Faculty Development: 2001 Summer Workshop

2001 Bush Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop
"Active Learning"

"Active learning" describes a combination of teaching approaches designed to encourage students to take an active role in the learning process. Based on research that shows students' comprehension and retention increases when they are actiely engaged in classroom work, active learning approaches try to maximize student involvement in classes of all sizes and disciplines.

During the 2001 Bush Teaching Workshop, we explored the theory behind and practiced various active learning strategies. Four guest speakers from Bethel College facilitated the workshop: Faye Day, Jill Martin, Jay Rasmussen, and Louise Wilson.

Gustavus Adolphus Faculty Participants

Laura Behling, Assistant Professor of English
Nancy Butler, Assistant Professor of Biology
Jerry Davila, Assistant Professor of History
Carolyn Dobler, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faith Kirkham Hawkins, Assistant Professor of Religion
Jeanne Herman, Professor of Health and Exercise Science
Bruce Johnson, Professor of Economics and Management
Julie Maxson, Assistant Professor of Geology
Moira McDermott, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Terry Morrow, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Carolyn O’Grady, Associate Professor of Education
Rebecca Taylor, Assistant Professor of English
Phil Voight, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Florence Amamoto, Associate Professor of English
Will Freiert, Professor of Classics
Judy Gardner, Associate Professor of Nursing
Rob Gardner, Professor of Theatre
Mike Haeuser, Professor; College Archivist and Research Librarian
John Holte, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Horst Ludwig, Professor of German
Barbara Simpson, Professor of Psychology
Loreli Steuer, Instructor of English
Joyce Sutphen, Assistant Professor of English