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Resources for Anthropology

Bandolier Valley of Fire Petroglyphs Algerian Kabyle on the march

Anthropology, the comparative study of humankind, is a broad discipline dealing with aspects of history, culture, social structures, biology, geography and other fields. Subfields of anthropology are cultural anthropology, biological or physical anthropology, linguistics, and archaeology. The following list includes some of the most important sources available in the library but it is not complete. If you aren't finding what you need, don't hesitate to ask a librarian for assistance.

Table of Contents:

Indexes and Databases
For more information and additional suggestions, visit the Databases Guide for Anthropology.
  • Academic Search Premier
    The world's largest academic multi-disciplinary database, Academic Search Premier indexes nearly 8,050 publications and provides full text for nearly 4,600, including more than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage also includes many newspapers and popular magazines and spans virtually every area of academic study since 1975. Updated daily. Access is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM). View our Academic Search Premier tutorial.
    1975-present; updated daily
  • AnthroSource
    American Anthropological Association
    Full-text archive of 32 scholarly journals published by the American Anthropological Association (AAA), most dating back to the first issue and about half continuing to the present. This is the premier online resource serving the research, teaching, and professional needs of anthropologists, and covers physical anthropology, cultural or social anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and archaeology.
    varies; most from 1970s-present
  • Annual Review of Anthropology
    A yearly round-up of research on important and timely topics in the field, examining the development of ideas surrounding specific aspects of the field. A recent volume, for example, includes essays on children, childhoods, and violence, Australian languages, developmental biology and human evolution, and gender and inequality in the global labor force. Earlier volumes are included in JSTOR.
  • Anthropological Index Online
    Indexes the contents of journals received by the Anthropology Library of the British Museum.
    • Location(s): Online.
    Full-text backfiles to over 350 scholarly journals from more than 25 academic disciplines published between the 19th and 21st centuries in the JSTOR Arts & Sciences I, Arts & Sciences II, and Language & Literature collections. JSTOR provides complete journal backruns from the date of initial publication up to a "moving wall" of 3 to 5 years before the present year. To limit your search to full text articles, make sure that the option to "include links to external content" is turned off.
    1831-recent years
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Knowledge)
    A multidisciplinary index with searchable author abstracts covering the journal literature of the social sciences, including anthropology, history, law, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, political science, public health, social work, sociology, urban studies, and women's studies. SSCI indexes more than 1,725 journals spanning 50 disciplines. In addition, it is possible to retrieve a list of works that have cited a specific author or specific work. May be searched simultaneously with Arts & Humanities Citation Index and/or Science Citation Index Expanded through the Web of Science interface.
    1997-present; updated weekly
Reference Works
  • Encyclopedias
    • Countries and Their Cultures
      New York: Macmillan 2001
      This set covers both national cultures of 225 countries and the cultures of diverse groups within their borders. Covers history, ethnic relations, political life, and religion.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 307 .C68 2001
    • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology
      New York: Holt 1996
      Offers 340 articles covering sub fields, major concepts, methods of data collection and analysis, topics of interest to anthropologists (such as marriage, games, naming, and crime), regions, theories, controversies in the field, professional topics, and major topics from related fields (such as linguistics and archaeology). All articles were contributed by experts and include lengthy selective bibliographies.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 307 .E52 1996
    • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
      New York: Scribner 2003
      A wide-ranging exploration of food and its cultural significance worldwide.
      • Location(s): Ref GT 2850 .E53 2003
    • Encyclopedia of Prehistory
      New York: Kluwer 2001
      Arranged according to "major traditions," groups of populations that existed in a geographic area over a period of time (e.g. Early Dynastic Egypt or West African Neolithic). A cultural summary describes each tradition, as well as sub-traditions with detailed cultural summaries.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 710 .E53 2001
    • Encyclopedia of World Cultures
      Boston: G.K. Hall 1991
      Covers over 1500 culture groups, alphabetically arranged within regions. The information summarizes information on the distribution, belief systems, kinship structures, and history of the groups and provides selective bibliographies for further research. Consult the index to determine the appropriate name for a particular culture group.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 550 .E53 1991
    • Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures
      Westport, CT: Greenwood 2004
      Covers eight regions, offering insight into their culture and aspects of popular culture, religion, food, folklore, and language.
      • Location(s): Ref E 179.5 .G744 2004
    • Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
      Detroit: Gale 2009
      Offers lengthy articles on over 500 culture groups worldwide. Each article surveys the location and homeland of the people and covers a wealth of information on such topics as their language, folklore, religion, rites of passage, interpersonal relations, living conditions, family life, cultural heritage, work, and social issues. Each entry includes a selective bibliography.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 333 .W67 2009
  • Places to find definitions and brief overviews
    • Dictionary of Anthropology
      Oxford: Blackwell 1997
      Provides brief discussions of terms in physical and cultural anthropology as well as related terms in archaeology, biological anthropology, and linguistics. Brief biographies of major anthropologists are also included.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 307 .D485 1997
    • Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology
      New York: Routledge 1996
      Topics covered include terms in cultural anthropology, regions, major figures in the field, and schools of thought. The evolution of each topic is examined through history.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 307 .E525 1998
    • History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia
      New York: Garland 1997
      Provides articles on the intellectual history of the field, including entries on subdisciplines, national research traditions, influential scholars, sites, and subjects such as aryanism, health and disease, and forensic anthropology.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 50.3 .H57 1997
    • Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology
      New York: Greenwood 1991
      This handbook defines key concepts, explores the evolution of each concept, and leads the researcher to key sources. Especially useful when tracking down the significance and influence of and idea in the field.
      • Location(s): Ref GN 307 .W56 1991
  • Reference works in related fields
    • Mythologies
      Chicago: University of Chicago Press 1991
      Detailed essays on myths from a wide range of cultures, including Greece and Rome.
      • Location(s): Ref BL 311 .D513 1991
    • Encyclopedia of Social Theory
      Thousand Oaks, CA: A Sage 2005
      Covers both theories and theorists, classical and cutting-edge. Quite useful for decoding complex theoretical positions and providing key formative works.
      • Location(s): Ref HM 425 .E47 2005
    • Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music., and Art
      Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio 1997
      Covers the forms and methods of folklore study. Entries include specific ethnic traditions, theories and such varied topics as foodways, shamanism, and computer-mediated folklore.
      • Location(s): Ref GR 35 .F63 1997
    • International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
      New York: Oxford UP 2003 2nd ed. edition
      This set has excellent, up-to-date, scholarly articles on all aspects of linguistics.
      • Location(s): Ref P 29 .I58 2003
    • Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures
      Oxford: Oxford UP 2001
      Solid, scholarly articles on a part of the world that has been the site of significant cultural developments in archaeology, history and the arts.
      • Location(s): Ref F 1218.6 .O95 2001
    • Social Science Encyclopedia
      London: Routledge 2004 3rd ed. edition
      Covers controversies and common assumptions in the fields of social science, including anthropology, psychology, economics, sociology, political theory, and gender studies. Contributors are drawn from many disciplines and represent perspectives from the US, the UK and beyond.
      • Location(s): Ref H 41 .S63 2004
Browsing for Books
Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog with browsing shelf areas for your topic. Below is a brief listing of some of the subject locations in the field of anthropology.
  • CC Archaeology
  • GN Anthropology
    • 49-298 Physical Anthropology, Somotology
    • 301-673 Ethnology, Social and Cultural Anthropology
    • 700-890 Prehistoric Archaeology (mostly by region)
  • GR Folklore
  • GT Manners and Customs

Journals (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice)
Additional journals may be available in full text through various subscription databases.
Print journals are housed in the periodicals collection on the first floor of the library.
  • American Indian Culture and Research Journal
  • American Sociological Review
  • Contemporary Drug Problems
  • Contemporary Sociology
  • Feminist Studies
  • Journal of Anthropological Research
  • Journal of the History of Sexuality
  • Language in Society
  • Rural Minnesota Journal
  • SAA Archaeological Record
  • Social Forces
  • Social Psychology Quarterly
  • Intute - Anthropology
    Part of a vast social sciences directory based in the UK that focuses on quality data sources. Particularly useful sources are highlighted as "editor's picks." Some of the links are to materials only available through subscription, but many are free.
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