Independent Study

Students may pursue individualized courses of study for Independent Study credit in courses 291 and 391. Each department will provide guidelines specific to that department. The student must obtain permission from the department and the instructor directing the study. The course will be entered on the student’s transcript under the name “Independent Study.” The registration deadline for January Independent Studies is found here:

The student who wishes to design a course of study and pursue it independently should write out a proposal for an Independent Study course and take the written proposal to the instructor. The proposal must contain, in addition to a statement of intention, a list of the readings, experiments, projects, and reports which the student proposes to complete in the course. If the instructor and department approve the proposal, the proposal form will be signed. 

A student wishing to complete an Independent Study course in an international location must submit their completed application to the Center for International and Cultural Education according to the deadlines printed on the proposal form available in the Office of the Registrar.

First-year students may not enroll in an independent study for January.