LCA Miscellaneous Collections

These online finding aids represent only a small portion of the entire collection. New finding aids are added as collections are processed.

Augustana Pension and Aid Fund. Collection of the Augustana Pension and Aid Fund, 1915-1954. LCA 265
Statistics of Swedes in America, 1910 and 1930. LCA 264
Miscellaneous Publications Relating to Lutheran Higher Education, 1886-1987. LCA 262
Lutheran Church in America.  Minnesota Synod.  Task Force Toward Wholeness for Women and Men.  “Partners in Servanthood” Slideshow, c. 1980. LCA 261
Lutheran Resettlement Service of Minnesota. Correspondence of the Lutheran Resettlement Service of Minnesota, 1947-1955. LCA 260
ELCA Higher Education Trends Analysis. Reports of the ELCA Higher Education Trends Analysis, 1987-1995. LCA 258
Church Banners, c. 1983. LCA 247
Lutheran Lake Camp. Scrapbook of Lutheran Lake Camp, Lake Independence, Minnesota, 1935-1937. LCA 210
Lutheran Green Lake Camp. Scrapbook of Lutheran Lake Camp of Green Lake, Spicer, Minnesota, 1940. LCA 209
Lutheran Minnesota Conference. Commission to Study the Place of Gustavus in Life of the Church. Reports and Research of the Commission to Study the Place of Gustavus in Life of the Church, 1951-1954. LCA 206
Mankato Lutheran Home. Materials of the Mankato Lutheran Home, 1958-1967. LCA 149
National Lutheran Council: Division of American Missions. “If I Be Lifted Up” Slideshow, 1954. LCA 135
Bethesda Hospital. Documents Concerning the Establishment and History of Bethesda Hospital and Deaconess Home in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1883-1969. LCA 134
Jerusalem Society. Financial Records of the Jerusalem Society, 1927-1942. LCA 131
Augustana Lutheran Church. Bureau of Press, Radio and Television. Press Releases of Bureau of Press, Radio and Television, 1960-1962. LCA 129
Collection of Luther Academy and College, Wahoo, Nebraska, 1883-1929. LCA 122
Emmanuel Nursing Home. Audit Reports of Emmanuel Nursing Home, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, 1971-1976. LCA 118
North Star College. Collection of North Star College, Warren, Minnesota, 1908-1928. LCA 113
Northwestern College. Collection of Northwestern College, 1900-1944. LCA 57
Anderson, Minnie E. Photographs and Documents about Hope Academy, 1889-1896. LCA 46
Lutheran Council in the United States of America. Office of Communication and Interpretation. News Bureau. Press Releases of the News Bureau, 1973-1982. LCA 24
National Lutheran Council. Division of Public Relations. News Bureau. Press Releases of the News Bureau, 1949-1962. LCA 23
Ryden, Anders Johan. Scrapbooks of A.J. Ryden, 1884-1889. LCA 21
Twin City Lutheran Relocation Hostel. Records of the Twin City Lutheran Relocation Hostel (Nisei Hostel). 1943-1948. LCA 17