GACA Faculty Collections


Faculty Gradebooks from Gustavus Adolphus College, 1882-1976. GACA 390
Public Events Committee. Collection of the Public Events Committee and Lecture Series Committee, 1971-1994. GACA 389
Haeuser, Michael J. Research Files on Gustavus Adolphus College President Edgar M. Carlson, 1930-2007. GACA 388
Pehrson, Ethel. Collection of Ethel Pehrson, 1911-1975. GACA 379
Academic Operations Committee. Records of the Academic Operations Committee, 1997-Ongoing. GACA 361
Program to Strengthen the Humanities. Collection of the Program to Strengthen the Humanities, 1973-1981. GACA 359
Staffing and Programming Committee. Collection of the Staffing and Programming Committee, 1982-1989. GACA 358
Youngquist, John Adolph. Papers of J.A. Youngquist, 1885-1942. GACA 356
Paul, Garrett. “Either/Or/Or/Or: Why the End of Dualism means the death of Existentialism, Humanism, and Anthropocentrism, but not the death of Braham, the Buddha, or God,” 5 May 2014. GACA 330
Martinson, Floyd Mansfield. Papers of Floyd Martinson, 1947-2000. GACA 326
Christenson, Ronald S. Collection of Ron Christenson, 1952-1998. GACA 324
Anderson, L. Charlotte. Paintings by L. Charlotte Anderson, 1909 and undated. GACA 319
Lundholm, Adolph F. Music Compositions by Adolph F. Lundholm, 1896 and undated. GACA 317
Anderson, George W. Collection of George W. Anderson, 1891 and 1925-1975. GACA 311
Nelson, G. Adolph.  Programs and Sheet Music of Percy Grainger, 1941-1943. GACA 304
Joshua A. Edquist and Family Collection, 1881-1987. GACA 302
Engberg, Emmer. Collection of Cartoons and Correspondence by Emmer Engberg, 1967-1983. GACA 298
Collection of Various Faculty Committees, 1971-Ongoing. GACA 264
Skartvedt, Peter M. Correspondence and Notebook of P.M. Skartvedt, 1916-1952. GACA 263
Hoogenboom, Bernard. Collection of Bernard Hoogenboom, 1958-1995. GACA 249
Faculty Manual Revision Committee. Collection of the Faculty Manual Revision Committee, 1988-1991. GACA 247
McRostie, Clair. Collection of Clair McRostie, 1963-1980. GACA 246
Robertz, Bill. Teaching and Committee Materials of Bill Robertz, 1961-1994. GACA 245
Montague, Kyle. Collection of Kyle Montague, 1932-1991. GACA 240
Peterson, Conrad A.  Records of Conrad Peterson, 1853-1956. GACA 226
Gustavus College Women’s Club of the Twin Cities.  Collection of the Gustavus College Women’s Club of the Twin Cities, 1952-1984 and undated. GACA 223
Carlson, Verlin D.  Papers of Verlin D. Carlson, 1963-1998. GACA 222
Campus History Committee.  Records of the Campus History Committee, 2003-2004. GACA 218
Sponberg, Raymond Hilding. “Raymond’s Stories,” 2004. GACA 208
Lind, Melva Elizabeth Helena.  Melva Lind Correspondence and Publications, 1953-1997. GACA 180
Anderson, Dorothy M.  Legacy Collection of Dorothy Anderson, 1945-1976. GACA 174
Oral History Interviews with John Kendall and Chester Johnson, 1994-1995. GACA 166
Glass, Arthur W.  Gradebooks and Papers of Arthur Glass, 1950-1982. GACA 145
Faculty Development Committee.  Records of the Faculty Development Committee, 1982-Ongoing. GACA 144
Hamrum, Charles L.  Articles by Charles Hamrum and Miscellaneous Papers, 1986-1997. GACA 123
Alexis, Gerhard Theodore.  Correspondence, Teaching, and Publication Materials, 1937-1993. GACA 94
Young, Evelyn Sponberg.  Evelyn Young Collection, 1938-2005. GACA 82
Academic Policy and Program Committee.  Records of the Academic Policy and Program Committee (AP&P), 1959-1997. GACA 67
Rodine, Milward T. Collection, circa 1933-1969. GACA 36
Faculty Notes, 1952-2000. GACA 35
Faculty Handbooks and Manuals, 1946-Ongoing. GACA 32
Gustavus Women's Club. Collection, 1926-1986. GACA 22
Faculty Meetings. Minutes and Agenda Packets, 1877-Ongoing. GACA 12
Faculty Senate. Minutes and Related Documents, 1961-Ongoing. GACA 11