LCA Pastors and Laity Collections

These online finding aids represent only a small portion of the entire collection. New finding aids are added as collections are processed. Collections listed in this section were created generally by individuals, and content pertains to their employment or their work for the Lord.

Roth, Paul H. Correspondence of Rev. Paul H. Roth, 1940-1945. LCA 268
McCreary, George B. Correspondence of Rev. George B. McCreary, 1948-58. LCA 263
Arrhenius, Gustaf Emil.  Manuscript Notebook and Historical Notes based on Rektor P. Kerfstedt by Gustaf Arrhenius, 1876-1882. LCA 257
Johnson, Bertha Josina.  Sunday School Copy Book of Bertha Johnson, 1906. LCA 256
Cavallin, John O.  Manuscript for Dogmatik efter Prof. G. Johnson by John O. Cavallin, 1866-1870. LCA 255
Nordin, A. William. Papers of Rev. A. William Nordin, 1907-1950. LCA 254
Collin, Rev. Nicholas.  Marriage Certificate for William Wilson and Margret Hoffa, 21 September 1797. LCA 251
Rubrecht, George Keller. Papers of Rev. George Keller Rubrecht, 1900-1934. LCA 249
Hulstrand, George E.  Collection of George E. Hulstrand, 1942-1978. LCA 248
Stump, Joseph.  Papers of Rev. Joseph Stump, 1887-1935. LCA 246
Mattson, Peter August. Correspondence, Sermons, and Materials of Rev. P.A. Mattson, 1890-1944. LCA 234
Turner, Herman and Edith. Alaska Correspondence of Herman and Edith Turner, 1944-1961. LCA 212
Reusch, Richard Gustavovich.  Papers of Rev. Dr. Richard Reusch, 1891-1995.  LCA 211
Johnson, Daniel H. Research Materials for Loyalty: A Biography of Richard Gustavovich Reusch by Daniel H. Johnson, 1994-1997. LCA 208
Eriksson, Erik Magnus. Papers of Rev. Erik M. Eriksson, 1878-1919. LCA 194
Bernhardson, Drell Earl. Sermon Collection of Rev. Drell Bernhardson, 1942-2002. LCA 192
Olson, Carl Gustaf. Papers of Rev. Carl G. Olson and Family, 1862-1978. LCA 191
Sjöblom, Per. Papers of Rev. Per Sjöblom, 1860-1908. LCA 190
Fremling, Johan. Papers of Rev. Johan Fremling, 1883-1905. LCA 189
Krantz, Johan Ander. Speeches and Papers of Rev. Johan A. Krantz, 1887-1941. LCA 188
Portable Communion Set of Rev. Prof. Arthur C.P. Hays, undated. LCA 170
Lindberg, Peter Mathias. Sermons, Papers, and Materials of Rev. Peter M. Lindberg, 1875-1918. LCA 168
Lindberg, Paul Martin Emanuel.  Sermons, Papers, and Materials of Rev. Paul Lindberg, 1913-1992. LCA 153
Thelander, Hulda E. Collection of Hulda Thelander, 1921-1982. LCA 128
Oslund, J.E. Collection of Rev. J.E. Oslund, 1913-1916, 1919, and 1931-1941. LCA 126
Nelson, Ole Åke. Sermon Outlines of Rev. Ole Åke Nelson, 1895-1910. LCA 125
Peterson, Eric Johan. Papers of Rev. Eric Johan Peterson, 1937, 1941, 1976, and undated. LCA 124
Mattson, Peter August. Records and Diaries of Rev. P.A. Mattson, 1886-1950. LCA 120
Hammarberg, Melvin A. Papers of Reverend Dr. Melvin Hammarberg, 1937-1979. LCA 116
Twin Cities Lutheran Pilgrim Society. Collection of the Twin Cities Lutheran Pilgrim Society, 1946-1996. LCA 115
Olson, John Helmer. Journals and Writings of Reverend John Helmer Olson, 1911-1951. LCA 88
Johnson, Thure P. Sermons and Writings by Rev. Thure P. Johnson, 1933-1976 and 1984. LCA 86
Nelson, Clifford Ansgar. Compositions and Notes of Rev. Clifford Ansgar Nelson, 1930-1962. LCA 35
Pehrson, John. Collection of Rev. John Pehrson, 1854-1896. LCA 34
Swanson, Swan Hjalmar. Papers and Research Works of Rev. S. Hjalmar Swanson, 1875-1964. LCA 33
Johnson, Emeroy. Collection of Emeroy Johnson. LCA 32
Bomgren, Carl Oscar. Sermons and Papers of Rev. Carl Oscar Bomgren, 1907-1958. LCA 28
Collin, Carl J. Sermons and Personal Papers of Rev. Carl J. Collin, 1879-1903. LCA 27
Larson, Carl A. Sermons, Speeches, and Papers of Rev. Carl A. Larson, 1891-1925. LCA 26
Swenson, Victor and Evodia (Olson). Missionary Related Correspondence and Photographs, 1902-1971. LCA 25
Benson, Marie. Marie’s Memoirs – A Farmer’s Daughter in Africa, 2006. LCA 19
Akins, Ethel Muriel. Personal Papers of Ethel M. Akins, 1913-1980. LCA 18
Johnson, Ruth Nelson and Hobart Johnson. Correspondence, Hymn Books, and Miscellaneous Materials of Ruth and Hobart Johnson, 1931-1984. LCA 15
Bergstrom, Marie Norberg. Zamzam Survivors Collection, 1932-2006. LCA 10