January Term Mission Statement

The mission of January Term is to provide faculty and students with a short academic term that offers capacity for intense focus. Faculty can leverage these unique January Term qualities in developing courses and other learning opportunities that enrich and expand upon the College’s regular semester curricular offerings. The institutional mission of the College calls for balancing educational tradition with innovation; study within a general framework that is interdisciplinary and international in perspective; and preparation of students to lead lives of leadership and service. The goals of January Term are consistent with this larger institutional mission. January courses will provide opportunities for learning both on campus and off campus through:

  1. International and domestic study away courses
  2. Career exploration and vocational reflection
  3. Courses that may satisfy either general education or major requirements
  4. Independent studies and student/faculty collaborative research and creativity
  5. Institutional exchanges with St. Olaf College
  6. Special opportunities for students to continue their transition to college life and the greater expectations placed on adult learners.

Parsing the mission statement: January Term courses offer faculty and students opportunities to take advantage of the unique qualities of an interim term. These include the opportunity to engage in an immersive experience and to engage in experiential learning. Under our new January Term (2021 onward), students will also be able to participate in distinctive, intensive experiences for their majors, minors or Challenge Curriculum requirements.