Coed Tennis Rules

YOU MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES!!!Please do not wear any shoes that will leave black marks on the courts. Running shoes and cross trainers are prohibited.

Each team will consist of 2-3 male players and 2-3 female players. Feel free to bring your own racquets and tennis balls. If you don’t have any, the IM department will supply them for you.

The contest will be broken down into three 25-minute segments using a modified World Team Tennis format. Scoring is No-ad (the first person or team to four points wins the game. If the score is 3-3 the receivers chose who will return the final point. In mixed doubles on the 3-3 point the male serves to the male of the female to the female.

Each match ends when one player or team reaches six games or 25 minutes expires. The official blows a whistle at the beginning and end of each team period. No more points can be played after the final whistle and only completed games are counted. Points in progress when the whistle blows count.

The total games won after each match are added to the team total. If the total games are tied after the mixed doubles, then each team picks a mixed doubles pair to play a 12 point tie-breaker (first team to 7 points and 2 points ahead). In this case the final match score would reflect a one game difference between the two teams. For example, the final score could be 14-13

Segment 1: Men's and women's singles: 1 men's match & 1 women's match

Segment 2: Men's and women's doubles: 1 men's match & 1 women's match

Segment 3: Mixed doubles: 2 mixed doubles matches


*You will use two courts for each segment.

*When the 25 minutes are up, the game stops immediately.I

*Every member of the team MUST play at least one complete segment of the competition.

*If you are not playing a segment of the contest you use this time as rest.

*Tennis Shoes only!!!