LALACS Major & Minor



Requirements for the Major: Minimum 9 courses, including:

1) HIS 160 - Intro to Latin American History (core course)
2) Electives:  Choose 5 courses from three different areas (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/ Religion)
See course list below.
3) Field Study (Must be taken during or after sophomore year) This is an experiential learning one-credit course fulfilled through an independent study or an internship. You choose this in consultation with the LALACS adviser.
4) Capstone:  Must be taken your senior year. This is a one-credit course offered regularly. The capstone is an intensive course where each student in the class produces a senior thesis: an individual, independent project that will deepen your knowledge of Latin America. With guidance and support from LALACS faculty, you write a substantial scholarly paper and/or produce an original creative work. Class time will be spent discussing research methods and sharing ideas with other LALACS seniors.
5) Language requirement: While at Gustavus you must take a language course, either Spanish 200 or French 201 or above. If you study Portuguese or another language spoken in Latin America, you also need to reach the intermediate level.

Electives: Choose 5 courses:  at least one in Latin American Arts in Context, 1 in Humanities, and 1 in Social Sciences and Religion. At least one in the 300 level.

Latin American Arts in Context
Maya and Mexican Art and Archaeology ART-265 (WRIT D)
Film in Spanish SPA-390
Performance in the Americas – T/D 265 (WRIT-D)
Spanish American Culture SPA-320

Francophone African/Caribbean Literatures and Cultures FRE-364 (WRIT-D)
Colonial Latin America HIS-261
Argentina HIS-262
Cuba HIS-263
The Mexican Revolution HIS-264
Mexican American History HIS-265
Latin America and the United States HIS-361(WRITD)
The Age of Conquest HIS-362 (WRIT-D)
Introduction to Literature in Spanish SPA-280 (WRIT-D)
Masterworks of Spanish American Literature SPA-322
Women Writers in Spanish SPA-375

Social Sciences and Religion
Central America/Caribbean GEG-233
Latin American Politics POL-230
Religion and Politics in Latin America REL-273
Globalization S/A-243
African Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean S/A-258
God and Globalization REL-293
Liberation and the 2/3 World REL-383 (WRIT-D)


Requirements for the Minor: Minimum 6 courses, including:
1. SPA-200, Intermediate Spanish, or above or FRE-202, Intermediate French II, or above.
2. HIS-160, Introduction to Latin America.
3. Four courses from three departments, selected from the approved list below:
◦ ART-265 Maya and Mexican Art and Archaeology
◦ FRE-364 Francophone African/Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
◦ GEG-233 Central America/Caribbean
◦ HIS-261 Colonial Latin America
◦ HIS-262 Argentina
◦ HIS-263 Cuba
◦ HIS-264 The Mexican Revolution
◦ HIS-265 Mexican American History
◦ HIS-361 Latin America and the United States
◦ HIS-362 The Age of Conquest
◦ POL-230 Latin American Politics
◦ REL-273 Religion and Politics in Latin America
◦ REL-383 Liberation Struggles In the 2/3 World
◦ REL-293 God and Globalization
◦ SPA-280 Intro to Literature in Spanish
◦ SPA-320 Spanish American Culture
◦ SPA-322 Masterworks of Spanish American Literature
◦ SPA-375 Women Writers in Spanish
◦ SPA-390 Film in Spanish
◦ S/A-243 Globalization
◦ S/A-258 African Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean
◦ T/D-265 Performance in the Americas

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