GACA Administrative Collections

These online finding aids represent only a small portion of the entire collection. New finding aids are added as collections are processed.

Gustavus Adolphus College Staff Handbook Collection, 1974-Ongoing. GACA 377
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations. Gustavus Alumni Association, 1890-Ongoing. GACA 343
Folke Bernadotte Memorial Foundation. Collection of the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Foundation, 1949-1965. GACA 342
Office of Institutional Advancement.  Collection of the Office of Institutional Advancement, 1870-Ongoing. GACA 322
Nyquist, Jonas Petter Nilson. Scrapbook of J.P. Nyquist, 1876-1901. GACA 316
Swedish Lutheran Board of Education. Records of the Swedish Lutheran Board of Education, 1875-1942. GACA 296
Office of Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations. Directories of Donors, 1958-1999. GACA 293
Commission Gustavus 150.  Records of Commission Gustavus 150, 2008-2012. GACA 272
Anderson, Reynold “Ren” E.  Gustavus Alumni Fund Awards and Rite of Burial Videotape, 1976, 1987 and 1994. GACA 250
Eckhoff, Cecil F. Cecil "Cec" Eckhoff Memorial Service Videotape, 28 June 1997. GACA 248
Retired Academic and Administrative Personnel Newsletters and Directories, 1992-Ongoing. GACA 237
Anderson, Reynold and Sylvia. Nobel Prize Ceremony Trip Collection, 1963-1964. GACA 225
Residential Life Office.  Collection of the Residential Life Office, 1973-Ongoing. GACA 216
Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College. Records of the Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College, 1942-Ongoing. GACA 183
Peterson, Robert A.  “Recollections and Observations from 38 years of service at Gustavus Adolphus College,” 2003. GACA 178
Class Schedules and Lists of Students and Faculty, 1927-Spring 1987. GACA 168
Oral History Interviews with John Kendall and Chester Johnson, 1994-1995. GACA 166
Benson, Henry N., Sr. and Henry N. Benson, Jr. Materials concerning duties of the Gustavus Board of Trustees and Related Church Organizations, 1877-1980s. GACA 163
Deferred Matriculation of Students.  Program Files of Deferred Matriculation of Students (DEMOS) Program, 1968-1970. GACA 150
Hendrickson, Roy. Materials Concerning Roy Hendrickson and the Board of Trustees, 1920s and 1946-1954. GACA 136
Department of Human Resources.  Faculty, Administrator, and Support Staff Employment Files, 1969-Ongoing. GACA 72
Provost's Office. Records of the Provost's Office, ????-Ongoing. GACA 71
Dean of Students Office.  Collection of the Dean of Students Office, 1981-Ongoing. GACA 68