Application Process

Application Documents

Due to the individual attention needed by each student during clinical lab experiences, a limited number of students are accepted into the major each year. The following documents describe guidelines for applying to the program.

Students should maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or better with at least a "C-" in the required courses for the athletic training major. Core courses must be taken in an established sequence. Failing to earn a "C-" or better in any course may require an extra year to graduate or elimination from the major.

All students applying will be considered sophomores in the program regardless of academic status.

Application Requirements

  • Submit the completed application form. 
  • Submit an essay on “What is athletic training and why you want to become an athletic trainer?”
  • Have completed the following courses by the end of Fall Semester with a grade of C- or better:
    • HES 200-First Aid & Emergency Care
    • HES 203-Introduction to Athletic Training
    • HES 234-Anatomy & Physiology I
    • HES 309-Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy
  • Submit a request to the Registrars' office to have a transcript sent to Mary Westby once fall grades have been posted to prove the above grade requirements and to verify GPAs.
  • Include a signed copy of the technical standards.
  • Include a copy of First Aid and CPR certifications, if completed. If current enrolled, a copy will be put in your records upon your completion of the course. 
  • Include a copy of immunization record (including Hepatitis B vaccination and seasonal flu vaccination). If your immunizations are up to date with our Health Service, you can get this information from their website Student Health Portal. If not up to date at Health Service, request from your physician. 
  • Include a copy of a physical exam (within last 2 years). Request from Health Service if your most recent was the one used for admission to Gustavus. If not, request from your physician.
  • A completed Time Commitment Conflict form must be scanned in and submitted with the application. Individuals with a significant time-commitment activity (varsity athletics, club athletics, danceline, choir, orchestra, etc.) must give the Time Commitment letter to their coach or director, meet with them to discuss their future as an Athletic Training major and how to balance the activity with the major, and then have the coach or director sign the form. If unsure if this applies to you, please speak to Mary Westby. 
  • Completion of a background check through Minnesota Department of Health and Human services. The cost is $20.00 for the fee and $9.10 to get fingerprinted and photoed. 
    • 1. Go to NETStudy 2.0 Applicant Portal 
    • 2. Create an Account 
      • a. Click “Register as a new user.” 
      • b. Enter your account information. Click “Register.” 
      • c. Check your email for the temporary password. 
    • 3. Login Your username is your email address. A temporary password was sent to the email account you used to register. When you login, you will be prompted to change your password and choose a security question. 
    • 4. Enter Application Information 
      • a. Click “Create Application” on the home screen 
      • b. Enter 9NN82S in the provider number field. Click Search. If the correct provider is displayed, click “Continue Application.” If an incorrect provider is displayed, contact the provider that gave you this form. 
      • c. Enter your demographic information. Click “Next” after you have completed the required fields on each screen. 
      • d. On the Payment Information screen click “Pay Now.” After clicking “Complete Payment” a new tab with the DHS Electronic Payment System will open. Click “Pay without Registering ” and complete the payment process. 
      • e. After you have completed payment, return to NETStudy 2.0 and click “Continue.” After reviewing the registry screen, click “Finish.” Clicking “Finish” will submit your application to the provider. 
      • f. Be careful to enter the information correctly. You will not be able to change it unless you contact the provider. 
    • 5. Retrieve the Fingerprint and Photo Authorization Form After the provider submits your background study to DHS, you will receive an email that the Fingerprint and Photo Authorization Form is available. Login to NETStudy 2.0. On the home screen, locate the Fingerprint and Photo Authorization Form under “Forms” for the applicable provider. Fingerprints must be be done within 2 weeks of completion of the demographic information of the site. 
    • Instructions 
    • The program will be notified when you have been cleared by the background check. Failure to pass the background check will automatically remove you from the application process. 

Electronic Applications must be received by 5 p.m. on November 22, 2021. Late applications and incomplete packets will not be processed. Please see the supplemental documents below to help with your application. Please address any questions to Dr. Mary Westby