LCA Miscellaneous Collections

These online finding aids represent only a small portion of the entire collection. New finding aids are added as collections are processed.

Mankato Lutheran Home. Materials of the Mankato Lutheran Home, 1958-1967. LCA 149
National Lutheran Council: Division of American Missions. “If I Be Lifted Up” Slideshow, 1954. LCA 135
Bethesda Hospital. Documents Concerning the Establishment and History of Bethesda Hospital and Deaconess Home in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1883-1969. LCA 134
Jerusalem Society. Financial Records of the Jerusalem Society, 1927-1942. LCA 131
Augustana Lutheran Church. Bureau of Press, Radio and Television. Press Releases of Bureau of Press, Radio and Television, 1960-1962. LCA 129
Collection of Luther Academy and College, Wahoo, Nebraska, 1883-1929. LCA 122
Emmanuel Nursing Home. Audit Reports of Emmanuel Nursing Home, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, 1971-1976. LCA 118
North Star College. Collection of North Star College, Warren, Minnesota, 1908-1928. LCA 113
Northwestern College. Collection of Northwestern College, 1900-1944. LCA 57
Anderson, Minnie E. Photographs and Documents about Hope Academy, 1889-1896. LCA 46
Lutheran Council in the United States of America. Office of Communication and Interpretation. News Bureau. Press Releases of the News Bureau, 1973-1982. LCA 24
National Lutheran Council. Division of Public Relations. News Bureau. Press Releases of the News Bureau, 1949-1962. LCA 23
Ryden, Anders Johan. Scrapbooks of A.J. Ryden, 1884-1889. LCA 21
Twin City Lutheran Relocation Hostel. Records of the Twin City Lutheran Relocation Hostel (Nisei Hostel). 1943-1948. LCA 17