IRB Application Instructions

In order to ensure that the College effectively fulfills its responsibility, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is authorized to review and approve all research involving human subjects conducted under the College's auspices, regardless of funding source, including student research projects that utilize human subjects drawn from outside the classroom.

2012-2013 Institutional Review Board

Education Division
Karl Larson, Health and Exercise Science
Fine Arts Division
Beatriz Torres, Communication Studies
Humanities Division
Rebecca Fremo, English
Natural Science anddtathematics Division
Margaret Bloch-Qazi, Biology
Social Division
Marie Walker, Psychology
Dean’s Representative
Shanon Nowell, Assistant to the Provost
At-Large Representative (Community)
Liz Osborne, Rivers Edge Clinic
Administration Representative (Chair of IRB)
David Menk, Director of Institutional Research