Health Education Major

Requirements for completion of a major in Health Education-Effective Fall 2013
(8.25 courses):

HES 090 Senior Portfolio .00 course
HES 200 First Aid and CPR .25 course
HES 201 WRITD Personal and Community Health 1.0 course
HES 217 Drug Education and Prevention .5 course
HES 222 Nutrition and Exercise .5 course
HES 223 Stress Management .5 course
HES 226 Community Health Education .5 course
HES 229 Community Health for the School Health Educator .5 course
HES 230 Sexuality Education .5 course
HES 233 NASP Human Anatomy and Physiology I 1.0 course
HES 355 WRITD The School Health Program 1.0 course
HES 360 Instructional Strategies in Health Education  1.0 course
HES 397 WRITD Senior Seminar 1.0 course

Requirements for a major in Health Education Teaching:

To earn a Health Education Teaching major, students complete all requirements for the Health Education major with the addition of all courses required for teacher licensure (see Education Department for details on licensure).

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