Photos of Minnie S. Erickson and Classmates, c. 1897 and 1915.

GACA Collection 77

Photos of Minnie S. Erickson and Classmates, c. 1897 and 1915.  GACA Collection 77.  1 folder.


The Minnie Erickson (later Minnie Erlandson) collection contains two scrapbook pages consisting of seventeen images taken during and after Erickson’s time as a student at Gustavus Adolphus Academy, a division of Gustavus Adolphus College.  Primarily, images are of Erickson’s friends and classmates.  These include informal snapshots, formal poses, and class portraits.  Additional photographs are of the Arpi Quartett, Old Main, a view towards St. Peter, the exterior of the dining hall, and a group of people outside a place called Randall’s.  A school rouser is included.

Individuals are often labeled.  Those labeled include the following in alphabetical order by surname.

Ahlstrom, Joseph

Anderson, ?

Benson, ?

Benson, Callie

Benson, Carl

Bergquist, Ernie

Bergstrom, ?

Bloom, Olof

Callerstrom, ?

Carlblom, ?

Chilgren, Mae

Edblom, Olof

Erickson, Minnie

Franzen, ?

Greene, ?

Hanson, ?

Hegstrom, ?

Larson, ?

Magny, Clarence

N., Elsie

Nelson, C.E.

Nelson, Florence

Noren, Alice

Oshlund, ?

Ostrom, Myrt

P., Christine

Peterson, Elna

Peterson, Henry

Peterson, Joe,

Peterson, Vic

Rose, Jennie

Rose, Jenny

Rudell, ?

Samuelson, Aug.

Sander, Irene

Sappenfield, ?

Sigurdson, Marie

Swanson, Ernie

Swanson, Fritz

Swanson, Herman

Tegner, Jenny

Thorene, ?

Thorson, ?

Turner, Amy

Youngquist, John


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Photos of Minnie S. Erickson and Classmates, c. 1897 and 1915. GACA Collection 77.  Gustavus Adolphus College Archives, St. Peter, Minnesota.


Ralph Erlandson, Jr. donated this collection during October 2008.


Jeff A. Jenson processed this collection and developed the finding aid during October 2008.


Erickson, Minnie S.--Portraits.
Gustavus Adolphus College--Students--Portraits.
Gustavus Adolphus Academy--Students--Portraits.