of goods and services including child care, groceries, housing and taxes for selected major cities in each U.S. state.
    • Location(s): Ref HD 6983 .A67
  • Business Rankings Annual
    Detroit: Gale 1990-present
    A compilation of rankings from the business press, emphasizing the ranking of companies within given industries.
    • Location(s): Ref HG 4050 .B88
  • LexisNexis Academic
    Search current news, business information (including business news and corporate financials), and legal news and information. International news sources are also included.
    Coverage varies by title; mostly 1980s-present
  • Market Share Reporter
    Detroit: Gale 1991-present
    A compilation of data extracted from periodical articles on top brands in given retail categories, top manufacturers and the largest companies in various sectors.
    • Location(s): Ref HF 5415 .M323 2011
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Offers statistics on consumer price, employment, wages, inflation, productivity, the U.S. economy, etc. This is a gold mine of current statistical data and reports covering consumer spending, employment, wages, productivity, occupations, international trade, and industries. Also shows "The U.S. Economy at a Glance."
Children and Youth
    Provides U.S. federal and state reports and statistics on children and families.
  • Kids Count
    Tracks the welfare of children in the U.S. on a state-by-state basis.
  • Crime in the United States
    Washington, D.C. : Federal Bureau of Investigation 1959-present
    An annual compilation of crime statistics. The most recent year is kept in the reference collection; earlier years are shelved in the government documents collection under the number J 1.14/5. Also available on the web at the Federal Bureau of Investigation website.
    • Location(s): Ref HV 6787 .A3
  • Digest of Educational Statistics
    Washington, D.C. : National Center for Educational Statistics 1962-present
    An annual compilation of national statistics covering enrollments, families, and various social factors, such as poverty status of children by race/ethnicity, and many other topics for kindergarten through higher education. Some of the data tables are the same each year, but others are unique data sets, compiled for that year only. Also available on the web from the National Center for Education Statistics
    A vast collection of data on schools, teachers, educational attainment, and more. From the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Energy Information Administration
    Official energy statistics from the U.S. government. Also contains some environmental information (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions).
Environment Ethnic Groups
  • Hispanic Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook
    Palo Alto, CA: Information Publications 2001
    Includes statistics on demographics, education, labor, crime and social characteristics.
    • Location(s): Ref E 184 .S75 H53 2001
General (International)
  • Britannica Online Academic Edition
    Go to Research Tools > World Data Analyst for country snapshots, country comparisons (current and chronological), and ranked statistics.
  • Eurostat
    Luxembourg: European Commission
    From the Website: "Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions."
    1953- present
  • OECD Stat Extracts
    OECD.stat includes data and metadata for 34 member countries and selected non-member economies. This data covers a wide range of topics, including the economy, health, the environment, and population statistics.
  • The Illustrated Book of World Rankings
    Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference 2001
    Offers comparative data ranking nations of the world in categories relating to population, military power, the economy, trade, the environment, health, crime, cities, and more.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 155 .K87 2001
  • International Social Survey Programme 1985 - ongoing
    This resource is an excellent source of statistical information on a wide variety of subjects in the social sciences, including the environment, national identity, social networks, family and changing gender roles, religion, leisure, and the role of government. Data is collected from 43 countries around the world and made available to researchers in raw form for further study. This website also includes a comprehensive bibliography of publications using ISSP data.
  • Statistical Abstract of the World
    Detroit: Gale 1997 3rd ed. edition
    Presents data on over 180 countries, covering geography, demographics, education, science and technology, government and law, and economics. Sources for all data are noted, and an appendix lists and describes sources, offering important leads to additional data.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 154 .S83
  • World Bank Data and Statistics
    Searchable by topic or country, provides statistical data on agriculture, education, the environment, health, industry, poberty, and many other topics.
General (U.S.)
  • American FactFinder
    Provides a wealth of information about populations and places in the United States, drawing on census data. The powerful search facility can be used to pinpoint tables of data and to create maps based on the variables you supply. Mapping tools enable creation of thematic maps from national to street level.
  • FedStats
    A portal for all sorts of statistical data from federal Web sites. To search for Minnesota data: Select Minnesota from the menu under "MapStats" for state statistics; you may also limit by Minnesota county or city.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States
    Washington, D.C. : Government Printing Office 1879-present
    This is perhaps the single most useful small package of statistical information available. It includes hundreds of tables of figures on population, economics, social factors, etc., with references to the original sources. An index to the tables provide essay access. A web version can be found at
    • Location(s): Ready Reference HA 202 .A2
  • ProQuest Statistical Insight
    Includes summaries of statistical publications and searches and displays tables of statistical data. Statistical Insight includes links to the full-text of selected publications and government web sites, including the information contained in the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
  • CDC Wonder
    Provides statistics collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Subjects covered include natality, mortality, AIDS, cancer, etc.
  • Historical Statistics of the United States
    Offers vital statistics, economic figures, and social data for the US in times series. An index at the back helps pinpoint tables by subject. Updated by, Statistical Abstract of the United States, (HA 202 .A22; most current year shelved at the reference desk).
    [Resource no longer available]
  • Datapedia of the United States, 1790-2000
    Lanham, MD: Bernham 2004
    Offers tables of data year-by-year on population, health, migration, labor, national income and wealth, consumer income and expenditures, social statistics, agriculture, manufacturing, communications, government, and more.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 202 .K87 2004
  • International Historical Statistics: The Americas: 1750-2005
    New York: Stockton 2007 6th ed. edition
    Offers time-series statistics on population, labor force, agriculture, industry, external trade, transport and communications, finance, prices, education, and national accounts. Other volumes in this series cover Africa, Asia, Oceania (HA 4675 .M553 2007) and Europe (Ref HA 1107 .M5 2007).
    • Location(s): Ref HA 175 .M55 2007
  • America Votes
    Congressional Quarterly
    Summarizes state and national election returns. Useful for historical as well as recent information.
    • Location(s): Ref JK 1967 .A8
  • Center for Responsive Politics
    Site maintained by a non-partisan research group which monitors campaign finances. Offers data on campaign finances for elected officials and presidential candidates.
  • Project Vote Smart
    Offers data on backgrounds, issues, campaign finances and voting records of the U.S. candidates and elected officials.
  • County and City Data Book
    Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1952-present
    Contains social, economic and political statistics on cities and counties within the United States.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 202 .A36
  • Demographic Yearbook
    New York: United Nations 1948-present
    A compilation of demographic statistics from around the world. Some years include a special thematic or historical focus.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 17 .D45
  • International Data Base
    Maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau International Programs Center, contains demographic and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas.
  • United States Census Bureau
    The source for statistical data collected by the United States government on the U.S. population. Browse or search by topic or click "QuickFacts" for state and county profiles.
Public Opinion
  • Gallup Poll
    Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources 1972-present
    An annual compilation of opinion poll statistics gathered by the Gallup Organization, covering from 1935 to the present. Indexes make it easy to find figures from different years. This organization also maintains a website which contains selected data at
    • Location(s): Ref HN 90 .P8 G35
Reference Resources
  • Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics
    Cambridge: Gambridge University 2006
    Offers concise definitions of statistical terms with accompanying diagrams and graphs.
    • Location(s): Ref QA 276.14 .E84 2006
  • Dictionary of Statistics
    Oxford UP
    Over 1500 entries. Covers a wide range of statistical vocabulary including terms used in computing, operational research, probability, business and industry.
  • Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences
    Wiley 1982
    An in-depth exploration of all fields of inquiry in which statistical methods are used. Includes articles on statistical terminology as well as on fields in which statistics are used.
    • Location(s): Ref QA 276.14 .E5 1982
    8 vols.
  • Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms
    New York: Oxford University Press 2003
    • Location(s): Ref HA 17 .K4 2003
Trade Transportation
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics
    Includes data on air, rail, highway, and transit transportation. In addition, has information on safety, energy and the environment.
    • Location(s): Online.
  • Genderstats
    From the World Bank Group, provides gender statistics for countries around the world.
  • Statistical Record of Women Worldwide
    Detroit: Gale 1995 2nd ed. edition
    Covers a wide variety of topics with data from many sources, including attitudes and opinions of topics from work to family to sex roles, crime statistics, domestic life. Much time is spent on activities, education, health, labor, income, religion, population, and more.
    • Location(s): Ref HQ 1150 .S73 1995

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