GACA Departments and Offices Collections

These online finding aids represent only a small portion of the entire collection. New finding aids are added as collections are processed.

Student Activities Office. New Student Wilderness Immersion Program, 1999-2007. GACA 346
Environmental Studies. Collection of the Environmental Studies Program, 1971-Ongoing. GACA 344
Women's Studies Committee. Collection of the Women's Studies Committee, 1975-2001. GACA 314
Office of Fine Arts. Collection of the Office of Fine Arts, 1970-Ongoing. GACA 313
Department of Theatre and Dance. Collection of the Department of Theatre and Dance, 1927-Ongoing. GACA 309
John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning. Collection of the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning, 2006-Ongoing. GACA 303
Department of Health & Exercise Science. Annual Reports, Program Proposal, and Self-Studies of the Department of Health and Exercise Science, 1980s-2000s. GACA 299
New Student Orientation, 1907-Ongoing. GACA 287
Center for Vocational Reflection. Publicity Materials for the Center for Vocational Reflections, 2000-2011. GACA 284
Department of Scandinavian Studies. Collection of the Department of Scandinavian Studies, 1977-1987. GACA 281
Writing Center. Collection of the Writing Center, October 2000. GACA 280
Center for International and Cultural Education. Records of the Center for International and Cultural Education, 1968-Ongoing. GACA 278
Gusties in Volunteer Endeavors (GIVE).  Collection of GIVE, 1997-2001. GACA 273
Peace Studies. Collection of the Peace Studies Program, 1970-Ongoing. GACA 258
Student Activities Office.  Collection of the Student Activities Office, 1984-Ongoing. GACA 231
Sociology and Anthropology Department.  Records of Sociology and Anthropology Department, 1947-Ongoing. GACA 224
The Book Mark. Collection of the Book Mark, 1940s-April 1982. GACA 217
Chaplain’s Office.  Collection of the Chaplain’s Office, 1944-Ongoing. GACA 214
Department of Political Science.  Department of Political Science Newsletters, 1973-1985. GACA 210
Department of Communication Studies.  Collection of the Department of Communication Studies, 1898-Ongoing. GACA 207
Office of Public Relations.  Scrapbook Collection from the Office of Public Relations, 1936-1966 and undated. GACA 205
Curriculum II.   Records of Curriculum II Program, 1983-Ongoing. GACA 187
Department of Philosophy.  Newsletters, 2006-2008. GACA 93
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations.  Class Letters, 1934-Ongoing. GACA 78
Department of Human Resources.  Faculty, Administrator, and Support Staff Employment Files, 1969-Ongoing. GACA 72
Department of Music. Collection of the Music Department, 1883-Ongoing. GACA 34
Nursing Department. Records, 1955-Ongoing. GACA 31