The Kendall Center offers confidential, one-on-one or group consultations on teaching and learning, professional development, technology, and research practice. Faculty may request consultations on a broad range of topics including: revising syllabi and assignments; encouraging group discussion; making the most of classroom diversity; working with English Language Learners; understanding and reasonably accommodating student disabilities; universal design; maintaining a writing habit; developing a research agenda; working with editors and responding to reviewers’ comments; mentoring and finding a mentor; mid-career faculty planning; life-work balance; the art of worthwhile meetings; integrating technology into the classroom; globalizing the syllabus; engaging in faculty governance. Where Kendall Center staff have expertise, they will conduct the consultations. When faculty request consultations for topics outside the expertise of the Kendall Center, the director will arrange consultations with appropriate members of the Gustavus community.

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