GACA by Collection Number

These online finding aids represent only a portion of the entire collection held in the College Archives. New finding aids are added as collections are processed. Inventories exist for some unprocessed collections.


Sigma Sigma Sigma. Collection of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, 1998-Ongoing. GACA 394
Honors Program. Collection of the Honors Program, 1974-1977. GACA 393
Zeta Pi Phi. Collection of the Zeta Pi Phi Sorority, 1985-1995. GACA 392
Ahlstrom, Mark E.  Negative Collection, 1968-1971. GACA 391
Faculty Gradebooks from Gustavus Adolphus College, 1882-1976. GACA 390
Public Events Committee. Collection of the Public Events Committee and Lecture Series Committee, 1971-1994. GACA 389
Haeuser, Michael J. Research Files on Gustavus Adolphus College President Edgar M. Carlson, 1930-2007. GACA 388
President's Office.  President Edgar Carlson Collection, ????-????. GACA 387
Bevens Creek Mission Mill Company. Records of Bevens Creek Mission Mill Company, 1867-1897. GACA 386
St. Ansgar's Academy. Records of St. Ansgar's Academy, East Union, Carver County, Minnesota, 1863-1876. GACA 385
St. Ansgar's Society. Collection of St. Ansgar's Society, October 1874. GACA 384
Academic Support Center.  Collection of the Academic Support Center, 1969-Ongoing. GACA 383
Department of Religion.  Collection of the Department of Religion, 1987-Ongoing. GACA 382
Gustavus Technology Services. Collection of Gustavus Technology Services, 2009. GACA 381
Jeffers, Irene Anderson. Collection of Irene Anderson Jeffers, 1916-1955. GACA 380
Pehrson, Ethel. Collection of Ethel Pehrson, 1911-1975. GACA 379
Gustavus Adolphus College Planners and Calendars, 1947-1988. GACA 378
Gustavus Adolphus College Staff Handbook Collection, 1974-Ongoing. GACA 377
Campus Committees at Gustavus Adolphus College, 1980-Ongoing. GACA 376
GustieLeaks Collection, 2001-2013. GACA 375
Saratov University. Letters of Thanks from Saratov University, 7 May 1922. GACA 374
Tri-Beta Music Society. Collection of the Tri-Beta Music Society, 1945-1953. GACA 373
Haydn Musical Society. Constitution of the Haydn Musical Society, 1895-1896. GACA 372
Schumann Ladies Chorus. Collection of the Schumann Ladies Chorus, 1908-1917. GACA 371
Gustavian Male Chorus. Historical Records of the Gustavian Male Chorus, 1946-1948. GACA 370
Gustavus Adolphus Normal School. Enrollment Slips of the Normal School, 1898-1899. GACA 369
Messiah Chorus. Minutes and Roll Call of the Messiah Chorus, 1917. GACA 368
Minnesingers. Collection of the Minnesingers, 1911. GACA 367
Orpheus Club. Minutes and Constitution of the Orpheus Club, 1914. GACA 366
Gustavus Adolphus School of Commerce. Student Records of the School of Commerce, 1889-1922. GACA 365
Gustavus Adolphus Academy. Student Records of the Academy, 1876-1931. GACA 364
Gustavus Adolphus Conservatory of Music. Student Records of the Conservatory of Music, 1887-1923. GACA 363
Career Center. Records of the Career Center, 1977-2004. GACA 362
Academic Operations Committee. Records of the Academic Operations Committee, 1997-Ongoing. GACA 361
Academic Computing Department. Collection of the Academic Computing Department, 1988-2000. GACA 360
Program to Strengthen the Humanities. Collection of the Program to Strengthen the Humanities, 1973-1981. GACA 359
Staffing and Programming Committee. Collection of the Staffing and Programming Committee, 1982-1989. GACA 358
Queer History and Culture in the U.S.: 1890-Present. "Queer History at Gustavus" Display Materials, 2014. GACA 357
Youngquist, John Adolph. Papers of J.A. Youngquist, 1885-1942. GACA 356
Central Minnesota Gustavus Club. Collection of the Central Minnesota Gustavus Club, 1938-1970s. GACA 355
Newspaper Collection of The Student Opinion, 21 November 1942. GACA 354
Divest Gustavus. Collection of Divest Gustavus, December 2012-Ongoing. GACA 353
The Gustavian Weekly. The Gustavian Weekly and Business Manager Records, September 1920-Ongoing. GACA 352
Newspaper Collection of Heimdall, November 1891. GACA 351
Newspaper Collection of Vox Collegii, September 1891. GACA 350
Newspaper Collection of the Annual Messenger, 1891. GACA 349
Building Bridges. Building Bridges Collection, 1996-Ongoing. GACA 348
Peer Assistants Program. Collection of the Peer Assistants Program, 1987-Ongoing. GACA 347
Student Activities Office. New Student Wilderness Immersion Program, 1999-2007. GACA 346
Radio Stations at Gustavus Adolphus College, 1922-Ongoing. GACA 345
Environmental Studies. Collection of the Environmental Studies Program, 1971-Ongoing. GACA 344
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations. Gustavus Alumni Association, 1890-Ongoing. GACA 343
Folke Bernadotte Memorial Foundation. Collection of the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Foundation, 1949-1965. GACA 342
Benson, Henry Nathaniel. Papers of Henry N. Benson Sr., 1893-1960. GACA 341
Larson, Russell A.  Photograph Collection of Gustavus, 1950-1954. GACA 340
Gustavus Greens.  Collection of the Gustavus Greens, 1988-Ongoing. GACA 339
"Some Gustavus Alumni" Scrapbook, 1909-1949. GACA 338
Appelquist, Ruth. Class of 1923 Scrapbook, c. 1919-1923. GACA 337
Class of 1922 Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, c. 1918-1972. GACA 336
Erickson, Stanley E. Class in Photography Project Portfolio, 1935-1936. GACA 335
Appelquist, Ethel. Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, c. 1918-1920. GACA 334
Olson, Beatrice. Scrapbook of Beatrice Olson, c. 1937-1941. GACA 333
Colvard, John. John Colvard’s Gustavus Memorabilia, 1952-1956. GACA 332
What Makes Gustavus Extraordinary Contest, 2002. GACA 331
Paul, Garrett. “Either/Or/Or/Or: Why the End of Dualism means the death of Existentialism, Humanism, and Anthropocentrism, but not the death of Braham, the Buddha, or God,” 5 May 2014. GACA 330
Collection of Phi Beta Kappa, Eta of Minnesota Chapter, 1955-Ongoing. GACA 329
Gustavus Adolphus College Anniversary Programs and Related Materials, 1876-Ongoing. GACA 328
Photograph Scrapbooks of Gustavus Memories, c. 1936-1939. GACA 327
Martinson, Floyd Mansfield. Papers of Floyd Martinson, 1947-2000. GACA 326
Honors Day Programs and Related Materials, 1947-Ongoing. GACA 325
Christenson, Ronald S. Collection of Ron Christenson, 1952-1998. GACA 324
Earth Jam Collection, 1995-Ongoing. GACA 323
Office of Institutional Advancement.  Collection of the Office of Institutional Advancement, 1870-Ongoing. GACA 322
National Namibia Conference Collection, 1985-1990. GACA 321
Listening to Women’s Voices and Diverse Voices, 1987-1991. GACA 320
Anderson, L. Charlotte. Paintings by L. Charlotte Anderson, 1909 and undated. GACA 319
Lundholm, Maurtiz. Music Composition Notebook of Mauritz Lundholm, undated. GACA 318
Lundholm, Adolph F. Music Compositions by Adolph F. Lundholm, 1896 and undated. GACA 317
Nyquist, Jonas Petter Nilson. Scrapbook of J.P. Nyquist, 1876-1901. GACA 316
Lists of Students at Gustavus Adolphus College, 1950-1978. GACA 315
Women's Studies Committee. Collection of the Women's Studies Committee, 1975-2001. GACA 314
Office of Fine Arts. Collection of the Office of Fine Arts, 1970-Ongoing. GACA 313
Esbjornson, Robert. Colloquy on Ethics and Medicine, 1973-1975. GACA 312
Anderson, George W. Collection of George W. Anderson, 1891 and 1925-1975. GACA 311
Dawes, Shirley. Gustavian Yearbook of Shirley Dawes, 1946. GACA 310
Department of Theatre and Dance. Collection of the Department of Theatre and Dance, 1916-Ongoing. GACA 309
Senior Week Materials, 1990-Ongoing. GACA 308
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations.  Class Reunions, 1925-Ongoing. GACA 307
Peterson, Ruth. Scrapbook of Ruth Peterson's Gustavus Memories, 1919-1923. GACA 306
Swanson, Genevieve.  Collection of Genevieve Swanson, 1921-1925 and 1962. GACA 305
Nelson, G. Adolph.  Programs and Sheet Music of Percy Grainger, 1941-1943. GACA 304
John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning. Collection of the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning, 2006-Ongoing. GACA 303
Joshua A. Edquist and Family Collection, 1881-1987. GACA 302
History of South Hall, 1940-1942. GACA 301
Granquist, Luther. Notes and Syllabus from a Religion Class, 1956. GACA 300
Department of Health & Exercise Science. Annual Reports, Program Proposal, and Self-Studies of the Department of Health and Exercise Science, 1980s-2000s. GACA 299
Engberg, Emmer. Collection of Cartoons and Correspondence by Emmer Engberg, 1967-1983. GACA 298
Scrapbooks of Oratorical Contests, 1896-1905. GACA 297
Swedish Lutheran Board of Education. Records of the Swedish Lutheran Board of Education, 1875-1942. GACA 296
Gustavian Yearbook Images and Offices Files, 1909-1914 and 1981-1996. GACA 295
Pool, Patricia. Scrapbooks of Patricia Pool's Gustavus Memories, 1947-1951. GACA 294
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations. Directories of Donors, 1958-1999. GACA 293
Fleckten, Lillian. Scrapbooks of Gustavus Memories, 1921-1925. GACA 292
Hanson, W.Emmanuel. Collection of W.E. Hanson, 1946-1956. GACA 291
Institutional Review Board. Collection of the Institutional Review Board, 1994-Ongoing. GACA 290
Greetings from Gustavus Adolphus College to Uppsala University, 1927. GACA 289
Almen-Vickner Guest House Guest Books, 1957-1997. GACA 288
New Student Orientation, 1907-Ongoing. GACA 287
Task Force on Minority Concerns. Reports and Minutes of the Task Force on Minority Concerns, 1989-2001. GACA 286
G.A. Lions Tale, 1942-1943. GACA 285
Center for Vocational Relfection. Publicity Materials for the Center for Vocational Reflections, 2000-2011. GACA 284
North Central Study Committee. Surveys, 1952-1953. GACA 283
Central States College Association. "Peace Education and the Church College," January 1974. GACA 282
Department of Scandinavian Studies. Collection of the Department of Scandinavian Studies, 1977-1987. GACA 281
Writing Center. Collection of the Writing Center, October 2000. GACA 280
Norelius, Eric. Collection, ????-????. GACA 279
Center for International and Cultural Education. Records of the Center for International and Cultural Education, 1968-Ongoing. GACA 278
Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library. Collection of the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library, 1863-Ongoing. GACA 277
“The Heart of Gustavus: A Community Conversation,” February 2003. GACA 276
Gustavus Choir and Orchestra Tour Photos, c. 1939. GACA 275
Nelson, Paul A.  Scrapbook and Correspondence, 1939-1941 and 1979-1980. GACA 274
Gusties in Volunteer Endeavors (GIVE).  Collection of GIVE, 1994-2001. GACA 273
Commission Gustavus 150.  Records of Commission Gustavus 150, 2008-2012. GACA 272
Men’s Dormitory [Uhler Hall] Superintendent’s Construction Journal, 1929. GACA 271
Photographs from Ruth and Maurice Swenson, 1929-1932. GACA 270
Photographs of Students at Gustavus Adolphus College and Academy, ca. 1905-1907. GACA 269
Anderson, Esther S. Scrapbook of Esther S. Anderson, 1920. GACA 268
Nussmann, Ruth Deters. Scrapbook of Ruth Deters Nussmann, 1929-1937. GACA 267
Pergol, Angelo and Blanche Isenberg. Memorabilia and Scrapbook of Angelo Pergol and Blanche Isenberg Pergol, 1937-1940. GACA 266
Hedberg, C. Harry. Scrapbooks of C. Harry Hedberg, 1909-1918. GACA 265
Collection of Various Faculty Committees, 1971-Ongoing. GACA 264
Skartvedt, Peter M. Correspondence and Notebook of P.M. Skartvedt, 1916-1952. GACA 263
Letters Regarding Banning and Reinstatement of the Greek System, 1988-1992. GACA 262
Auditorium Souvenir Plate, Colorized, undated. GACA 261
"Science and Man: A Round-Table Discussion with the 1988 Nobel Prize Science Laureates" and Annette Boman, 1988. GACA 260
Navy V-12 Program. Collection of the Navy V-12 Program at Gustavus Adolphus College, 1942-1948, 1987 and 1993. GACA 259
Peace Studies. Collection of the Peace Studies Program, 1970-Ongoing. GACA 258
Forum. Records of the Forum, 1919-1941. GACA 257
Students' Council. Records of Students' Council, 1914-1915. GACA 256
Drache, Hiram M. Student Green Beanie, Fall 1942. GACA 255
New Gymnasium and Endowment Fund Drives, 1919-1927. GACA 254
Inside Gustavus Newsletters, September 2009-Ongoing. GACA 253
Summer Scoop Newsletters, 2001-Ongoing. GACA 252
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Collection of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, 1915-Ongoing. GACA 251
Anderson, Reynold "Ren" E. Gustavus Alumni Fund Awards and Rite of Burial Videotape, 1976, 1987 and 1994. GACA 250
Hoogenboom, Bernard. Collection of Bernard Hoogenboom, 1958-1995. GACA 249
Eckhoff, Cecil F. Cecil "Cec" Eckhoff Memorial Service Videotape, 28 June 1997. GACA 248
Faculty Manual Revision Committee. Collection of the Faculty Manual Revision Committee, 1988-1991. GACA 247
McRostie, Clair. Collection of Clair McRostie, 1963-1980. GACA 246
Robertz, Bill. Teaching and Committee Materials of Bill Robertz, 1961-1994. GACA 245

Crowner, Linnea. Photos of Schumann Tours, 1929-1932.

GACA 244
Elmquist, Axel. Class and Baseball Team Photographs, c. 1902. GACA 243
Chappell Studio. Gustavus Graduation Photos by Chappell Studio, 1984-1987 and 1995-1998. GACA 242
Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Planning Materials, 1989-Ongoing. GACA 241
Montague, Kyle. Collection of Kyle Montague, 1932-1991. GACA 240
Photographs of Campus Buildings, undated. GACA 239
Gustavus Viewbook, c. 1940. GACA 238
Retired Academic and Administrative Personnel Newsletters and Directories, 1992-Ongoing. GACA 237
Black Student Organization.  Collection of the Black Student Organization, 1970-1992. GACA 236
Studio Portraits, c. 1899-1903. GACA 235
LeVander, Bernhard W. Yearbooks and Panoramic Photographs, 1929-1937. GACA 234
Chi Kappa Chi. Collection of Chi Kappa Chi Sorority, 2000-2010. GACA 233
Wicklund Jewelry, c. 1919-c. 1969. GACA 232
Student Activities Office. Collection of the Student Activities Office, 1984-Ongoing. GACA 231
Memorabilia of Gustavus Adolphus College, 1899-Ongoing. GACA 230
Carlson, C. Henry.  Letter Sweater, c. 1935-1939. GACA 229
Omega Kappa Fraternity.  Collection of Omega Kappa Fraternity, 1936-Ongoing. GACA 228
Campus Activities Board.  Collection of the Campus Activities Board, 1952-Ongoing. GACA 227
Peterson, Conrad A.  Records of Conrad Peterson, 1853-1956. GACA 226
Anderson, Reynold and Sylvia.  Nobel Prize Ceremony Trip Collection, 1963-1964. GACA 225
Sociology and Anthropology Department.  Records of Sociology and Anthropology Department, 1947-Ongoing. GACA 224
Gustavus College Women’s Club of the Twin Cities.  Collection of the Gustavus College Women’s Club of the Twin Cities, 1952-1984 and undated. GACA 223
Carlson, Verlin D.  Papers of Verlin D. Carlson, 1963-1998. GACA 222
Abrahamson, Aina M.  Yearbook Memories, 1932-1935. GACA 221
Lipke, Jennifer.  Programs and Memorabilia, 1967-1971. GACA 220
Youngquist, Adeline.  College Zoology Notebook, 1914. GACA 219
Campus History Committee.  Records of the Campus History Committee, 2003-2004. GACA 218
The Book Mark. Collection of the Book Mark, 1940s-April 1982. GACA 217
Residential Life Office.  Collection of the Residential Life Office, 1973-Ongoing. GACA 216
Rahn, H. Robert. S.K. Hall, 1994. GACA 215
Chaplain's Office. Collection of the Chaplain's Office, 1944-Ongoing. GACA 214
Old Main Souvenir Plate, Colorized, undated. GACA 213
Almen-Vickner Foundation. Records of the Almen-Vickner Foundation, April 1945-August 1978. GACA 212
Old Main Souvenir Plate, Black and White, undated. GACA 211
Department of Political Science.  Department of Political Science Newsletters, 1973-1985. GACA 210
January Term and Summer Session Course Planning and Event Materials, 1942-2003. GACA 209
Sponberg, Raymond Hilding. “Raymond’s Stories,” 2004. GACA 208
Department of Communication Studies.  Collection of the Department of Communication Studies, 1898-Ongoing. GACA 207
Promotional Scrapbook for Gustavus and Minnesota Conference, 1921. GACA 206
Office of Public Relations.  Scrapbook Collection from the Office of Public Relations, 1936-1966 and undated. GACA 205
Gustavus Sports Scrapbook Collection, 1930s-1940s. GACA 204
High, Gustaf.  Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings, 1880-1935. GACA 203
Jackson, Alice Horton.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1922-1926. GACA 202
Anderson, Esther S.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1916-1920. GACA 201
Fredricksen, Karen.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1927-1931. GACA 200
Youngdahl, Ben.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1918-1920. GACA 199
Johnson, Raymond. Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, 1953-1955. GACA 198
Swenson, C.A.  Scrapbook and Poems, early 1900s. GACA 197
Nelson, C.A.  Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, c. 1900-1940. GACA 196
Sweeney, Ada.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1915-1919. GACA 195
Peterson, Odrun. Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1926-1929. GACA 194
Rinkel, Frederica.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1922-1926. GACA 193
“Gustavus Views,” Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, 1937-1956. GACA 192
Anderson, Esther E.  Scrapbook of Gustavus Memories, 1922. GACA 191
“Lives of Great Men All Remind Us,” Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, 1920s-1930s. GACA 190
Johnson, Marian Swanson.  Collection of Marian Swanson Johnson, 1926-2006. GACA 189
Petterson, Thelma.  Scrapbook Collection of Thelma Petterson, 1949-1961. GACA 188
Curriculum II.   Records of Curriculum II Program, 1983-Ongoing. GACA 187
Newspaper Collection of the Gustavus Adolphus Journal, 1896-May 1902. GACA 186
Lund, Doniver Adolph. Research Notes and Drafts of Gustavus Adolphus College: A Centennial History, 1957-1963. GACA 185
Nobel Hall of Science Dedication Collection, 1962-1963. GACA 184
Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College. Records of the Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College, 1942-Ongoing. GACA 183
Student Senate.  Collection of the Gustavus Adolphus Student Senate, 1942-Ongoing. GACA 182
Alternative Student Press Publications, 1961-Ongoing. GACA 181
Lind, Melva Elizabeth Helena.  Melva Lind Correspondence and Publications, 1964-1993. GACA 180
Office of Church Relations. Collection of the Office of Church Relations, 1987-Ongoing. GACA 179
Peterson, Robert A. “Recollections and Observations from 38 years of service at Gustavus Adolphus College," 2003. GACA 178
The Gustavus Adolphus College Spire, 1967-1974. GACA 177
The Arts in Lutheran Higher Education.  Conference Proceedings, 21 October 1988. GACA 176
Out of Scandinavia Planning Materials, 1988-1990. GACA 175
Anderson, Dorothy M. Legacy Collection of Dorothy Anderson, 1945-1976. GACA 174
Alpha Phi Pin of Helen Seastrand, 1920s. GACA 173
Theta Pin of Lucille M. Miller, c. 1933. GACA 172
Gustavus Memorabilia, 1892 and undated. GACA 171
Pearson, Neville. Campus Films, 1935-1939. GACA 170
Metzger, Kirk.  Campus Photographs and 75th Theatre Reunion Compact Disks, c. 1970 and 2007. GACA 169
Class Schedules and Lists of Students and Faculty, 1927-Spring 1987. GACA 168
The Best in Gustavus Student Writing, 1990-1999. GACA 167
Oral History Interviews with John Kendall and Chester Johnson, 1994-1995. GACA 166
Physical Education Planning Study. Artist's Model Conception of Lund Center, 1981. GACA 165
Class Minutes and Related Materials, 1892-1956. GACA 164
Benson, Henry N., Sr. and Henry N. Benson, Jr. Materials concerning duties of the Gustavus Board of Trustees and Related Church Organizations, 1877-1980s. GACA 163
Iota Delta Gamma. Records of Iota Delta Gamma Honorary Society, 1940-1982. GACA 161
Anderson, Everett B.  Gustavus Memorabilia and Kappa Sigma Chi materials, 1940s. GACA 160
Holmquist, Wendell.  Photographs of Gustavus Adolphus College, 1937-1941. GACA 159
Conflict Files between Gustavus Adolphus College and Northern Plains Dairy, 1995-2001. GACA 158
Svea Society.  Collection of Svea Förbundet, 1901-1957. GACA 157
Tau Mu Tau.  Collection of Tau Mu Tau Sorority, 1909-Ongoing. GACA 156
Big Stone District Club.  Minute Book of Big Stone District Club, 1920. GACA 155
Aurora Society.  Minute Book of Aurora Society of Gustavus Adolphus Academy, 1928. GACA 154
Association of Women Students.  Collection of Association of Women Students, 1947-1977. GACA 153
Alpha Phi Rho.  Collection of Alpha Phi Rho Sorority, 1915-1995. GACA 152
Buttons of Gustavus Adolphus College, 1912-Ongoing. GACA 151
Deferred Matriculation of Students.  Program Files of Deferred Matriculation of Students (DEMOS) Program, 1968-1970. GACA 150
Christmas at Gustavus, 1899-1995. GACA 149
Manhem. Constitution and Minutes of Manhem, 1916-1931. GACA 148
Lutheran Student Association.  Collection of the Lutheran Student Association, 1937-1962. GACA 147
Commencement Programs and Related Materials, 1877-Ongoing. GACA 146
Glass, Arthur W.  Gradebooks and Papers of Arthur Glass, 1950-1982. GACA 145
Faculty Development Committee.  Records of the Faculty Development Committee, 1982-Ongoing. GACA 144
Committee on the Status of Women at Gustavus.  Records of the Committee on the Status of Women, 1988-2000. GACA 143
Norrgard, Henry Theodore.  Collection of Student Photographs, Clippings, and Memorabilia, 1909-1915. GACA 142
School of Commerce Assignment Book of Albert J. Erickson, 1902. GACA 141
Beta Chi Sorority.  Beta Chi Scrapbook and Banquet Programs, 1976-1980. GACA 140
Slides, Film, and Negatives of the Auditorium Fire, January 1970. GACA 139
Gustavus Republican Club.  Application of Approval for the Gustavus Republican Club, May 1948. GACA 138
Lyric Male Chorus.  Records of the Lyric Male Chorus, 1904-1924. GACA 137
Hendrickson, Roy.  Materials Concerning Roy Hendrickson and the Board of Trustees, 1920s and 1941-1954. GACA 136
Linnaeus Arboretum.  Collection of the Linnaeus Arboretum, 1972-Ongoing. GACA 135
Commercial Enterprise, 1910-1911. GACA 134
Commercial Club.  Minutes and Membership Lists of the Commercial Club, 1901-1906. GACA 133
The College Independent, 27 February-24 April 1891. GACA 132
The Writers Practice. The Writers Practice Ledger of Writings and Drawings, 1882-1884. GACA 131
Phi Alpha.  Collection of the Phi Alpha Fraternity, 1907-1957. GACA 130
Minnesota Beta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu. Collection of Minnesota Beta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, 1927-1942. GACA 129
Gustavus Nursing Students Association.  Proposed Constitution, undated. GACA 128
Turbescon (T.C.O.S.). Collection of Turbescon Secret Society, 1915-1951. GACA 127
Psi Kappa Chi.  Collection of Psi Kappa Chi, 1983. GACA 126
Parliamentary Law Club.  Records of Parliamentary Law Club, 1905. GACA 125
Freeman, Nannie.  Assignment Book with Sample Business Correspondence Letters, Spring 1907. GACA 124
Hamrum, Charles L.  Articles by Charles Hamrum and Miscellaneous Papers, 1986-1997. GACA 123
Correspondence Concerning Student Life in Johnson Hall, 1910-1921. GACA 122
Northwestern College Club of Gustavus Adolphus.  Constitution and Minutes of Northwestern College Club, 1915-1916. GACA 121
College Chapel Improvement Elocutionary Club of Gustavus Adolphus College.  Minutes, January-April 1909. GACA 120
Co-Leaguers.  Reports and Correspondence of the Co-Leaguers, 1957-1958. GACA 119
Minnesota College Club.  Constitution of Minnesota College Club, May 1913. GACA 118
Young Men's Christian Association.  Y.M.C.A Meeting Minutes, 1907-1910. GACA 117
College Park Association.  Records of College Park Association, 1914-1918. GACA 116
Gustavus Adolphus College Aid Society.  Aid Society Records, 1896-1912. GACA 115
Gustavus Adolphus College Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society.  Constitution, 1947. GACA 114
Alpha Phi Omega.  Collection of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, 1948-2013. GACA 113
Alpha Phi Gamma, Alpha Beta Chapter.  Records of Alpha Phi Gamma, Alpha Beta Chapter, 1931-1938. GACA 112
Africa Club. Minutes and Miscellaneous Papers, 1973-1981. GACA 111
Delta Phi Omega.  Collection of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, 1929-Ongoing. GACA 110
Delta Epsilon Omicron. Records of Delta Epsilon Omicron, January 1950. GACA 109
Women’s Basketball.  Tournament Certificates, 1970 and 1971. GACA 108
Athletic Pass issued to Roland Ledin, undated. GACA 107
Aquatic League.  Programs, 1960 and 1961. GACA 106
Gustavus Adolphus Athletic Association. Minutes and Financial Records, 1911-1921 and 1938. GACA 105
Gustavus Adolphus Ski Club.  Checks of Gustavus Adolphus Ski Club, 1955-1956. GACA 104
G Club. Minutes and Programs of the G Club, 1918-1949. GACA 103
Gamma Phi Omega. Records of Gamma Phi Omega Fraternity, 1948-1957 and 1994-1999. GACA 102
Beta Chi Sorority.  History and Program, 1966 and 1975. GACA 101
Student Christian Association. Miscellaneous Papers, 1962. GACA 100
Nu Upsilon Gamma.  Records of Nu Upsilon Gamma Fraternity, 1910-1981. GACA 99
Webster Debating Society.  Constitution and Minutes of the Webster Debating Society, 1910-1915 and undated. GACA 98
Gustie Graduate G-Club.  Booster Club Minutes, February 1964-May 1966. GACA 97
Philomathian Society. Records and Philomathian Review, 1878-1912. GACA 96
Epsilon Pi Alpha.  Records of Epsilon Pi Alpha, 1928-2008. GACA 95
Alexis, Gerhard Theodore.  Correspondence, Teaching, and Publication Materials, 1937-1993. GACA 94
Department of Philosophy.  Newsletters, 2006-2008. GACA 93
Nobel Conference.  Nobel Conference Collection, 1965-Ongoing. GACA 92
Chi Iota Kappa (XIK) Fraternity. Collection of the Chieftains, 1907-1979. GACA 89
Adolphi Society. Records of the Adolphi Society, 1894-1900. GACA 88
Gustavus Adolphus College Conservatory Alumni Association. Records, 1917-1928. GACA 87
Franklin Debating Society of Gustavus Adolphus College. Ledger of Minutes, October 1895-May 1897. GACA 86
Foedus Legale of Gustavus Adolphus College. Ledger of Constitution and Minutes, September 1926-September 1934. GACA 85
Euphronian Debating Society of Gustavus Adolphus College. Minutes and Miscellaneous, 1914-1921. GACA 84
Bull, Mabel Eklund.  Photographs of Gustavus Students, 1912-1913. GACA 83
Young, Evelyn Sponberg.  Evelyn Young Collection, 1938-2005. GACA 82
Photographs of Gustavus Students, c. 1940s. GACA 81
Magnusson, Hulda S. Hulda Magnusson's School Materials, 1903-1937. GACA 80
Gustavus Adolphus College Home Economics Club. Collection, 1948-1962. GACA 79
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations.  Class Letters, 1934-Ongoing. GACA 78
Photos of Minnie S. Erickson and Classmates, c. 1897 and 1915. GACA 77
Sigma Delta Sorority. Collection, 1914-1990. GACA 76
Theta Xi Gamma Sorority. Collection, 1939-Ongoing. GACA 75
Student Papers and Theses, 1895-Ongoing. GACA 74
Young Men's Luther League (1910-16) and Lutheran Brotherhood of Gustavus Adolphus College (1917-28).  Records, 1910-1928. GACA 73
Department of Human Resources.  Faculty, Administrator, and Support Staff Employment Files, 1969-Ongoing. GACA 72
Provost's Office. Records of the Provost's Office, ????-Ongoing. GACA 71
MAYDAY! Peace Conference.  MAYDAY! Collection, 1981-Ongoing. GACA 70
Gustavian and Predecessor Yearbooks, 1904-Ongoing. GACA 69
Dean of Students Office.  Gustavus Guide and Parent’s Handbook, 1943-Ongoing. GACA 68
Academic Policy and Program Committee.  Records of the Academic Policy and Program Committee (AP&P), 1959-1997. GACA 67
Gustaviana.  Gustaviana and Editorial Staff Meeting Minutes, December 1891-May 1895. GACA 66
College Breezes.  College Breezes and Administrative Material, October 1902-May 1920. GACA 65
Agassiz Natural History Society of Gustavus Adolphus College.  Records, 1897-1899. GACA 64
Women’s Athletic Association.  Constitution and Scrapbook of the Women’s Athletic Association, 1922 and 1954-1956. GACA 63
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