GWiL Homecoming Guest Speaker

October 4, 2014

"What If and Why: Living a Learning Life" - Katie Van Sluys '94

Homecoming College - 10:00 a.m. - Beck Hall 111


Katie’s life journey since graduating from Gustavus has taken her to Minnesota classrooms; Mexican schools, cities, and town; the Indiana and DePaul University communities and now to the Pacific Katie Van Sluysshore.  In her career as an educator she has worked with elementary, bilingual, international, and college-level learners.  As an Associate Professor specializing in literacy, she worked with schools, teachers and administrators to invite students into authentic, challenging, and meaningful learning.  Whether developing and facilitating summer writing institutes for educators, traveling with undergraduates, working with international faculty, or serving on professional organization leadership teams, Katie’s interest has always been focused on people, innovation, and change to day-by-day create the best possible world.  Katie has authored numerous articles and two books, What if and why?: Literacy invitations in Multilingual Classrooms (Heinemann, 2005) and Becoming Writers in the Elementary Classroom: Visions and Decisions (NCTE, 2011). Today, Katie is a member of the Education team with Apple Inc. 

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