Responsible Conduct of Research Resources

John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning

Gustavus' Policies for Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Misconduct

National Ethics CORE Website: A wealth of material on Responsible Conduct of Research. See, for example, the section on Resources -> Teaching Materials, and also the RCR Modules from CMDITR (which are used for Gustavus' RCR training)

National Ethics CORE Two Minute Challenges: These are one-paragraph summaries of some ethical issue related to research. Each includes a full study guide, and many include links discussing the actual events summarized in the challenge

RCR Videos produced by Office of Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: This is an excellent series of roughly 3 minute long videos that illustrate "real world" situations where Responsible Conduct of Research issues might arise

National Academy of Sciences book (free PDF download) On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research, Third Edition (2009)

The Lab: A very Interesting interactive simulation of lab environment where you can take on role of researcher, grad student, post doc, or research integrity officer dealing with a Research Misconduct issue.