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FTS 100-146: Forecasting Via Mathematical Modeling

This guide will point out some potentially useful sources for your research into how well Malthus's models have held up. Chances are you may need more than what's on this guide. Feel free to stop by the reference desk for further suggestions.

Table of Contents:

Finding Background Information / Reference Books
  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
    New York: Scribner 2003
    A wide-ranging exploration of food and its cultural significance worldwide.
    • Location(s): Ref GT 2850 .E53 2003
  • Encyclopedia of World Environmental History
    Routledge 2004
    Covers topics, events, people, natural resources, and aspects of human interaction with the environment worldwide. Provides historical surveys of environmental issues such as deforestation and extinction. Also offers regional and national overviews as well as essays on subfields such as environmental philosophy.
    • Location(s): Ref GF 10 .E63 2004
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
    Macmillan Reference 2008 2nd edition
    A massive encyclopedia of social sciences topics, with each article written by an expert.
    • Location(s): Ref H 40 .A2 I5 2008 (9 vols)
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History
    New York: Oxford 2003
    Offers nearly 900 essays on issues in the field, from multiple perspectives including interdisciplinary approaches and global coverage. Entries cover broad topics such as "property rights" and "social mobility," significant figures, countries, industries, and technical terms.
    • Location(s): Ref HC 15 .O94 2003 (5 vols.)
Finding Data - Print Sources
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States
    Washington, D.C. : Government Printing Office 1879-present
    This is perhaps the single most useful small package of statistical information available. It includes hundreds of tables of figures on population, economics, social factors, etc., with references to the original sources. An index to the tables provide essay access. The most recent volume is shelved behind the reference desk; older volumes are shelved with the general collection. There is also an online version that allows you to download data in Excel format.
    • Location(s): Ready Reference HA 202 .A2
  • Historical Statistics of the United States: earliest times to the present
    New York: Cambridge University Press 2006 Millenium ed. edition
    Revised update to Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970, Bicentennial ed. Washington U.S. Dept. of Commerce:GPO Includes bibliographic references and index,illustrated with maps, updates previous publishing with U.S. Census 2000 data.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 202 .H57 2006 (5 vols.)
  • Agricultural Statistics
    Washington, D.C. : The Department of Agriculture 1965-present
    Offers data on agricultural production, consumption, supplies, facilities, costs and returns in the United States.
    • Location(s): Ref HD 1751 .A27
  • International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia, and Oceania
    London : Macmillan Reference ; New York : Stockton Press 2007 3rd ed. edition
    Offers a wide variety of comparative historical statistics on population, labor force, agriculture, industry, trade, transport and communications, finance, rices, education, and national accounts.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 4675 .M55 2007
  • International Historical Statistics: Europe
    London : Macmillan Reference ; New York : Stockton Press 2007 4th ed. edition
    Comparative historical statistics for Europe.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 1107 .M55 2007
  • International Historical Statistics: The Americas
    London : Macmillan Reference ; New York : Stockton Press 2007 4th ed. edition
    Comparative historical statistics for North and South America.
    • Location(s): Ref HA 175 .M55 2007
Finding Data - Online Sources

These sources will not have the historical depth that you will want for this assignment, but can provide current statistical information.

  • American FactFinder
    Provides a wealth of information about populations and places in the United States, drawing on census data. The powerful search facility can be used to pinpoint tables of data and to create maps based on the variables you supply. Mapping tools enable creation of thematic maps from national to street level.
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census
    Statistics on population and housing, business, agriculture, transportation, and many social variables.
Finding Published Critiques of Malthus
  • MnPALS Plus
    The online catalog to the library at Gustavus Adolphus College. You can also search the library catalog from the library's main Web page.
  • Academic Search Premier
    A large database of articles in newspapers, magazines, and journals. To narrow you search, you can check the "scholarly (peer-reviewed)journals" limiter. You may also want to choose "article" for document type (on the right-hand side).
    1975-present; updated daily
Citing Your Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

Use Everyday Writer for the details on how to write about sources and format your references. If your book isn't handy, there's one shelved behind the reference desk - or use our guide. For a useful tutorial on avoiding plagiarism, try this site from Purdue University.

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