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Resources for Economics and Management

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Research in economics and business requires familiarity with a number of different kinds of sources, statistical, informational, and analytical. The researcher may need demographic data, sales figures, analysis of a trend, or up-to-date information on changes in a given industry. This guide provides leads to research tools for economics and business. The list is not complete; don't hesitate to ask a librarian for further ideas if you aren't finding what you need. For statistical information in business and economics, consult our guide to statistical sources.

Table of Contents:

Indexes and Databases
For more information and additional suggestions, see the Databases Guide for Economics & Management.
  • Business Source Premier
    Full-text coverage to more than 2,800 scholarly journals and trade publications in business, economics, political science and public administration. Selected Datamonitor company reports and EIU country documents are also available. Access is provided by the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM).
  • EconLit
    The EconLit database, produced by the Journal of Economic Literature, includes subject indexing and abstracts to 685 journals, books, dissertations, and working papers in the field of economics and allied disciplines.
    1969-present; updated monthly
  • LexisNexis Academic
    Search current news, business information (including business news and corporate financials), and legal news and information. International news sources are also included.
    Coverage varies by title; mostly 1980s-present
  • NBER Working Papers
    Provides access to current National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers (about 1,000 per year), plus an archive of papers going back to 1973. Topics include: Children, Corporate Finance, Education, Environmental Economics, Health Care, International Finance, Labor Studies, Political Economy, and more.
  • Value Line Investment Survey Expanded Library Edition
    The investment survey covers approximately 3,500 publicly traded companies, over 100 industries, 20,000 mutual funds, 200,000 stock options and proprietary special situations. Published every week, each survey issues includes stock and industry reports, a report on the U.S. economy and stock market, and a summary and index listing current data on about 1,700 stocks, plus projections of key financial measures. Note: Access to Value Line is limited to three simultaneous users.
  • Web of Science (Web of Knowledge)
    The Science Citation Index Expanded, the Social Sciences Citation Index, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Besides indexing a wide range of journals in the sciences, social sciences, and history, this resource allows you to search for articles that cite a specific author or published work. Coverage from 1997 to the present. Click on the "Web of Science" tab to limit your search to one or more specific citation databases.
Reference Works
  • Encyclopedias
    • Encyclopedia of Business and Finance
      New York: Macmillan Reference 2001
      Offers over 300 articles on accounting, economics, finance, information systems, ethics, management, and marketing, with a U.S. focus.
      • Location(s): Ref HF1001 .E466 2001
    • Encyclopedia of Management
      Thomson Gale 2009 7th edition
      Over 300 short essays on topics ranging from morale and mentoring to consumer behavior and performance appraisal.
      • Location(s): Ref HD 30.15 .E49 2012
    • Encyclopedia of Political Economy
      London: Routledge 1999
      A compilation of articles on topics that document the current state of knowledge in the field, with particular attention to developments since 1960. Articles, in alphabetical arrangement, address topics relating to money and finance, labor, family and gender, political ideologies, development, theoretical schools, and methodology.
      • Location(s): Ref HB 61 .E554 1999
    • Encyclopedia of World Trade From Ancient Times to the Present
      Armonk, NY: Sharpe 2005
      Offers short articles on places, people, historical events, and topics such as barter, bribery, and tariffs as well as goods such as salt, oil, and cotton.
      • Location(s): Ref HF 1373 .W67 2005
    • International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration
      Boulder: Westview 1998
      Covers topics in public administration such as regional development, emergency management, budget reform, cost of living adjustments, and more. This work, with its global scope and interdisciplinary coverage, provides broad perspectives. It also includes coverage of principles, theories, legal concepts, and management topics as well as definitions of terms-such as groupthink and muddling through-used in the field of public policy.
      • Location(s): Ref H97 .I574 1998
    • New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics 2nd ed. edition
      A scholarly and thorough 8-volume encyclopedia that defines and explores the meaning of terms and concepts in economics.
      • Location(s): Ref HB 61 .N49 2008
    • New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law
      New York: Stockton 1998
      Covers such topics as antitrust, cartels, contracts, civil procedure, theories of economics with legal import, taxation, securities regulation, property rights, and so on, in depth. Each article is followed by a bibliography which includes, when relevant, cases and statutes.
      • Location(s): Ref K 487 .E3 N48 1998
    • New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance
      New York: Stockton 1992
      Defines financial terms and provides detailed discussions of concepts related to monetary economics, finance, and banking.
      • Location(s): Ref HG 151 .N48 1992
    • Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History
      New York: Oxford 2003
      Offers nearly 900 essays on issues in the field, from multiple perspectives including interdisciplinary approaches and global coverage. Entries cover broad topics such as "property rights" and "social mobility," significant figures, countries, industries, and technical terms.
      • Location(s): Ref HC 15 .O94 2003 (5 vols.)
  • Finding Quick Facts
    • Dictionary of Economics
      Oxford: Oxford UP 2002 2nd edition
      Covers terms used in microeconomics, public finance, international trade and related fields as well as definitions of mathematical and statistical terms widely used in economics.
    • Dictionary of Accounting
      Oxford: Oxford UP 1999 2nd edition
      Covers over 3,000 terms related to financial accounting, financial reporting, management accounting, direct and indirect taxation. corporate finance, and auditing.
    • Dictionary of Business
      Oxford: Oxford UP 2002 3rd edition
      Defines terms in marketing, taxation and accounting, investments, banking, management, and international finance.
    • Dictionary of Finance and Banking
      Oxford: Oxford UP 1997 2nd edition
      Covers insurance, stocks and shares, commodities, takeovers and mergers, international trade, government finance, personal finance, and major financial centers.
  • Special Topics
    • Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising
      New York: Fitzroy Dearborn 2003
      Provides a thoroughly-illustrated guide to the history and nature of advertising, with histories of agencies, brands and markets, promenent people, and the theory, methodology, and practice of advertising. Includes surveys of advertising in regions around the world. 3 volumes.
      • Location(s): Ref HF 5803 .A38 2003)
    • Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Ethics
      Cambridge: Blackwell 1997
      Offers substantial articles with bibliographies on such topics as equal opportunity, corporate crime, participatory management, environmental risk, business ethics in different cultures, and electronic surveillance. Includes surveys of ethical practices in different countries and surveys of key ethical issues in a variety of areas such as technology, finance, investment, and recruitment. The articles run the gamut from theory to praxis, with an emphasis on applied ethics in business.
      • Location(s): Ref HF 5387 .B55 1997
Browsing for Books
Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog with browsing shelf areas for your topic. Below is a brief listing of some of the subject locations in the field of economics and management.
  • BJ Ethics
  • HB Economics
  • HC Economic History and Conditions, by Country
  • HD Economic History and Conditions
    • 28-88 Production (Including Industrial Management)
    • 101-1395 Land Use
    • 1401-2210 Agriculture
    • 2321-4730.9 Industry
    • 2709-2932 Corporations, Cartels, Trusts
    • 2951-3575 Industrial Cooperation
    • 3611-4730 The State and Industrial Organization
    • 4801-8943 Labor Issues
  • HF Commerce
    • 5001-6182 Business. Business Administration
    • 5549-5549.5 Personnel Administration
    • 5601-5689 Accounting
    • 5801-6182 Advertising
  • HG Finance
    • 201-1496 Money
    • 1501-4000 Banking, Credit
    • 4001-4289.7 Financial Management
    • 4501-6051 Stocks, Investment, Speculation
    • 8011-9999 Insurance
  • HJ Public Finance
  • HX Socialism
  • JF 1321-2112 Government Administration
  • K Law


Print journals are housed in the periodicals collection on the first floor of the library.
  • ABA Journal
    v.83, 1997-
  • American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
    2009 - present
  • American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
    2009 - present
  • American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
    2009 - present
  • American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
    2009 - present
  • American Economic Review
  • Business Education Forum
  • Business Journal
  • Business Week
    This magazine contains articles about business news, economics, and personal finance. It also contains editorials and many full page advertisements.
  • Forbes
    This business magazine includes articles on corporate leadership as well as industries, marketing, law, taxes, technology, computers, communications, investments, and management performance.
  • Fortune
    This business magazine includes articles on investing, financial strategies, and other business advice.
  • Harvard Business Review
  • IMF Economic Review
  • Inc.
  • International Financial Statistics
    no.3(1982)sup -
  • Journal of Accountancy
  • Journal of Economic Literature
  • Journal of Economic Perspectives
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Kiplinger's Personal Finance
    This business magazine includes articles about investments, taxes, insurance, paying for college, and other personal finance topics.
  • Marketing Management
  • Money
    This financial magazine contains articles on saving money and managing finances.
  • Pi ME Journal
  • General
    • AgEcon Search
      This database from the University of Minnesota searches and retrieves scholarly open access research on the economics of agriculture, including journal articles, working papers, and papers presented at conferences.
    • GlobalEdge 2001-2007
      Offers global business information, including methods of comparing country data, country background information, an annual compilation of market potential indicators, breaking news of interest to the business community, and a glossary of international business terms.
    • OSU Virtual Finance Library 2007
      Well-organized links on banks, exchanges, and market news, with pages for various audiences: students, researchers, executives, and educators.
    • VIBES: Virtual Information Business and Economics Resources 2007
      Provides over 2,00 links to sites related to international business and economics. Links include free full-text files of recent articles, reports, and statistical tables. They are organized by topics such as international trade law, patents, emerging markets, and regional and national sites.
  • Corporate Information
    • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC Filings and Forms (EDGAR)
      A public database of reports on publicly held corporations, which are required by federal law to file reports on their activities with the SEC. Most reports filed from 1994 to the present are publicly available through EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System) on this site. Information in these reports includes financial status, chief officers, stock information, company history, pending litigation that might have an economic impact on the company, and more. A brief tutorial for searching EDGAR is also provided.
  • U.S. Economy and Budget
    • Economic Report of the President
      Prepared annually by the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, this publication explains the rationale for the president's budget submitted to Congress. Of particular interest are the tables that cover income, production, and employment in time series. The report is available in PDF format (1995 to the present). For downloadable spreadsheets, choose Statistical Tables for the year.
    • U.S. Census Bureau. Economic Census
      Undertaken every five years, the economic census gathers data on retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and other business by state and local subdivision. Results for 2007 are starting to trickle onto the web and will continue to be posted through 2011. Current data are being integrated into American FactFinder. Data from the 2002 and 1997 economic censuses are also available online. Data from earlier censuses can be found in the government documents collection.
    • U.S. Congressional Budget Office
      Offers material compiled by a non-partisan office for congressional decision-making. Includes federal budget analysis, economic outlook, analysis of specific topics on housing, health, education, national security, telecommunications, and more.
    • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
      Offers statistics on consumer price, employment, wages, inflation, productivity, the U.S. economy, etc. This is a gold mine of current statistical data and reports covering consumer spending, employment, wages, productivity, occupations, international trade, and industries. Also shows "The U.S. Economy at a Glance."
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