Public Health Minor

Health and Exercise Science

Public Health Minor:  The minor in Public Health provides an introduction to the basic concepts and principles related to the provision and understanding of community-based health services and programs.  The minor has both a required core and required elective courses as follows:

  1. Required Core: 4 courses.
    NUR-253, Introduction to Public Health; HES-211, Health Behavior; HES-227, Health Program Planning; HES-238, Introduction to Epidemiology.

  2. Elective Courses: 2 courses from:
    E/M-244, Economics of Health Care; HES-212, Lifespan Development; HES-236, Systems and Modalities in Alternative Health; NUR-201, Pre-Health Professions; NUR-202, Research in Health Science; REL-243 Ethics and Medicine.

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