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The College Archivist defines the term manuscript broadly. This is based on Richard Pearce-Moses's definition that "although manuscript literally means handwritten, 'manuscript collection' is often used to include collections of mixed media in which unpublished materials predominate. They may also include typescripts, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, news clippings, and printed works."

Holcomb, Mildred. Poems and Short Stories by Mildred Holcomb, 1979 and 1995.   CAMC 154
Scrapbook of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden’s Visit to Minnesota, 1976.   CAMC 153
Johnson, Ruth Nelson.  Ruth Nelson Johnson Scrapbook Collection, 1940-1976.   CAMC 152
Pettersson, Johan Hugo.  “Another Time . . . Another World” Biographical Manuscript, undated.   CAMC 151
Peterson, Anna B.  Certificate of Citizenship in the United States for Anna B. Peterson, 1857.   CAMC 150
Peterson, Edwin Anton.  Autobiographical Sketch of Edwin Anton Peterson, 1900.   CAMC 149
Lindblad, Gustaf Ansgarius.  Farewell Speech of Gustaf Ansgarius Lindblad, 26 April 1886.   CAMC 148
Ahlstrom, Peter.  Correspondence of Peter Ahlstrom, 1855.   CAMC 147
Nelson Holmberg Family. Collection of John Nelson, Agnes Holmberg and Other Relatives, 1860-1912.   CAMC 146
Artifact Compilation Collection.   CAMC 145
Youngquist, Marion. Modern History Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, 1917-1918.   CAMC 144
Hustwit, William P.  Writings Regarding Gustavus Adolphus College Black Recruitment and Civil Rights, 2004-2005.   CAMC 143
Peterson, Ellery. Travel Scrapbook of Ellery and Aileen Peterson, 1986-1989.   CAMC 142
J. Arthur and Esther (Stark) Johnson and Henning A. and Florence (Johnson) Hagg Scrapbook Collection, 1911-1989.   CAMC 141
Photograph Album of Farming and Ranching on the Canadian Central Plains, c. 1914-1920.   CAMC 140
Compilation Collection of Family Histories and Related Materials, 1895-Ongoing.   CAMC 139
Eckman, Peter Johan and Frans Magnus Eckman. Collection of Correspondence and Diaries of Frans and Peter Eckman, 1866-1994.   CAMC 138
Englund, Elof. Composition Book of Elof Englund, 1902-1905.   CAMC 137
Hoefer, Leo. Travel Diary of Leo Hoefer, 1931-1932.   CAMC 136
Westburg, Wilma Jensen.  Collection of Wilma Jensen, 1925-1959.   CAMC 135
Torkelson, Pernilla Jönsson. Correspondence to Pernilla Jönsson, 1878.   CAMC 134
Porter, Wilbur. Biographical Material of the Porter Family, 1977.   CAMC 133
Larson, Frank E. Correspondence, Essays, and Notes, 1896-1897 and 1900.   CAMC 132
Ostrom, Olof N. Biographical Information on Olof N. Ostrom, 1970.   CAMC 131
Oberg, Paul M. Autobiographical Sketch of Paul M. Oberg, 1925.   CAMC 130
Nylander, Ivan. Letters Regarding David Holmgren, 1969-1970.   CAMC 129
Nelson, Nels Anton. Story of Rev. J.D. Nelsenius, undated.   CAMC 128
Carlblom, Albert N.  Correspondence and Other Papers of Albert Carlblom, 1886-1891.   CAMC 127
Walter, Renee.  Watercolors of Renee Walter, undated.   CAMC 126
Hervey, Norma. “Seven Survived,” 1986.   CAMC 125
Gustavus II Adolphus Commemorative Silver Medal/Coin, 1894.   CAMC 124
Esbjornson, Robert. Materials Concerning the Riverbend Association, 1966-1988.   CAMC 123
Heitzeg, Steve. Collection of Steve Heitzeg, 1978-Ongoing.   CAMC 122
Farmers Mutual Protection Club of Carver County, Minnesota. Minutes and Bylaws of the Farmers Mutual Protection Club of Carver County, Minnesota, 1867-1877.   CAMC 121
Johnson, Ruth Evangeline Larson. Recipe Scrapbook of Ruth Evangeline Larson Johnson, 1912.   CAMC 120
Nelson, Elsie H. Essays of Elsie Nelson, 1880-1901.   CAMC 119
Peterson, Emma C. Autograph Album of Emma C. Peterson, 1881-1883.   CAMC 118
Benson, Ellen. Autograph Album and Wedding Invitation of Ellen Benson, 1883-1890.   CAMC 117
Svensson, Ingrid.  Autograph Album of Ingrid Svensson, 1881-1881, 1907.   CAMC 116
Menu, Program, and Newspaper Collection of Marvin Hendrickson, 1937-1940.   CAMC 115
Anderson, Evans L. Self Help for Better Mental Health and Poems by Evans L. Anderson, 1992-93.   CAMC 114
Collection of Ella (Peterson) and Leonard Pehrson, 1895-1956.   CAMC 113
Nelson, Anton. Collection of Anton Nelson, 1917-1984.   CAMC 112
Swenson, Daniel. Memory Book of Our Time Together, Magadan Russia, Fall 2010.   CAMC 111
Sandberg, Joel Alexis. Military Medals and Commendations, 1967-1970.   CAMC 110
Thorson, Curtis W. Collection of Curtis W. Thorson, 1984.   CAMC 109
Hanel, Rachael. Master's Thesis, "Camilla Hall's Place in the Symbionese Liberation Army," December 2004.   CAMC 108
Olson, Carl W. Biographical Materials of Carl W. Olson, 1984-1988.   CAMC 107
Swedish Pioneer Essay Contest, 1948.   CAMC 106
The Almen and Related Families Collection, 1870-2012.   CAMC 105
Schulz, C.G.  Autograph Book and Certificates of C.G. Schulz, 1882-1923.   CAMC 104
Seashore, Carl Emil.  Personal Papers of Carl Emil Seashore, ca. 1927-1978.   CAMC 103
Sjostrand, Carl Evald.  Constitutional Law Notebooks of Carl Evald Sjostrand, 1902.   CAMC 102
Mellgren, Selma and Sigrid. Documents of Selma and Sigrid Mellgren, 1907-1908, 1940-1947, and 2008.   CAMC 101
Carregal, Joan Markson. Collection of Giovannella, 1950-1991.   CAMC 100
Youngdahl, A.K.  Notebook of Åke Youngdahl, ca. 1881.   CAMC 99
Youngdahl, Rosalie.  Scrapbook of Rosalie Youngdahl, 1903-1907.   CAMC 98
Myrdal, Gunnar.  Selected Works by Gunnar Myrdal, 1965-1972.   CAMC 97
Rudell, Gustaf L.  Diaries and Reminiscences by Gustaf Rudell, 1898-1953.   CAMC 96
Quist, Helmer L.  Reminiscences by Helmer L. Quist, 1920-1982.   CAMC 95
Magney Family.  Papers of the Magney Family, 1903-1968.   CAMC 94
Magny, Jonas.  Papers of Jonas Magny, 1863-1969.   CAMC 93
Nicollet County Farmers' Alliance. Minutes of the Nicollet County, Minnesota, Farmers' Alliance, 1890-1892.   CAMC 92
Svenska Kulturförbundet. Minutes of the Svenska Kulturförbundet, 1924-1942.   CAMC 91
Larson, Joshua. Course Materials by Joshua Larson, 1901-1947.   CAMC 90
Peterson, Florence Mathilda Turner. Collection of Florence Turner Peterson, 1865-1988.   CAMC 89
Peterson, Lorinda Fidelia Turner. Diaries and Scrapbooks of Lorinda Turner Peterson, 1886-1973.   CAMC 88
Peterson, C. Edward. C. Edward Peterson Papers, 1914-1978.   CAMC 87
Nelson, Olof.  Civil War Letters of Olof Nelson and Family History Materials, 1864-1945.   CAMC 86
Wool Hand Carders, 1800s.   CAMC 85
Rundstrom, Inez. Inez Rundstrom Notebook, undated.   CAMC 84
Conrad, Antonia Marie. Antonia Marie Conrad Funerary Collection, 1967.   CAMC 83
Carter N.S. Civil War Diary of N.S. Carter, 1864-1865.   CAMC 82
Carlson, Anna C. Anna C. Carlson Collection, c. 1894.   CAMC 81
Carlberg, Matilda. Autograph Album of Matilda Carlberg, 1882-1888 and 1906.   CAMC 80
Cassel, Carl V.E. Carl V.E. Cassel Collection, 1980s and 1922-1976.   CAMC 79
Turner, Amy Evelyn. Personal Papers of Amy Evelyn Turner, 1909-1977.   CAMC 78
Christoffersen, Johannes and Maria (Johnsdotter). Correspondence of Johannes and Maria (Jonsdotter) Christoffersen, 1865.   CAMC 77
Skoog, Emily Lundeen. Correspondence of Emily Lundeen Skoog, 1886-1891.   CAMC 76
Turner, Josephine Lundeen. Correspondence of Josephine Lundeen Turner, 1872-1918.   CAMC 75
Turner, John M. Correspondence of John M. Turner, 1878-79, and 1915.   CAMC 74
Turner, Clarence Jonas. Correspondence and Diary of Clarence Jonas Turner, 1917, and 1933-1934.   CAMC 73
Turner, Mathilda Lundeen. Correspondence of Mathilda Lundeen Turner, 1869, 1916, and 1927.   CAMC 72
Lagerstrom, A. "Governor John A. Johnson Grand March," 1909.   CAMC 71
Turner, August Elmer. Personal Papers of August Turner, 1892-1969.   CAMC 70
Commemorative Items from the Launching of the S.S. Gustavus Victory, 1945.   CAMC 69
Turner, Amelia Hildegarde. Correspondence, Diaries, and Papers of Amelia Hildegarde Turner, 1908-1936.   CAMC 68
Levine, Anna Sophia Lundeen. Correspondence of Anna Sophia Lundeen Levine and John August Lundeen, 1876-1918.   CAMC 67
Porter, Frank A. Family Biography by Frank A. Porter, c.1930s.   CAMC 66
Turner, John Peter. Correspondence and Certificates of John Peter Turner, 1855-1910.   CAMC 65
Lundeen, Jonas Peter. Incoming Correspondence and Documents of Jonas Peter Lundeen, 1851-1957.   CAMC 64
Turner, Winfield H. Outgoing Correspondence and Memorial Clippings of Winfield H. Turner, 1901-1977.   CAMC 63
Lundeen, Isaac. Correspondence, Certificates, and Biographies of Isaac Lundeen, 1851-1957.   CAMC 62
Lundeen, Eva Lisa. Incoming Correspondence and Clippings about Family of Eva Lisa Lundeen, 1864-1930.   CAMC 61
Lehnert, Christian Heinrich. Music Notebooks of Christian Heinrich Lehnert, 1836.   CAMC 60
Colberg, Anders Peter Johnson. Diaries and Composition Notebooks of Anders Peter Johnson Colberg, 1879-1884.   CAMC 59
Lagerström, Reinhold. Musical Scores and other Materials by Reinhold Lagerström, 1885-1916.   CAMC 58
Larson, Charles and Edith. Letters and Translations of Charles and Edith Larson, 1866, 1874, and 1877.   CAMC 57
Larson, Peter. Incoming Correspondence of Peter Larson, 1858, 1862, 1874, 1879-1883, 1897-1899, and 1904.   CAMC 56
Cassel, Peter. Correspondence of Peter Cassel, 1861-1902.   CAMC 55
Lundeen, John August. Notebooks, Correspondence, and Autobiography of John August Lundeen, 1865, 1871-73, 1884, 1889, 1892, 1901, 1902, 1911, and 1935.   CAMC 54
Hill, Samuel Magnus. Family History, Correspondence, and Naturalization Papers, 1876-1969.   CAMC 53
Spender, Stephen. Speech Manuscript of Stephen Spender, 1982.   CAMC 52
Faye, Christopher Urdahl. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Photocopies, 1949-1969.   CAMC 51
Engberg, Jonas.  Passport in Swedish, 1854.   CAMC 50
Edquist, Anna M. Place Cards, Report Cards, Concert Programs, and Correspondence, 1889-1893, 1895, and 1922.   CAMC 49
Bergquist, J. Victor. Musical Scores of J. Victor Bergquist, 1904-1917.   CAMC 48
Photographs of Pioneer Activities and Places, 1855-1925.   CAMC 47
Papers Concerning Otto William Esping and Family, c. 1869-c. 1875.   CAMC 46
Brandt, John. "Reminiscences from 1869 and the Early '70s," 1934.   CAMC 45
Burhoe, Ralph Wendell. "Resources of Science for Theology," 1966.   CAMC 44
Borgese, Elisabeth Mann. Speeches and Articles by Elisabeth Mann Borgese, 1970-1973.   CAMC 43
"History of Our Great-Grandparents, John O. and Maja Stina Beck, Homesteading in Wantonwan County, Minnesota, 1869," 1969.   CAMC 42
Beck, Lars Herman. Memoirs and History, 1930-1971.   CAMC 41
Nobel, Alfred.  Will and Testament, 1895.   CAMC 40
Lofgren, Lars. “Protestant Song for Freedom: In Memory of the Swedish Hero King Gustavus II Adolphus,” c. 1958.   CAMC 39
Lindroth, Axel Herbert. Recollections of Christmases in Sweden around 1900, 1985.   CAMC 38
Bauman Family.  Correspondence of J.A. and Lizzie Bauman and other Relatives, 1864-1961.   CAMC 37
Aoki, Toshio. "Jikishin: Remembering Professor Toshio Aoki," c. 1984-1986.   CAMC 36
Aoki, Toshiko. “An Intensive Course in Flower Arrangement,” 1977.   CAMC 35
Ausland, Jonas. Jonas Ausland’s Notes on Theology, 1869.   CAMC 34
Anderson, Lars.  Personal Account of Arrival and Early Days in Swedish Settlement, 1856- 1886.   CAMC 33
Anderson, Evelyn Cecile Olson. "History of the Theatre in St. Peter, Minnesota: From Its Beginning to 1930," Thesis, 1946.   CAMC 32
Swedish Three Crowns Military Helmet, 1921.   CAMC 31
O’Brien, Susan. Research Files on Camilla Hall, 1967-1976.   CAMC 30
American-Scandinavian Foundation. Dissolution of Local Chapters, November 1982-October 1984 and March 2000.   CAMC 29
St. Peter, Minnesota Telephone Book Collection, 1947-2005.   CAMC 28
Bederkesa Pädagogische Hochschule Album, 1948.   CAMC 27
Johnson, Cecile.  Letters Home from Cecile Johnson, 1935-1939.   CAMC 26
SVEA Society. Minutes and Records of the SVEA Society, 1903-1982.   CAMC 25
Tornado of 1998 Collection, 1998-2008.   CAMC 24
Edberg, Oscar.  Notebook of Writings, undated.   CAMC 23
Edberg, Ernest.  Notebook of Writings, 1904-1905.  CAMC Collection 22.   CAMC 22
Warndahl, Helen Pauline Caroline.  Collection of School Materials, 1922-1926.   CAMC 21
Gustavus Library Associates.  Collection of the Gustavus Library Associates, 1977-Ongoing.   CAMC 20
Hobart, Claire William. Collection of Music and Poems, 1922-1981.   CAMC 19
Martinson, Ruth Peterson.  Collection of Alumni and Miscellaneous Materials, 1980-1988.   CAMC 18
Students for a Democratic Society. Flyers, Literature, and Photographs, 1969.   CAMC 17
Magney, Anna Ingeborg (Cesander).  Anna Cesander Collection, 1915-circa 2009.   CAMC 16
Klatt, Jacqualyn. Scrapbook of Gustavus Music Materials and Miscellaneous, 1947-1949.   CAMC 15
Ovanlig: The Newsletter. Newsletters, 1998.   CAMC 14
Hall Family. Papers Concerning Camilla Hall and George F. and Lorena Hall, 1938-1995.   CAMC 13
Granlund, Paul T. Collection, 1945-2006.   CAMC 12
Logan, Rufus. Papers of Rufus Logan, 1939-1972.   CAMC 11
Minnesota College. Collection of Minnesota College, 1904-1996.   CAMC 10

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