Procedures & Policies

Nondiscrimination Statement:

It is the policy of Gustavus Adolphus College to comply with all laws and regulations governing the provision of equal employment and equal educational opportunities. Therefore, decisions affecting the provision of educational services and decisions affecting employment opportunities will be made without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, status with regard to public assistance or other categories protected by federal, state or local anti-discrimination laws.

Gustavus Course Numbers:

Level I courses (numbers between 100 and 199) are entry level and are suitable for all students. With some departments, e.g., English and History, Level I courses are those broader in scope which may deal with large time periods or whole genres.

Level II courses (numbers between 200 and 299) are generally accessible by all students but may require specific background. For some departments the only distinction between Levels I and II is that Level II courses focus more narrowly. It pays to check with the instructor if you are uncertain about your ability to work successfully in a Level II course.

Level III courses (number 300 to 399) are for the more advanced student. The instructor's permission should be sought by any students considering a Level III course who are unsure of their preparation.

January Interim Experience Policies:

(for students matriculating after Fall, 2016)

  1. Graduation Requirements:
    Satisfactory participation is required in two full January interim terms (grade of P, or for courses with a letter grade, an A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, or D). If a student takes courses for more than two full interim term courses, these credits will not count toward graduation. Students will not receive credit for an interim course (4-1-4 exchange included) if the course is a similar one they've already completed for credit
  2. Major/Area Credit:
    Any Interim course approved to fulfill a major or a general education area requirement cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis and will not count toward graduation as part of the required 32 semester course credits. It will count toward the two required January interim credits.
  3. First Year Students:
    First-year students are strongly encouraged to enroll in an IEX course. First year students may take a Gustavus Travel Course (GTC) or UMAIE course. First year students may not take Career Explorations and Independent Studies.
  4. Grades:
    Grades not calculated in the grade-point average are P (pass), I (incomplete), W (withdrawal). A student may withdraw from an IEX course anytime prior to the end of the third day without having their course participation recorded on the transcript. Withdrawals after this time will be recorded as a "W". In courses with a grading option, students will select (with their instructor) their option by the end of the third day of the interim term (the drop-add deadline). A student may not withdraw from a month-long course after the third week of the interim term. A student may not withdraw from a two-week course after the first week of the course. Courses for which a student is registered after this time will receive a final grade. Non-Gustavus interim term courses accepted in transfer shall not be calculated in the grade-point average (UMAIE courses are an exception). Gustavus IEX letter grades, including failing ("F") grades, are included in the grade-point average calculation.
  5. Cancellation:
    Courses may be subject to cancellation if they enroll five or fewer students per faculty member teaching the course.
  6. Participation:
    Students on academic or disciplinary probation are not permitted to enroll in a career exploration, or in UMAIE courses or other off-campus interim courses. This means that students on probation in the spring may not pre-register for a January travel course, and students on probation in the fall will not be registered for off-campus courses for the following January, even if they were on the list in the spring or summer.
  7. Registration:
    IEX course registration follows the same procedure as regular registration (i.e., priority by class year), with exceptions: first-year students register first, followed by sophomores, juniors, and then seniors.
  8. Overloads:
    Students may enroll in a maximum of 1.25 courses during the interim term. However, fractional courses beyond 1.0 may not be used to reduce the requirements that each student be enrolled for a normal one-course load in at least two interims.
  9. Course By Arrangement:
    There will be no provision for Course by Arrangement in the interim, since IEX courses are deemed to be non-equivalent to regular semester courses.
  10. Independent Study:
    Independent study courses will be counted as fulfilling an IEX requirement, but will not count for major or general education credit or toward the 32 semester courses required for graduation.
  11. Travel Courses:
    International or domestic travel study courses, including UMAIE courses, will be counted as fulfilling an IEX requirement, but will not count for major or general education credit, except when such a credit exemption is granted in advance.
  12. Housing Policy:
    While Gustavus requires only two IEX credit to fulfill graduation requirements, students are allowed to enroll for the interim term each year. Out of courtesy and respect for those who are enrolled, the College has established a policy that non-registered students may not occupy campus housing during the interim term. Exceptions for special circumstances may be granted on a case-by-case basis by appealing to the Director of Residential Life.
  13. Career Exploration:
    (CE) is an academic program of the College. Course credit must be sponsored by a faculty member from an academic department whose discipline is related to the career exploration. The course shall be graded on a pass/fail basis. See the Career Center for registration procedures.
  14. Transferring to Another 4-1-4 Institution:
    Students who would like to attend a participating 4-1-4 college during Interim should contact the IEX office. A student who is on academic or disciplinary probation will not be eligible to attend another 4-1-4 institution. See the IEX Office for 4-1-4 transfer policies and procedures.

Career Exploration Policies

Career Exploration (CE) is an academic program of the College. Course credit must by sponsored by a faculty member from an academic department whose discipline is related to the career exploration, and is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Do NOT register for a class if you are intending to find a Career Exploration!

Career Exploration Registration Procedures:

If you have arranged a Career Exploration (CE) site before the November registration period, you will register once, through the Career Center. Attend an Internship Orientation session for details. OR

If you intend to find a Career Exploration site for January, but it is not finalized by November, you must Pre-Register for Course No. NDL-068 during your regularly scheduled registration time.

Students who have no CE site finalized at the time of pre-registration will need to follow the standard procedures outlined in the January IEX Student Guide; submitting a job description for approval and a signed CE Registration Form/Learning Contract to the Career Center.

Registration forms must be completed and returned to the Career Center. The registration form and deadline dates may be found at :

Note: you will not be allowed to register for a Career Exploration after November registration. The Career Center will only process Career Exploration registration for:

  1. Those individuals who have returned a completed registration form/learning contract to the Career Center prior to November registration and
  2. Those who pre-registered for NDL-068 during the November registration period.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Pick up the Student Guide to January IEX Career Exploration booklet from the Career Center, located in the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center. You are responsible for procedures and deadlines covered in the Guide.
  2. Complete a "Student Information Sheet" (also available in the Career Center) and return it to the Internship program staff in the Career Center.
  3. Securing a Career Exploration:
    1. Look through the file of past CE sites in the Career Center, or arrange an opportunity with contacts of your own. All job descriptions need to be reviewed and approved by the Internship Director.
    2. Submit a letter of application to an employer, arrange a meeting/interview, and follow-up on the contact. Career Center staff will be happy to help with site location information, resume, and letter writing, and interviewing advice.

Transferring to Another 4-1-4 Institution:

  1. Choosing a College:
    Students who would like to attend another 4-1-4 college during January IEX may choose from approximately fifty institutions in the United States. A student who is on academic or disciplinary probation will not be eligible to attend another 4-1-4 institution.
  2. Catalogs:
    The January IEX Office will be receiving interim catalogs from some of the 4-1-4 colleges sometime in October. Catalogs are for the use of all students and may not be removed from the office. Many of the college catalogs are available on-line.
  3. Grades:
    January IEX courses taken at other institutions which are graded pass/fail will not count unless the institution can provide a statement that a pass means a grade of "C" or above.
    Non-Gustavus January IEX courses accepted in transfer are not calculated in the grade-point average (UMAIE Courses are an exception). Gustavus January IEX letter grades do get calculated in the grade-point average, including fail, "F".
  4. Credit:
    If students transfer to another 4-1-4 college for January IEX where most or all of the offerings carry only three semester hours of credit (rather than 4.0 semester hours required at Gustavus), students may enroll in a three semester hour course, with the approval of the January IEX Office. Please note that a three-semester-hour course transfers to Gustavus as .75 course.
  5. Career Exploration:
    Students who sign up for a Career Exploration at another institution must have prior approval from the Internship Director to insure proper credit.
  6. Tuition and Fees:
    Gustavus has a "tuition waiver agreement" with a number of other 4-1-4 colleges. This means that GAC students may attend such a college without paying any additional tuition beyond that paid at Gustavus. Check with the January IEX Office for a list of schools with which we have tuition waiver agreements.
    Not all 4-1-4 colleges are willing to waive tuition charges for Gustavus students. Some have one-for-one exchange programs; that is, a GAC student may attend that college tuition free if one of their students attends Gustavus. Other colleges simply charge a tuition fee. Colleges also differ with regard to their housing policy for visiting students. Campus residence is required at some institutions, while others may have little or no housing available for visiting students. Room and meal plan fees range from $500-$1000.
    Note: Each student is responsible for all expenses incurred at another college - These may include: Tuition charges (if any), room and meal plan fees, transportation, damage deposits and application fees.
  7. Procedure for Exchange Applications:
    1. Consult the January IEX catalog or website of the college you wish to attend. Determine from the catalog or website:
      1. The registration deadline for exchange applications.
      2. The housing policy for visiting students.
      3. The total additional cost to you for registration, tuition, special course fees, and room and meal plan.
      4. Select the course(s) in which you wish to enroll. Unless you are interested in transferring to another college only for the purpose of taking a specified course, we suggest that you list more than one course in order of preference.
      5. Obtain an exchange application form from the January IEX Office and complete it.
      6. Obtain the signature of your academic advisor.
      7. Return the complete form to the January IEX Office along with a check for the application fee (if applicable). The check should be made out to the school you wish to attend, NOT GAC. The January IEX Office cannot accept cash. DO NOT SEND YOUR APPLICATION FORM DIRECTLY TO THE SCHOOL YOU WISH TO ATTEND - IT MUST GO THROUGH THE JANUARY IEX OFFICE.

The January IEX Office serves as exchange coordinator for students wishing to transfer to other 4-1-4 institutions for January IEX. The office is located in the Carlson Administration Building, Office of the Provost area.

Note: Students may not apply directly to another 4-1-4 institution. All exchange applications must go through the January IEX Office. Students who plan to enroll at another college should not register for a Gustavus on-campus course, since the Registrar's Office will not maintain a double registration for any student. To insure credit, students who attend another institution for January IEX should request a transcript to be forwarded to the Gustavus Registrar's Office.

Students Visiting Gustavus Adolphus During January Interim Experience:

  1. Tuition:
    Gustavus Adolphus College will agree to waive tuition for students from other 4-1-4 institutions that agree to do the same for GAC students. In the event that such a waiver agreement is not possible, there will be a charge of tuition plus an administrative fee.
  2. Housing:
    Visiting students are normally required to live in residence halls or other College owned housing, although exceptions may be made through the Office of Residential Life upon application. If the student requests and receives permission to live off campus during the month, verification of residence needs to be provided to the Office of Residential Life.
  3. Room and Meal Plan Fees:
    Room and meal plan fees need to be paid. A housing deposit of $50 is required to confirm registration for January IEX. This deposit is applied to the housing fee. Payment in full is preferred on the first day of class. Transcripts will be forwarded to the student's home institution after all fees are paid in full.
  4. Course Credit:
    Unless otherwise specified, all January IEX courses carry only one course credit (4.0 semester hours).
  5. Application Deadline:
    Please contact the January Term Office (507-933-7541) for the application deadline, although early application is advised. There is no application fee.
  6. Independent Study:
    Visiting students cannot participate in Independent Studies at GAC.