LCA Organization Collections

These online finding aids represent only a small portion of the entire collection. New finding aids are added as collections are processed.


Augustana Lutheran Church. Collection of Luther Leagues from the Minnesota and Red River Valley Conferences, 1896-1966. LCA 266
United Lutheran Church in America. English Evangelical Synod of the Northwest. Materials of the Minnesota State Luther League, 1899-1962. LCA 259
The Evergreens Society. Record Book of The Evergreens Society, 1963-1977. LCA 219
Lutheran Church Library Association. Collection of the Lutheran Church Library Association, 1933-2002. LCA 171
Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary. Collection of the Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1920-1975. LCA 169
Collection of the Bethphage Mission, Axtell, Nebraska, 1914-1970. LCA 152
Financial Records of Warren Hospital and Emmaus Lutheran Home, Warren, Minnesota, 1953-1980. LCA 150
Augustana Colonization Association. Collection of the Augustana Colonization Association, 1873-1927. LCA 133
Red River Valley Conference. Augustana Lutheran Church Women. Collection of the Red River Valley Conference’s Women’s Missionary Society and the Augustana Lutheran Church Women, 1913-1962. LCA 123
Records of Bethany Home, Alexandria, Minnesota, 1913-1976. LCA 119
Lakeside Bible Class. Records of Lakeside Bible Class, Oshawa Township, Minnesota, 1908-1940. LCA 114
Vasa Children’s Home. Collection of the Vasa Children’s Home, 1865-1997. LCA 29