Physical Education Major

PE Major

Physical Education majors prepare for a career in teaching at the elementary, middle school, or high school level. This major is typically combined with a second academic major such as health education or athletic training. Graduates teach and coach in K-12 schools and many pursue graduate study in physical education, exercise physiology, adapted physical education, sport psychology, sport pedagogy, sports medicine, biomechanics, or motor learning.

When completing this major, students also automatically complete the Coaching minor which satisfies standards created by the state of Minnesota and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. Students complete coursework designed to improve knowledge of coaching fundamentals, facilitate skill development, and enhance safety.

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Requirements for completion of a major in Physical Education (8.75 courses):

Number Name Credits
HES 090 Senior Portfolio .000 course
HES 094 Methods Practicum .000 course
HES 200 First Aid and CPR .25 course
HES 201 Personal and Community Health WRITD 1.0 course
HES 202 Aquatics/WSI .5 course
HES 205 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries .5 course
HES 207 Motor Learning .5 course
HES 208 Physiology of Exercise for P.E. Majors and Coaches .5 course
HES 209 History and Principles of Physical Education WRITD .5 course
HES 218 Foundations of Coaching .5 course
HES 232 Elementary Physical Education Content and Methods 1.0 course
HES 233 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 1.0 course
HES 304 Teaching Methods: Adventure Activities, Net Games, and Target and Fielding Games 1.0 course
HES 305 Kinesiology .5 course
HES 306 Adaptive Physical Education .5 course
HES 316 PE Curriculum .5 course
T/D 102 or 105 Beginning Modern Dance 1.0 course

Requirements for a major in Physical Education Teaching:

To earn a Physical Education Teaching major, students complete all requirements for the Physical Education major with the addition of HES 094-Methods Practicum, and all courses required for teacher licensure (see Education Department for details on licensure).