Mentoring Links:

1. The Kendall Center Mentoring booklet

2. The University of Michigan’s Giving and Getting Career Advice:  A Guide for Junior and Senior Faculty
This is an excellent publication that provides mentoring advice for junior and more senior colleagues on a wide range of topics including, teaching, research, service, securing a permanent position, and preparing for a tenure review.

3.  Inside Higher Education essay
This essay offers advice and encouragement to new faculty who are in their first academic position and might be wondering if they truly “belong.”

4.  Emory University’s tips and resources for mentors and mentees.
Links #1 and #2 provide short and sound advice to those individuals who are entering a mentor / mentee relationship.

5.  University of Washington publication that has advice for department chairs on how to assist and mentor new faculty in their departments. This is an excellent resource for department chairs that have a new faculty member in their department.  It provides advice on how to integrate the new faculty member in their department and how to be proactive in order to avoid problems before they have a chance to develop.

6.  An annotated bibliography of mentoring related resources.
This link provides a list of mentoring related academic studies for those who would like additional resources.  Topics explored in the cited references include the benefits of effective mentoring, collective versus individual mentoring, examples of effective and ineffective mentoring, and barriers to effective mentoring among others.