Coaching Minor

The coaching minor may be completed by any Gustavus student. It satisfies standards created by the state of Minnesota and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. Students complete coursework designed to improve knowledge of coaching fundamentals, facilitate skill development, and enhance safety.

Please contact Bonnie Reimann at 507.933.7613 for additional information.

Requirements for a Minor in Coaching:

Required Core: 2.5 course credits

Number Name Credits
HES 200 First Aid and CPR .25 course
HES 205 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries .5 course
HES 207 Motor Learning .5 course
HES 208 Physiology of Exercise for P.E. Majors and Coaches .5 course
HES 218 Foundations of Coaching .5 course
HES 251-285 one coaching practicum .25 course

Required Electives: 1.5 course credits selected from the following:

Number Name Credits
HES 116 Weight Training .25 course
HES 221 OR Adolescent Health and Drug-Related Issues (Secondary Education Only) .5 course
HES 231 OR Drugs, Sport, and Human Performance for students
not enrolled in education
.5 course
HES 217 Drug Education and Prevention (Health Ed Majors only) .5 course
HES 222 Nutrition and Exercise .5 course
HES 122 OR Relaxation .25 course
HES 223 Stress Management .5 course
HES 251-285 A second coaching practicum .25 course
HES 305 Kinesiology .5 course
EDU 330 OR Developmental Educational Psych 1.0 course
PSY 234 Developmental Psychology 1.0 course

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